MCN Health MonitorThe finger on the pulse of yourcritical systemsDavid Tayler – Service Engineer, OSISoft

MCN Health Monitor Today’s presentation– Introduction– Description– Interfaces– Tag Builders– Client tools– Benefits

MCN Health Monitor - Description What is it?– Manufacturing Control Network HealthMonitor Interfaces– Ping, TCP Response, Perfmon & SNMP Client Tools– IT Organizer, Tag Builders & IT Overview(ProcessBook Display Builder)

MCN Health Monitor and PI MCN Health Monitor includes a set of fourinterfaces designed specifically to monitoryour IT & T infrastructure This includes your PI system!PI360 InterfacesDCSPLCMCN Health MonitorInterfacesSCADA Difference ServersAppsNetwork

MCN Health Monitor and PI Where does it fit in with your PI system?Client StationsIntranet/Internet- ProcessBook- DataLinkAPI Node-Runs Interfaces-Buffers Data- ActiveView- RtWebPartsPI Server-Data Historian-Analytics3ComData Sources- Printer- Switch- Server- Router etc

MCN Health Monitor - Benefits Leverage existing infrastructure Pinpoint problems– Analyse historical data to find problems– Predict impending issues using baselines and history– Uncover network bottlenecks Less downtime money savings Monitor your critical systems– Switches, routers, servers, applications, network

MCN Health Monitor - PreRequisite Knowledge If you already use a PI system then youwill be familiar with it’s use! MCN Health monitor leverages existing PIinfrastructure Client tools are intuitive and make lightwork of setting up monitoring RtWebParts can be utilized for viewingdisplays created with the Display builder

MCN Health Monitor - Uses Monitor your PI system––––PI server softwarePI server hardwareNetwork connectionsSwitching devices Monitor critical IT ons Monitor other devices like network printers and manymore!

MCN Health Monitor - Interfaces TCP Response, Perfmon, Ping, SNMP– These interfaces are enough to provide the necessarybasic monitoring of any IT & T network Basic versions of ping, perfmon and SNMP arealready installed on a PI server but are limited! Full versions can be deployed on a dedicatedinterface node and have no limitations Licensed to run on as many interface nodes asrequired to meet performance goals

MCN Health Monitor - Interfaces Interface Configuration– Interfaces can be configured to either run interactivelyor as a windows service– Interfaces can be configured and maintained in twoways: Graphically using the PI-ICU:– Import configuration file, configure parameters, configureservice Manually– Using a command window to install the interface as a service– Editing the *.bat file to change the interface configurationparameters

MCN Health Monitor - Interfaces

MCN Health Monitor – PINGInterface Measures the latency of networkconnections Use this interface to record a history ofping response times for a device– Use this information to see network responsetimes and troubleshoot slow / brokenconnections– Check whether a certain machine isresponsive

MCN Health Monitor – PINGInterface Example of network congestion visible usingping response times

MCN Health Monitor – PINGInterface OSIsoft recommends you to configure a PIPing tag for each:– Data Acquisition Node– Major network equipment (Switches,routers, )– Internal application server (mail server, ERPserver, RDBMS, )– External (Mail destination addresses, Internetsites, Remote offices, )

MCN Health Monitor – TCPResponse Interface Use this to measure and archive the responsetimes of certain services and applications on aTCP/IP network– Services: FTP, Web, Mail etc – Ports: 161 for SNMP, 23 for Telnet Similar to ping but it connects to a particularTCP port on the target machine– Sends a connection request to a particular port– Waits for an appropriate response from the service

MCN Health Monitor – TCPResponse Interface PI TCPResponse allows you to determine theresponse times of–––––––HTTP (Web) servers;SMTP, POP3, and IMAP (mail) servers;FTP servers;DNS servers;Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers;OSIsoft’s PI Servers;Any TCP application that exclusively uses a specificport number.

MCN Health Monitor - SNMPInterface Simple Network Management Protocol Retrieves performance information from any SNMPenabled device by querying it’s SNMP agent– The interface acts as the SNMP client which requestsinformation from the SNMP agent on the monitored device– The interface obtains information from device by accessing theObject Identifier (OID)– Communicates with SNMP agent using MIB (ManagementInformation Base) which is a description of the objects Use this to monitor just about any network hardware aswell as many applications– Routers, switches, printers, operating systems, relationaldatabases etc

MCN Health Monitor – PerfmonInterface Windows performance counters– Computer Statistics: CPU, HD free space, memory,network, etc.– PI Statistics: archiving rate, snapshot rate,compression ratio, number of connections to a server,etc.– Application Statistics: SQL, PI Can read performance counters from a local or aremote machine

MCN Health Monitor – Perfmon PIcounters PI Base Subsystem– Module Count– Point Count– Point Accesses/secPI Archive Subsystem– Archived Events/sec– Out of Order Events/sec– Time to Archive ShiftPI Snapshot Subsystem– Snapshots/sec– OutOfOrderSnapshots/sec PI Network Manager– Connections– Bytes [Sent Received]/secPI Update-Manager– Pending Events– New Events/sec– Lost Events/secPI Message Subsystem– Sent Messages/sec– Retrieved Messages/sec– Inserted Messages/secPI Performance Equation Scheduler– NumberOfPEs– TotalEvaluations/sec

MCN Health Monitor – Perfmon PIServer Overview

Tag Builders Tag builders are available for eachinterface to make configuration easier The tag builders are SMT3 plug-ins

MCN Health Monitor – Client Tools IT Organizer This is an SMT3 Plug-in used to organizeyour IT infrastructure– Scans the interfaces for associated points– Organizes groups of points into devices– Allows you to assign roles to a device Create a Module Database structure for ahierarchical model of your IT system andthen use this when building displays

MCN Health Monitor – IT Organizer

MCN Health Monitor – Client tools ProcessBook display builder– This is a ProcessBook add in that allows youto automatically build displays for devices youhave organized using the IT Organizer SMT3plug-in– Easily and efficiently build many displays atthe click of a button!– Utilizes the Module Database

MCN Health Monitor – Client tools ProcessBook Display Builder Add-in

MCN Health Monitor – Client tools ProcessBook Display builder screen

MCN Health Monitor – Steps toconfigure monitoring Example: Configuring monitoring for a newwindows server machine– Interface configuration– Tag building– IT Organizer – Assign role to device– ProcessBook Display Builder– Upload SVG to SharePoint if required

MCN Health Monitor - Benefits Easy to use if you’re already familiar with PI A great way to leverage existing infrastructure &investment Further extend the benefits of your current PIsystem Manage IT resources effectively Historical and real time problem analysis Less downtime

MCN Health Monitor More information ––

MCN Health MonitorThank You!

MCN Health Monitor - Perfmon Interface Windows performance counters - Computer Statistics: CPU, HD free space, memory, network, etc. - PI Statistics: archiving rate, snapshot rate, compression ratio, number of connections to a server, etc. - Application Statistics: SQL, PI Can read performance counters from a local or a .