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MODULE MAGENTO 1INDEX1.Introduction . 41.1.Operating Principle . 4Daily Synchronization of Orders . 4Daily Synchronization of Product Reviews . 42.Installation of the module . 52.1.Installation via Magento Marketplace . 5Retrieval of the module installation key . 52.2.Installation via Magento Connect . 5Download the module Verified Reviews . 5Installation of the module on Magento 1 . 63.Configuration of the module . 93.1.First orders export (optional) . 93.2.Setting up Customer IDs . 103.3.Configuration of the module from your Verified Reviews account . 114.Automation of requests for reviews .144.1.Retrieving the configuration . 144.2.Configuring the multistore . 154.3.Module Configuration Option . 154.4.IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WIDGET . 17Modifications of the Widgets . 18Set up mobile view . 194.5.5.Set up data for Google Shopping (optional) . 19Module Menu .225.1.Exportation of the orders (CSV) . 225.2.Configuration . 24General Information . 24System Integration . 24Advanced Configuration . 246.5.3.Verify Installation . 275.4.Google Shopping – Product Data (PLA) . 27Demonstration in images.28This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 2 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 16.1.Display stars on the product page . 286.2.Display stars in the product listings page . 326.3.Displaying stars in Google search . 336.4.Display the stars on Google Shopping. 337.Display product reviews .348.Display website reviews .359.most frequent problems .369.1.The reviews and/or the stars do not display on the product page . 369.2.Stars do not appear on the product listings page. 369.3.Average rating, number of reviews, or reviews do not match . 379.4.Orders have not been recovered for some time . 379.5.Rich-Snippets do not work correctly . 3710.Annexes .3810.1.Empty the Magento caches . 3810.2.Follow up requests for reviews . 3810.3.Follow up . 3811.Contact .39This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 3 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 11. INTRODUCTIONBefore using the Verified Reviews Magento Module, you need to first set up an account During the installation of your module, you will be asked for uniquecustomer identifying codes that are only available on your Verified Reviews account.Overview of the installation process: Download the module from Verified-Reviews website or Magento marketplace.Install the module on your Magento platform.Register your unique customer identifying codes to your module.Configure your module as per your need, using options available from your Verified Reviewsaccount.1.1. Operating PrincipleThe module uses an API to exchange review information with Verified Reviews.Daily Synchronization of OrdersEach night (2am – 5am CET), our engine retrieves orders for which review requests are sought as perthe configuration settings which you have chosen. Further information on how to configure thosesettings will be explained in this document.Daily Synchronization of Product ReviewsEach night (2am – 5am CET), our engine takes care of storing in your database the latest productreviews that you have collected. The engine takes care of adding, deleting and updating product reviewsif necessary.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 4 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 12. INSTALLATION OF THE MODULE2.1. Installation via Magento MarketplaceRetrieval of the module installation key Log in to Magento Marketplace ( the search feature to find the Verified Reviews module or alternatively click rifiedreviews.html) to view the module.Ensure that you’re taking the module designed for Magento 1 (M1).Click on “Add to cart” and proceed with the order.Once the order has been finalized, click on “install”.Create a new key for Magento 1 via the “Create a new access Key” button.Keep a copy of the key it will be requested later.2.2. Installation via Magento ConnectDownload the module Verified ReviewsThe module is available from the customer area of your Verified Reviews account. To access it simplylog onto: and go to “Orders Our eCommerce modules. Go to Magento 1section and click on “Download” to obtain the module and save it to your computer.Note: You will find the module documentation on the right-hand side of the page.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 5 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Installation of the module on Magento 1Step 1The first step is to connect to your administration interface of your Magento solution and go to the“Magento Connect Manager” via the menu “System Magento Connect Magento Connect Manager”.After clicking on the “Magento Connect Manager” link, you must authenticate by entering yourUsername/PasswordThis document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 6 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Step 2Once on the “Magento Connect Manager” page click on “Choose a file” and select the file of the VerifiedReviews module that you have previously downloaded see Download the module Verified Reviews .Click on “Upload” to install the module.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 7 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1You should see a module installation success message. At this stage the module has beensuccessfully installed. To view the module, click on the “Refresh” button which will update the contentsof the page including the list of installed modules.You can return to your back office by clicking on the “Return to admin” button.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 8 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 13. CONFIGURATION OF THE MODULE3.1. First orders export (optional)To quickly collect your first reviews, the Verified Reviews module offers an order export option. Thisallows you to generate reviews on orders already completed. By clicking on this option, you will generatea correctly formatted csv file which can be directly uploaded via your Verified Reviews account oralternatively communicated to your account manager.Go to “Catalog Notice-Verified Export Orders (CSV file)” to access the export of orders.If a 404 error appears, you must disconnect and reconnect to your back office MagentoYou can export using one of your boutiques, from 1 week to 12 months. You can choose to exportproducts associated with your orders, to allow collection of reviews on both your website and yourproducts. By clicking on “export” you will be prompted to download the CSV file.The file loading will begin, by default you will find the file in your downloads folder. You can send thisfile to your Verified Reviews account manager to generate the review requests or alternatively you canupload it directly to our platform using your Verified Reviews account. To upload directly, within yourVerified Reviews account tab “Orders Send by File”. This will bring you to the correct page to uploadyour file to our platform. If the menu option “Orders Send by file” does not appear, contact us, youhave already loaded your first orders and we restrict access to this feature.If the menu option “Orders Send by file” does not appear, contact us, you have alreadyloaded your first orders and we restrict access to this feature.In case of doubt about the import do not hesitate to contact our team, who can guide youthrough this procedure which will automatically send emails to your clients within minutes ofyour file being importedThis document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 9 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 13.2. Setting up Customer IDsOnce the module has been installed, go to the “Catalog Verified Reviews Configuration” section andchoose your shop in the menu, top left. Two pieces of information are requested, the Secret Key andthe Website ID.To find them, go to your Avis-Verifies account. Navigate to the menu option « Integration Configure my Magento module ». Click the « Download / Documentation » button.On this page you will find information to fill in the module.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 10 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1 Copy the secret key and id Website.3.3. Configuration of the module from your Verified Reviews accountThe configuration of your Magento module is doneentirely from your Verified Reviews customer spacefrom the menu “Integration Configure myMagento module”If you use the functionality “MultiShop”, you mustenter the Secret Key and IdWebsite for each shopthat you wish to use the module on. Use the list ofshops in the top left.If you wish to use our module for your multi-langshops you need to create several accounts onVerified Reviews corresponding to each country(each account is linked to a shop).If it is written “MultiShop” on the right side of a shop that you do not want to configure, go backto the configuration of the module on your Magento back office and select from the drop-downmenu the shop in question at the top left. Delete the Secret Key and the IdWebsite and changethe option “Enable Module on this Website” to “No”.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 11 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1 Return to the « Configuration » section of your Magento 1 back office. Select the store to configure. Paste the secret key and the id Website. Select « Yes » in « Enable Module on this Website » to activate the module on this store.1. Use the « Advanced Configuration » section only if you are familiar with the configurationof your site and can configure the options related to the characteristics of your store.By default, the advanced configuration is populated like this: Add Review to product Page: « Yes »(See product reviews on product page) Number of product reviews to display: 5 Use the product light widget: « Yes » Stars colour: « FFCD00» Add review helpful button? : « Yes » Show 'No product reviews' message: « No »This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 12 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1 Activate Rich-Snipets on your product page: « Default »(Add rich snippets to your product sheets)If you want to change a parameter, just uncheck the box on the right « Use Website / Use Default »and change the value of the field. When the configuration is complete, click the « Save Config »button.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 13 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 14. AUTOMATION OF REQUESTS FOR REVIEWSAccess the configuration from your Avis Verifies account in « Integration Configure my Magentomodule ».4.1. Retrieving the configurationThis step will make it possible to recover the configuration of your Magento 1 site to ensuresynchronicity of your module Click on « Recuperate the configuration of the site » in order to verify the connectionbetween Avis Verifies and Magento 1. If a « Success » message appears and the square in the « module status » section has greencheckmarks, the module is configured correctly. If another message appears, check theprevious configurations and it the problem persists contact Avis Verifies support by going to:« Config Access Support ».This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 14 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 14.2. Configuring the multistoreIf you are using the Magento 1 multistore, you must fill in the Secret Key and Id Website for each storefor which you want to use our module.If you want to use our module for multi-language stores, you need to create multiple Avis Verifiesaccounts corresponding to each country in question (each account is linked to a shop).You will see a list of all websites and stores on your site, where only the stores where it is written« (Current Configuration) » will be configured. The identifier of the store to be configured appears inbraces {}.Note: If « (Current Configuration) » is written to the right of a shop that you do not want to configure,return to the module configuration on your Magento 1 back-office and then select from the drop-downmenu the shop in question top left. Erase the secret key and id Website and set the option « EnableModule on this Website » to « No ».4.3. Module Configuration OptionThis step will make it possible to configure the module and the requests for reviews. Simply completethe form by following the instructions. If there happens to be a problem, hover over « ? » for help. Activate automation: Click « yes » (yes) to activate automation. Requests for reviews: click on « Change order status » and select the last status of the orderyou are updating on Magento. Delay before issuing the review request: Select the number of days between the change ofstatus of the order and the sending of the review request. Email Extension: By default, you cannot query the marketplaces clients. Product options: Check « yes » to retrieve product reviews and / or display them on theircorresponding product pages. View widgets: you can paste here the code for the widget you created. Click on « Send this configuration ». our platform communicates directly with the module torecord this configuration.You are now automated, you can follow the requests for advice sent to your customers under « Stats Reporting – invitations to review ».This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 15 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Some clarifications: Activate automation: if « yes », every night our engine will retrieve the orders for whichinvitations to review will be sent. If « no », you can continue to use the solution but new orderswill not be subject to invitations to review (unless you want to export orders and import themmanually, refer to item 3 – Export Orders. Multi Store: Confirms the store to be configured if you are using Magento 1 multistore feature.By default, the store you identified in step 2 is selected. When to ask you clients for reviews:- « On Order »: the request process for Avis Verifies starts after the order, and accordingto the number of days set just below.- « Change of order status »: the Avis Verifies request process starts dependant on theorder status you have chosen and it depends on the number of days set just below.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 16 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1 How long after this event: Choose how long after the event chosen above, the invitation toreview will be sent by Avis Verifies to your customer. Define email extensions: We are not allowed to send invitations to customers who buy frommarketplaces Amazon, Ebay, Priceminister, temporary emails of the [email protected] are created for each of these orders. You must therefore fill in theemail extensions for which an invitation to review will not be sent (the extension corresponds towhat is after the @). We have already informed some of them, you can add them afterwards byseparating them by a « ; ». Want to get feedback on your products: If « yes », we will ask your customers about all theproducts they ordered. Would you like to display product reviews on your product pages: If « yes », the product reviewscollected will be displayed on your product pages. Would you like to display floating widgets: If « yes », this will allow widgets to appear on yoursite Floating widget script: Go to « Integration Widget integration » to choose the widgets andretrieve the code (script) to integrate.Does your theme require JS: Leave at yes by default Change this option to no, only if therehappens to be display proble4.4.IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WIDGET Once you have collected more than three website reviews, you can add our floating widget toyour website.Go to your Avis Verifies account and click « Integration Widget Integration ».Choose the widget you prefer and click on Float type, then choose the position and the type ofopening of the certificate, and click on « Create widget ».This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 17 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1 The widget you just created is displayed at the top of the page, click « Integrate » and copy it. To add the widget script, go to the « Integration » then « Configure my Magento module ».Scroll down, select « Yes » for the question « Would you like to display the Float Widget? » andpaste the copied script in point 3. If it’s the fixed widget you can choose the column where youwant to place it. To finish, click « Send this configuration ».Finally empty the Magento caches and, if applicable, the server cache as well. Go to 9.1 emptyMagento caches to see how to clear Magento caches.Modifications of the WidgetsTo modify a widget once created, go to the top of the page in the section "My Widgets" and on thewidget to modify choose the type of widget, the type of opening of the certificate, the Width and theScoring scale (optional); finally click on "Update".This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 18 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Set up mobile viewClick the "Set up mobile view" link and choose on which device do you want to change the size of thewidget, then set the width and click "confirm".4.5.Set up data for Google Shopping (optional)To show your reviews on your Google Shopping Store they must have the following data in relation tothe products: of the product.Link of the product page.Link of the product image.SKU of the product.Brand of the product.GTIN EAN (for EU), GTIN UPC (for America), GTIN ISBN or GTIN JAN. *MPN of the product. ** If the GTIN is filled the MPN is not necessary and vice versa. However, if you have these twodata you can map them, otherwise map only the GTIN or the MPN.The data of points 1, 2, and 3 are already recovered by default by the module, you can leavethem as "Not set" from point 4 the data must be mapped as follows.1. First chose the shop to configure in the menu at the top "Current Configuration Scope".2. Map the fields: The field on the left specifies the data to be mapped and the list on the rightshows the available attributes of the products. Here is an example of a mapping:This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 19 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1The data "ID" is always imperative, to map it to the SKU of the product, like its field "SKU"below. The configuration is done like that because it is rather advisable to identify a productwith respect to its SKU, but you can change it to "Product ID" if you want.3. Press the "Save" button.4. Finally, empty the Magento caches and if necessary the caches of the server to take intoaccount the configuration, otherwise the configuration will not be taken into account.If the data that has just been mapped “disappears” you will have to empty the Magentocaches in order to see them mapped (go to 9.1 Empty the Magento caches to see howto empty the Magento caches)Other attributes of the products can be further mapped if you wish (Extra info1 to info10). If you haveany questions please contact your sales representative who will guide you in this process orour support at the following address [email protected] Below is an example of mappingextra information:This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 20 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1This configuration will be taken into account for orders retrieved by our system from this night.To map your old orders and your opinions already generated, please send us your GoogleShopping Feed file to the following address [email protected] by indicating the nameof your site registered on Verified Reviews and the words “Google Shopping” in the subject of youremail.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 21 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 15. MODULE MENUThe Verified Reviews module is located in your back office Magento under the menu “Catalogue Verified Reviews”, in the version 2.9.x this menu has 4 sub menus:1. Export commands (CSV file): Create a file in .csv format with the commands of the selectedsite.2. Configuration : Configure the module.3. Verify Installation: Check the installation status of the module.4. Google Shopping - Product Data (PLA): Allows you to configure product information to be sentfor Google Shopping reviews.5.1. Exportation of the orders (CSV)To quickly obtain your first reviews, the Verified review module integrates a command exportfunctionality allowing you to generate a CSV file already formatted to the right structure and which canbe directly loaded via your Verified Reviews Customer Area or communicated to your account manager.The first export of orders allows you to generate first reviews quickly by surveying customers of ordersalready passed.Go to "Catalog Notice-Verified Export Orders (CSV file)" to access the export of orders.If a 404 error appears, you should disconnect and reconnect to our back-office Magento.Choose the shop or the website for which you want to export orders in the menu at the top. If “DefaultConfig” is selected by default you will export the orders for all the shops of your Magento.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 22 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Start export: Choose "Yes", otherwise the file will not be created.Orders From: Allows you to choose the length of time to retrieve commands from the current date.Collect product reviews? If "yes" then the file will have product information in order to collect both thereviews on your site and on your products, otherwise the file will have no product information.By clicking the "submit" button at the top right, you will be prompted to download the CSV file.The file loading will start by itself, by default you can find it in your download folder.For more information on sending notification requests by file please see section 3.1 First orderexport (optional).This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 23 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 15.2. ConfigurationThis section configures the module and is subdivided into three other sections.General InformationThis section displays an information message regarding the configuration of the module.System IntegrationThis section establishes a connection between the module and your Verified Reviews account. Theoptions available in this section are:Activate the module for this website: Allows the activation or deactivation of the module for theselected shop.Secret key: The Secret Key linked to your Verified Reviews account.IdWebsite: IdWebsite linked to your Verified Reviews account.For more information about the keys please go to section 3.3 Configuration of the module fromyour Verified Reviews accountAdvanced ConfigurationThis section allows you to modify the behavior of the module in relation to the posting of notices and theretrieval of orders. The options available in this section are:Use the URL of products within the stars on product listings: If yes is selected, on product listings, a clickon the stars will redirect to the product page.View product sheet reviews: Enables or disables viewing product reviews on product listings.Number of notices to display in the product sheet: Choose the number of notices you want to display bydefault on the product sheet.Allow users to judge the usefulness of reviews? Allows you to add a useful notice button (yes / no) toeach notification.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 24 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Use Classic Stars: Uses the default Magento star display if the value is "Yes". If "No" is selected, then it willbe used displaying the widget with Verified Reviews stars.The site uses jQuery? Put "Yes" if your site uses jQuery, otherwise put “No”.This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 25 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 1Displays a message if the product has no reviews: Displays the message "No reviews have yet beenposted on this product” in case no reviews are available on this product.Use parent product information: "Yes” to retrieve the URL and parent product image instead of the childproduct.Enable Rich-Snippets of the product? Adds Rich Snippets (structured SEO data) to product pages.Attention, if you already have Rich Snippets, conflicts are possible, please contact us here to carry out anaudit. You can also use the Google page to check your Rich Snippets by clicking here.Reduced View Area: This option hides the chart at the top of the reviews. Select "Yes" only if the productreviews appear in a small block (for example: 400px.). (See blocks to the right of the image below):This document is the property of Verified ReviewsPage 26 sur 39

MODULE MAGENTO 15.3. Verify InstallationThis section shows the status of the module installation. In the advanced section there are severaloptions available to maintain the module in case of installation errors.Please do not use this section if you are not sure which actions to use. If you have anyproblems with the module please contact our technical support at the following address:[email protected] options available in the advanced section are:Install Tables: Reinstalls the tables of the module.Add missing fields: Adds the columns of the missing module to the command table.Fix primary key field: Adjusts the problem of primary keys for notification synchronization.Flag orders to 1: Change the status of all commands to "already retrieved by the module".Check order configuration: Check the relationship of child and parent products.Reset all module configuration page: Removes all module configurations.5.4. Googl

customer identifying codes that are only available on your Verified Reviews account. Overview of the installation process: Download the module from Verified-Reviews website or Magento marketplace. Install the module on your Magento platform. Register your unique customer identifying codes to your module.