TABLE OF CONTENTSProduct Registration3Important Safety Instructions4Important Electrical Information5Important Operation Instructions6Transport Instructions6Assembly Instructions7Elliptical Features13Operation of Your New Elliptical14Programmable Features17Using Heart Rate Transmitter22General Maintenance24Exploded View Diagram25Parts List26Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty30ATTENTIONTHIS ELLIPTICAL IS INTENDED FOR RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY AND IS WARRANTEDFOR THE APPLICATION. ANY OTHER APPLICATION VOIDS THIS WARRANTY IN ITSENTIRETY.Dyaco Canada Inc. 20132

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW ELLIPTICAL AND WELCOME TO THE SOLEFAMILY!Thank you for your purchase of this quality Sole elliptical from Dyaco Canada Inc. Your newelliptical has been manufactured by one of the leading fitness manufacturers in the world andis backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties available. Dyaco Canada Inc. will doall we can to make your ownership experience as pleasant as possible for many years tocome.If you have any questions about your new Sole product or questions about the warrantycontact Dyaco Canada Inc. at 1-888-707-1880.If you purchased this fitness product from Sears, they will be your contact for all service needs.To contact Sears for any service issues call 1-800-4-MY-HOME(1-800-469-4663).Please take a moment at this time to record below the name of the dealer, their telephonenumber, and the date of purchase for easy contact in the future. We appreciate yourconfidence in SOLE and we will always remember that you are the reason that we are inbusiness. Please complete and mail your registration card today and enjoy your new elliptical.Yours in Health,Dyaco Canada Inc.Name of DealerTelephone Number of DealerPurchase DatePRODUCT REGISTRATIONRECORD YOUR SERIAL NUMBERPlease record the Serial Number of this fitness product inthe space provided below.Serial NumberDyaco Canada Inc. 20133

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNING - Read all instructions before using this appliance.DANGER - To reduce the risk of electric shock disconnect your elliptical from theelectrical outlet prior to cleaning and/or service work.-WARNING To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, installthe elliptical on a flat level surface with access to a 110-volt, 15-amp grounded outletwith only the elliptical plugged into the circuit.DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION CORD UNLESS IT IS A 18AWG OR BETTER,WITH ONLY ONE OUTLET ON THE END: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISABLE THEGROUNDED PLUG BY USING IMPROPER ADAPTERS, OR IN ANY WAYMODIFY THE CORD SET.A serious shock or fire hazard may result along with computer malfunctions. See Grounding Instructions. Do not operate elliptical on deeply padded, plush or shag carpet. Damage to bothcarpet and elliptical may result. Keep children away from the elliptical. There are obvious pinch points and othercaution areas that can cause harm. Keep hands away from all moving parts. Never operate the elliptical if it has a damaged cord or plug. If the elliptical is notworking properly, call your dealer. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces. Do not operate where aerosol spray products are being used or where oxygen isbeing administered. Sparks from the motor may ignite a highly gaseousenvironment. Never drop or insert any object into any openings. Do not use outdoors. To disconnect, turn all controls to the off position and then remove the plug fromthe outlet. Do not attempt to use your elliptical for any purpose other than for the purpose it isintended. The hand pulse sensors are not medical devices. Various factors, including theuser’s movement, may affect the accuracy of heart rate readings. The pulsesensors are intended only as exercise aids in determining heart rate trends ingeneral. Wear proper shoes. High heels, dress shoes, sandals or bare feet are not suitablefor use on your elliptical. Quality athletic shoes are recommended to avoid legfatigue.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - THINK SAFETY!Dyaco Canada Inc. 20134

IMPORTANT ELECTRICAL INSTRUCTIONSWARNING!NEVER remove any cover without first disconnecting AC power.If voltage varies by ten percent (10%) or more, the performance of your elliptical maybe affected. Such conditions are not covered under your warranty. If you suspectthe voltage is low, contact your local power company or a licensed electrician forproper testing.NEVER expose this elliptical to rain or moisture. This product is NOT designed for useoutdoors, near a pool or spa, or in any other high humidity environment. The operatingtemperature specification is 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity is 95%non-condensing (no water drops forming on surfaces).GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONSThis product must be grounded. If the elliptical should malfunction or breakdown,grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current, reducing the risk ofelectric shock. This product is equipped with a cord having an equipment-groundingplug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed andgrounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.DANGER - Improper connection of the equipment-grounding conductor can resultin a risk of electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician or serviceman if you arein doubt as to whether the product is properly grounded. Do not modify the plugprovided with the product if it will not fit the outlet; have a proper outlet installed by aqualified electrician. This product is for use on a nominal 110-volt circuit, and has agrounding plug.Dyaco Canada Inc. 20135

IMPORTANT OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS NEVER operate this elliptical without reading and completely understanding theresults of any operational change you request from the computer.Understand that changes in resistance and incline do not occur immediately. Setyour desired resistance level on the computer console and release the adjustmentkey. The computer will obey the command gradually.NEVER use your elliptical during an electrical storm. Surges may occur in yourhousehold power supply that could damage elliptical components. Unplug theelliptical during an electrical storm as a precaution.Use caution while participating in other activities while using your elliptical; such aswatching television, reading, etc. These distractions may cause you to lose balance;which may result in serious injury.Always hold on to a handle bar while making control changes (incline, level, etc.).Do not use excessive pressure on console control keys. They are precision set tofunction properly with little finger pressure. If you feel the buttons are notfunctioning properly with normal pressure contact your dealer.POWER CONNECTOR - FRONT, LEFT SIDE OF UNITTRANSPORT INSTRUCTIONSThe elliptical is equippped with two transport wheels which are engaged when the rear of theelliptical is lifted.Dyaco Canada Inc. 20136

ASSEMBLY PACK CHECKLIST1HARDWARE STEP 1#112. 3/8” x 3-3/4”Hex Head Bolt (4 pcs)#113. 3/8” x 3/4”Socket Head Cap Bolt (4 pcs)#119. M5 x 10mmPhillips Head Screw (4 pcs)#144. 3/8” x 23 x 2TCurved Washer (4 pcs)#142. 3/8” x 2TSplit Washer (8 pcs)2HARDWARE STEP 2#104. 5/16” x 15mmHex Head Bolt (2 pcs)3#139. 3/8” x 19mm x 1.5TFlat Washer (4 pcs)#115. 5/16” x 15mm ButtonHead Socket Bolt (2 pcs)#138. Ø8.5 26mm 2TFlat Washer (4 pcs)HARDWARE STEP 3#106. 5/16” x 1-3/4”Hex Head Bolt (6 pcs)Dyaco Canada Inc. 2013#129. 5/16” x 7TNyloc Nut (6 pcs)7#143. 5/16” x 23mm x 1.5TCurved Washer (4 pcs)

4HARDWARE STEP 4#120. M5 x 15mmPhillips Head Screw (7 pcs)#122. Ø3.5 x 12mmSheet Metal Screw (8 pcs)#100. Switch Wire Cap(2 pcs)ASSEMBLY TOOLS#149. M5 L Allen Wrench#151. 13/14mmWrench (160mm)#150. Phillips Head Screwdriver#153. M8 L Allen Wrench#152. 12/14mmWrench (160mm)ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSPRE-ASSEMBLY1.2.3.Using a razor knife (Box Cutter) cut the outside, bottom, edge of box along the dotted Line. LiftBox over the unit and unpack.Carefully remove all parts from carton and inspect for any damage or missing parts. Ifdamaged parts are found, or parts are missing, contact your dealer immediately.Locate the hardware package. Remove the tools first. Remove the hardware for each step asneeded to avoid confusion. The numbers in the instructions that are in parenthesis (#) are theitem number from the assembly drawing for reference.Dyaco Canada Inc. 20138

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS1STABILIZERS & CONSOLE MAST1. Connect the Front Stabilizer Bar (2) with the Main Frame at the frontjoining plate by using the Wrench (151) to tighten two Hex Head Bolts(112) , two Split Washers (142) and two Curved Washers (144).2. Connect the Rear Stabilizer (3) with the Main Frame at the rear joiningplate by using the Wrench (151) to tighten two Hex Head Bolts (112) ,two Split Washers (142) and two Curved Washers (144).3. Pull the wire, which is attached to the Computer Cable (38), out ofConsole Mast (15) and secure the mast on the Main Frame by using theM8 L Allen Wrench (153) to tighten four Socket Head Cap Bolts (113)together with four Split Washers (142) and four Flat Washers (139).4. Plug in the connectors of the Computer Cable (38) and two Handpulsewith Cable Assemblies (White & Red) (44, 45) on the back of theConsole Assembly (35) and secure the Console Assembly (35) on theconsole holding plate with four Phillips Head Screws (119) by tighteningthem with Phillips Head Screw Driver (150).ASSEMBLY STEP 1Dyaco Canada Inc. 20139HARDWARE STEP 1#112. 3/8” x 3-3/4” HexHead Bolt (4 pcs)#113. 3/8” x 3/4” SocketHead Cap Bolt (4 pcs)#119. M5 x 10mm PhillipsHead Screw (4 pcs)#139. 3/8” x 19mm x 1.5TFlat Washer (4 pcs)#142. 3/8” x2T SplitWasher (8 pcs)#144. 3/8” x 23 x 2TCurved Washer (4 pcs)

2 LOWER SWING ARMSHARDWARE STEP 21. Attach the Lower Swing Arms (L) and (R), (12) and (13), on each side ofConsole Mast shaft and secure with two Hex Head Bolts (104) and twoFlat Washers (138) by using the Wrench (152).2. Insert the shaft of the left Connecting Arm (10) through the bushing onleft Pedal Arm (7) and secure with a Button Head Socket Bolt (115)together with a Flat Washer (138) by using M5 L Allen Wrench (149). Doit the same way for right Connecting Arm (11) and right Pedal Arm (8).3. Remove the Rod End Shafts (20) which are pre-assembled on the leftand right Connecting Arms. Assemble the Connecting Arm with theLower Swing Arm and secure with Rod End Shafts (20) and the screwby using 12/14m/m Wrench (160m/m)(152).ASSEMBLY STEP 2Dyaco Canada Inc. 201310#104. 5/16” x 15mmHex Head Bolt (2 pcs)#115. 5/16” x 15mmButton Head Socket Bolt(2 pcs)#138. Ø8.5 26mm 2TFlat Washer (4 pcs)

3 UPPER SWING ARMSHARDWARE STEP 31. Connect the Upper Swing Arm (L) (18) to the left Lower Swing Arm andconnect the Upper Swing Arm (R) (19) to the right Lower Swing Arm ,and secure them with six Hex Head Bolts (106), four Curved Washers(143) and Nyloc Nuts (129) by using the Wrenches (151 & 152).ASSEMBLY STEP 3Dyaco Canada Inc. 201311#106. 5/16” x 1-3/4”Hex Head Bolt (6 pcs)#129. 5/16” x 7TNyloc Nut (6 pcs)#143. 5/16” x 23mm x1.5TCurved Washer(4 pcs)

4 PLASTIC PARTSHARDWARE STEP 41. Connect Swing Arm Wire (Lower), Resistance/Incline (50) , Swing Arm2., Incline (49) and connect Swing Arm Wire (Lower),Resistance/Incline(50) , Swing Arm Wire (Upper), Resistance (48). Pushthe excessive wires into the Console Mast and plug in the Switch WireCap (100) at each side on the Mast .Attach front (89) and rear (90) Handle Bar Covers together on left SwingArm shaft and secure using two Sheet Metal Screws (122) and the PhillipsHead Screw Driver (150). Repeat this process for the right side HandleBar Covers (91) and (92).Install Console Mast Covers (L & R) (81 & 82) on each side of the SideCases and secure with two Sheet Metal Screws (122) and the PhillipsHead Screw Driver (150).Secure left Slide Wheel Cover (87) on left Pedal Arm with two PhillipsHead Screws (120) by using Phillips Head Screw Driver (150). Repeatthis process for the right Slide Wheel Cover (88).Secure Console Chin Cover (Front) (93) on the Mast and then match withConsole Chin Cover (Rear) (94). Secure the covers with three PhillipsHead Screws (120), two Sheet Metal Screws (122) and the Phillips HeadScrew Driver (150).Snap Rear Bar Cover (97) into the hole on the Incline Rail Assembly.ASSEMBLY STEP 4Dyaco Canada Inc. 201312#120. M5 x 15mmPhillips Head Screw(7 pcs)#122. Ø3.5 x 12mmSheet Metal Screw (8 pcs)#100. Switch Wire Cap(2 pcs)

ELLIPTICAL FEATURESINCLINE ADJUSTMENTThere is an incline feature that will further increase the variety of your workouts. Whenthe incline is at its lowest position you get a normal elliptical workout. As the inclineincreases you will feel your knees rise higher with each step; which means you areinvolving more muscle fibers, due to the increased range of motion.This model has a computer controlled power incline and will automatically adjust viathe incline motor during the built-in workout program.QUICK KEYSThe model features Quick Incline and Level keys. When in a program, just press one ofthe keys (1, 3, 6, 9. 12, or 15) and the unit will automatically adjust to that value.Dyaco Canada Inc. 201313

OPERATION OF YOUR ELLIPTICALGETTING FAMILIAR WITH THE CONTROL PANELCONSOLECOOLING FANSPEAKERDATA DISPLAY(Incline, Time, Distance,RPM)PROGRAM BUTTONSDOT MATRIX(Manual, Hill, Fat Burn,Cardio, Strength, Interval,2 User, 2HR)MESSAGE WINDOW(Program Profiles)(Speed, Laps, Level,Watts, Incline, SegmentTime, Program Name,Data Scan)CONTROL KEYSFAN POWER SWITCHAUDIO IN JACKHEADPHONE JACK(MP3, CD, ORSMARTPHONE)POWER UPWhen power is connected to the elliptical the console will automatically power up. Thesemodels are connected directly to 110 VAC and there is a power switch located where theline cord plugs into the unit on the left side near the front (See page 4 for location).When it is first powered on, the console will perform an internal self-test. During this timeall the lights will turn on, the Message Window display will show a software version (i.e.:VER 1.0), and the Distance Window will display an odometer reading. The odometershows how many virtual miles the elliptical has gone. The Time Window shows howmany total hours the elliptical has been used.The odometer and time will remain displayed for only a few seconds then the console willgo to the startup display. The dot matrix display will be scrolling through the differentworkout profiles and the Message Window will be scrolling the start up message. Youmay now begin to use the console.Dyaco Canada Inc. 201314

CONSOLE OPERATIONQUICK STARTThis is the quickest way to start a workout. After the consolepowers up you just press the Start key to begin, this will initiatethe Quick Start mode. In Quick Start, the time will count upfrom zero. The resistance level and incline can be adjustedmanually by pressing the Incline or Level / buttons. Thedot matrix display will be showing a track with a blinking dotindicating your progress as it travels around the track.BASIC INFORMATIONThe Message Window will initially display Laps completed for the elliptical. Each timethe Display button is pressed the next set of information will appear. The order ofinformation displayed on : will be Speed (in KPH), Level, Watts, Segment Time andData Scan mode. In Data Scan mode, the displayed information will change every 4seconds in the Message Window.The Elliptical has a built in heart rate monitoring system. Simply grasping the ContactHeart Rate Sensors on the stationary handle bars or wearing the chest strap transmitterwill start the heart icon blinking (this may take a few seconds). The Pulse Window willdisplay your heart rate in beats per minute and the HR bar graph will show your current% in relation to projected heart rate maximum. The chest strap is a more accurate andreliable method of heart rate reading. The hand pulse sensors are subject to falsereadings depending on user physiology and workout habits including how one grips thesensors or how sweaty their hands are.The Stop button actually has several functions.Pressing the Stop key once during a program will Pause theprogram for 5 minutes. If you need to get a drink, answer thephone or any of the many things that could interrupt yourworkout, this is a great feature. To resume your workout duringPause just press the Start key. If the Stop button is pressedtwice during a workout the program will end and a WorkoutSummary is displayed.If the Stop key is held down for 3 seconds the console will perform a complete Reset.During data entry for a program the Stop key performs a Previous Screen function. Thisallows you to go back one step in the programming each time you press the Stop key.There is an Audio In Jack ( ) on the front of the console and built-in speakers. Youmay plug any low-level audio source signal into this port. Audio sources include MP3,iPod, portable radio, CD player or even a TV or computer audio signal. There is also aHeadphone Jack ( )for private listening.Dyaco Canada Inc. 201315

PROGRAMMING THE CONSOLEEach of the programs can be customized with your personal information and changedto suit your needs. Some of the information asked for is necessary to ensure thereadouts are correct. You will be asked for your Age and Weight. Entering your Age isnecessary during the Heart Rate control program to ensure the correct settings areentered in the program; entering your Weight aides in calculating a more correctCalorie reading. Although we cannot provide an exact calorie count we do want to beas close as possible.A message about Calories: Calorie readings on every piece of exercise equipment,whether it is in a gym or at home, are not accurate and tend to vary widely. They aremeant only as a guide to monitor your progress from workout to workout. The only way tomeasure your calorie burn accurately as in a clinical setting connected to a host ofmachines. This is because every person is different and burns calories at a different rate.ENTERING A PROGRAM AND CHANGING SETTINGSPress each program button to scroll through the program selections. The profile for eachprogram will be displayed in the dot matrix window. Both models will show the inclineprofile also when the Display key is pressed. Press the Enter key to select a program andbegin customizing the settings. If you want to workout without entering new settings, thenjust press the Start key. This will bypass the programming of data and take you directly tothe start of your workout. If you want to change the personal settings, then just follow theinstructions in the Message Window. If you start a program without changing the settings,the default settings will be used.Note: Age and Weight default settings will change when you enter a new number. So the last Age andWeight entered will be saved as the new default settings. If you enter Age and Weight the first time youuse the elliptical you will not have to enter it every time you work out unless either Age or Weight haschanged or someone else enters a different Age and Weight.Dyaco Canada Inc. 201316

PROGRAMMABLE FEATURESMANUAL PROGRAMThe Manual program works as the name implies, manually. Thismeans that you control the workload yourself and not the computer.1. Press the Manual program button then press the Enter key.2. The Message Window will ask you to enter your Age. Youmay adjust the age setting using the Incline or Level / keys, then press the Enter key to accept the new number andproceed on to the next screen.3. You are now asked to enter your Weight. You may adjustyour weight setting using the Incline or Level / keys,then press Enter to continue.4. Next is the Time. You may adjust the length of Time bypressing the keys, then press Enter to continue.5. Now you are finished editing the settings and can begin yourworkout by pressing the Start key. You can also go back andmodify your settings by pressing the Stop key to go back one level of theprogramming screen.6. Once the program starts the elliptical will be set to level one. This is the easiestlevel and it is a good idea to stay at level one for a while to warm up. If you wantto increase the work load at any time press the Level key; the Level keywill decrease the workload.7. During the Manual program you will be able to scroll through the data in theMessage Window by pressing the Display key.8. When the program ends the Message Window will show a summary of yourworkout. The summary will be displayed for a short time then the console willreturn to the startup display.Dyaco Canada Inc. 201317

PRESET PROGRAMSThese ellipticals have five different programs that have been designed for a variety ofworkouts. These five programs have factory preset work level profiles for achieving differentgoals.HillThe Hill program simulates going up and down a hill. The resistance in the pedals will steadilyincrease and then decrease during the program.WORKINCLINEFat BurnThe Fat Burn program is designed, as the name implies, to maximize the burning of fat. There aremany schools of thought on the best way to burn fat but most experts agree that a lower exertionlevel that stays at a steady workload is the best. The absolute best way to burn fat is to keep yourheart rate at around 60% to 70% of its maximum potential. This program does not use heart ratebut simulates a lower, steady exertion workout.WORKINCLINECardioThe Cardio program is designed to increase your cardiovascular function and endurance. This isexercise for your heart and lungs. It will build up your heart muscle and increase blood flow andlung capacity. This is achieved by incorporating a higher level of exertion with slight fluctuations inwork.WORKINCLINEStrengthThe Strength program is designed to increase muscular strength in your lower body. Thisprogram will steadily increase in resistance to a high level and forces you to sustain it. This isdesigned to strengthen and tone your legs and glutes (muscles of the butt).WORKINCLINEIntervalThe Interval program takes you through high levels of intensity followed by periods of low intensity.This program increases your endurance by depleting your oxygen level followed by periods ofrecovery to replenish oxygen. Your cardiovascular system gets programmed to use oxygen moreefficiently this way. This program also forces your body to become more efficient due to spikes inheart rate, between recovery periods. This aids in heart rate recovery from intense activities.WORKINCLINEDyaco Canada Inc. 201318

PROGRAMMING PRESET WORKOUTS1. Press the desired program button then press the Enter key.2. The Message Window will ask you to enter your Age. You may adjust theage setting, using the Level / keys, then press the Enter key to acceptthe new number and proceed on to the next screen.3. You are now asked to enter your Weight. You may adjust the weightnumber using the Level / keys then press Enter to continue.4. Next is Time. You may adjust the Time and press Enter to continue.5. Now you are asked to adjust the Max Level. This is the peak exertion levelyou will experience during the program (the highest colored segment/box of the program profile).Adjust the level and then press Enter.6. Now you are finished editing the settings and can begin your workout by pressing the Start key. Youcan also go back and modify your settings by pressing the Stop key to go back one level, or screen.7. If you want to increase or decrease the resistance or incline at any time during the program press theLevel / keys.8. During the program you will be able to scroll through the data in the Message Window by pressingthe Display key. Press the Enter key to switch Dot Matrix from work to incline profile.9. When the program ends the Message Window will show a summary of your workout. The summarywill be displayed for a short time then the console will return to the start-up display. CUSTOM USER DEFINED PROGRAMSThe customizable User programs allow you to build and save your own workout. Youcan build your own custom program by following the instructions below.1.Select the User program (U1 or U2) then press Enter. If you have already saved a program to eitherU1 or U2, it will be displayed and you are ready to begin. If not, you will have the option of inputing ausername. In the Message Window, the letter “A” will be blinking. Use the / Incline or Levelbuttons to select the appropriate first letter of your name (pressing the Level / button will switchto the letter “B”; pressing the Down button will switch to letter “Z”). Press Enter when the desiredletter is displayed. Repeat this process until all of the characters of your name have beenprogrammed (maximum 7 characters). When finished press Stop.2. If there is a program already stored in User when you press the key, you will have an option to runthe program as it is or delete the program and build a new one. At the welcome message screen,when pressing Start or Enter you will be prompted: Run Program? Use the Level / to selectYes or No. If you select No, you will then be asked if you want to delete the currently saved program.It is necessary to delete the current program if you want to build a new one.3. The Message Window will ask you to enter your Age. You may enter your age using the Level /keys, then press the Enter key to accept the new number and proceed on to the next screen.4. You are now asked to enter your Weight. You may adjust the weight number using the Level /keys, then press Enter to continue.5. Next is Time. You may adjust the Time using the Incline or Level / keys and press Enter tocontinue.6. Now the first column will be blinking and you are asked to adjust the level for the first segment of theworkout. When you finish adjusting the first segment, or if you don’t want to change, then pressEnter to continue to the next segment. The next segment will show the same level as the previouslyadjusted segment. Repeat the same process as the last segment then press Enter. Continue thisprocess until all twenty segments have been set.7. Now the first column will be blinking again and you are asked to adjust the Incline level for the firstsegment of the workout. Follow the same procedure for building the Incline profile as you did for theresistance profile.8. The Message Window will then tell you to start to begin (and save the program) or Enter to modifythe program. Pressing Stop go back one level.9. If you want to increase or decrease the workload at any time during the program press the Incline orLevel / key. This will only affect the Incline or Level for the present column in the profile. Whenthe profile changes to the next column it will return to the preset work level.10. During the User 1 or User 2 program you will be able to scroll through the data in the MessageWindow by pressing the Display key. Press the Enter key to switch Dot Matrix from work to inclineprofile.11. When the program ends the Message Window will show a summary of your workout. The summarywill be displayed for a short time then the console will return to the start-up display. Dyaco Canada Inc. 201319

Heart Rate programsBefore we get started, a word about Heart Rate:The old motto, “no pain, no gain”, is a myth that has been overpowered by the benefits of exercisingcomfortably. A great deal of this success has been promoted by the use of heart rate monitors. Withthe proper use of a heart rate monitor, many people find that their usual choice of exercise intensitywas either too high or too low and exercise is much more enjoyable by maintaining their heart rate inthe desired benefit range.To determine the benefit range in which you wish to train, you must first determine your MaximumHeart Rate. This can be accomplished by using the following formula: 220 minus your age. This willgive you the Maximum heart rate (MHR) for someone of your age. To determine the effective heartrate range for specific goals you simply calculate a percentage your MHR. Your Heart rate trainingzone is 50% to 90% of your maximum heart rate. 60% of your MHR is the zone that burns fat while80% is for strengthening the cardio vascular system. This 60% to 80% is the zone to stay in formaximum benefit.For someone who is 40 years old their target heart rate zone is calculated:220 – 40 180 (maximum heart rate)180 x .6 108 beats per minute (60% ofmaximum)180 x .8 144 beats per minute (80% ofmaximum)So for a 40 year old the training zone would be108 to 144 beats per minute.If you enter your age during programming theconsole will perform this calculationautomatically. Entering your age is used forthe Heart Rate control programs. Aftercalculating your Maximum Heart Rate you candecide upon which goal you would like topursue.The two most popular reasons for, or goals, of exercise are cardiovascular fitness (training for theheart and lungs) and weight control. The black columns on the chart above represent the MaximumHeart Rate for a person whose age is listed at the bottom of each column. The training heart rate, foreither cardiovascular fitness or weight loss, is represented by two different lines that cut diagonallythrough the chart. A definition of the lines’ goal is in the bottom left-hand corner of the chart. If yourgoal is cardiovascular fitness or if it is weight loss, it can be achieved by training at 80% or 60%,respectively, of your Maximum Heart Rate on a schedule approved by your physician. Consult yourphysician before participating in any exercise program.With all Heart Rate Control elliptical machines you may use the heart rate monitor feature withoutusing the Heart Rate Control program. This function can be used during manual mode or during any ofthe nine different programs. The Heart Rate Control program automatically controls resistance at thepedals.Dyaco Canada Inc. 201320

RATE OF PERCEIVED EXERTIONHeart rate is important but listening to your body also has a lot of advantages. There

Dyaco Canada Inc. 2013 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING - Read all instructions before using this appliance. DANGER - To reduce the risk of electric shock disconnect your elliptical from the electrical outlet prior to cleaning and/or service work. WARNING-To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, install the File Size: 2MBPage Count: 30