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Fit for you.At Audibel, we believe thatbetter hearing leads tobetter living.A4i hearing aids, now available in oursmallest Made for iPhone style, help youstay connected to the people and thingsyou love most.A4i is Audibel ’s most advanced technologywith supreme sound quality and premiumfeatures, customizable to fit your uniquehearing needs and enhance yourlistening experiences.

Made for stayingconnected.Our latest Made for iPhonehearing aids and our easy-to-useTruLink Hearing Control appare engineered to work specifically withyour iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and AppleWatch. Together, A4i and TruLink deliver themost personalized hearing experience ever,and are designed to:Deliver pristine audio andexceptional listening clarityHelp you better understandconversations and hear comfortablyin any noisy environmentStream phone calls, music andmore, directly from your iPhoneto your hearing aidsEliminate buzzing and whistling

Made for betterconnections.Personalized ControlPersonalized Control in the TruLinkapp lets you make adjustments toA4i intuitively connects to youriPhone, iPad and iPod touchvia Bluetooth technology andAudibel’s easy-to-use TruLink app.SoundSpace and Noise Manager tosuit your preferences in differentlistening environments.TruLink offers additional features designed toenhance anywhere you go — so you can easilyenjoy everything you do.Phone CallsAnswer your calls with the touch of abutton and hear an entire conversationstreaming directly to your A4i hearingaids via Bluetooth technology.Remote ControlUsing the remote control featurein the Trulink app, you can changevolume and switch memories on yourhearing aids right from your iPhone.

TruLinkMemoriesPristine AudioStreamingYou can create up to 20 TruLinkA4i hearing aids provide directMemories using the SoundSpace toolstreaming of phone calls, music andon the TruLink from your iPhone — so you canYou can even geotag memories usingthe built-in GPS on your iPhone. Ageotagged memory will recognizeenjoy clear communication and pristineaudio streaming any time, anywhere, forimpressive, immersive sound.where you are and automatically adjustyour A4i hearing aids when you enterthat space. For instance, a geotagged“coffee shop” memory willautomatically activate when you walkinto your favorite coffee shop.Apple WatchCompatibleUse the TruLink app for Apple Watch tocontrol volume, change memories and muteyour hearing aids right from your wrist.Auto ExperienceManagerAutomatically adjusts your A4i hearing aids’loudness over time to help you transition toyour new hearing experience in the mostcomfortable way possible.TruLink HearingControl app for AppleWatch provides youwith even more waysto easily control andpersonalize yourhearing experience.

LiveMicrophoneReal-timeNotificationsSimply set your iPhone nearby, turn onNotifications for phone calls, texts,the microphone feature and streamemails or other apps can be streamedconversations directly to your A4i hearingdirectly to your A4i hearing aids.aids. You may also record, play backand email audio as it happens or saverecordings to listen to later.TruLink AdaptiveCar ModeSiri IntegrationYou can have Siri read texts andemails directly to your A4i hearing aids.Find MyHearing AidsEasily locate lost hearing aids using theFind My Hearing Aids feature, with both alocation and a timestamp. A signal detectorsends a stronger or weaker signal basedon how close you are to locating your A4ihearing aids.With TruLink’s Adaptive Car Mode, A4ihearing aids will automatically change toa setting designed to reduce the annoyingsounds of driving and enhance your overalldriving experience.

Made formusic lovers.Tastes in music may be unique,but the power of music isuniversally understood.Thanks to the processing power in A4i hearingaids, you can enjoy your favorite music in awhole new way with features that:Focus on music audibility, desiredloudness and sound qualityMake soft music sounds audibleAllow on-demand andautomatic controlThe result is listening enjoyment forthe way you want to hear music –automatically and in your control.“Life seems to go on without effortwhen I am filled with music.”- George Eliot

Made to deliverthe very best.YOU WANT:AUDIBEL A4i DELIVERS:To hear comfortably inchallenging environmentsAcuity Directionality, designed to improvespeech audibility in difficult listeningsituations along with Speech Shift.Enhanced phonecommunicationDirect streaming of phone calls from youriPhone to your hearing aids to enable clearand comfortable conversations.Hearing thathappens intuitivelyGeotagged memories that automatically switchmodes when the GPS feature in your iPhone detectsyou are in a tagged location. For example, a “home”memory activates when you arrive at home.Hearing that’spersonalized for youPersonalized Control in the TruLink app thatlets you make adjustments to SoundSpaceand Noise Manager to suit your preferences indifferent listening environments.No buzzing or whistlingAudibel’s best-in-class feedback cancellationsystem providing feedback-free, comfortablelistening all day long.Durable, dependablehearing aidsSurface NanoShield, our pioneering water,wax and moisture repellant system, to protectand ensure durability and dependability.Music the way it wasmeant to be heardA whole new way to experience music —adjustable via the Trulink app. Now you canhear every note the way the artist intended —with pure, refined sound quality.Customizable tinnitus reliefAdvanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology,adjustable via the TruLink app, to bring reliefto those who suffer from ringing in the ears.Features may vary by technology level.

Made foreverywhereyou are.From the beginning,our hearing solutionshave enabledpeople to hearbetter in challengingenvironments andlive a better life.With A4i hearing solutionsListening tyWorkplaceMallfrom Audibel, you’ll beginto hear all the subtletiesACTIVEWorshipof life: the inflection in thevoice of a spouse or thenuances in the notes ofa favorite song. Whetherit’s one-on-one or in themost crowded places,you’ll hear the worldOutdoorsRestaurantMeetingyou are, and what typesHomeof environmentsyou frequent.Technology LevelsSelecton how busy and activeConversationAdvancedWhat you need will dependPremiumaround you.

Made foryour style.What is yourhearinglifestyle?Styles and colorsColor guideBlackSlateSterlingBright Whitewith SterlingEspressoBronzeChampagneBlack withSterlingMade for iPhoneOur lineup of productsenhances many differentlistening environments.What you need dependson your lifestyle andhow active you are.A4i hearing aids are available intwo styles and a variety of colors.Consult your hearing care professionaland start experiencing the discreet,sleek style of Audibel’s A4i hearing aids.Compare the listeningenvironments on thechart inside.TruLink, partneredwith A4i, is easyand intuitive to useon your iPhone,iPad, iPod touch orApple Watch.

Made so theworld may hear.Our Founder and CEO,William F. Austin, has alwaysheld a strong belief that thegift of better hearing resultsin a fuller and better life.We prove our dedication to thisphilosophy daily, through our supportof Starkey Hearing Foundation.Made to help millions.The gift of hearing opens up newworlds of opportunity. It connectsindividuals to life and helps themrealize they can accomplish morethan they ever thought possible.Starkey Hearing Foundation uses100 COUNTRIESMORE THAN1 MILLIONPEOPLE IN NEEDSERVEDCOUNTLESSLIVES CHANGEDhearing as a vehicle to changelives around the world.Spread hope from ear to ear. To learnmore or give the gift of hearing,

Adults withMade fora happy,healthy life.*untreated hearing losswere more likely to reportdepression, anxiety andparanoia than peers whowore hearing aids.4Over360 millionof the world's populationhave disablinghearing loss.5*50 years and olderHearing loss isn’t just an ear issue,Adults with untreated hearing lossit’s a quality of life and health issue.are more likely to develop dementia.It can occur for natural reasons, butsevere loss6other causes might surprise you.moderate lossOlder adults*mild loss2xwith impaired hearing may have ashorter lifespan than their peerswithout hearing problems.13x5xT I M E S M O R E L I K E LY*70 years and olderThere is a significantassociation between10%20%30%40%People* with a hearing loss experience a30-40% faster decline in cognitive abilitiescompared to peers without hearing loss.2*75 years and olderPeople with low-frequencyhearing loss are considered at riskfor cardiovascular events.3A4i hearing aids are made so people withhearing loss won’t have to miss a singlesound that brings them joy. They are madeknowing better hearing leads to better living.high bloodpressureand untreatedhearing loss.7People withmild hearing lossare3xmore likelyto have a historyof falling.890-95%of people with hearing loss canbe treated with hearing aids.9Simply put, A4i hearingaids are made for life.

A4i and TruLink are compatible with iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, 6s Plus,iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Pro, iPadAir 2, iPad Air, iPad(4th generation), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini with Retinadisplay, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and Apple Watch. Use of Apple Watchrequires iPhone 5 or later. “Made for iPod,” “Made for iPhone,” and “Made for iPad”mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod,iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Appleperformance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device orits compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of thisaccessory with iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch may affect wireless performance.Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, FaceTime, Apple Watch and App Storeare trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.1Norton, A. (2015). Older Adults’ Hearing Loss May Be Tied to Earlier Death.HealthDay News. Retrieved from rlier-death 2 Lin, F.R., Yaffe, K., Xia, J., Xue, Q., Harris, T. B., Purchase-Helzner, E., Simonsick, E.M. (2013). Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults. JAMA InternalMedicine,173(4), 293-299. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.1868 3 Friedland,D. R., Cederberg, C., & Tarima, S. (2009). Audiometic pattern as a predictorof cardiovascular status: Development of a model for assessment of risk. TheLaryngoscope, 119:4733-486. Retrieved from: 130/abstract 4 Reinemer, M., & Hood, J. (1999). UntreatedHearing Loss Linked to Depression, Social Isolation in Seniors. Audiology Today,11(4). Retrieved from: ssion-social-isolation 5World Health Organization. (2015). Deafness and hearing loss. Retrieved 00/en/ 6 Johns HopkinsMedicine. (2011). Hearing Loss And Dementia Linked in Study. Retrieved eases/hearing loss anddementia linked in study 7 Agarwal, S., Mishra, A., Jagade, M., Kasbekar, V.& Nagle, S. K. (2013). Effects of Hypertension on Hearing. Indian J Otolaryngol HeadNeck Surg. 2013 December; 65(Suppl 3): 614–618. Published online 2013 February17. Retrieved from: 9/ 8Johns Hopkins Medicine. (2012). Hearing Loss Linked toThree-Fold Risk of Falling. Retrieved from: /hearing loss linked to three fold risk of falling 9Better Hearing Institute. (n.d.). Hearing Loss Treatment. Retrieved ring-loss-treatmentwww.audibel.com6700 Washington Avenue SouthEden Prairie, MN 55344-3476800.769.2590Individual results may vary. 2018 Audibel. All Rights Reserved. 81972-010 5/18 BROC2746-02-EE-AB

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad(4th generation), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and Apple Watch. Use of Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 or later. “Made for iPod,