In t e r IK E A Sy stems B.V. 2018People& PlanetPositiveIKEA SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGYPUBL IS HE D: JU N E 2 0 1 8

p. 2 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8The IKEA sustainability strategy – People & Planet Positive– was launched in 2012 with ambitious goals to transformthe IKEA business, the industries in the IKEA value chainand life at home for people all across the world.We have made significant progress sinceand for the entire IKEA ecosystem. Thisthen, but our rapidly changing worldstrategy gives us a roadmap to followcalls for even more ambitious goals andand outlines a strong, common long-urgent action.term agenda for the entire IKEA valuechain and franchise system.The updated IKEA People & PlanetCONTENTSWHAT SUSTAINABILITY MEANS TO IKEAp.3BEING POSITIVE IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLDp.5THREE FOCUS AREASp.11Positive strategy describes theWe don’t have all the answers andsustainability agenda and ambition forcannot achieve our goals alone.everyone in the IKEA franchise systemTherefore, we are committed to1: HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE LIVINGp.12and value chain*. It will stimulateworking together in a collaborative2: CIRCULAR & CLIMATE POSITIVEp.14action across IKEA in the comingway and being transparent about whatyears. Our sustainability ambitions andwe learn. We will rely on our culture3: FAIR & EQUALp.16commitments are set for 2030 in lineof entrepreneurship, always movingENABLERS: HOW WE MAKE IT HAPPENp.18with the UN Sustainable Developmentforward and not waiting for perfection.OVERVIEW OF AMBITIONS AND COMMITMENTSp.19Goals (see p.9). The strategy will beWe will work together to achievereviewed annually to secure alignmentcontinuous improvements.with the total IKEA strategic framework.The purpose of this strategy is toinspire, activate and lead us in ourdecision-making and goal setting so thatwe together can achieve the big positivechanges we want to see in the world* IKEA: one brand – many companies. The IKEA business is operated through a franchisesystem. That means many companies with different owners work under the IKEA trademark.All work towards the shared IKEA vision – to create a better everyday life for the manypeople – that guides every decision. The IKEA business idea is to offer a wide range ofwell-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people aspossible will be able to afford them. The IKEA retail business is operated by independentfranchisees under franchise agreement with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. The whole value chainmeans from supplier to customer.

p. 3 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8What sustainabilitymeans to IKEA We want to have a positive impact on peopleand the planet. For us it’s about balancingeconomic growth and positive social impact withenvironmental protection and regeneration.We always think long term – to be ableto meet the needs of people todaywithout compromising the needs ofENVIRONMENTALfuture generations.To do this requires rethinking andinspiring changes in lifestyles andconsumption as well as adopting newways of working. We are prepared tolead the way forward together with ourBETTERLIFEco-workers, customers and partnersand use our size to make a positiveBETTER LIFEFOR MOREPEOPLEdifference. This is both a responsibilityand a business opportunity. The morepeople we reach the bigger the impactwe can have together, and the morepeople we can enable to live a bettereveryday life.SOCIALECONOMICThe better the balance between environmental, economic and social impact, the morepeople will have the chance at a better life within the limits of the planet.

p. 4 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8The IKEA vision is our inspiration We want to create an IKEAbusiness model that issustainable. The IKEA vision,to create a better everydaylife for the many people, isour inspiration.LIVING OUR VALUESCO-CREATING A BETTER WORLDCaring for people and the planet is oneWe are open and engage with others,of our core values and guides us in howlistening and learning and sharingwe work. From the very beginning weknowledge and ideas. Together we co-have always viewed waste as “a sin”.create a better world. This is how IKEAWe were born in the rocky landscapehas worked and is how we continueof Småland in southern Sweden whereto work with sustainability. We seeWe must transform our way of workingpeople had to be creative with theirthe opportunity to use creativity and– from linear to circular, from onlylimited resources.knowledge to scale ideas, collaborateusing to also regenerating resources.As a business reliant on naturalresources and people, it will also meanon challenges and to be a partner forBEING BOLD INFACING CHALLENGESpositive change. Sustainability can’t beachieved alone.that we can secure the future of theIKEA business, value chain and theIt’s about setting ambitions that welivelihoods of the millions of people thatknow we cannot reach alone. Still,contribute to it.being bold is not only about setting highWORKING LONG TERMFOR POSITIVE CHANGEambitions, it’s also about being openWe work long term for positive change,We believe that the IKEA culture –and honest about the challenges we facefocusing on the root-cause of issues andhow we work and what we value – isand making difficult decisions that leadnot only treating the symptoms. Thefundamental to achieving our vision. Into a positive impact. To take the nextIKEA business set-up allows us to makeother words, it is not only what we do,big steps will mean talking about ourinvestments for the future in things likebut how we do it that matters.successes and failures, admitting wenew technologies, innovative materials,don’t have all of the answers and beingand ways of generating clean energypart of a wider conversation to find newas well as in social development in thesolutions.IKEA value chain.

p. 5 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8Being positivein a rapidlychanging worldOur world is changing rapidly in manyways and we believe that over timemore and more people can and will havea better everyday life. We are optimisticabout the future.To create a better everyday life for themany, and to ensure the success of IKEAinto the future, we must take on thechallenges that face us, together. Wehave identified three major challengesthat are highly relevant for ourbusiness: climate change, unsustainableconsumption, and inequality.From our own history weknow that what at first seemlike challenges can becomeopportunities and limitationscan lead to amazinginnovations.

p. 6 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 838%IKEA CLIMATE IMPACT 2016(% of total greenhouse gas emissions)23%CHALLENGE: CLIMATE CHANGE14%12%1The current best estimates predict that sea level willrise up to 6.6 feet, or 2 meters, by the year 2100 – theClimate Institute, 2016 -Sea-levels.pdf4%2Climate change impacts will be seen in changes invarious climate extremes and in changes in the globalwater cycle – European Environment Agency orsstep towards coordinated global actionto limit the global temperature increaseto well below 2 C, aiming towards1.5 C, by the end of the ar-on-record-globallySthe Paris Climate Agreement was a bigUurgency to act is clear. The signing ofC– 2016 was the hottest on record4 – theFOand water crises3. As temperatures riseAchanges in weather patterns2, and food3Studies have predicted that the average globaltemperature may increase by 1.4–5.8 C and therewould be substantial reduction in fresh water resourcesand agricultural yield by the end of the 21st century.“Climate change and challenges of water and foodsecurity” International Journal of Sustainable builtEnvironment 221260901400020XRWe will see a dramatic sea-level rise1,4%4%2%LClimate change is no longera distant threat, but a visiblereality. We believe that climatechange is one of the biggestchallenges that humanity faces.Baseline calculation FY16, percentages have been rounded.The biggest opportunity for reducing the IKEA greenhouse gas footprint comesin raw materials and the life of products in the homes of IKEA customers.

p. 7 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8CHALLENGE: UNSUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTIONBy 2030, the global populationis expected to reach nearly8.5 billion5, with nearly half abillion moving into the middleclass.also due to trends in rising consumption of meat and dairy, and the currentloss or wastage of one third of all foodproduced6.Resource scarcity and air, water andland pollution is very visible due, inThis means that more and more peoplepart, to unsustainable consumption andwill have a chance for a better life. But, a world that already uses resourcesrequiring more than one planet, theseFor IKEA, unsustainable consumption isbillions of new consumers put an evenone of our biggest challenges: How cangreater pressure on the planet. Inwe continue to grow and enable moremany parts of the world consumption ispeople to live better everyday lives with-growing at an unsustainable rate. Andin the limits of the planet?while many people are escaping poverty,many also lack access to affordable andhealthy food. Today it’s estimated thatthe world must produce 70% more foodby 2050 due to population growth, tries/6FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN estimated that the world must produce 70% more food by 2050 due topopulation growth xpert paper/How to Feed the World in 2050.pdfCurrent loss or wastage of one third of all food produced.

p. 8 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8CHALLENGE: INEQUALITYEvery year, large numbers ofWhile there have been significant movespeople move out of poverty.forward in some areas, gender equalityAt the same time there is anever-increasing level of inequalityin the world with a widening gapis still far from a reality. Rights andopportunities for elderly people, ethnicand LGBTQ communities, and peoplewith disabilities are still far from equal.between the wealthiest in societyand the rest7.One in five in developing regions8 still live inextreme poverty, with children and youngpeople at the highest risk. Despite economicgrowth, some people have seen their jobsbecome more unstable and unpredictableand their incomes stagnate. And as thepace and impact of technological changeincreases, some have been left behind andare struggling to adapt to a new reality.Young people are finding it harder to securemeaningful and stable work9.Today more than 100 million peoplehave left their home countries tofind employment and a better life forthemselves and their families. Theprocess of finding a job can sometimeslead to large debts from recruitment feesand – in the worst cases – forced labourand human trafficking. Today, there aremore than 65 million displaced peoplein the world and more than 20 millionrefugees10.770% of people live in a country that has seen a rise in inequality in the last 30 years. Oxfam ”Even it UP” Report, 20168UN- UN- Global youth unemployment rate was 13.1 per cent in 2016 and is expected to remain at that level throughout uth-unemployment-rise/10UN-

p. 9 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI LI TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8The UN’s SustainableDevelopment goals(SDGs)Many of the global sustainabilitychallenges and calls for action aredescribed in the UN’s SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs). Launchedin 2015, the SDGs provide an inspiringframework for collective action. Theyguide us as we develop the IKEAbusiness, set ambitions and engagewith our partners.All of the goals are connected andIKEA will use them as our compass tomobilise change in our work.

p. 1 0 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8” Nomethodis moreeffectivethan agoodexample”I NGVAR K AMPR ADHow IKEA can makea positive difference Through our business we havea unique opportunity to leadthe way by being a good example for positive change home to scale ideas and be a partnerfor positive change.Having a positive impact means that wealways aim to generate more than weuse ourselves, working to make a positive difference beyond our own business.Being a leader means to look criticallyat all aspects of our business, but alsoWe are committed to creating ato engage in the debate and enablingbetter everyday life for the manycustomers, co-workers, and partners topeople and to be People & Planettake action and contribute. Now is thePositive.time for us to take the next big step.Each one of us can be a leader forchange. To change the world, good ideasmust be nurtured and magnified toreach as many people as possible.Part of our role is to use our size, creativity, innovation and knowledge in life

p. 1 1 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8Three focus areasAs a response to the threemajor challenges impactingthe IKEA business, we haveidentified three correspondingfocus areas to help us to fulfilthe IKEA vision and becomepeople and planet positive.Under each focus area we outlineour commitments to achieving ourambitions.Healthy &sustainablelivingCircular& climatepositiveFair&equal

p. 1 2 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8By 2030 ourambition is toinspire and enablemore than 1 billionpeople to live abetter everyday lifewithin the limits ofthe planetHealthy &sustainable livingOur homes and the way welive have a huge impact onour health, well-being, andthe planet.Households, for example, are estimated to consume one third of the globalenergy use11 and 10% of the wateruse12. Enabling as many people aspossible to generate renewable energyand to reduce their home energy andwater consumption would have a greatimpact. Water, food and air quality arealso major concerns for people aroundthe world. The impact of pollution andwaste is already visible in everyday lifefor many people.People expect businesses and brandslike IKEA to make living a more sustainable life affordable and appealing. Theyare searching for ideas and solutionsand are counting on new, innovativeways of living: in smaller spaces, forbeing more conscious and less wastefulin what they buy, and for prolonging thelife of their things.As one of the top ten largest foodcompanies in the world, we also have aresponsibility to provide healthy and nutritious food. We strive to not only offermore sustainable home furnishing andfood products, solutions and services,but also to inspire and support people tomake positive changes in their lifestylesand to consume in more sustainableways. Until now our focus has been onhelping customers to become energyand resource efficient and reduce waste.We will now also focus on enabling ashift through promoting a new mind-setfor healthy and sustainable stainable-consumption-production/11Food and Agriculture Organization of the UnitedNations, The State of the World’s Land and WaterResources for Food and Agriculture 12

p. 1 3 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8WHAT WE HAVE DONE SO FAROUR AMBITIONS FOR 2030WE ARE COMMITTED TOIKEA already enables people to activelyBy 2030, we will inspire and enable peopleCreating a movement in society aroundPromoting circular and sustainable con-live a healthier and more sustainable lifeto make healthier and more sustainablebetter everyday livingsumptionat home with a focus on the efficiencychoices by offering knowledge, ideas and newand functions of the home, offeringaffordable solutions. We will, together withInspiring and enabling people to redefineSeeing IKEA products as raw materials foraffordable products and solutions forothers, define what sustainable consumptiontheir life at home – a life that is sustainable,the future and ensuring that all products havewater efficiency, energy efficiency,means for IKEA. We will develop all productssupports safety, health and well-being, and iscircular capabilities: designed from the veryrenewable energy, and waste sortingusing the IKEA democratic design approachwithin the means of the many people.beginning to be repurposed, repaired, reused,solutions.and circular design principles. We will workresold and recycled.together with others to prolong the life ofLeading the transition towards a new defi-For many years IKEA has workedproducts and materials and thereby promotenition of a better everyday life and being aProviding and promoting services, solu-proactively when it comes to the use ofa sharing and circular economy.driving force behind changes in unsustainabletions, inspiration and offering easy access toconsumption patterns.knowledge to prolong the life of product andchemicals in IKEA products, phasing out,often ahead of legislation, potentiallySustainability cannot be a luxury for aharmful chemicals.few! We will make healthy and sustainableInspiring and enabling people to liveand other partners to be part of the solutionliving a desirable choice that is affordable,healthier, more sustainable livesby making it easy to buy, fix, sell, share andAll IKEA products and solutions areattractive and accessible for as many peopledesigned with quality, form, function,as possible.low price, and sustainability as the IKEAdemocratic design dimensions.materials. Inviting and enabling customersgive away products.Offering better, more affordable, smart products and solutions that enable people to liveThe IKEA business will enable people tosafer, healthier and more sustainable lives.generate renewable energy and be energyEven though we have accomplished manyand water efficient, to purify the water andProviding knowledge and ideas to inspire peo-things, we are only at the beginning andair in their homes, eliminate waste, andple to live better, healthier and more sustain-there is still much to be done.contribute to adapting their homes to copeable lives.with the impact of climate change. We willencourage people to come together and workOffering a food range that makes moreto improve their health and well-being.sustainable, healthier eating delicious andaffordable for the many people.

p. 1 4 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8By 2030 ourambition is tobecome climatepositive andregenerateresources whilegrowing the IKEAbusiness Circular &climate positiveWe have only one planet withlimited resources. Pressureon forests, fisheries and agriculture, loss of biodiversityand wildlife, ocean pollution,erosion of soil and increasinglevels of air and fresh waterpollution affect the lives andlivelihoods of millions ofpeople around the world.The global resource scarcity is alreadyimpacting the IKEA business and,more important, the lives of peoplethroughout the IKEA value chain. To bepeople and planet positive in the futurewe must further develop responsiblesourcing programmes, continue toimprove resource utilisation anddramatically reduce greenhouse gasesin absolute terms, independent of howmuch we grow the IKEA business.

p. 1 5 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8WHAT WE HAVE DONE SO FAROUR AMBITIONS FOR 2030Our approach of making more fromBy 2030, our ambition is to be a circularless has enabled the IKEA businessbusiness built on clean, renewableto reduce waste and become moreenergy and regenerative resources, de-efficient in all we do.coupling material use from our growth.The aim is to end our dependency onWe have also come a long way invirgin fossil materials and fuels. We willtransforming how we source morereduce greenhouse gases and contributesustainable materials. Since 2015,to limiting global temperature increase to100% of our cotton, fish and seafoodwell below 2 C, aiming towards 1.5 C, bycome from more sustainable sourcesthe end of the century. We will contribute(BCI , MSC, ASC).to a world of clean air and water andimproved biodiversity.We are getting closer to our 2020 goalof sourcing 100% of our wood & paperfrom more sustainable sources. Andwe have taken steps to begin to phaseout virgin fossil plastic from the IKEAproduct range.We have been vocal in our support fora transition to a low carbon economy,and have invested heavily in renewableenergy and improved energy efficiency.WE ARE COMMITTED TOTransforming into a circular businessProlonging the life of products andmaterials and using resources in asmarter way.Actively reducing air pollutants.Designing, building, operating and maintaining all of our buildings individually accordingto local conditions, in order to stay within theplanetary boundaries.Turning waste into resources, sending zerowaste to landfill.Regenerating resources, protecting ecosystems and improving biodiversityTaking the lead in transforming secondarymaterials (i.e. reused and recycled materials)into clean and safe resources.Continuing to secure and developresponsible sourcing standards thatinclude environmental, social and animalwelfare criteria.Sourcing and producing renewable and recycled materials with a positive environmental impact.Establishing and promoting systems and services to enable a circular economy.Becoming climate positiveDramatically reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions to contribute tolimiting global temperature increase towell below 2 C, aiming towards 1.5 C,by the end of the century.Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions fromthe IKEA value chain in absolute terms compared to FY16. The scope includes the footprints of materials, food ingredients, transport, the production at suppliers, and the useof IKEA products in customers’ homes13.Becoming forest positive, promoting sustainable forest management to eliminateforest degradation and deforestation. Usinginnovative approaches to forest management,protection, restoration and regeneration.Leading regenerative projects on degradedland, deforested areas and agriculturallycultivated areas.Becoming water positive by leading anddeveloping water stewardship programmes.Leading regenerative projects to clean polluted waters and protect biodiversity. Specifically focusing on leading projects to clean plasticpollutants from oceans.Sourcing wood, cotton, food, and other rawmaterials from “more sustainable sources”.Aiming for only renewable electricity and heatin IKEA operations14.Promoting on-site renewable energy generation and new installations.1314The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (scope 3 emissions)The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (scope 1 & 2 emissions)

p. 1 6 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8By 2030 our ambitionis to create a positivesocial impact foreveryone across theIKEA value chain Fair & equalAlthough we face many challenges in the world today,we believe that through ourbusiness we can support andinfluence positive change.and opportunities for elderly people,ethnic, LGBTQ communities and peoplewith disabilities.Through our business and global reachwe can provide opportunities for migrantworkers, refugees and other groupsWe need to embrace change in wayswho are moving away from their homethat make people’s lives better. By grow-by choice, necessity or force. We caning the IKEA business in an even moreprovide emergency support, training andinclusive way and providing decent15,employment and work with others toand meaningful work, we can play ourcreate change in the systems that putpart in creating a fair and equal society.people at risk.Children and families have always beenThe IKEA vision and ambitions fora focus for IKEA. We have seen that bypeople go across the full IKEA valuemaking decisions with the best inter-chain and we expect the same or higherest of children in mind we can createstandards of ourselves as we do of ourpositive change and opportunities forsuppliers and business partners.families and communities.Equality is a base from which to build abetter life. We have the ability to directlysupport gender equality as well as rightsThe ILO (International Labour Organisation) definitionof decent work ts/---exrel/documents/publication/wcms 172609.pdf15

p. 1 7 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8WHAT WE HAVE DONE SO FAROUR AMBITIONS FOR 2030We have already taken some importantBy 2030, IKEA will be a leader in creatingsteps and are ready to do more to achievea fair and equal society that benefits theour vision.many. We will do this by growing the IKEAbusiness in an even more inclusive way,Children’s rights have always been at therespecting and encouraging diversity andheart of what we do and we were part ofpromoting decent and meaningful workthe development, and now implementa-across the IKEA value chain, enablingtion of, the Children’s Rights and Businesspeople to provide a good life for them-Principles.selves and their families. Being inclusiveis about both engaging with others in theIWAY – our supplier Code of Conductwork they do and inviting others to partic-continues to be the base of our work toipate in our human rights and good workingconditions throughout our supply chainand we have significantly expanded thescope of its implementation.We are working with social entrepreneursand engaging actively in local communities to be an inclusive business. Andwe continually develop our approach tovulnerable groups within the IKEA valuechain.WE ARE COMMITTED TOProviding and supporting decent andmeaningful work across the IKEA valuechainRespecting human rights in all areas of theIKEA business and continuing to ensure theimplementation of international labour standards.Always ensuring that workplaces are safeand contribute to the healthy development ofpeople.Ensuring access to competence and skillsdevelopment, enabling people to grow andreach their full potential.Providing and supporting stable, regular andpredictable employment.Ensuring that we - together with others - define what constitutes a fair income and makeit possible for everyone in the IKEA valuechain to have a fair income.Ensuring that everyone in the IKEA value chain has a voice and is engaged andempowered to play an active role in theirworkplace.Being an inclusive businessGrowing the IKEA business providingopportunities for the many.Continuing to build a diverse, inclusive workplace and empowering and supporting peopleto be themselves at work.Making gender equality a reality.Ensuring that children’s rights are integratedinto everything that we do.Providing and promoting learning and working opportunities for young people.Ensuring that the IKEA value chain is madeup of diverse business partnerships thatdrive innovation, business growth and socialimpact.Engaging in our communities to create apositive impact on livelihoods and contributeto an inclusive local economy.Promoting equalityWe will stand up for our ambitions, valuesand beliefs, advocating for change and playing an active role to support it.We will engage with others, sharing knowledge, challenging each other and being transparent.

p. 1 8 - IK EA S U STAI NA BI L I TY STR ATEGY - PEOPLE & PLANET POSITIV E - In t er IKE A Sys t ems B.V. 2 0 1 8Enablers: how we make it happenThrough our strength, sizeand business set-up we canthink long-term and makeour commitments becomea reality. We will influencepositive change in the worldand will share our approachand what we learn to inspireothers through:ADVOCACYWe will use our size and influence andplay an active role in society advocatingfor and promoting positive change basedon our values.CO-CREATION & PARTNERSHIPWe will work together in new ways andcontinue to support organisations thatdevelop sustainable value for people, theplanet and our business. We will seek outnew partners with unique perspectivesINCLUSIVENESS& COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTWe will be inclusive and actively engagein the communities where we operatethrough IKEA stores, offices, warehouses,factories and online.ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATIONWe will rely on our entrepreneurial spiritfor innovation and turning challengesinto opportunities. We will also look toothers like social entrepreneurs for ideasand inspiration for making the worldmore sustainable and fair.We will be open and transparentand allow others to learn from oursuccesses, failures, challenges and waysof working. IKEA is 100% committedto reporting our progress in line withthe SDG goals. To move from visionBUSINESS INCENTIVESA key enabler is to secure that invest-to action, each business needs to setclear goals and targets that will help usprioritise and measure our pr

The biggest opportunity for reducing the IKEA greenhouse gas footprint comes in raw materials and the life of products in the homes of IKEA customers. Baseline calculation FY16, percentages have been rounded. 38% 2% 12% 4% 4% 14% 23% 4% TERIALS UCTION T ORES ORES UCT USE-OF-LIFE IKEA CLIMATE IMPACT 20