How-To GuideConnectLine App for iPhone,iPad and iPod touchApp version 1.3.0

Table of ContentsIntroductionThis is a detailed guide to the ConnectLine App for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch . How to pair Streamer Pro with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touchHow to get the app on App StoreFunctions and features of the appOverview of ConnectLine functions controlled through the appTroubleshootingHow to pair6Streamer as default headset8Install app9App overview10Programs12Answer call14Make call16MusicOticon is not responsible for the consequences of using this app outside intended use.18TV/Mic/Mini-JackOticon A/SKongebakken 9DK-2765 SmørumDenmarkwww.oticon.com20FM/T-Coil22Second mobile phone23Landline phone24Settings32TroubleshootingIntended UseThe remote control App is intended to assist users of wireless hearing instruments to control functionalityprovided by their hearing solution.Disclaimer0543The ConnectLine App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch runs on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPadAir, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2, and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires Streamer Pro1.2 App or later. When installing the ConnectLine App on iPad, search for iPhone apps in App Store.24Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is aservice mark of Apple Inc.

How to pair the iPhone and Streamer ProA3Does my Streamer Pro workwith the ConnectLine App foriPhone, iPad and iPod touch ?Note:For the Streamer to work with theapp it has to have an “A” markingas indicated above.4Prepare StreamerPress the power button ontop of the Streamer untilthe top LED flashes blue.Enter settingsFind the settings icon onthe iPhone.Select BluetoothFind the Bluetooth icon inthe settings menu.Find Streamer ProSelect Streamer ProEnter Pin #0000In the pairing menu, enterthe Pin for Streamer 0000(four zeros).Press PairVerify connectionCheck that Streamer Pro isnow connected.It should read “Connected”and you should see a smallBluetooth icon in the topstatus menu.5

Streamer as default headset for incoming callsBy default, an iPhone willuse the built-in speaker foraudio when answering a callon the iPhone itself, even if aBluetooth Headset (such asthe Streamer) is connected.However, for everyday useof the iPhone with StreamerPro and hearing instruments,the iPhone settings maybe changed so that the callautomatically connects toStreamer Pro (and hearinginstruments) when answered.Select Settings6Select GeneralSelect AccessibilitySelect Incoming CallsSelect HeadsetVerifyWhen answering a call from the iPhone, you should see Streamer Proas audio output (and hear the call in the hearing instruments)See more on page 14.7

Install AppApp overviewStreamer battery levelStep 1:In App Store select the search function.Step 2:In the search field , type “Oticon”.The “Carousel”Swipe and select“Streaming source”Step 3:Press the blue “free” icon to start download.SettingsMute (page 11)Step 4:Enter your Apple ID password to start downloading.Programs (page 10)Enter App StoreFind the App Store logo onyour device.Press it.8Search, download & sign inNote:To use the App with an iPad you need to install the iPhone appthrough the App Store (there is no separate ConnectLine Appfor iPad in App Store)App availableThe ConnectLine App shouldnow be on your iPhone, iPad oriPod touch.Volume up/downBack dir (page 31)9

ProgramsProgram selectorHearing instrumentprograms can be selecteddirectly.10MuteCustom labelingLabels can be assigned toprograms that already existin the Hearing instruments.Note:Adding a label here doesNOT add a new program inthe Hearing Instruments.Custom labelsYou can add labels and icons for hearing instrument programs. Goto Settings -- Hearing Instrument Programs. Press the “ ” buttonto add icons for additional programs. You can also edit the names ofprograms on this screen.While StreamingWhile streaming, themicrophones of the hearinginstruments can be mutedto suppress surroundingsound/noise.While not StreamingIf not Streaming, the microphoneson Inium platform and later hearinginstruments can be muted forquiet/comfort.11

Answer call — App runningApp is runningThe ConnectLine App isrunning. In this example theuser is listening to music(from the iPhone).12Incoming callWhen receiving an incomingcall, the ConnectLine App is“pushed to the back” and theiPhone’s normal call handlingwindow is opened. The callis either answered on theStreamer itself or using theiPhone’s answer button.1App NOT runningIn a callWhen taking a call, theiPhone’s call handling windowcontinues to be active.1. If this does not work as expected, please check the setup of iPhone on page 6.AutoResumeWhen the call is ended, theApp (and the Connectlinesystem) returns to its previousstate (AutoResume). In thisexample, it returns to themusic screen.App is not runningIf the ConnectLine App isnot running, the phone istypically on its “home view”.Incoming callWhen the user receives anincoming call, the iPhone’snormal call handling windowis opened. The call is eitheranswered on the Streameritself or using the iPhone’sanswer button.2In a callWhen taking a call, theiPhone’s call handling windowcontinues to be active.2. If this does not work as expected, please check the setup of iPhone on page 6.Call endediPhone returns to previous(idle) state.13

Make call, iPhoneSelect PhoneKey in numberKey in number followed by“Call”.Call active/End callEnd call either on theiPhone or on the StreamerPro (phone button).App is runningClose the app (press theHome button once).14This guide continues on next page15

Play your favorite musicAutomatic connections for music playerTo enable the Streamer to automatically start audio Streaming when the music player is running,press and enable “automatic connections”.Settings -- Streamer and ConnectLine -- Phone -- Enable automatic connections16Start music playerClick the home button topush the ConnectLine Appinto the background.Find and select the “Music”icon.Music playerYou can play, pause andregulate volume at willthrough the music app.Connection is automatically made to Streamer andHearing instruments.Switch to the appIf you want to switch backto the app, either press thehome button twice for anoverview of active apps, andthen choose the ConnectLineApp or press the Home buttononce and find the ConnectLineApp as you normally would.Select and resumeIf using the ConnectLineApp, the Music icon on theapp is now a shortcut to theMusic player, which can bestarted and stopped at will.If other sources are chosen,the music will be pauseduntil selected again.17

TVTV icon will appear in Carousel if TV Adapterhas been previously paired with Streamer Pro.MicrophoneMini-JackMicrophone icon will appear in Carouselif the ConnectLine Microphone has beenpreviously paired with Streamer Pro.The “Audio in/out” icon will appearif an audio cable has been insertedinto Streamer Pro’s mini-jack port.Mini-Jack Auto StreamingTVPressing the TV icon will start/stop audio fromthe TV adapter.18MicrophonePressing the Microphone icon will start audiostreaming from the ConnectLine Microphone.Streaming can also be started from the microphoneor from the Streamer.Audio In/OutIf a mini-jack audio cable is inserted intoStreamer Pro, audio streaming is automaticallystarted.Auto Streaming can be enabled/disabled in theConnectLine App under Settings -- Streamer &ConnectLine -- Other -- Mini-Jack Auto Streaming.19

FMT-CoilThe FM icon will appear in Carousel if anFM Receiver is attached to Streamer Pro.FMPressing the FM icon will start/stop audiostreaming from an FM receiver attached toStreamer Pro.20FM autostartAutomatic FM streaming can be enabled/disabled in the ConnectLine App underSettings -- Streamer & ConnectLine -- Other -- FM Autostart.T-CoilPressing the T-Coil icon will start/stop audiostreaming from Streamer Pro’s Teleloopreceiver.21

Second mobile phoneLandline phoneAn icon does not appear in the Carousel for a second cell phone connection.A Phone icon will appear in the Carousel if Streamer Pro is in range of a paired Phone Adapter.WARNING!To ensure that your system is notoperated without your consentor knowledge, we recommendthat the app is only installed onyour personal devices.Decline or accept callAn incoming call from a secondmobile phone is signaled in thehearing instruments and in theConnectLine App. The call canbe accepted or rejected in theApp or on the Streamer Pro.22End callThe call can be ended in theapp (or on the Streamer).Multiple apps runningIf more than one iPhone, iPador iPod touch are paired withthe Streamer, the Streamer willbe controlled by the device thatmost recently opened the app.App is runningIf a landline phone adapterhas been paired and iswithin reach, it will appearas a Phone icon in the app.If the app is not running, thecall can only be answereddirectly from the Streamer.Answer callAn incoming call is signaledin the hearing instrumentsand in the app. The call canbe accepted either in theapp or on the Streamer.End CallThe call can be ended in theapp (or on the Streamer).AutoResumeIf another source was active(in this example, music)that source will be resumedafter the call is ended.23

Settings — Streaming levelsSettings — Streaming source labelingStreaming levelsStreaming source labelingStreaming levels can be adjusted for each streaming sourceindependently. While streaming, the active source will behighlighted with magenta.The streaming sources can be labeled according to personal preferences.Settings -- Name Streaming SourcesSettings -- Streaming levels2425

Settings — Phone1: Last Number RedialIf enabled, last number redial can be started by pressing and holding the phone button on the Streamer (if supported by the mobile phone).12345678Phone settingsCustomizable settings for phone functionality can be adjusted in the ConnectLine App under Settings -- Streamer & ConnectLine -- Phone.2: Voice DialIf enabled, briefly pressing the phone button on the Streamer will enable voice dial (if supported by your mobile phone and you are not inrange of a ConnectLine phone adapter).3: Transfer CallIf enabled, pressing and holding the phone button on the Streamer will transfer a call back to the mobile phone.4: Reject CallIf enabled, an incoming mobile phone call can be rejected by pressing “volume down” on the Streamer.5: Automatic connectionsAllow automatic connections, e.g. SMS notifications and music players.6: Ring tone, Cell PhoneRing tone associated with calls from your mobile phone(s).7: Ring tone, landlineRing tone associated with calls from the ConnectLine phone solution.8: Mobile phone volumeEnables you to adjust the volume of the call using the volume buttons on the mobile phone.2627

Settings — StreamerSettings — Other121: Disable Volume ControlIf enabled, volume control of hearing instruments cannot becarried out using the Streamer.1: Mini-Jack Auto StreamingIf enabled, audio streaming from mini-jack input will automaticallycommence when audio cable is inserted.2: Enable Program ShiftIf enabled, program shift of hearing instruments can becarried out using the Streamer.2: FM AutostartIf enabled, FM streaming will automatically commence when FMreceiver is inserted.123456Streamer settingsA selection of settings may be customized.Other settingsA selection of settings which affects the daily use of theStreamer itself may be customized.3: Answers call, all buttonsIf enabled, all front buttons can be used to answer call.4: T-Coil/A2DPIf not selected, a short press of Streamer’s AUX button starts A2DP(long press starts T-Coil). If selected, a short press of Streamer’s AUXbutton starts T-Coil (long press starts A2DP).5: Button Indicators OnIf disabled, Streamer’s button indicators will not light up.6: Use as remote when offIf enabled, Streamer can also be used as a remote control for thehearing instruments even when Streamer is turned off.2829

Settings — AppearanceBack dir (“backwards directionality”)312Visual appearanceThe visual appearance of the App can be changed so it is either black or white.A High Contrast setting is available for both appearance options, providing additional visual contrast if preferred.EnableBack dir has to be enabledin the settings menuSettingsSelect hearing instrumentprogramsSettingsEnable Back dirSettings1. Show Back dir on main screen2. Set timer3. Press done to saveNote:Back dir is only supportedby Alta2 and Nera2hearing instruments3031

TroubleshootingClose AppClose/restart AppDouble tap on home to close appand show all active apps.32Swipe the ConnectLineApp image upwards sothat it is removed fromthe screen. It is nowcompletely stopped.Reset AppResetting the app will restorethe app to its initial settings.Reset StreamerThe Streamer is automaticallyreset when powered off/on.Re-pair Streamer and iPhone, iPad or iPod touchIn some cases, especially if the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and Streamer have been pairedmultiple times with other devices, it may be beneficial to clear all pairings in both the iPhone,iPad or iPod touch and the Streamer.1. Turn Streamer off2. On the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: (settings -- Bluetooth) select the small (i)and then press “forget device”3. Turn off iPhone, iPad or iPod touch4. Turn Streamer on5. On the Streamer: hold “power on” AND “volume up” for 10 seconds6. Turn on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and re-pair Streamer (see page 4)33

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The ConnectLine App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch runs on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad 1.2 App or later. When installing the ConnectLine App on iP