Tri-RailDowntown Miami Link

Tri-Rail Milestones Service began Jan 9, 1989 Double-tracking completedin 2006– Allowed for reliable andmore frequent service 4 million annual boarding'sfor first time in 2008 70 million passengerscarried to date Modernization efforts andupgrades ongoing2

Current Tri-Rail Service 72 mile system 17 (soon to be 18) stations 50 trains per weekday Peak- 20 & 30 minutes Off Peak- 60 minutes Hourly weekend servicesince March 2013 Growing and changingridership patternsin 2015

Ridership Trends Significant changes identifiedin recent onboard survey:– Slightly more northbound ridersin AM than southbound– Boca Raton & Metrorail Transferare busiest weekday stations– Increase in passengers age 16-24– Greater use of bicycles andshuttle buses to/from stationsBoca Raton station during PM rush hour

Tri-Rail ridership increased 140% from October 2005 through October 2013and continues to -06Jul-06Apr-06Jan-06Oct-05Jul-05Tri-Rail Ridership GrowthMonthly Tri-Rail 0150,000100,000

Current Tri-Rail Markets Inter-county travel Airports Suburban employmentcenters and office parks Colleges & universities Magnet schools Major downtowns– Via connecting transit Primarily choice riders– 1/3 transit dependent

CSX-FEC RailConnectionsNorthwood- 2018 Key east-west rail connectionsbetween Tri-Rail/CSX & FEC– Allow for an integrated freight& passenger rail network USDOT TIGER V grant awardFully fundedrail connections– Multi-agency public-privatepartnership– 47.2 M total cost TIGER- 13.7 MFDOT- 29 MCSX- 1 MFEC- 1 MSFRTA- 2.5 MIris- 20167

Iris Rail ConnectionCompletion in 2016, Jointly Funded by: USDOT TIGER V Grant, FDOT, SFRTA, CSX and FECRTo FEC HialeahRail YardEast towardsDowntowndk eac noTw etie unar ZN QFAA

Tri-RailDowntown Miami Link Unique public-privatepartnership opportunity New service with 26 directtrains per weekday betweenDowntown Miami and all pointsnorth on the existing Tri-Railsystem Fast implementation withservice as early as Dec 2016 Same as All Aboard FloridaDiscussions now taking placewith elected officials andvarious agencies

Current and ProposedPremium TransitGolden GladesCity of Miami GardensExisting Tri-RailProposed Tri-RailDowntown Miami LinkOpa-LockaFuture Tri-Rail Coastal LinkExisting MDT MetrorailPlanned MDT North CorridorTri-Rail/Metrorail TransferHialeah MarketMiami AirportDowntown Miami / Overtown


THREE MIAMICENTRAL90,000 RSF (Office)35,000 RSF (Retail)12 Floors1,100 Parking SpacesONE MIAMICENTRAL600,000 RSF (Office)280 Residences250 Hotel RoomsTWO MIAMICENTRAL190,000 RSF (Office)10 Floors300 Parking SpacesUrban Residential Tower33 Floors450 Units400 Parking SpacesLuxury Residential Tower30 Floors350 Units400 Parking Spaces12


All Aboard Florida & Tri-RailDowntown Miami CoordinationCross section of the proposed All Aboard Florida Station in Downtown Miami

Miami RiverTri-Rail DedicatedPlatform and TracksNorth to I-395All Aboard FloridaPlatform and Tracks15

Proposed Project Timeline16

Project Highlights Smart investment in Downtown Miami’s transportation HUB andeconomic future Public funds leverage private investment, free land and belowmarket railroad access, but requires a public fundingcommitment Projected increase in ridership of 1,000 – 2,000 passengers perweekday for direct single seat service to Downtown Miami*SFRTA to bear 100% of annual operations costs for Downtown Service in perpetuity**Note: 48.6 million commitment by SEOPW CRA/Miami Dade County/City of Miami will be allocated towards requiredlocal match for Tri-Rail Coastal Link17

Tri-RailDowntown Miami Link Project Capital CostsRail infrastructure––Track & SignalsGrade ccrossing upgrades 20Million Allowing for new Quiet Zones (on E-W segment)– Corridor access fee–– Positive Train Control (PTC)Permanent perpetual easementIris Connection to Downtown MiamiMiami Central Station 1Million 48Tri-Rail section of the elevated stationMillionTri-Rail portion of shared station elements and supports

Downtown Miami Link Future Tri-Rail Coastal Link Existing MDT Metrorail Planned MDT North Corridor . 11 . 12 ONE MIAMICENTRAL 600,000 RSF (Office) 280 Residences 250 Hotel Rooms Urban Residential Tower 33 Floors 450 Units 400 Parking Spaces Luxury