Updated: July 17CL ASS OF NGFIRST-YEARcreated based on our typical fallschedule and updated to reflect Emory’sREFERENCEPAGESWe are thrilled that you made the decisionReference Pages are designed for first-to join our community and cannot waityear students, and will help answer yourto welcome you in the fall. While this isquestions about campus resources,often a very exciting time for you and yourprograms, and, we recognize that it is not withoutTHRIVINGPLEASE NOTE This guide was initiallystress. We know that you have manyquestions about what Emory will be like,the classes you will take, and the peopleyou will meet. New Student Programs isWe do not expect you to remembereverything; rather you should use this as aguide throughout your first yearand to guide you through this transition,and we hope that Reference Pages willserve as a helpful resource to you.NEW STUDENT STARTEDEMORY UNIVERSITY MISSIONEMORY UNIVERSITY MOTTOEmory University’s mission is to create,preserve, teach, and apply knowledge inthe service of humanity.Cor prudentis possidebit scientiamThe wise heart seeks knowledgefall plans (announced June 10, 2020 andJuly 17, 2020).If anything additional changes for fall,we will update this document, highlightthe changes and note the date ofchange. Updates regarding COVID-19Response can be found here.Document Updated: July 17, 2020

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesCONTENTS1. QUICK LINKS2. EMORY LINGOPAGE 33. EMORY FORWARDPAGE 4PAGE 5NAVIGATION4. LEARNING5. LIVINGPAGE 66. THRIVINGPAGE 30PAGE 40LEARNINGLIVINGLiberal Arts EducationTHRIVINGAcademic FrameworkOverview of Emory College ofArts and Sciences AcademicRequirementsPAGE 7PAGE 9Office for UndergraduateEducationPAGE 16Academic AdvisingPAGE 17Course Registration 101PAGE 20Academic Support andOpportunitiesPAGE 29Move-In and OrientationPAGE 31Well-Being and Student SuccessPAGE 41Residence Life and HousingOperationsPAGE 32Getting InvolvedPAGE 42DiningPAGE 33Community BelongingPAGE 43Exploring AtlantaPAGE 34Emory TraditionsPAGE 44Policies, Expectations, andSafetyPAGE 35Health and WellnessPAGE 37Accessibility ServicesPAGE 39CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?To search by keyword use your application’s searchfunction. This can typically be activated by thekeyboard shortcut CTRL F (Windows) or CMD F (Mac)NEW STUDENT PROGRAMSor by going to File Search in the Application 2

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesNAVIGATIONQUICK LINKSHelpful links to access variousEmory systems.COURSE REGISTRATION 101OPUSCOURSE ATLASEMORY EMAILHelpful information toOPUS (Online Pathways forFull list of Course offerings,Log-in to your Emory Email usingunderstanding the RegistrationUniversity Students) is theorganized by semesteryour NetID and Passwordprocess at Emorystudent information system atEmory. You’ll use OPUS to registerLEARNINGfor classesLIVINGTHRIVINGNEW STUDENT COLLEGE CATALOGOUE RESOURCESCOLLEGE CONNECT HUBEmory’s learning platform andWebsite housing Emory CollegeThe Office for UndergraduateYou’ll gain access to the Collegewhere you will complete Emorypolicies and procedures,Education (OUE) online resourceConnect Hub before signing upEssentials throughout theincluding information aboutlisting resources at Emoryfor a Pre-Registration AdvisingSummerAcademic Requirementsalphabetically from A-ZAppointmentEMORY COLLEGEPATIENT PORTALMYHOUSINGEMORY ITEmory College of Arts andStudent Health Services portalHousing portal where you willAssistance is available forSciences official websitewhere you will submit yourcomplete the Housing applicationa variety of Emory systemsmandatory Health Records,and find your Housing Move-Inincluding Canvas, OPUS, andincluding your ationPAGE 3

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF Y LINGODCTFYEPACESGAAbbreviation for the GoizuetaBusiness SchoolDobbs Common Table, primarydining facility on CampusFirst Year at Emory (ResidenceLife)The Student Government AssociationCAMPUS LIFEDOOLEYGERSPre-Major Advising and Connections at Emory. A course you willtake in the fall.Campus Life at Emory serves asthe Student Affairs division ofthe University.The official Spirit of Emory andone of the most interestingEmory traditions. You can checkout information on the Lord ofMisrule on the Emory website.General Education RequirementsPHAOPUS tool for registration. Go toOPUS, sign in, and then searchat the top for the shopping cart.The Canvas site is a tool foronline learningTHRIVINGCOLLEGE CATALOGProvides policies and regulations. This is your official contract with Emory College of Artsand SciencesCOURSE ATLASDescriptive listing of coursesduring a articular semesterDASDepartment of AccessibilityServicesNEW STUDENT PROGRAMSyou don’t see on our list? Let us know at [email protected] to know some commonly used Emory acronyms and Lingo. Encounter any acronymsISWInternational Student WelcomePRE-PROFESSIONALLITSAcademic track preparing students toward a particular careerpathEmory Student CenterLibrary and InformationTechnologyECASOLESCPre-Health AdvisingPREREQUISITEEmory College of Arts & SciencesOrientation LeaderA course that is required beforeenrolling in a related courseEMORYCARDOPUSRAYour official ID at EmoryEPDEmory Police DepartmentECCPEmory College Chemistry PrepOnline Pathway to UniversityStudents, the online studentinformation system to registerfor classes and pay bills, amongother functions.OUEOffice for UndergraduateEducationSHOPPING CARTSPCThe Student ProgrammingCouncil, Emory’s undergraduatestudent programming boardSWOOPResident AdvisorSwoop is the mascot of EmoryUniversity. Swoop helps represent the Emory Eagles, a longstanding tradition.RHDWOODPECResidence Hall DirectorSAWoodruff Physical EducationCenterSophomore Advisor 4

PREVIOUSCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesUpdated: July 17EMORY FORWARDEMORY FORWARD WEBSITEThe Emory Forward website includes aNAVIGATIONdetailed overview of the fall announcement,an increased health and safety plan, andLEARNINGlinks to the most updated information fromacross the university.LIVINGNEXTEmory announced the plans for the fall semester and an optional return to campuson June 10, 2020. An update was also published on July 17. Below are the resourcesrelated to these announcements.COVID-19 ON-CAMPUS EXPECTATIONSIt’s important that students and families understand that the physicalEmory community will look different from what may be expected oncampus.With increased measures around preventing the spread of the COVID-19IN THIS TOGETHERTake a moment to review the resourcesbelow and help do your part to makingEmory a healthy community foryourself and your colleagues.virus, including the use of face coverings and guidance around physicalPHYSICALLY DISTANT,SOCIALLY CONNECTEDdistancing it’s important that students take time to review what the oncampus experience will entail. Before arriving to campus students willTHRIVINGEMORY COLLEGE FORWARDcomplete a series of tasks include completing an online ELMS (EmoryThe Emory College Forward page includesMore information will be available soon.Learning Management System) course and signing a Community Compact.relevant information regarding the fall,as it pertains to Emory College studentsspecifically.REVIEW COMMUNITY COMPACTanother accountable. Please review the expectations outlined in [email protected] LIFE RE-OPEN INFORMATIONCampus Health and Safety Plan available on the Emory Forward website.Updates regarding living on campusand agreeing to these expectations before your arrival to campus.HAND-WASHINGTechniques to helpyou stop the spread ofCOVID-19.WATCH THE VIDEOStudents will also be mandated to complete tasks related to understanding(housing, dining, student events, etc.) areavailable on the Campus Life Re-Openwebsite.Review physical distanceguidelines should youchoose to come tocampus.WATCH THE VIDEOIt will be the responsibility of every community member to hold oneNEW STUDENT PROGRAMS6 FT.HEALTH AND SAFETY PL ANFACE COVERINGSAn important (and required)component of your oncampus experience.WATCH THE 5

PREVIOUSCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesREFERENCE PAGESLEARNINGLEARNINGAT EMORYLIVINGWe’re excited to welcome you to our intellectualNAVIGATIONcommunity. You will soon be joining a group ofTHRIVINGrenowned scholars and accomplished alumni.The following pages review important Emory academicpolicies, procedures, and processes. Expect to reviewNEW STUDENT NTENTSLiberal Arts EducationPAGE 7Academic FrameworkPAGE 9First-Year RequirementsPAGE 10General Education Requirements (GERs)PAGE 11Declaring a MajorPAGE 12Different Degree PathsPAGE 13Graduation RequirementsPAGE 15Office for Undergraduate EducationPAGE 16Academic AdvisingPAGE 17Your Advising NetworkPAGE 18Track AdvisingPAGE 19Course Registration 101PAGE 20the following content throughout the summer as youTimeline and DatesPAGE 21complete Emory Essentials and prepare for coursePlacement ExamsPAGE 22registration in August.Enrolling in ChemistryPAGE 23AP/IB/Previous College Credit InformationPAGE 24Using Atlas and OPUSPAGE 26Building Your SchedulePAGE 27Understanding the WaitlistPAGE 28Academic Support and OpportunitiesPAGE 6

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024WELCOME TO EMORYFirst-YearReferencePagesLIBERAL ARTS EDUCATIONYou have chosen a place that emphasizes theliberal arts. Come ready—and eager—to playacross the intellectual field. To explore. To learnNAVIGATIONbroadly. Use your first two years to see whichareas of study excite you, and draw on yourLEARNINGstrengths so that you can choose a major wisely.Liberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingnatural sciences. In practice, you could take aCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitieshumanities course the same semester as a labLIVINGTHRIVINGBeing a student in Emory College of Arts ands“At Emory College, we are drivenby our passions for inquiry anddiscovery, and I invite you to joinus and experience what makes thisacademic community so special.”DE AN MICHAEL A. ELLIOTTDISCOVERYCRE ATIVITYIMPACTThree integrated, foundationalprinciples — discovery,creativity, and impact — guidethe research and teachingmission of Emory College, andform the foundation for ourachievements thus far — and inthe future.Sciences means that you will take classes acrossRead more about our guidingthe disciplines: humanities, social sciences andprinciples and explore all thatscience, or combine social sciences while exploringEmory College has to offer,evidence from multiple perspectives and theability to effectively reason and communicate.interdisciplinary studies.Our students are encouraged – and expected – toWith more than 50 departments and programs,knowledge. In the next page we will dive into some86 majors, and 63 minors, our students explorewidely and dive deeply in rigorous courses of studythat emphasize critical thinking, the nature ofonline.ask bold questions and expand the boundaries ofof the departments included within the Liberal Arts.COLLEGE.EMORY.EDUCOLLEGE CATALOGThe Emory College Catalog is yourgo-to resource regarding academicrequirements, policies, and more.CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGECATALOG.COLLEGE.EMORY.EDUPAGE 7

PREVIOUSCL ASS OF LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATIONVisit the Emory College Website for a full list ofLet’s take a look at a sampling of the departments and programs in each area ofthe liberal arts available for you at Emory College.departments and programs organized by discipline.COLLEGE.EMORY.EDUHUMANITIESAfrican American StudiesAmerican StudiesAncient Mediterranean StudiesArabicArt HistoryChinese StudiesClassical CivilizationClassicsComparative LiteratureCreative WritingDance and Movement StudiesEast Asian StudiesEnglishFrenchFilm StudiesGerman StudiesGreekHistoryHuman HealthIntegrated Visual Arts (Co-Major)Liberal Arts EducationInterdisciplinary StudiesItalian StudiesJapaneseJewish StudiesAcademic FrameworkLatinLatin American and Caribbean StudiesLinguisticsMedia StudiesOffice for UndergraduateEducationMiddle Eastern and South Asian eligionRussianSpanishCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesLIVINGTHRIVINGTheater StudiesSOCIAL SCIENCESNATURAL SCIENCESAfrican StudiesAnthropologyApplied MathematicsApplied Mathematics and StatisticsAnthropology and Human BiologyEconomicsBiology (BS/BA)BiophysicsInternational StudiesPolitical ScienceChemistry (BS/BA)Computer Science (BS/BA)PsychologyPublic Policy AnalysisEngineering SciencesEnvironmental Sciences (BS/BA)Quantitative ScienceRussian and East European StudiesMathematics (BS/BA)Neuroscience and Behavioral BiologyWomen’s, Gender, and SexualityPhysics (BS/BA)Physics for Life SciencesSociologyStudiesPAGE 8

PREVIOUSCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesNEXTUpdated: July 17ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSYour Emory College of Arts and Sciences education is built around theGeneral Education Requirements (GERs) and fulfilling the requirementsof a major. In your first year, you will begin discovering your academicNAVIGATIONinterests through the GERs and completing a few required courses.For more information regarding AcademicRequirements, please refer to the College CatalogCATALOG.COLLEGE.EMORY.EDUDuring your time in Emory College you will complete the following:LEARNINGLiberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingAREA 1AREA 2AREA 3AREA 4FSEMFWRTWRTMQRFIRST-YEAR SEMINARFIRST-YEAR WRITINGCONTINUED WRITINGMATH & QUANTITATIVE REASONINGCourse Registration 1011 COURSE1 COURSE3 COURSES1 COURSEAcademic Support andOpportunitiesAREA 5AREA 6AREA 7LIVINGTHRIVINGSNTHSCHAPHALSCIENCE, NATURE, AND TECHNOLOGYHISTORY, SOCIETY, AND CULTUREHUMANITIES, ARTS, PERFORMANCEHUMANITIES, ARTS, LANGUAGE2 COURSES2 COURSES2 COURSES2 COURSESAREA 8AREA 9HLTHPEDPACEHEALTHPHYSICAL EDUCATION & DANCEPACE 101 - FALL1 COURSE1 COURSE1 COURSEFIRST-YEAR REQUIREMENTSGENERAL EDUCATIONREQUIREMENTPAGE 9

PREVIOUSCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesUpdated: July 17NEXTACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSFIRST-YEAR REQUIREMENTSYou will complete the following requirements in your first year.AREA 1NAVIGATIONLEARNINGLiberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesLIVINGTHRIVINGAREA 2AREA 8FSEMFWRTHLTHPACE1 COURSE1 COURSE1 COURSE1 COURSEFIRST-YEAR SEMINARFIRST-YEAR WRITINGHEALTH 100PACE 101 - FALLFALL OR SPRINGFALL OR SPRINGFALLFALLFirst-Year Seminars do notThis can be fulfilled by AP/This course providesPACE 101 will support yourcount toward your major orIB credit, previous collegestudents the opportunitytransition to Emory andminor, and are an opportunitycredit, or specific Emoryto become involved in acollege life throughout the fallto explore a topic you maycourses (for example,personalized approach tosemester.not know that much about, orEnglish 101).health and well-being withhaven’t explored in the past.strategic approaches for theimplementation of a healthylifestyle.For Fall 2020, First-Year students will be pre-enrolled in PACE 101, Health 100, and either a FSEM course (based off your residencehall) or FWRT course. If you intend to fulfill your FWRT with a AP/IB credit, or previous college credit, you will be pre-enrolled in aFSEM. If you are not placed in a FSEM course for the fall you will register for one in the spring. Your fall schedule will be reflectedwith these changes before you enroll on August 10.PAGE 10

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSFirst-YearReferencePagesGENERAL EDUCATIONREQUIREMENTS (GERS)NAVIGATIONYou have your entire Emory College careerto complete the remaining requirements,LEARNINGLiberal Arts Educationknown as General EducationRequirements or GERs.Academic FrameworkThe general education component ofOffice for UndergraduateEducationan Emory undergraduate educationAdvisingintellectual approaches and perspectivesCourse Registration 101as ways of learning rather than aAcademic Support andOpportunitiesprescribed body of organized to present an array ofLIVINGPlease Note Students may be able to fulfillTHRIVINGenrollment credit. Click here for the official policiesAREA 3AREA 4WRTMQRPEDCONTINUED WRITINGMATH & QUANTITATIVE REASONINGPHYSICAL EDUCATION & DANCE3 COURSES1 COURSE2 COURSESAREA 5AREA 6SNTHSCFOREIGN LANGUAGEREQUIREMENTSCIENCE, NATURE, AND TECHNOLOGYHISTORY, SOCIETY, AND CULTURE* Area 7 includes the Foreign2 COURSES2 COURSESenrollment courses that counted for High Schoolrequirements will NOT be accepted at Emory.OPEN THE CATALOGLanguage Requirement.Students must complete twosequential HAL courses inselect GERs with AP, IB, previous college, or dualand regulations in the College Catalog. DualAREA 9AREA 7a single foreign language.HAPHAL *HUMANITIES, ARTS, PERFORMANCEHUMANITIES, ARTS, LANGUAGE2 COURSES2 COURSESIn addition to 2 HAL foreignlanguage courses, studentswill need to complete either 2additional HAP courses, HALcourses, or 1 HAP and 1 HAL.All Emory Undergraduate Students (Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Goizueta Business School, Hodgson Schoolor Nursing) will complete General Education Requirements.PAGE 11

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSFirst-YearReferencePagesDECLARING A MAJOR: EXPLAINEDYou do not need to decide on a major rightWhen you’re ready to declare, these are your options:away. You won’t even be able to declare aNAVIGATIONLEARNINGmajor in your first semester.Some of you may already have an idea of whatLiberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingCourse Registration 101also study at least one area deeply.Academic Support andOpportunitiesDon’t be surprised if you change your mind, or aTHRIVINGORyou would like to study (although you can stillLIVING1 MAJOR1 MAJOR OR1 MINOR2 MAJORSchange), others are undecided, and both arecompletely normal. While the General EducationRequirements allow you to study broadly, you willclass you take in your first year exposes you to anarea you have never heard of before. Each year,70% of first-year students change their academicinterests based on classes they take once oncampus. Students planning to apply to theAll Emory College students must graduatewith at least one major. Emory College willonly recognize two of your concentrations.That means you can either have (a) onemajor, (b) one major and one minor, or (c) twomajors.You can declare a major or minor as earlyas the second semester of your first year.However, you don’t have to declare until theend of your second year.Once you declare a major, you will be assigneda faculty advisor in each department in whichyou declare. This advisor(s) will replace yourPre-Major Faculty Advisor (your first officialadvisor) as your primary advisor(s).Refer to the College Catalog for a detailed list ofMajors and Minors.CATALOG.COLLEGE.EMORY.EDUGoizueta Business School or Nell Hodgson Schoolor Nursing will need to consult their individualschool’s requirements.PAGE 12

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSFirst-YearReferencePagesDIFFERENT DEGREE PATHSWhile all incoming first-year students enter into Emory College of Artsand Sciences, you can pursue other or additional degree paths as anEmory University student.NAVIGATIONLEARNINGDUAL DEGREE (PRE-ENGINEERING)The Dual Degree program represents anIf accepted into the program, you will majorLiberal Arts Educationopportunity for students to earn an Emoryin one of the following areas at GT (note eachAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationmajor has a different set of prerequisites):degree of their choice (BA, BS or BBA) and aAdvisingCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesLIVINGTHRIVINGBachelor of Science (BS) from Georgia TechNELL HODGSON WOODRUFFSCHOOL OF NURSINGStudents interested in earning aBachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) Aerospace Engineering (AE)may gain automatic entry into the Nell Biomedical Engineering (BME)Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Chemical Engineering (ChE)after completing a minimum of 60 credit Civil Engineering (CE)To see information on prerequisite courses, advising and Computer Engineering (CmpE)majors, check out the Dual Degree website. Electrical Engineering (EE)COLLEGE.EMORY.EDU/DUAL-DEGREE/ Environmental Engineering (Env E) Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) Material Sciences and Engineering (MSE) Mechanical Engineering (ME) Nuclear &Learn more about applying to the Nursing School andRadiological Engineering (NRE)required pre-requisite courses on their website.(GT). Students must complete 100 credit hours,the GERs, an Emory College major and the GTprerequisites to be eligible to transfer to GT.CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGEhours, specified prerequisite courses andmaintaining 3.0 cumulative/2.8 science/math GPA. There is also a new DualDegree program that allows students tocomplete a BA or BS in the College and aBSN in the SON.NURSING.EMORY.EDUPAGE 13

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSFirst-YearReferencePagesDIFFERENT DEGREE PATHSGOIZUETA BUSINESS SCHOOL (PRE-BBA)NAVIGATIONLEARNINGLiberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesLIVINGIf you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in business, you can apply to theGoizueta Business School (B-School) during your second year. Students who are accepted andchoose to continue to the Business School will earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).Admission is holistic, meaning there is no set minimum GPA required to be considered and anumber of factors are evaluated, including academic performance, extracurricular involvement,and letters of recommendation You will apply for admission to the BBA Program in either the Fall (early) or Spring(regular) of sophomore year, depending on how many credits you have earned. You need at least 56 credit hours, excluding PE, PACE, and Health, by the endof Fall sophomore year in order to apply early/enter the program as a secondsemester sophomore. You must have at least 60 credit hours, excluding PE, PACE, and Health, by the endof Spring sophomore year in order to apply to enter the program as a junior. Before you are eligible to matriculate to the B-School, you will need to completeseveral pre-requisites. You can find information about these courses, as well asadmission criteria, deadlines, and advising information, on the Pre-BBA website An information session on the Business School will be available during Orientationand the BBA Program Office hosts daily drop-in advising hours once the semesterbegins. They will also host informal chat sessions in freshman residence hallsduring the Fall semester, and additional events for students interested exploringbusiness in the Spring.THRIVINGOTHER BUSINESS OPTIONSAlmost a quarter of all BBAs pursue adouble major in the College, and this istypically easily achievable within four yearswith adequate planning.College students may also take a limitednumber of Business courses beyond thepre-requisites on a space-available basis.Learn more about applying to the Business School, requiredpre-requisite courses, and Pre-BBA Advising information ontheir website.GOIZUETA.EMORY.EDUPAGE 14

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSFirst-YearReferencePagesGRADUATION REQUIREMENTSNAVIGATIONLEARNINGLiberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesIt may seem odd to introduce GraduationYour last four semester of credit must beRequirements before you begin your first year,taken through Emory College (meaning, youhowever, it is important to focus on your four-yearcan’t use transfer credits or credits from anothergraduation goal as a member of the Class of For students who begin at Emory College of Arts and Sciences this means their lastA minimum of 126 semester hours of credit, of64 hours (this can include Study Abroad).which 124 hours must be in academic courses,not physical education (no more than 16 hours of applied music or 17 one-hour dance courses maybe counted toward the 124 academic hours). The undergraduateeducation in Emory Collegecomprises three overlappingcomponents:1.general educationrequirements thatprovide a commoncore of substance andmethodology;2.more intensive andadvanced study in a majorfield; explorationby means of electiveCollege and Emory University. No degree may be conferred while a studenta grade point average of at least a 2.0 for workis suspended from Emory College underattempted for a letter grade.the provisions of the College Honor code orFulfillment of the course requirements for aAs stated in the College Catalog:Satisfaction of all financial obligations to theUniversity’s Conduct Code.major, as determined by the major departmentLIVINGTHRIVING WHERE DO MY 126 CREDITSCOME FROM?courses.or program, with a minimum 2.0 average.Visit the College Catalog for more information regarding theFulfillment of the General EducationCATALOG.COLLEGE.EMORY.EDUGraduation Requirements for Emory College students.READ MORERequirements.Please Note If accepted to the Business or Nursing Schools, you will follow the graduation requirements set by those schools.PAGE 15

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF CE FOR UNDERGRADUATEEDUCATIONThe Office for Undergraduate Education(OUE) supports students of Emory Collegeof Arts and Sciences by providing academicAcademic Support ProgramsAcademic AdvisingLiberal Arts Educationservices and offering programs designedAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationto help them succeed during theirAdvisingCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesLIVINGTHRIVINGSERVICES AND RESOURCES IN OUEundergraduate years — and beyond.From orientation to graduation, OUE handlesissues related to registration and s/advising/Communications / College WeeklyEmory Language Learning (ELL Program)academic honor and integrity, academicHonor Counciladvising, learning support programs, theNational Scholarships and FellowshipsCollege’s regulations and standards, andscholarships and distinctive programs thatYou will begin receiving the “College Weekly” Email Newsletter in the tional-awards/New Student Programsyou can find only at Emory College of Arts andPre-Health AdvisingSciences.Undergraduate iting u/More services and opportunities available at 16

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024First-YearReferencePagesNAVIGATIONACADEMIC ADVISINGADDITIONAL RESOURCESIn addition to facultyYou will have a network of advising and support as an Emory College student.This may look different than your high school network, so let’s take a closer look.Undergraduate EducationAt Emory, we want you to feel supported throughout your time as a student.demic advisors who assistLet’s meet a few of your assigned advisors as an Emory student.Liberal Arts EducationAcademic FrameworkOffice for UndergraduateEducationAdvisingCourse Registration 101Academic Support andOpportunitiesLIVINGTHRIVINGoffers professional acastudents with course planning, degree progress, andnavigating challenges orLEARNINGadvisors, the Office forconcerns that may occur,START HERESUMMERAT THE START OF THE FALLSEMESTERONCE YOU DECLARE YOURMAJORand can provide referralsto appropriate campuspartners to aid students inYou will start with aPre-RegistrationAdvisor (PRA)before being assigned addi-Pre-Major FacultyAdvisorMajor FacultyAdvisorresolving a faculty advisor until youwill assist you toward anddeclare a major.sign-off on your graduation.advisors, and find yourtional advisors.member who you will meetFALL 2020 THROUGH GRADUATIONMeetings will take placeOffice for Undergraduate (OUE)Education Academic Advisorvirtually in small available all the way up to graduation. OUE Advisors arewith once over the Summer.advisor by visiting OUE’swebsite.Your PRA is an Office for Undergraduate Education staffLearn more about theseCOLLEGE.EMORY.EDU/OUEassigned alphabetically.PAGE 17

PREVIOUSNEXTCL ASS OF 2024ACADEMIC ADVISINGFirst-YearReferencePagesYOUR ADVISING NETWORKNAVIGATIONLEARNINGPRE-REGISTRATION ADVISORMAJOR FACULTY ADVISOROUE ADVISORAcademic Advisors will be available beforeYou will be assigned a Major Faculty AdvisorAcademic Advisors in the Office foryour enrollment appointments to help planupon declaring your major.Undergraduate Education (OUE) supplementyour first semester schedule. While this isOnce you declare your major, you will receive ayour faculty advising and assist younot your official advisor, the staff will helpfaculty advisor in that specific department. Thisthroughout the year.Liberal Arts Educationyou plan your fall schedule while reviewingadvisor will answer specific questions aboutAcademic FrameworkThese advisors work with students on generalOffice for UndergraduateEducationfirst-year

English French Film Studies German Studies Greek History Human Health Integrated Visual Arts (Co-Major) . Quantitative Science Russian and East European Studies Sociology Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies . During your time in Emory College you will complete the following: FSEM