SEKTION Kitchen cabinetsIncludes a free 25-yearlimited warranty. For detailsvisit the most of your SEKTION kitchen cabinetsWhat does your dream kitchen look like? How much time will you spendin it and what will you do in there? When it comes to kitchens, we’reall different. We have different dreams, different needs and differentpreconditions. So, to meet this diversity, what could be better than aflexible kitchen system with cabinets that can suit everyone, and beplanned to fit in almost everywhere? Whatever the size of your home orfamily, with cabinets in different sizes, drawers with endless possibilitiesand interior organizers made to match, you can turn the kitchen of yourdreams into the kitchen in your home.50 years of kitchen experienceWe’ve been developing kitchens for half a century. For decades we’vebeen listening to people all over the world in order to design kitchensthat will meet your everyday needs for years to come. Our long experiencehas led to stylish, functional and hard-working kitchens that you’ll lovespending countless hours in. So, rest assured – we have the experienceand knowledge needed to guide you every step of the way to your dreamkitchen.A high standard of accuracy has been sought in the preparation of this buying guide. We apologizefor, but will not be bound by or responsible for, errors and omissions in this buying guide.Not all products may be available in all stores. See what is available at your local store by For more detailed product information, see the price tag or visit products shown require assembly. All textiles shown are imported.

CONTENTService – Do it yourself or let us do it for you. 03Good to know. 04How to build your kitchen – combining products. 06Overview of the system. 08All the partsBase, top and wall cabinets. 10Wall and high cabinets. 10Corner cabinet, top rail, fillers and separators. 12Open storage. 13Drawers. 14Shelves, legs and suspension rail. 15Interior fittings. 16Kitchen accessories. 17Information and guidance. 19Pre-defined SEKTION cabinet overviewBase cabinets 24" deep. 20Base cabinets for cooktops. 23Base cabinets for recycling. 24Corner base cabinets. 24Sink cabinets. 25Base cabinets for microwave. 26Base shallow cabinets 15" deep. 26Wall cabinets. 29Corner wall cabinets. 32High cabinets. 33Shallow high cabinets. 392

SERVICESYou can do everything by yourself, but you don’t have to. Our service offer gives you the freedom to design your own price tag bychoosing not only the products that suit your budget but also by deciding how much you want to do yourself and how much you wantus to do for you. On this page you’ll find the different services that are available to help and support you. For more details about ourservices, talk to a co-worker at your local IKEA store or visit us at MEASUREMENT SERVICEFREE KITCHEN PLANNING SERVICEIKEA HOME PLANNERIt’s important to have your kitchenaccurately measured beforeplanning begins. An experiencedIKEA Measurement Technician willcome to your home, take all of theessential measurements, and enter thedata in the IKEA Home Planner. YourMeasurement Service fee is refundedwhen you have IKEA install yourkitchen. Available for customers livingwithin our service area.We offer two no cost options to have your kitchenprofessionally planned. You will receive a detailed layoutof your kitchen including cabinets, appliances, andcountertops, and a parts list to make it easy to order.You can plan your kitchen on yourcomputer with our online 3D IKEAHome Planner at It’s free, it’s fun, and itcalculates your price as you click along.You can PRINT, SAVE, and CHANGEyour kitchen plan as many times as youwant. Then come to the store and getadvice – you can access the same planyou’ve been working on – and share itwith our IKEA Kitchen Specialists.INSTALLATION PRICE QUOTEUpon completion of your Kitchen Planon our IKEA Home Planner, we canschedule your Installation Price Quote.An experienced professional fromIKEA will contact you and provide anitemized installation price quotation.Installation Price Quote Confirmation of the scope of kitcheninstallation. Confirmation of the time schedule ofkitchen installation. Confirmation of the price of kitcheninstallation.Most convenient & available to everyone in thecontinental US:Planning from Your Home Make a 90-minute appointment,online or in your local IKEA store. Allow time for you tomeasure your kitchen and select products before yourappointment. A professional IKEA Kitchen Planner willwork with you interactively online to plan your dreamkitchen. You will be able to discuss every detail and viewyour plan being created. Your planner will follow-up witha second session to make any changes.Visit an IKEA store:Planning from the Store You can make an appointmentonline or at your local IKEA store for a two-hour in-storeappointment with one of our professional IKEA KitchenPlanners. Allow time for measuring your kitchen andselecting products before your planning appointment.5-YEAR INSTALLATIONWARRANTYIKEA kitchen installers are professional,licensed, insured and warranty theirwork for 5 years post completion onIKEA supplied kitchen products.**Installation warranty is for theinstallation of IKEA kitchen productsonly. In the event of defects inworkmanship, the IKEA product ormaterials will be repaired or replaced;provided, that the defect was not due toa product defect, normal wear and tear,accidents, alteration by the customer,misuse, abuse, or neglect.IKEA KITCHEN INSTALLATION SERVICEProfessional IKEA kitchen installation makes your dreamkitchen come true. Check with your local store to see ifinstallation is available in your area. Professional kitcheninstallers will handle assembling and installing your IKEAcabinets, doors, drawers, interior fittings, handles andknobs. Your kitchen will be installed to the highest industrystandards. Kitchen installation includes: Assemble cabinets, drawers, doors, and interior fittings Install IKEA cabinets, toekicks, and side cover panels(excludes 26 36" & 36 96" panels) Adjust all IKEA cabinet doors and drawer fronts forappearance Clean-up of your kitchen job site, which includes:-Daily broom cleaning of job site-Vacuum inside of cabinets, floors, and other surfacesupon completion of installation Attach IKEA knobs and/or handles to cabinet doors anddrawersIKEA PROJEKT CREDIT CARDNow, you don’t have to pay forIKEA product purchases all at once. Thiscard has special financing options toWe will arrange for delivery of yourmake your dream more affordable. Visitpurchases to your home or or drop byDelivery service is provided by anyour local IKEA store.Independent Service Provider.Promotional financing available withthe IKEA Projekt credit card accountsoffered by Comenity Capital Bank whichdetermines qualifications for creditand promotion eligibility. Minimumpurchase and minimum monthlypayments are required. See StoreAssociate for details. Subject to creditapproval.Services and prices may vary. For more information about our services, visit or your local IKEA store.DELIVERY3

GOOD TO KNOWA well organized kitchen is a kitchen you’ll love spending time in. When planning what your kitchen cabinets should include, thinkof how you want to utilize them in the best possible way based on your personal needs.3152934671. The kitchen is a place where you normally do a lot ofactivities, and it can easily become a bit messy. By havingyour cleaning gadgets close by in a pantry or high cabinet,it’ll be easier to keep your kitchen spick-and-span.8the same front as the rest of the kitchen). That way you canrinse dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.With a built-in dishwasher between the sink and thecooktop, you also create a very practical preparation area.2. A deep pantry or high cabinet is ideal for storing everythingfrom dry food, oil and vinegar to bulky kitchen items orsmall appliances.7. Use the top drawer underneath the cooktop for storingknives, whisks and other cooking utensils to have themwithin easy reach. Tall drawers underneath are ideal fortools and gadgets you normally use when cooking, forexample frying pans, pots and strainers.3. Gather all the items you use for setting the table in oneplace to make it smooth and easy. Spacious, fully extendabledrawers in the base cabinets are great for cutlery, servingbowls and plates. Use the wall cabinets for lighter things likeglasses, mugs and jars. If possible keep this area close to thedishwasher to simplify putting clean dishes back in place.8. A base cabinet between the cooktop and the built-in ovenadds storage for all the extra things that might come inhandy when cooking: spices, wraps, foil, oven mitts, trivetsand other things you need when using these appliances.4. Deep corner cabinets are perfect for storing bulky pots andother large cooking utensils.9. By placing the oven in a high cabinet, you get it at a perfectworking height. And you get storage space for bakingsheets, ovenware, serving bowls and whatever else youmight use in the oven.5. Add open cabinets to personalize your kitchen and createa nice break in a row of cabinets with doors. Fill it withcookbooks and other often-used items in the kitchen.6. The sink cabinet is a good place for recycling bins as you doa lot of food preparations in and around the area. If you can,place the sink next to the dishwasher as we have done here(if you can’t see the dishwasher, it’s because it’s built in withAbove drawing is for illustration purposes only. Actual products may differ.4

GOOD TO KNOW5213874691. UTRUSTA pull-out rack for cleaning supplies makes it easyfor you to see and reach what’s inside. The organizer takescare of all of your cleaning supplies, so you can take care ofthe cleaning.6. Make recycling fast and easy with HÅLLBAR lids and bins thatyou can combine in different ways depending on your needs.You can place them at the bottom of cabinets or in a shallowMAXIMERA sink drawer. A tip is to place an inner drawerabove the recycling bins for storing extra bags, sponges, etc.Shallow drawers provide function while giving space to thepipes under the sink.2. Fully extendable, soft-closing MAXIMERA drawers behindthe door enable you to see, reach and access everything.Even the things at the back you thought you didn’t have.7. VARIERA knife and utensil trays keep everything in place. Andpot lid organizers from the same series will keep the lids inplace, creating more room for the pots and pans.3. Customize your storage in the drawers with the help ofMAXIMERA adjustable dividers, and add organizers such asflatware trays, plate holders and boxes from the VARIERAseries to keep everything in perfect order and easy to find.8. To utilize the space in the cabinet as much as possible, youcan have hidden inner drawers inside larger drawers andbehind doors to store all the small things you have in thekitchen. In this example we’ve put VARIERA inserts for spicejars in the inner drawer to make it easy to season the foodwhile cooking.4. With an UTRUSTA corner cabinet pull-out fitting it’s easyto see and reach even the things furthest away in the deepcorner. You can also choose carousels for both wall andbase cabinets – just swivel them around to swiftly reacheverything inside.9. MAXIMERA add-on sides for medium and high drawers allowyou to stack things on top of one another without themfalling out the side when you open the drawer.5. Create extra shelves with VARIERA shelf inserts to get morespace for glasses, bowls and jars.Above drawing is for illustration purposes only. Actual products may differ.5

HOW TO COMBINE YOUR OWN CABINET SOLUTIONThe flexibility of the SEKTION kitchen system allows you to build your very ownpersonalized kitchen. When combining it yourself, you can get just the size and functionalitythat you want. Here are some solutions that you can use as inspiration when creating yourown personal combinations. (If you prefer pre-defined kitchen cabinets we can offer you thatas well. You’ll find some on page 20, and even more in the IKEA Home Planner CABINET WITH DRAWERS AND INNER DRAWERCabinetDrawers anddrawer frontsInner drawerand frontDrawer organizersComplete CabinetWALL CABINET WITH SHELFCabinetDoorsHingesShelves6Shelf insertsComplete Cabinet

HIGH CABINET WITH DRAWERS, INNER DRAWERS AND SHELVESCabinetDoorHingesDrawersDrawer frontsInner drawersInnerdrawerfrontsDrawerorganizersComplete CabinetBASE CABINET WITH DRAWERS AND RECYCLING SOLUTIONCabinetDrawerDrawer frontsFront connectingrail7Waste binsand lidsComplete Cabinet

DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR SPACEFind the right cabinet for you. On these pages you get an overview of the different cabinets in the range. Read about the differenttypes here and look through the following pages to find the cabinets to fit your needs and style.80"90"Wall cabinetavailablein40"12 14¾ 40"15 14¾ 40"18 14¾ 40"21 14¾ 40"24 14¾ 40"30 14¾ 40"36 14¾ 40"40"80"High cabinetavailable in15 14¾ 80"18 14¾ 80"24 14¾ 80"15 24 80"18 24 80"24 24 80"30 24 80"30"Wall cabinetavailable in12 14¾ 30"15 14¾ 30"18 14¾ 30"21 14¾ 30"24 14¾ 30"30 14¾ 30"36 14¾ 30"30"20"Wall cabinetavailable in15 14¾ 20"18 14¾ 20"21 14¾ 20"24 14¾ 20"30 14¾ 20"36 14¾ 20"20"90"High cabinetavailable in15 14¾ 90"18 14¾ 90"24 14¾ 90"15 24 90"18 24 90"24 24 90"30 24 90"Base cabinetavailable in36 14¾ 30"36 24 30"8Base cabinetavailable inoven 30 24 30"30 14¾ 30"30 24 30"Base cabinetavailable in24 14¾ 30"24 24 30"1

Base cabinet Height 30"Depth 24¾" or 15¾" including door.Work height 36" including 4½"toekick/legs and 1½" countertop.Price includes frame, door/drawer fronts, hinges, drawersand shelves where shown.Drawer dampers are includedin all MAXIMERA drawers. Legs,toekick and knobs/handles soldseparately.Wall cabinet Depth 15¾" includingdoor. Price includes frame, door/drawer fronts, hinges, drawersand shelves where shown.Drawer dampers are included inall MAXIMERA drawers. Knobs/handles sold separately.High cabinet Depth 24¾" or 15¾"including door. Price includesframe, door/drawer fronts, hinges,drawers and shelves whereshown. Drawer dampers areincluded in all MAXIMERA drawers.Legs, toekick and knobs/handlessold separately.Top cabinet Depth 24¾" includingdoor. Price includes frame, door,hinges and shelves where shown.Knobs/handles are sold separately.Top cabinets for fridges/freezersare ventilated.15""Wall cabinetavailable in15 14¾ 15"18 14¾ 15"24 14¾ 15"30 14¾ 15"36 14¾ 15"Top cabinet20"available inFridge/freezer 30 24 15"Fridge/freezer 30 24 20"Fridge/freezer 36 24 10"Fridge/freezer 36 24 15"Fridge/freezer 36 24 20"Corner wall cabinetavailable in26 26 20"26 26 30"26 26 40"15"20"30"4 ½"Base cabinetavailable in21 14¾ 30"21 24 30"Base cabinetavailable in18 14¾ 30"18 24 30"Base cabinetavailable in15 14¾ 30"15 24 30"Corner base cabinetavailable in47 26 30"Base cabinetavailable in12 14¾ 30"12 24 30"30"9Corner base cabinetavailable in38 38 30"

SEKTION CABINETSOn this page you can see all available SEKTION cabinets and their sizes. Choose and mix them to fit the architectureof your room as well as your own needs.SEKTION Base cabinetsSEKTION Base cabinet adapted forwheelchairsSEKTION Base cabinet frame W12 D14¾ H30".White902.653.93SEKTION Base cabinet frame W12 D24 H30".White102.653.92 20SEKTION Base cabinet frame adapted for wheelchairsThis cabinet can be converted to a wheelchair accessiblesink cabinet. Suspension rail sold separately. Hinges are soldseparately. Legs are sold separately. W36 D24 H30". 29White304.508.45 116SEKTION Base cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H30".White302.653.91 26SEKTION Top cabinetsSEKTION Base cabinet frame W15 D24 H30".White002.653.97SEKTION Fridge/freezer top cabinet frame W30 D24 H15". 33White602.655.11 46SEKTION Base cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H30".White702.653.94SEKTION Base cabinet frame W18 D24 H30".White202.653.96 28SEKTION Fridge/freezer top cabinet frame W30 D24 H20".White402.655.12 53 40SEKTION Fridge/freezer top cabinet frame W36 D24 H10".WhiteSEKTION Base cabinet frame W21 D14¾ H30".White602.653.99 29 47SEKTION Fridge/freezer top cabinet frame W36 D24 H15".WhiteSEKTION Base cabinet frame W21 D24 H30".White302.654.14404.783.92002.655.09 53 42SEKTION Fridge/freezer top cabinet frame W36 D24 H20".WhiteSEKTION Base cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H30".White402.653.95SEKTION Base cabinet frame W24 D24 H30".White902.653.88202.655.13 58 33SEKTION Wall cabinets 46SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W12 D14¾ H30".WhiteSEKTION Base cabinet frame W30 D14¾ H30".White502.653.90SEKTION Base cabinet frame W30 D24 H30".White302.653.86102.654.72 20 40SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W12 D14¾ H40".White902.654.73 26 53SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H15".WhiteSEKTION Base cabinet frame W36 D14¾ H30".White702.653.89SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H20".White802.654.59SEKTION Base cabinet frame W36 D24 H30".White802.653.98102.654.67 20 46 23 58SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H30".WhiteSEKTION Base cabinet forbuilt-in ovenSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H40".White002.654.63SEKTION Base cabinet for oven W30 D24 H30".White502.986.49902.654.54 7010 26 33

SEKTION CABINETSSEKTION Wall cabinetsSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H15".White602.654.55SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H20".White502.654.65SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W36 D14¾ H40". 26White 29SEKTION Wall cabinet frame range hood with shelfW30 D15 H20".WhiteSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H30".White802.654.64304.873.49 56 47SEKTION Wall cabinet frame range hood with shelfW30 D15 H30". 33WhiteSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H40".White002.654.58602.654.60904.873.51 53 40SEKTION High cabinetsSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W21 D14¾ H20".White402.654.61SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W21 D14¾ H30".White502.654.51 35SEKTION High cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H80". 40SEKTION High cabinet frame W15 D14¾ H90".White602.654.41WhiteSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W21 D14¾ H40".White302.654.52SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H15".White302.654.66202.654.57SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H30".White702.654.50 65 72SEKTION High cabinet frame W15 D24 H80". 45White802.654.40 78SEKTION High cabinet frame W15 D24 H90". 29WhiteSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H20".White202.654.43102.654.48 91SEKTION High cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H80". 40White402.654.42 42SEKTION High cabinet frame W18 D14¾ H90".White602.654.36 40SEKTION High cabinet frame W18 D24 H80". 72 78SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H40".White502.654.70WhiteSEKTION Wall cabinet frame W30 D14¾ H15".White202.654.62 40SEKTION High cabinet frame W18 D24 H90".White002.654.39SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W30 D14¾ H20".White102.654.53SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W30 D14¾ H30".White702.654.69902.654.68SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W36 D14¾ H15".White402.654.56White302.654.71SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W36 D14¾ H30".White902.654.49402.654.37SEKTION High cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H90".White302.654.47 46 98 78 85SEKTION High cabinet frame W24 D24 H80". 49White202.654.38SEKTION High cabinet frame W24 D24 H90".White702.654.45 42 91 105SEKTION High cabinet frame W30 D24 H80".SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W36 D14¾ H20".White 85SEKTION High cabinet frame W24 D14¾ H80". 42SEKTION Wall cabinet frame W30 D14¾ H40".White002.654.44White 46204.874.15SEKTION High cabinet frame W30 D24 H90".White404.874.19 5311 105 111

SEKTION CABINETSSEKTION Corner cabinetsSEKTION Top railSEKTION Reinforced ventilated top rail Galvanized. Use forsink and cooktop base cabinet solutions.SEKTION Base corner cabinet frame W38 D38 H30".White702.655.01 72SEKTION Base corner cabinet frameW47 D26 H30".White502.655.02 78SEKTION Corner wall cabinet frameW26 D26 H20".White802.655.05 53SEKTION Corner wall cabinet frameW26 D26 H30".White102.655.04 58SEKTION Corner wall cabinet frameW26 D26 H40".White302.655.03 6512L24"002.845.79 7L30"802.845.80 8L36"602.845.81 8

OPEN STORAGE – ALL PARTS AND PRICESOPEN STORAGEThese open cabinets put things close at hand and create a nice break in a row of cabinets with doors. Fill it with often-used items oryour favorite cookbooks to make your space more personal.VADHOLMA Drawer unit W15 D14⅜ H15".TORNVIKEN Open cabinet frameW9 D14⅜ H15".Gray803.590.28 55Off-white003.590.32 55Gray203.590.26 69Off-white103.590.36 69Gray003.590.27 79Off-white303.590.35 79Brown/stained ash403.743.42 89VADHOLMA Wine shelf W15 D14⅜ H15".W9 D14⅜ H30".Brown/stained ashW9 D14⅜ H40".503.743.46 69TUTEMO Open cabinet W9 D14¾ H15".Anthracite203.498.29 34.99Ash003.498.30 34.99TUTEMO Open cabinet W15 D14¾ H15".TORNVIKEN Box W9 D14⅝ H15".Gray603.590.29 17Off-white803.590.33 17VADHOLMA Open storage Brown/stained ashW9 D14⅜ H15"203.743.43 59W9 D14⅜ H30"003.743.44 69W9 D14⅜ H40"703.743.45 7913Anthracite303.498.19 39.99Ash103.498.20 39.99

SEKTION CABINETSMAXIMERA DrawersMAXIMERA drawers fully extend, and thanks to a built-in damper they always close softly and quietly. You havecomplete overview and you can easily reach the smallest of utensils even at the back of the drawer. MAXIMERAdrawers are available in different sizes to give you plenty of options depending on your storage needs. You canalso add inner drawers to make full use of all the space in the cabinet.MAXIMERA Pull-out interior fittingsW12 D24 H23⅝"302.972.74MAXIMERA Drawer, high White 75MAXIMERA Drawer, low WhiteW24 D17¾ H8⅜"402.766.95 47W30 D17¾ H8⅜"202.766.96 55W36 D17¾ H8⅜"002.766.97 63W15 D24 H8⅜"302.656.78 39W18 D24 H8⅜"502.656.82 45W24 D24 H8⅜"102.656.79 57W15 D14¾ H3⅛"302.656.59 24W30 D24 H8⅜"702.656.76 69W18 D14¾ H3⅛"502.656.58 28W36 D24 H8⅜"102.656.84 81W24 D14¾ H3⅛"402.656.54 34W30 D14¾ H3⅛"102.656.60 38UTRUSTA Drawer front, low WhiteW36 D14¾ H3⅛102.656.55 42W15 H3⅞"402.656.25 9W15 D24 H3⅛"502.656.63 30W18 H3⅞"602.656.29 11W18 D24 H3⅛"702.656.57 36W24 H3⅞"802.656.28 15W24 D24 H3⅛"702.656.62 42W30 H3⅞"202.656.26 18W30 D24 H3⅛"902.656.56 54W36 H3⅞"002.656.27 21W36 D24 H3⅛"902.656.61 66UTRUSTA Drawer front, medium WhiteMAXIMERA Drawer, medium WhiteW15 H6½"602.656.34 11W15 D14¾ H5⅝"402.656.73 28W18 H6½"102.656.36 13W18 D14¾ H5⅝"202.656.74 32W21 H6½"302.656.35 15W24 D14¾ H5⅝"402.656.68 38W24 H6½"202.656.31 17W30 D14¾ H5⅝"802.656.71 44W30 H6½"002.656.32 20W36 D14¾ H5⅝"202.656.69 50W36 H6½"802.656.33 23W15 D24 H5⅝"002.656.70 36W18 D24 H5⅝"002.656.65 41UTRUSTA Drawer front, high WhiteW21 D24 H5⅝"602.656.72 45W15 H8⅜"902.656.37 13W24 D24 H5⅝"802.656.66 49W18 H8⅜"702.656.38 15W30 D24 H5⅝"302.656.64 61W24 H8⅜"502.656.39 19W36 D24 H5⅝"602.656.67 73W30 H8⅜"302.656.40 22W36 H8⅜"902.656.42 25FÖRVARA DrawersFÖRVARA Drawer, medium WhiteFÖRVARA Drawer, low WhiteW15 D24 H6"102.620.82 16W18 D24 H6"402.620.47 24W21 D24 H6"702.620.60 29W15 D24 H3½"902.620.59 13W18 D24 H3½"902.620.64 20W24 D24 H6"602.656.53 33W24 D24 H3½"102.620.63 24W30 D24 H6"702.620.84 36W30 D24 H3½"602.620.65 28W36 D24 H3½"402.620.66 32W36 D24 H6"902.620.40 4014

SEKTION CABINETSShelvesUTRUSTA Shelf W12 D14¾".UTRUSTA Shelf W36 D24".402.655.31 6/2pk902.655.24 9/2pkGlass202.656.07 14/2pkWhite802.655.48 10/2pk602.655.25 11/2pkWhiteWhiteUTRUSTA Shelf W12 D24".White 26/2pkUTRUSTA Shelf for corner base cabinet W47".WhiteUTRUSTA Shelf W15 D14¾".102.656.22 24UTRUSTA Shelf for corner wall cabinet W26".UTRUSTA Shelf W15 D24".White802.655.34Glass802.656.14 26White702.656.19 22UTRUSTA Reinforced ventilated shelf W30 D24".White704.873.47 22UTRUSTA Shelf W18 D14¾".Glass002.656.13 16/2pkWhite802.655.29 12/2pkLegs and Suspension RailUTRUSTA Shelf W18 D24".White202.655.32CAPITA Legs 16/2pkH4–5", Stainless steel602.635.74 13/4pkH4–5", White302.635.75 13/4pk102.655.18 7/4pkUTRUSTA Shelf W21 D14¾".White602.655.30SEKTION Legs 12/2pkH3½–5½"UTRUSTA Shelf W21 D24".White202.655.27 18/2pkSEKTION Supporting leg Stainless steel302.872.51 10H4½–5⅛" Gray802.786.78 29/2pkH4½–5⅛" Dark green404.452.26 29/2pk402.786.75 29/2pkH14⅜–15"UTRUSTA Shelf W24 D14¾".Glass002.656.08 20/2pkWhite102.655.23 16/2pkBODBYN LegsUTRUSTA Shelf W24 D24".White002.655.33 20/2pkFÖRBÄTTRA Legs Off-whiteUTRUSTA Shelf W30 D14¾".Glass802.656.09 24/2pkWhite502.655.35 16/2pkH4½–5⅛"SEKTION Suspension rail GalvanizedL84"UTRUSTA Shelf W30 D24".White002.655.28 22/2pkUTRUSTA Shelf W36 D14¾".Glass402.656.11 26/2pkWhite402.655.26 22/2pk15602.615.27 11

INTERIOR FITTINGSUTRUSTA Fixture for mounting door on drawer002.807.55 9UTRUSTA Hinges with damper for horizontal doorFor doors up to W36 H15".White804.654.15 40/2pkUTRUSTAUTRUSTA Corner hardware GalvanizedUTRUSTA Hinges for push-open for horizontal doorFor doors up to W36 H15".White404.654.17 40/2pk202.619.92 12/2pkL4¼ W3¾ H3¾"103.436.44 23/2pkUTRUSTA Hinges45 Corner interiorUTRUSTA Hinges with bin damper for kitchen153 104.272.62 24/2pk110 404.017.84 14/2pkUTRUSTA Wall corner cabinet carouselW26⅝"UTRUSTA Push openers 75UTRUSTA Corner base cabinet carousel802.302.24 8/2pk202.971.04 4.99/2pkW34½"UTRUSTA Partitions Silver-colorW13¾ H11¾"802.656.47602.152.91 99UTRUSTA Corner base cabinet pull-out fitting402.656.49 139W15 D24"802.656.52 18W18 D24"202.656.50 20W24 D24"002.656.51 24W47"UTRUSTA Pull-out rack for cleaning suppliesL14 W22⅜ H53"803.258.92UTRUSTA Wire basket 99UTRUSTA Wire basketSEKTION Reinforced ventilated top rail GalvanizedL24"002.845.79 7L30"802.845.80 8L36"602.845.81 8SEKTION Ventilation grill Stainless steelW16⅞ H3¾"702.561.77 9502.472.16 12.99UTRUSTA Towel rail WhiteW6¼"UTRUSTA Connecting rail for fronts202.774.36UTRUSTA Connection hardware for doors303.669.17 19 2.9916

KITCHEN ACCESSORIESRECYCLING SOLUTIONSCustomize your recycling so that it suits you and your home. By choosing and combining the bins and lids you need, you get acompletely personal solution. Good for both you and the planet!HÅLLBAR Pull-out recycling trayFits in base cabinets.VARIERA Trash can White204.228.53 24.99101 oz, W7⅞ D6⅜ H6¾"904.321.94 3.993 gal, W10⅜ D8⅜ H12⅞"803.980.58 5.996 gal, W10⅜ D15¼ H12⅞"204.202.03 9.999 gal, W9⅞ D15¼ H21⅝"504.202.06 12.99W10⅜ D17¾ H12⅜"3 gal, L10⅝ W18⅛ H6¼"801.822.37 3.99800.102.22 2.99HÅLLBAR Bin Light grayVARIERA Plastic bag dispenserW6¼ D5⅛ H17¾"17

KITCHEN ACCESSORIESDRAWER AND SHELF ORGANIZERSLess time searching, more time for fun – clever fittings inside drawers and cabinets keep things organized. A helpful tip is to keepthings close to where they are used as this enables a smooth workflow.VARIERA Insert for spice jars WhiteW3⅞ D19"001.772.49VARIERA Plate holder Bamboo. 3.99W5⅞–8¼"003.846.92 8.99W8–12"303.846.95 9.99701.548.00 7.99W12 D20"702.635.64 16.99W15 D20"202.774.41 17.99402.635.65 14.99202.635.66 11.99W12 20"202.802.69 9.99W15 D20"802.635.25 9.99302.635.23 9.99VARIERA Storage box High-gloss/whiteL19⅝ W4¾ H8⅝"903.031.49 11.99VARIERA Pot lid organizerL3¼–19¾ W5¾ H4"VARIERA Kitchen utensil rack WhiteL7⅛ W4¾ H8⅝"103.031.48 5.99VARIERA Flatware tray Bamboo.VARIERA Box with handle Bamboo.L9½ W6¾ H6"902.260.52 13.99L13 W9½ H6"702.260.53 19.99VARIERA Knife tray Bamboo.W6 D20"VARIERA Box W9½ D6¾

IKEA supplied kitchen products.* *Installation warranty is for the installation of IKEA kitchen products only. In the event of defects in workmanship, the IKEA product or materials will be repaired or replaced; provided, that the defect was not due to a product defect, nor