GETTING STARTEDWITH GBT SOURCEA Support Program for Patientson OxbrytaSee the back cover for a GettingStarted With GBT Source checklist!not an actual patient

LET’S GET STARTEDWelcome to Global BloodTherapeutics (GBT) Source SolutionsFor those who have been prescribed Oxbryta(voxelotor) 500mg tablets or Oxbryta (voxelotor)300mg tablets for oral suspension, GBT SourceSolutions is here with support and resources tohelp you with: THE PATH TO RECEIVINGYOUR MEDICATION1First, your healthcare provider prescribesOxbryta by completing the prescriptionportion of the Enrollment Form.2 Paying for treatment* Receiving your treatment Staying on treatment†*For qualifying patients.†As prescribed by your healthcare provider.‡ After you fill out the Patient Authorization and Consentportion of the Enrollment Form, GBT Source will beauthorized to help you along your Oxbryta journey.Cortney(actual patient)GBT Source Solutions hasbeen a great resource to helpme receive Oxbryta!Then, you complete, sign, date, andsubmit the Patient Authorizationand Consent portion of theEnrollment Form.‡3Next, a Care Coordinator will call towelcome you to GBT Source. Expecta call from (833) 428-4968.4Your Care Coordinator will help youunderstand your insurance benefits.5Your Care Coordinator will discussfinancial assistance options availableto you that may help cover the cost oftreatment (if you are eligible).6The Specialty Pharmacy will callyou to schedule Oxbryta delivery.It’s important to answer the call.2

YOUR TREATMENTSUPPORT CIRCLE JUSTGOT LARGERCare Coordinators will: H elp those enrolled understand theirinsurance benefits Review and provide information on financialassistance programs based on eligibilityAccess Navigators will: C ontact those who opted-in on the PatientAuthorization and Consent Form to schedulean introductory session that will give moreinformation about the support provided byGBT Source throughout the treatment journeyA Nurse Support Team will: Answer questions about Oxbryta P rovide resources and personalized supportto help patients start and stay on treatment asprescribed by their healthcare provider*The Specialty Pharmacy will: Reach out to coordinate delivery of Oxbryta Follow up to make sure it’s delivered Get Oxbryta refills authorized as needed A nswer any questions, any time(pharmacist available by phone 24/7)3*The Nurse Support Team is there to support product adherenceand does not replace a patient’s treatment plan. They do notprovide medical advice or case management services.To learn more, call(833) GBT-4YOU (833-428-4968)Option 1 to speak with a representativeM - F, 8am – 8pm

YOUR SPECIALTYPHARMACYWILL BE CALLINGIt's important to answer the callYour Specialty Pharmacy will be calling to scheduledelivery of your Oxbryta prescription. Be sure tosave the number of your Specialty Pharmacy so yourecognize the call. You may be able to choose to haveyour prescription delivered to your home office orother address.Answerthe phone when you see any of these numberson your caller IDCVS SpecialtyPharmacyAccredo HealthGroup, Inc.(909) 796-7171(877) 554-3089Callthese numbers if you have questions for yourSpecialty PharmacyTo learn more, call(833) GBT-4YOU (833-428-4968)Option 1 to speak with a representativeM - F, 8am – 8pm ETGBTSource.com4CVS SpecialtyPharmacy(Care Team)Accredo HealthGroup, Inc.(844) 641-0413(877) 554-3089M-F, 9am-10:30pm ETM-F, 8am-8pm ET

HOW MUCH COULDMY OXBRYTATREATMENT COST ME?The following patient profilesare representative and basedon GBT Source data (November2019-July 2020). You may havea different experience based onyour insurance coverage.Do you haveprivate health insurance?Private health insurance, also known ascommercial health insurance, is usually madeavailable through one’s employer and is notprovided by the government.Eligible patients with private insurance may qualifyfor the GBT Source Commercial Copay Program—up to a maximum of 15,000 per calendar year.*Maya(not an actual patient)Maya is an example of an eligible patient whois covered under her parents' private insurance,with a copay of 80. Like 99% of privatelyinsured patients who use the GBT SourceCommercial Copay Program, her parentspay 0 for her Oxbryta treatment.*Subject to eligibility and certain terms and conditions.5Are you uninsured?Patients who do not have health insurance may qualifyfor the GBT Source Solutions Patient AssistanceProgram (PAP) for Free Drug.* Please call us at(833) 428-4968 for information about this program.Joshua is an example of a patient who isuninsured. He applied to and was approvedfor the GBT Source Solutions PAP for eligible,uninsured patients and receives his Oxbrytatreatment for free.Joshua(not an actualpatient)Do you havegovernment-funded insurance?Examples of government-funded insurance areMedicaid, Medicare Part D, TRICARE, and othertypes of government insurance like Veterans Affairshealthcare. The programs cited in this section arenot managed by GBT Source. Patients who haveinsurance plans funded in whole or in part by agovernment agency are not eligible for theGBT Source Commercial Copay Program.Charlene is an example of an eligible patient who hasgovernment-funded insurance. She has a Medicaidinsurance plan and her copay for Oxbryta is 0.Kevin has Medicare, another type of governmentfunded insurance. He is an eligible patient enrolledin the Medicare Low Income Subsidy program andhas a copay of 5 for his Oxbryta treatment.Please note, patients with Medicare Part D mayhave different copays throughout the year.Charlene & Kevin(not actual patients)

GETTING STARTED WITH GBT SOURCEYour healthcare provider will begin the enrollment process. The checklist below will help you complete your part. arefully read and complete the Patient Authorization and Consent portion of the Enrollment Form (form will be provided by your doctor, emailed, or textedCto you). Be sure to fill out all the fields on the form, and sign and date as soon as possible so your prescription isn’t delayed. omplete the Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Application for Free Drug if you need assistance paying for treatment or believe you may need assistance inCthe future. Expect a welcome call from a GBT Source Care Coordinator to explain the program. (TIP: Save the GBT Source phone number, (833) 428-4968) xpect a call from your Specialty Pharmacy to schedule delivery of Oxbryta. Please look out for the phone numbers listed on page 4 and be sure to answer theEcall so your delivery isn’t delayed.To learn more, call(833) GBT-4YOU (833-428-4968)Option 1 to speak with a representativeM - F, 8am – 8pm ETGBTSource.comOxbryta, GBT Source, and GBT Source Solutions are registered trademarks of Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. All other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their individual owners. 2021 Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. P-VOX-US-00477 v3

(TIP: Save the GBT Source phone number, (833) 428-4968) Expect a call from your Specialty Pharmacy to schedule delivery of Oxbryta. Please look out for the phone numbers listed on page 4 and be sure to answer the call so your delivery isn’t delayed. GETTING STARTED WITH GBT SOURCE Yo