Thrivent FundsTransfer of AssetsSection 1 - General InformationName of owner (print first, middle, and last name)Date of birthExisting Thrivent Funds account number(s)Section 2 - Fund SelectionApproximate amount of the transfer - I instruct Thrivent Funds to invest the transferred proceeds into the existing Thrivent Funds account number referenced inSection 1 as follows:In accordance with the fund selection provided in the Thrivent Funds Application attached to this form.As directed in the table below:Fund NumberPercentFund NumberPercent%%%%%%%%Total percent must equal 100 %Section 3 - Transaction InformationSelect which plan type the assets will be moving from/to.FromToPlan TypeRoth IRA - if coming from a Roth IRA, furnish original Roth IRA start date:Traditional IRASEP/SARSEPSIMPLE IRA - if coming from SIMPLE IRA, furnish original SIMPLE IRA start date:Qualified Retirement Plan (e.g. pension, 401(k), profit sharing) if the plan accepts rolloversRoth 401(k) - furnish original Roth 401(k) start date:Coverdell Education Savings Account (only if coming from another Coverdell account)Governmental 457 PlanDo not use for 403(b) transfers. Use 403(b) Transfer of Assets Form MF24965.MF11502Page 1 of 6R6-20

Section 4 - Transfer Instructions to Releasing CompanyRMD must be distributed prior to the rollover/conversion taking place.Full liquidationPartial liquidation of I instruct the releasing company to transfer:In-kind shares (selecting this box authorizes a transfer in-kind of Thrivent Funds shares held at the releasing company toThrivent Funds)Immediately//Upon maturity date:monthdayyearSection 5 - Current Plan InformationName of releasing companyOvernight address of releasing companyCurrent account numberCityStateName of account owner(s)ZIP codePhone of releasing companyIndicate below each account number and fund being transferred. Provide a copy of your most recent statement.Account NumberFund Number, CUSIP Number, or TickerSection 6 - Notification for Federal and State Income Tax Withholding (required for Roth IRA conversion only)If no box is checked, federal (10%) and possibly state income tax will be withheld.Federal Tax Withholding (must be at least 10%):Do not withhold federal income taxWithhold federal income tax amount of or%State Tax Withholding:*Do not withhold state income taxWithhold the applicable state income tax amount of or%Residents of Connecticut - submit the Form CT-W4P to indicate your withholding election with this form. If you do not submitForm CT-W4P with this form, Thrivent will use your most recently-submitted CT-W4P, if one is on file. If you do not submit FormCT-W4P with this form and you have not previously submitted Form CT-W4P, the maximum rate will be withheld.*If your state requires withholding, we will withhold at your state's minimum rate unless you indicate a higher rate.Any tax withholding should be:Added to the amount requested (net).Subtracted from the amount requested (gross).Unless otherwise indicated on this form, state and/or federal income taxes will be subtracted from the distribution amountrequested (gross).MF11502Page 2 of 6R6-20

Section 7 - Agreements and SignaturesAuthorization to Release InformationI authorize Thrivent Financial Investor Services Inc. to request information by telephone or in writing regarding the status ofthis transaction or to obtain information necessary to ensure proper tax reporting. This authorization will expire and beconsidered invalid 30 days following the date the account/contract is terminated but not to exceed one (1) year from the datesigned. I understand I have the right to receive a copy of this authorization and revoke this authorization at any time bysubmitting a written request to Thrivent Financial Investor Services Inc.By signing this agreement, I acknowledge and represent that I have: Irrevocably designated the funds distributed to be applied as indicated (direct rollover/transfer/conversion). Received and reviewed a prospectus for the Fund(s) purchased. Authorized Thrivent Financial Investor Services Inc. to process the requested transaction. Received, read, and agree to the Disclosures at the end of this form and any other disclosures contained in this form.Signature of participant/owner/plan trusteeDate signedXSignature of participant/owner/plan trusteeXDate signedAcceptance of Rollover/Transfer/Conversion by ThriventFinancial Investor Services Inc. and Thrivent Funds.Authorized signature of corporate employee:Medallion Signature Guarantee or Notary SealCheck with the current custodian/financial institution to determine if a Medallion Signature Guarantee or Notary Seal isrequired in order to distribute the funds. Requirements differ by institution.MF11502Page 3 of 6R6-20

Section 8 - Instructions to Releasing CompanyPhysical Checks: Make the check(s) payable to Thrivent Funds Include the Thrivent Funds account number and FBO information Send the check(s) to the address listed below Note: Certificates are not acceptedFederal Wire:State Street Corp.225 Franklin StreetBoston, MA 02101ABA #011000028Account #4195-538-6Credit:Thrivent Financial Investor Services Inc. as Agent for thebenefit of Thrivent Mutual FundsFurther Credit:[Name of the Fund][Shareholder Account Number][Shareholder Registration/Name]Mail completed form or check(s) to:Regular Mail:Thrivent FundsPO Box 219348Kansas City, MO 64121-9348MF11502Express Mail:Thrivent Funds430 W 7th StKansas City, MO 64105Page 4 of 6Fax:866-278-8363Phone:800-847-4836R6-20

DisclosuresTransaction InformationTransfer - This transaction is not taxable. It will not be reported to the IRS. This is the only option allowed when movingmoney from a Thrivent Brokerage Account using this form.Direct Rollover - This transaction is not taxable, but will be reported to the IRS. Current plan administrator paperwork maybe required. Contact the former employer or the plan administrator for their required forms. A triggering event must occur todo a rollover from a qualified retirement plan or governmental 457 plan. Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) must bedistributed prior to the rollover taking place. If completing a direct rollover from Thrivent Brokerage, contact SecuritiesBrokerage Services at 1-800-847-4836 for the appropriate form and further instructions.Conversion (including qualified rollover contributions) - This transaction will be taxable. It will be reported to the IRS. ASIMPLE IRA cannot be converted within two (2) years of your initial SIMPLE IRA contribution. RMD must be distributed priorto the conversion taking place. Conversions are not allowed between Thrivent Brokerage and other Thrivent products. Theconversion must take place between two Thrivent Brokerage accounts before being transferred to another Thrivent product.Cost basis - After-tax money in a traditional IRA cannot be rolled over to a qualified retirement plan, unless the plan permits.If the plan does not accept cost basis, you, as the IRA owner, are responsible for determining if there is a cost basis in yourTraditional IRA and assuring that it is not rolled over. Cost basis information should be verified with your tax advisor. ThriventFinancial Investor Services Inc. and its affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy of this information or the tracking of costbasis.Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) InformationRMD for Qualified Retirement Plans, 403(b) Plans, and IRAs cannot be satisfied from other plan types (e.g. IRA RMD canonly be satisfied from IRA, etc.). RMD must be taken prior to sending the funds to Thrivent Funds.The calculation of your required minimum distribution is based on many factors, including the prior December 31 accountbalance. The calculation is accurate only to the extent the prior December 31 account balance that was provided to us isaccurate. Thrivent Financial Investor Services Inc. and its affiliates will not be responsible for an inaccurate calculation thatresults from receiving inaccurate account balance information.Distribution Information (for distributing company)Thrivent Funds Deposit Notice - The funds requested on this form will be applied based on the allocation instructions onthis form. A fund application may be completed if transferring to open a new fund account.I authorize Thrivent Trust Company to act as Custodian and will hold the Custodian harmless for all necessary actions takenby the Custodian when authorized by the Custodian Agreement and beneficiary designation.I have read and understood the corresponding IRA Custodial Agreement and Disclosure Statement.By establishing your IRA, Thrivent Trust Company accepts the appointment as Custodian in accordance with the terms andconditions of the Custodial Agreement.Notification for Federal and State Income Tax WithholdingYou are liable for federal and state income tax, where applicable, on the taxable portion of your distribution even if you electno withholding. Except where prohibited by federal and/or state law, you can elect: 1) no withholding; 2) withholding at theminimum federal and state rates; or 3) withholding at a rate higher than the minimum rates. You may be subject to taxpenalties under the estimated tax payment rules if your payments of estimated tax and withholding, if any, are not adequate.Check with your tax advisor to determine if withholding is necessary.Disclosures of Distribution RequestFor internal product-to-product transfers, rollovers, or conversions only - Unless otherwise indicated herein, I intendthe requested transfer(s) from the distributing fund/account(s) to become effective only if and when: Thrivent Financial Investor Services Inc. and its affiliates have approved the application of the amount(s) requested to thereceiving fund/account(s), as described above, or, if not, as I subsequently agree to accept; and With respect to any receiving fund/account(s) that I have applied for, as described above, Thrivent Financial InvestorServices Inc. and its affiliates have approved the issuance of the receiving fund/account(s), as applied for or, if not, as Isubsequently agree to accept.MF11502Page 5 of 6R6-20

Notice to Qualified Plan Trustee(s) - Trustee(s) of Qualified Retirement Plans (such as Money Purchase Plans, ProfitSharing Plans, 401(k) Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, etc.) or 457(b) Plans must provide the Qualified Joint and SurvivorAnnuity Notice, when applicable, to plan participants. Your Thrivent representative will provide you with the requiredparticipant-specific benefit illustration to accompany the Qualified Joint and Survivor Annuity Notice. If a form of benefit otherthan the Qualified Joint and Survivor Annuity is elected, spousal consent must be obtained. Trustee(s) are also required toprovide participants with a Distribution Disclosure Notice.If you do not have the above referenced notices, Thrivent has generic notices for your use. These notices should bereviewed by your tax advisor to verify suitability for your plan. You are responsible for providing the applicable notices andobtaining any required signatures. Thrivent does not require a copy of these notices.Generic notices available: Qualified Joint and Survivor Annuity Notice (15081) Spousal Consent (9336) 403(b) Plan and Qualified Plan Distribution Disclosure (9972)MF11502Page 6 of 6R6-20

Annuity Notice, when applicable, to plan participants. Your Thrivent representative will provide you with the required . Transfer of Assets - Thrivent Mutual Funds - MF11502 Subject: You can initiate a request for an IRA-to-IRA transfer, direct rollover, or Roth IRA conversion using this form.\r\nMF11502, IRA-to-IRA transfer, direct rollover .