Adobe Commerce MonthlyProduct Updates & Announcements3/29/22

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Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 Release

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 Pre-Releases TodayThe innovations in this release set the direction for the next several years of Adobeinvestments to make sure your commerce business is resilient. Built on the newest version ofPHP, 8.1, it enables customers to future-proof their digital commerce business.Future-ProofInnovativeScalable & FastFuture-proof your business witha flexible commerce platformthat is easier to update andmaintain and rapidly deliversnew functionality throughindependent services.Adobe is a leader in deliveringinnovative commercecapabilities to B2B, B2C, andhybrid businesses that accelerategrowth and time to value.Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 is thefastest, most scalable versionever. Confidently handle large,complex catalogs and hightransaction volumes. 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Release timeline2.4.4 Pre-releaseCommerce Customers& PartnersApril Feature Release4/12/223/15/224/26/223/29/22Adobe SummitGA - Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Security Issue UpdateAdobe identified a 0-day vulnerability that impacts Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source§Impacted versions: 2.3.3-p1 and above, 2.4.x prior to 2.4.4§Details: apsb22-12.htmlAction required: Two hotfixes need to be applied to close the different methods through which this vulnerabilitycan be exploited.In Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.4.4, the underlying security issue that made it possible for thisvulnerability to be exploited will be removed.Note: There are breaking changes associated with the fix. Some customers will need to upgrade their email andnewsletter templates to the strict processing mode that was introduced in 2.3.4 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Upgrade Resources 2.4 Upgrade Guide 2.4 Technical Upgrade Workshop recording 2.4.4 Partner Resources on SPP #upgrading-adobe-commerce 2020 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Leverage the Upgrade Compatibility Tool A command-line tool that checks an Adobe Commerce customized instanceagainst the target upgrade version by comparing all modules and core code Returns a summary and list of critical issues, errors, and warnings that must beaddressed, making the upgrade analysis process easier, faster and cheaperBenefits Pinpoint exact lines where issuesoccur for quick resolution Easily visualize scope of upgradewith HTML capabilities Insert into development pipelineto proactively prevent issues fromever occurring Tool under active developmentwith frequent improvements Now compatible with PHP 8.1 Learn how you can use UCT Video: Using UCT with PHP Storm 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Adobe Amplify Upgrade PackagesAdobe Amplify Partner solutions are innovative solutions thatsolve a repeatable, industry-focused business challengeWe’re expanding the program to include packages that helpcustomers accelerate upgrades for Adobe CommerceIf you have a repeatable, packaged set of upgrade services,and are interested in taking on projects to help customersupgrade to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4, let us know! 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.


Summit Press and AnnouncementsAdweek featured how candy maker, Sugarfina, isusing Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce tomake it easier to pick up online orders.Forbes featured Adobe Sneak: Making shopping moreaccessible for the color blind and Adobe’s belief inaccessibility and digital inclusion.MIT Technology Review featured how HPleverages Adobe technology to provide localizedcustomer experiences on a global scale.Press Announcements:Adobe Real-Time CDP Makes the Digital Economy Personal for Today’s Global BrandsAdobe Announces Expansion of Ecosystem with New Partners and Developer ToolsAdobe: U.S. Consumers Spent 1.7 Trillion Online During the Pandemic, Rapidly Expanding the Digital EconomyBlog Posts:Adobe’s new commerce innovations help brands deliver personalized commerce journeysSummarySugarfina partners with Adobe to deliver advanced omnichannel fulfillment experiencesDeliver11great customer experiences with omnichannel fulfillment – from Walmart CommerceTechnologies 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Commerce Takes Over SneaksFavorite Sneaks were Design Decoder and Demand Detector!Watch or read the Blog post“Demand Detector looks amazing. Real-time data fuelsreal-time marketing and commerce.”Ross Quintana via Twitter“My POV – Impressive new @Adobe #Sneaks – quick feedback and ranking my top 3– all innovative ideas: #DemandDetector – Huge Upside if gotten right. #KPIPop – Nice– but ‘just’ good housecleaning (1) #RightSize – Great ML / VR showcase#WinningScores – Overdue. #QuickConnect - #BI Tablestake. (2) #DesignDecoder –Great showcase of #ML (3) #StyleBlast – Nice innovation”Holger Mueller, Constellation via Twitter12 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Adobe Commerce, personalized digital businessModern ecommerce platform powered by next-gen headless capabilities and AI-drivenintelligent commerce for B2B and B2CDeliver personalized shoppingexperiencesOptimize to improve revenue andcustomer retentionSUPER SESSION: Personalized Commercefor Digital BusinessMarch 15, 11 am PDTLoni StarkAdobeInnovate rapidly to adjust to changingmarket demandsAnnouncing the following key innovations at Summit:Adobe Commerce 2.4.4Store FulfillmentAdobe App Builder for CommerceThe most resilient version of Adobe Commercewith AI-powered features to personalize yourB2B or B2C digital business and share digitalbusiness data with Adobe Experience Platform.Advanced, superior buy online/pick up in storeor curbside experiences for both customersand store employees enabling increasedconversion rates, average order value, andcustomer satisfaction.Continuing our commitment to our globaldeveloper community, our tool reduces appcreation time while maintaining easyupgradeability through improved developerexperience and tooling. 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Cross-channel Personalization Powered by Adobe Experience PlatformUnlock the power of Commerce data with a single 360o view of the customer to deliverpowerful omni-channel personalization & boost customer lifetime valueTriggered Journeys and MessagingUnified Profile and SegmentationPersonalized Experience DeliveryIntelligent DecisioningAnalytics and Insights 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce by Walmart Commerce TechnologiesStore Fulfillment delivers an advanced buy online and pickup instore or curbside customer experience and maximizes storeemployees' productivity by providing the technology to orchestrate asmooth, end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment process.Employee Picking App Allows store employees to pick orders placed online for instore or curbside fulfillmentShopper Check-in Allows shoppers to notify store employees when they'vearrived at the store location for pick upEmployee Order Handoff App Allows store employees to physically handoff the order to theshopper while minimizing customer wait timeUS beta available now! 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Commerce Extensibility Developer ExperienceProvide a consistent developer experience to accelerate integrations, innovate front-end experiences and customize commerceprocessesUnified developer experience that supports the SW development lifecycle with opinionated dev/deployment tools and acommon extensibility across Adobe products. 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Featured Adobe SpeakersS603 - Adobe Commerce 2022:More Flexible and MoreIntelligentS601 – Creating a DigitalTransformation with Your B2BCommerce InvestmentChris Hedge, Sr. Director ofProduct ManagementEd Kennedy, Product MarketingManagerE138 – What is Composable Commerce?Marion Freijsen, StrategicBusiness Advisor, CommerceStrategy Lead, EMEARay Bogman, Sr. GlobalSoftware Support ManagerS602– Self-Driving Stores:Supercharge Your Store withData & AIRyan Rozich, Director,Product ManagementE137– Hybrid Commerce Strategy –Business Driver or Frankenstein?Bethan Williams-James , CommerceSolutions Consultant 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Featured Customer SpeakersS606 – Overcoming B2BDigital CommerceTransformation RoadblocksS605 – TransformingHotel Purchasing with anOnline MarketplaceS608 – Increasing DigitalCommerce Sales UsingAR & 3D ModelingS604 – Creating DigitalCommerce ExperiencesThat Customers TrustS609 – Next GenerationLuxury Retail Experienceswith Adobe CommerceJennifer Grabenstetter,VP of Digital Growth & ExperienceVincent Olicki,VP ProcurementDigital FactoryBradley Cooper,Sr. EcommerceManager, JURA IncChris Larsen, CEO,Cabinets.comAngela Gruszka,SVP of Digital Marketing &Ecommerce, AERINB2B, Multi-SolutionB2B, MarketplaceD2C & B2BD2C & B2BD2C & B2B 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Support ToolsTools that ensure availability, security, and reliability

Continuous reliability, availability and securityObservation for AdobeCommerceSecurity Scan ToolManaged AlertsQuality Patch ToolSite-Wide Analysis Tool 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Observation for Adobe CommerceWhat it does it do? New Relic’s observability platform extracts important signalsinside Adobe Commerce collected data sets Aggregates services, core and 3rd party software, infrastructureand dataWhy should merchants use it? Removes the challenge and time-consuming task ofgathering and parsing through data manually Understand how the site is performing and how tooptimize it 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Managed AlertsWhat it does it do? Monitors around 200 metrics to proactively trackperformance of the platform Provides specific instructions on how totroubleshoot alertsWhy should merchants use it? Helps customers avoid critical downtime Keeps merchants informed about their CPU,application performance, disk, memory, anddatabase 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Quality Patches ToolWhat it does it do? Delivers latest patches developed by AdobeSupport and Magento Open Source Community Applies, reverts and displays patchesWhy should merchants use it? Troubleshoot quality issuesReduce time spent on finding available patcheswithout needing to contact SupportEasily keep track of applied patches to help withmaintenance and platform quality ./vendor/bin/magento-patches status command output, display the list of available patches 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Security Scan ToolWhat it does it do? Provides customers with real-time insights intothe security status of their store Proactively detects malwareAdobe CommerceMagento OpenSourceWhy should merchants use it? To ensure their site and storefront are secure Stay informed if their site is compromised andprevent digital skimming, configuration issuesand bad xtensionsMagecart andform skimmingdetectionConfigurationIssuesIdentify badpractices 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Site-Wide Analysis ToolWhat it does it do?§Central repository that includes system insightsand recommendations§24/7 site monitoring to identify potential issuesWhy should merchants use it? Provides greater visibility into site health,security, and application configurations Reduces resolution timeImprove stability and performance 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

New Dashboard Coming Soon!The new dashboard will include widgets that will make it easier for merchants to access the Upgrade CompatibilityTool, Security Scan Tool, Useful Support Resources, Recommendations, Managed Alerts, and Extensions Summary 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Where to learn morePlease go to and visit our Support Tools page 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Platform Evolution

How we startedStorefrontPlatform Goals Support rich experiences across multiple touchpointsAccess new features quickly and continuouslyBest-in-class extensibilityLower cost of ownershipFeatures, Extensions, & Integrations 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Support rich experiences across touchpoints - HeadlessStatus of initiativeAPI Iterative enhancementsCustomers live on itIncrease API CoverageImprove performanceEnhance PWA studio 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Continuous deployment of features - MicroservicesStatus of initiativeAPI LiveSearchThinner, stable coreProductRecsIterative enhancementsCustomers live on itContinue streamlining the coreDeploy new servicesPaymentsIndividual microservices forhigh innovation areas 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Ease of Integration – API PlatformPlug-in new servicesto the mesh.Status of initiativeAPI Platform LiveSearchThinner, stable coreProductRecsExpected 2H GAIn Dev PreviewIntegrate with I/O ConsoleGlobal RolloutMonitoring andtroubleshootingPaymentsIndividual microservices forhigh innovation areas 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Ease of Extensibility / Lower Cost of Ownership – App BuilderExtensions, Apps,IntegrationsApp BuilderStatus of initiativeAPI Platform Expected 2H GA API (Requires APIPlatform) Eventing UI ExtensibilityLiveSearchThinner, stable coreProductRecsPaymentsIndividual microservices forhigh innovation areas 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Payment Services Expansion Update

Payment services in Canada Launching on March 31st, payment services will be available forcommerce merchants based in Canada. Canadian Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source merchantswill be able to accept payments globally and settle in CAD. Payment methods include credit and debit cards and PayPal. Payment services is part of a unified commerce solution from theAdobe brand you trust – available in the Magento Marketplace With one log-in, see all orders and transactions from all paymentmethods in the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source Admin Developed and supported by Adobe, Adobe Commerce and MagentoOpen Source merchants will have access to payment services that areup-to-date, safe, and stable.35 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Beta Opportunity: Quick Checkout forAdobe Commerce powered by Bolt

Quick Checkout for Adobe CommerceGive shoppers an unbeatable shopping experience that has shown to increase conversion by 53% while maintainingyour existing checkout and payment options.Quick Checkout for Adobe Commerce is a new extensiondeveloped and supported by Adobe and powered by Bolt,the market leader in one-click checkout solutions. Tap into Bolt’s network of 10s of millions shoppers. Flip it on and tap into a network of 10M shoppers whoare automatically recognized for one-click purchasesdirectly on your merchant’s site from day one. Gain actionable business insights on network-driventransactions. Captivate and convert consumers with a mobile optimizedstorefront and no password or filling in multiple fieldsduring checkout.One Click Checkout 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Shopper experience with Quick Checkout for Adobe CommercePayment ProcessorAgnosticNative CheckoutBolt Authentication OverlayPayment ProviderIncrease conversionDeeply embeddedintegrationGrow CLTVDeeply embeddedOneClick Registration inintegrationKeep Guest CheckoutGuest CheckoutKeep Guest CheckoutOne Click Registrationin Guest Checkout 2FA 6-digit code Passwordless Bolt Network effects Wallet benefits Prepopulated checkout fields Security: device, touch/face ID 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Ideal merchant profile to join betaMerchants looking to: Increase conversion Improve repeat purchasing and LTV Leverage a network of 10s of millions of shoppersRequirements US based Version 2.4.1 B2C or Manufacturers D2CBenefits Early and exclusive access to Adobe features Partner with Adobe to influence and shape ourproduct Competitive advantage by gaining first-to-marketknowledge and tools Dedicated team to assist with onboarding and productexperienceHave a lead or want more information? Please [email protected] 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

IDC Study & Whitepaper:The Business Value of Upgrading fromMagento Open Sourceto Adobe Commerce

What did IDC study?Hypothesis: Businesses generate greater value by investing in an Adobe Commerce license than using a"free" Magento Open Source licenseFirmographics:§IDC spoke with 11 organizations that upgraded from Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce§Varying company sizes, revenue, transaction volumes, business models, and industries 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Key ResultsPROJECTED BUSINESS BENEFIT 1.5M per year in business benefits 516% 3-year ROI 9 months payback periodCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE KPIs 18% improvement in CSAT scores 18% increase in AOV 15% rise in conversion ratesRISK MITIGATION KPIs 70% reduction in risk 6% increase in productivity forsecurity teamsFigure 1: average annual benefit broken into four subcategories: risk mitigation, business enablement, direct staff benefits,and IT cost savings.Source: IDC, December 202142 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

How customers realized these benefits, in their own wordsCustomization and agility needed to track business:Shift in focus to high-value tasks:“Adobe Commerce gives you a skeleton that you can develop to whatyou need and what you want, and it works with other products . andgives you the agility to track stuff. The Open Source version did not dothat.”“Weʼre saving a lot of time for our people with Adobe Commerce. Wehave reduced our customer service team so that they can now spendmore time on other stuff. We had almost 1.5 people just working onorder entry; weʼre saving that.”Increased traffic due to better site performance:“We could onboard certain customer groups to buy online, which wenever had the ability to before. We can also easily do discount programsand use lots of different features that increased traffic and siteperformance tremendously.”Informed decision making from BI tools:”BI tools help because it allows us to understand how ourbusiness is working and make more informed decisions for us togrow our ecommerce operations.”Decreasing the need of plug-ins to reduce reliance onthird parties:Adoption of mobile-friendly capabilities toachieve higher customer satisfaction:“One of the reasons we ended up going for Adobe Commerce versusMagento Open Source was the list of plug-ins we needed to add to OpenSource compared to the standard and native in Adobe Commerce. Weʼreusing seven to eight plug-ins with Adobe Commerce, and I think we wereat 45 with Open Source.”“We have really adapted to people having iPhones andsmartphones. The customer experience has, above and beyond,changed the most and is something that weʼre pretty proud of.”43 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

The Business Value of Upgrading from Magento Open Source to Adobe CommerceAvailable on the Solution Partner Portal week!One-page IDC Business Value SnapshotFull IDC Whitepaper 2022 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential.

Mar 29, 2022