THE BICON DESIGNAn implant’s design dictates its clinical capabilities.THE BICON SYSTEM is a unique dental implantsystem, offering the worldwide dental communitya comprehensive solution since 1985.Bicon’s unique plateau design follows soundbioengineering principles which allow for theuse of SHORT Implants. Its unique bacteriallysealed, locking taper, implant to abutmentconnection provides for 360 of universalabutment positioning — offering restorativeflexibility unmatched by other implant systems.The sloping shoulder of the Bicon implantconsistently provides for gingivally aestheticrestorations. These restorations are easilyachieved because the bone that is maintainedover the shoulder of the implant providessupport for the interdental papillae.Bicon’s unique design and its revolutionaryclinical techniques have not only passed thetest of time, but also continue to lead the fieldof implant dentistry. We welcome your joiningBicon clinicians from around the world, so thatboth you and your patients may also enjoy theclinical benefits of Bicon.“Bicon implants have changed mypracticing life. Out go screws, torquedrivers and expensive special tools. Incomes conventional prosthetics andthe Bicon IAC . The cost of implants topatients is now the same as bridgework,so the fee acceptance is not a problem. Asthe people at Bicon say, ‘Simple. The wayit was meant to be.’ How true.”Clive Debenham, DDS“I have been placing dental implants since1982. I have successfully used the 6.0mmBicon SHORT Implant since 1997 incases that would have required graftingprocedures and, in some instances, evennerve repositioning. The Bicon SHORT Implant provides implant treatment forpatients who otherwise may not havegone forward with their treatment.”Clarence Lindquist, DDS

Locator Fixed-DetachableBrevis AVOID THE MAXILLARY SINUS AND THE INFERIOR ALVEOLAR CANALNon-ShoulderedUniversalHealingTemporarySOLID ABUTMENTSBicon offers a complete selection of abutments: Temporary,Healing, Universal, Non-Shouldered, Brevis Overdenture, FixedDetachable for overdenture and CAD/CAM bar restorations, andLocator — providing for exceptional restorative flexibility andplatform switching since 1985. All Bicon abutments are completelyinterchangeable, and all benefit from the unique 360 of universalpositioning provided by Bicon’s locking taper connection. Onceclinicians appreciate what 360 of abutment positioning can dofor their clinical practice, implant dentistry will never again be thesame for them.4.0 x 5.0mm4.5 x 5.0mm6.0 x 5.0mm5.0 x 5.0mm6.0 x 6.0mm5.0 x 6.0mm5.0mm7 Years4.5 x 6.0mm4.0 x 6.0mmTHE BICON SYSTEMWhen the Bicon system was firstintroduced in 1985, its 8.0mmlength implants were consideredshort — most other implants wereat least 12–14mm and sometimes18–20mm long! Since then, thenatural progression of Bicon’sdesign philosophy has resultedin 5.0mm and 6.0mm SHORT Implants, all with proven clinicalsuccess.12 Years7 Years4 Years3.0 x 6.0mmNARROW EXTRA-ORAL CEMENTATION & THE IAC Solid AbutmentsPLATFORM SWITCHINGSince 1985, the Biconsystem has offered platformswitching. The completeinterchangeability of abutmentdiameters and sensiblebiological width helps preservealveolar bone levels aroundBicon implants.The Bicon Integrated AbutmentCrown (IAC ) is a screwlessand fully retrievable restoration,which is only possible becauseof Bicon’s 360 of universalabutment positioning. Theseating of the Bicon abutmentis not dependent upon thetiming of a screw or facetedanti-rotational designs. The IAC affords the dentist a guaranteedaesthetic subgingival crownmargin for every restoration,with no extra effort or expensefor the dentist or technician.Extra-Oral Cementationand the IAC Platform SwitchingSloping ShoulderIMPLANTS3.0 x 8.0mm3.0 x 6.0mm3.5 x 8.0mmPLACE IMPLANTS IN NARROW SPACESThe Bicon system has had a3.5mm diameter implant since1985 and has since introduced a3.0mm diameter implant. TheseNARROW Implants facilitatethe restoration of missingmaxillary lateral incisors aswell as individual mandibularincisors. The sloping shoulderof the Bicon implant enhancescrestal bone preservationwhile providing space for theinterdental papillae — offeringthe opportunity for naturallooking gingival aesthetics.3.0mmImplant3.0mm2.0mm7 Years2 Years4 Years2 Years4 YearsBacterially-Sealed Locking TaperPlateau DesignSHORT ImplantsNARROW ImplantsIntegra-Ti and Integra-CP LOCKING TAPERBicon’s sloping shoulder affordsmore flexibility at the timeof implant placement andprovides for impressive bonemaintenance. It also providesmore room for bone overthe implant, which providessupport for the interdentalpapillae, enabling aestheticgingival contours to be easilyand consistently achieved.Inherent in the Bicon design isplatform switching — completeinterchangeability of abutmentdiameters and sensiblebiological width.1mm10µmPLATEAU DESIGNBased on a well knownengineering principle, Bicon’s 1.5degree locking taper connectionprovides a proven bacterialseal at the implant to abutmentinterface, with a microgap ofless than 0.5 microns. Bicon’sbacterial seal avoids the microbialleakage issues that can result ininflammation of the soft tissuearound an implant, which couldlead to the loss of bone aroundthe implant and even the lossof the implant itself. Bicon isthe only system with a provenbacterial seal.HAVERSIAN BONEBICON IMPLANTINTEGRA-TI AND INTEGRA-CP The plateau or fin design offersat least 30% more surface areathan a screw implant of thesame dimensions, and allows forthe callus formation of maturehaversian bone between thefins of the implant. This corticallike bone forms at a faster rateof 10–50 microns per day incomparison to the appositionalbone around non-plateauedimplants, which forms at aslower rate of 1–3 micronsper day.Since 1985, each Bicon implanthas been grit blasted withalumina and passivated ina nitric acid solution. Thisinnovative controlled surfaceis known as Integra-Ti . Since1988, the Bicon implant hasbeen available with a calciumphosphate based treatmentknown as Integra-CP .500 µmLow-Speed DrillingSLOPING SHOULDERLOW-SPEED DRILLINGSince 1985, low-speeddrilling at 50 RPM withoutirrigation has been thesurgical protocol of Bicon. Itallows a clinician to harvestthe patient’s own bonewith titanium reamers forautogenous grafting. Slowdrilling is forgiving and isunique to Bicon. Additionally,it greatly extends thelongevity of the titaniumreamers, thus reducing aclinician’s costs.

WHY BICON?Bicon has been offering patients and dentists the benefits of SHORT dentalimplants since 1985. SHORT Implants reduce the need for additional graftingprocedures which add time and expense to the implant procedure.THE PATIENTThe Bicon System allows the dentist to consistently offer functional and gingivally aestheticrestorations to patients, so that they may truly enjoy implant prostheses that look and feel likenatural teeth. Additionally, the odors and tastes associated with screws are avoided.THE RESTORATIVE DENTISTThe Bicon System, with its 360 of universal abutment positioning and sloping shoulderedimplant, offers clinicians the ability to consistently provide gingivally aesthetic restorations.Bicon’s restorative techniques can be conventional or revolutionary with the cementless andscrewless Integrated Abutment Crown (IAC ). Bicon restorative crown techniques routinelytake less chairtime than those for natural teeth.THE SURGICAL SPECIALISTIn addition to more predictable and versatile placement techniques, Bicon’s design providesa bacterially-sealed implant to abutment connection. Bicon SHORT Implants afford simplerand consistently more predictable treatments, which can significantly increase a patient’sacceptance of implants.THE LABORATORY TECHNICIANMany implant systems require the fabrication of expensive customized abutments. Withthe Bicon System, technicians receive a conventional or implant-level transfer impressionfrom which a porcelain fused to metal crown, all-ceramic crown, or fixed and removableoverdenture prostheses can be simply fabricated. For the ultimate in flexibility and aesthetics,Bicon’s IAC is a revolutionary screwless and fully retrievable restoration without any discerniblecrown-abutment interface.Since 1985 » Simple. Predictable. Profitable.Bicon 501 Arborway Boston, MA 02130 USA 2018 Bicon LIT-235 R0218US Patent No. 6,227,857

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THE BICON SYSTEMis a unique dental implant system, offering the worldwide dental community a comprehensive solution since 1985. Bicon’s unique plateau design follows sound bioengineering principles which allow for the use of SHORT Implants. Its unique bacterially-File Size: 4MB