THE GENESYS WORKS MISSION is t o pro vide pat hways t oca re e r s u c c e ss f or h i gh sc h ool st udent s in under ser ved co mmunit ies t h roughsk i l l s t r a i n i ng, m e a n i ngf ul work exper iences, and impact ful relat io nship s .Pictured on front cover: Isaak Berrios, intern at LMI, student at West Potomac High SchoolPhotography credit: Sean Kelley

Dear Friends and Supporters,As 2019 unfolds, we urge you to think about what doors of opportunity youmight help open this year. Whether providing more internships at your company,supervising and mentoring an additional young professional at work, guidinga student from your school to our program, or providing the financial supportnecessary to sustain our operations, there is an important role for us all. Wethank you in advance for your continued support.In closing, I wish to recognize the individual who has made Genesys Workspossible - our founder, Rafael Alvarez. His passionate pursuit of a world whereopportunities for college and career success are available to all has had a profoundimpact on countless lives while changing the national narrative around work-basedlearning. His legacy will live on as we achieve even higher levels of scale andimpact in years to come.OPPORTUNITYSince assuming the role of CEO of Genesys Works on January 1, I’ve had thehonor and privilege of meeting and engaging with team members and keystakeholders across our network. The passion and commitment I’ve seen insupport of our students and mission is energizing, and I feel blessed to be partof this movement. After leading organizations dealing with the consequencesof poverty (Habitat for Humanity International, The Houston Food Bank) andlife-threatening disease (Make-A-Wish America), it’s gratifying to be part of anorganization truly breaking the cycle of poverty for families living in underservedcommunities, and I look forward to all we will achieve together in the years ahead.Opening Doors toOpportunity. A simple word, yet so powerful. For the students we serve throughGenesys Works, urban teens brimming with motivation and untapped potential,access to life-changing professional opportunities is far too often limited orinaccessible. Yet, because of you, we are able to open doors of opportunity forthousands of talented youth every year in cities across the country. In the pagesthat follow, we are excited to share the impact your gift and partnership has hadon our students, business partners, and the communities we serve. As you willread, great things happen at the intersection of motivation and opportunity, andwe are proud to be your partners in this important work.With gratitude,DAVID WILLIAMSPresident & Chief Executive OfficerGenesys Works2018IMPACTREPORTGENESYSWORKS

IMPACTG e n e s y s Works he l p ste e n s from u n d e rse rve dco m m u n i t i es se e tha t aprofe s s i o n al c a re e r i s wi th i nre a c h b y p ro vi d i n g th e mw i t h re l e v a nt ski l l s a n dex p e r i e n c e s to a c hi e ve th e i rco l l e ge a n d c a re e r goa l s.We achieveOUR MISSIONt hro ug h: Skills Training8 WEEKS OF SKILLS TRAININGTHE SUMMER BEFORE SENIORYEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL Meaningful Internship1,000 HOURS IN A PAID, YEAR-LONGPROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIPTHE PROBLEM The disparitybetween what students are taughtin the classroom and what’s neededfor success in today’s workplacecontinues to widen, leaving manyjobs unfilled and millions of youngadults unemployed. Closing theseskills and opportunity gaps isan urgent economic and socialimperative, particularly for studentsin under-resourced communitieslacking access to most professionalwork opportunities.OUR SOLUTION By givingstudents the opportunity to succeedin a professional work environmentwhile still in high school, we openup career possibilities and pathwayspreviously thought unattainable.Students complete our 14-monthprogram with in-demand job skills,relevant work experience, elevatedcareer aspirations, and increasedconfidence that their dreams ofcareer success can become a reality.2GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018 College & Career Coaching60 HOURS OF COUNSELING ONCOLLEGE AND CAREER PATHWAYS Alumni SupportONGOING SUPPORT TO HELPSTUDENTS ACHIEVE CAREERSUCCESS

NATIONALIMPACTOpening Doors toNEW YORK TWIN CITIESBAY AREA OPPORTUNITYNATIONWIDE NATIONALCAPITAL CHICAGOREGION100%GR AD UAT ED F RO MHIGH SCHO O L94% enrolled in college HOUSTON 70%WHO WE SERVE4,404S T U D E N TS SE RV E D 1,130 graduated orstill enrolled in college 742 2,532students internsalumnitrained employed served80% 111,020hours of professional training76%qualify for freeor reduced lunchfirst-generationcollege students 7.04Mearned by young professionals MULTIRACIAL2%3.5Xearn a degree comparedto peer groupOTHER2%WHITE 5%ASIAN 21%95%STU DE N TSOF C OL OR32%AFRICAN AMERICAN38%LATINOMedian earnings of employed alumni 45–50K23%earn more thanboth parentscombined46%earn the sameor more than atleast one parent(AT MEDIAN AGE 24, BASED ON ALUMNI SURVEY)GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 20183

Finding Victory in the Faceof Adversity 12KAV E R A G E STU DEN TE AR N I N G S DU RIN GS E N IOR YE AR“Going to school in Southeast DC has given Tarrell a grit anddetermination to succeed academically and in life. From dealingwith bullies to going to school with students that lack the samemotivation to influence their own future, Tarrell never let thosesituations affect his positive outlook. Today, Tarrell works in theIT Department at the Smithsonian Institution after completing8 weeks of skills training with Genesys Works.During his training, Tarrell was taught key technical andprofessional skills, which he uses in his internship every day.By participating in Genesys Works, doors are opening forTarrell. His internship has allowed him to meet and networkwith professionals in the field, like his supervisor, Ann Gilstrap.“Tarrell has grown so much since his first day,” Ann said.“There’s no doubt that this internship opportunity benefits ourdepartment, but it certainly benefits Tarrell to gain exposure tomentorship that will serve him well as he plans his future in theIT field.”It feels great to be in a positive environment,where people appreciate what you do and offerto help you with your plans for the future.Tarrell Talbert, intern at SmithsonianInstitution, H.D. Woodson High SchoolTARRELL4GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018”

Empowering Our Future WorkforceSince 2011, CenterPoint Energy has been a valuable partner toGenesys Works, providing meaningful internships to 72 youngprofessionals in the Houston area. Interns at CenterPoint bring realvalue to the teams they work on, according to Tracy Janda, communityrelations manager for CenterPoint. “The value of the interns’ trainingin specific business skills, corporate etiquette, and workplace expectationscannot be overstated,” she said. “Other company employees remarkon these attributes, sometimes expressing surprise that these youngpeople are high school seniors.”Through our partnership, CenterPoint is contributing to our community’sworkforce pipeline. In addition to hosting their own interns, CenterPointprovides financial support for Genesys Works’ summer training program,which all interns complete. “We believe that the larger communitybenefits from the hundreds of Genesys Works alumni who receive thesummer training and earn internships with other companies,” said Tracy.“Our partnership is creating a talent pool for future jobs in our community.”CenterPoint is making a difference in the lives of all Genesys Worksinterns. Together, we are building a stronger, more diverse workforce.“219CORP ORAT EPA RTNERSSUPPORTGENESYS WO RKSOur partnership passes on valuable lessons, skillsand experiences to prepare interns not only forcollege, but also future jobs within our community.Sophia Gomez (left), Manager —Technology Operations, CenterPoint EnergySOPHIA”Pictured with Sophia on right: Alexis Chavez, intern atCenterPoint Energy, student at Milby High SchoolGENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 20185

Ready for a Lifetime of Career Success70%A L U MN IG R A D U ATED O RS T I L L E N R O L L EDIN C OL L E GE“Alumni can access services that meet their unique needs. Thisincludes college coaching, professional development, and job placement assistance. For recent college graduates like Yesenia Chavez,these services are invaluable. Yesenia completed an internship atTransUnion while in high school, and four years later, she is now aproud first-generation graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago.Yesenia’s passion for Human Resources led to her starting aSHRM chapter at her campus. She reached out to Liz Rafferty,Executive Director of Genesys Works Chicago and experiencedHR professional, for advice. Liz gave her career advice and helpedsupport Yesenia’s first HR networking event. With professional skills,meaningful work experience and a strong network, Yesenia is readyto walk through the many doors open to her.Genesys Works moved me out of my comfort zone andpushed me to become a better young professional.Yesenia Chavez (center), former intern at TransUnion,Carl Schurz High School, Graduate of Universityof Illinois at ChicagoPictured with Yesenia: Liz Rafferty, Executive Director,Genesys Works Chicago; Robert Lloyd, CollegeSuccess Advisor, Genesys Works Chicago6Completing a Genesys Works internship is only the beginning ofa young professional’s career path. Over the next six years, theseprogram alumni continue to receive college and career support.During that time, they find new doors available to them, and theyare prepared to walk through them.GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018YESENIA”

Elevating Student Leadership andSTEM CareersSince joining the staff at Apple Valley High School (AVHS), Jim Lynch,Program Manager of the school’s STEM programming, has elevatedthe reputation of Genesys Works among both staff and students.“I cannot think of a program that is a better match for our E3 STEMprogram here at AVHS,” said Jim.Bryam Alvarado and Zabrianna Evans, students at AVHS and internsat Toro and Thomson Reuters respectively, have earned the title ofStudent Ambassador within Genesys Works in recognition of theirleadership capabilities to recruit the next class of interns. Jim hastaken their role seriously and according to Zabrianna, “He is alwaysfinding opportunities for Bryam and me to speak in front of peopleand show students how awesome Genesys Works is.”161SCHOOLPA RTNERSSUPPORTGENESYS WO RKSJim’s leadership has paved the way for a diverse group of studentsto participate in hands-on STEM career experience. His leadershipopens doors for students like Bryam and Zabrianna to succeed.“Genesys Works offers a fantastic opportunity foryoung people from diverse backgrounds to breakthrough barriers to become young professionals.Jim Lynch (right), Program Manager,E3 STEM, Apple Valley High School”JIMPictured from left with Jim: Bryam Alvarado, intern atToro, Apple Valley High School, Class of 2019; ZabriannaEvans, intern at Thomson Reuters, Apple Valley HighSchool, Class of 2019GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 20187

2018TOP 100 CORPORATE PARTNERSThe collaboration between Genesys Works and our corporate partners is at the heart of our success. We wantto thank the following companies for providing life-changing work opportunities to our young professionals.8GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018


THANK YOUSUPPORTERSGenesys Works is able to make a difference in the lives of our students because of the financialcontributions made by our generous donors. Through your gifts, we are moving more students outof poverty and into the economic mainstream. For these gifts, we are most grateful. 1,000,000 Price Waterhouse CoopersCME Group FoundationBallmer GroupThe Fondren FoundationCostcoTipping Point CommunityDawn and Richard RawsonDeluxe Corporation 500,000 AT&TSalesforceAmerican Honda FoundationEvolving SolutionsChicago Blackhawks Foundation,a McCormick Foundation FundF.R. Bigelow FoundationEdwin Gould Foundation 250,000 Dan L. Duncan FoundationGary Schermerhorn and MiriamEsteveDell Corporate FoundationGreater Houston CommunityFoundationHalliburtonHeckscher Foundation for ChildrenMichael & Susan Dell FoundationThe Brown FoundationThe Powell FoundationHouck Family FoundationJP Morgan Chase FoundationRon ConwaySobrato Family FoundationSolon E. Summerfield Foundation 100,000 A. James & Alice B. ClarkFoundationThe Achelis and BodmanFoundationHouston Area Women's Center*InsperityJack Kent Cooke FoundationM D Anderson FoundationMcNeely FoundationMedtronicMicrosoftThe John Eckel FoundationMotorola Solutions FoundationAccentureThe WEM FoundationOptumAnonymousTravelersPacific Gas and Electric CompanyAnonymousWalton Family FoundationPolk Bros. FoundationBank of AmericaWayne Duddlesten FoundationBest Buy FoundationYork SolutionsRichard M. Schulze FamilyFoundationCapital OneChicago BeyondCME Group Foundation*ECMC FoundationGreater Texas FoundationPeery Foundation*Denotes Gift in Kind10Ecolab Foundation 50,000 GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018Saint Paul FoundationSIM Houston 25,000 The Minneapolis FoundationAnonymousThreeBridge SolutionsCarter and Susan EmersonTXU EnergyCFP Foundation

3MAbbey Family FoundationAbbottAdam and Cary HecktmanAHEADAIGAlbert & Ethel HerzsteinCharitable FoundationAmeriprise FinancialAndersen Corporate FoundationAnonymous*AnonymousBaker Botts LLPBarbara DuganierBlue Cross Blue Shield ofMinnesotaBoxCadence BankCenterPoint EnergyCIBCFUNDERSPOTLIGHT 10,000 Salesforce.orgGenesys Works has benefited greatly fromthe generous support of 2014, has investedover 1 million in our programs across theU.S. Beyond supporting our organizationfinancially, Salesforce and Salesforce.orghave engaged with Genesys Works inmany meaningful ways: as one of our largestemployer partners, as volunteers for ourNetworking Day and Mock Interviews in theBay Area, and serving on our local LaunchAdvisory Board in New York City.In 2016, Salesforce employees volunteeredpro bono hours to upgrade our internalSalesforce system making it possible forus to increase program effectiveness andserve more students than ever before.The partnership between Genesys Worksand has strengthenedthrough the years, and we are gratefulfor their generosity.“Partnering with Genesys Works enablesus to impact the next generation of techleaders,” said Jennifer Stredler, VP ofWorkforce Development at“Through our partnership, we provideunderserved youth with opportunities towork in technology, and in turn, the industrybenefits from their diverse perspectives.We believe that fostering a diverse andinclusive workforce is critical to a thrivingeconomy and society, and partnering withGenesys Works aligns with that conviction.”CiscoCisco Systems, Inc.Credit SuisseDaniel NottkeDiamond Assets*Dome ConstructionDonaldson FoundationElaine and Ray MesserEric PattonAneesha Winfield, former Salesforce internGENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 201811

THANK YOUSUPPORTERSFinnegan Family FoundationTexas Children's HospitaleBayFund for Shared InsightThe Bengier FoundationElizabeth and Mark SweigartGarrett Family FoundationThe Bothin FoundationEnbridgeGeorge and Mary JosephineHamman FoundationThe Carlson Family FoundationErnst & Young, LLPThe Osa FoundationFlexentialGreenLight FundThe Richard E. & Nancy P. MarriottFoundationGE TransportationGunderson Dettmer StoughVilleneuve Franklin & Hachigian,LLPHardenbergh FoundationHattie M Strong FoundationJerry and Laura Lasco*John M. O'Quinn FoundationJohn P. McGovern FoundationKaiser PermanenteThierer Family FoundationThomas and Amy RyanTides FoundationHilary S. Ware and Robert S.TuckerTom and Patty NolanHitachi VantaraTransCanadaHouston MethodistVivian L. Smith FoundationIBMWilliamsJanet and Matt HeathJohn F. Smiekel FoundationKirkland & Ellis LLPKoret FoundationLaura and Scott KuporKapor Center for Social Impact 5,000 Kinder Morgan FoundationCDW*Latino Giving HoustonLever FundAlbright FoundationLinda and David CastanedaMarc and Jeri ShapiroAmerican Eagle OutfittersFoundationM.A. Mortenson Co.Maria N. MartinezNoble EnergyAncestryMANIFEST TechnologyNutanixBoardwalk Pipeline PartnersMarian DavenportOktaMary Beth Gracy & Jason MartinezPaul and Caitlin MaranvilleBrady, Chapman, Holland &Associates, Inc.Phillips Family FoundationBremer Financial CorporationPIMCO FoundationBuckeye Partners, L.P.PNC FoundationBusiness IT SourceProperity NowCharles MatthewsPurePoint FinancialChet Morrison Contractors, LLCQuest FoundationCloud Nine FoundationService NowCommunity Health ChoiceMinnesota Department ofEmployment and EconomicDevelopmentShawn and Rachel DuffyCommvaultMyrtle JonesSilicon Valley BankCrystal AshbyPatterson Companies, Inc.Target CorporationData Recognition CorporationTCF BankDTIPeople Gas and North Shore GasCommunity Fund*Denotes Gift in Kind12Harry S. and Isabel C. CameronFoundationGENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018MagenicMaverick InternationalMedicaMetropolitan State UniversityMichael and Lynn PrestonMiller Grossbard Advisors, LLP

Price Gregory International, Inc.Bruce and Karen NorthcuttWalter P MoorePrime TSRCalibre Systems, Inc.Wells FoundationRichard and Elizabeth HusseiniCargillRobert and Elise FlexonCharter Solutions, Inc.Sally CarlsonChick-fil-A FoundationScott and Stephanie SilvasAIT Worldwide LogisticsSecurian FoundationCory and Joseph Cancila FamilyFoundationSmikis FoundationCraig PrattSofbangDatatrend Technologies Inc.Allianz Global Corporate &SpecialtyStewart McCutcheonDell EMCAllina HealthStrike LLCEdward DoughertyAmity MillhiserTCF FoundationElaine BeemanArtemisia Studios Inc.*Tech Guru*Evan and Bess KirchenAustin KaneTEGNA FoundationGene and Lyna JaniszewskiBrett MoranThe Geary FamilyGeneral MillsBrian DunnWest Monroe PartnersKenneth and Nicole ShogreCapella UniversityWoodLand O'Lakes Inc.Carrie LonzeXcel EnergyLighthouse Public AffairsCasey JohnsonYouths' Friends Association Inc.Liz RaffertyCharah, LLCZscalerMark WhitleyCharity Golf InternationalMary Lynne PerushekCharles & Amy AlvarezMatthew E. SteinmetzCheniere Energy 2,500 McKinley FamilyChicago Tech RocksAbbottMeg Marks and Peter KatzChris and Leslie FunkAeritae Consulting GroupMike and Libby JonesChris MosesAfter School MattersNetAppClark and Barbara SmithAnonymousOneNeck IT SolutionsConfluentAppDynamicsPrime TherapeuticsDaniel AbdulAptitivePure StorageDavid WizinskyArista NetworksRBC Wealth ManagementDiamond OffshoreArthur HassRubrik, Inc.Bercom InternationalSaint Paul CollegeDiamonds In The RoughMemorabilia & Sports Auctions,LLCBeth ShiroishiSkender FoundationDiana SmithBloomberg LPTechSource Inc.Doris Inc.Boston Scientific CorporationUS PipelineEarnie Franklin 1,000 Alexander HahnGENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 201813

THANK YOUSUPPORTERSEast Side Union High SchoolDistrictMike ScimoAnonymousMinneapolis Convention Center*Aremco Products, Inc.Eduardo and Katya RoviraMongoDB Inc.Ashley and Matt BykowskiEli and Marissa CiprianoNew Frontiers FoundationBetty H. SamsElizabeth BatchaOmar MoralesBret RobertsElizabeth BlindermanOn Demand GroupCharlie HiebEric GartlandOptivChris RooneyGary SpearsPalo Alto NetworksConocoPhillipsGood Leadership EnterprisesPaul & Jean KruegerDaniel HartmanHector and Gabby AvellanedaPelican Energy ConsultantsDaniel Lambi BalachHenkels and McCoyQuanta MarineDerek SteelbergHotelTonight*Ranger Plant ConstructionalDoug MusicaroInHouse Media*Riverway FoundationDrew BoekeJackson and Tull CharteredEngineersRyan McKayFrancois CharetteSarah NietersGoogleScott MerrymanGwen ZentScott PharrHAVI/TMS Technology TeamServiceNowHelene SchultzSpanish Flowers*Hewlett PackardSteve LytleHull Family Charitable FundSyncsortIntegRhythm Inc.Tanarra SchneiderJacqueline Statum AllenThomas KnightJames KellyTim and Jenny ThullJames WebsterLaura GiangiuliTITUSJeff WarrenLeopardo ConstructionTracy and Ken JandaJennifer OspinaLife TimeTravelStyled Inc.Joe BurnsMatt NealeWalsh, Knippen & CetinaJoel DrotosMetro Staff Inc.Wendy and John Del MixonJohn ReeceJames Levy and Nami SoejimaJames MonnerJamie AndersonJesse Carrillo and Ilene GoldfineJesus Soto, Jr.JL Allen Services, Inc.John SwillingJulius & Nicole CoxKatherine Taylor and VincentHeesakkersJosh and Jen DavidsonMichael and Sherry SivoMichael and Stacy FinlonMichael BrooksMichael DeMarcoMichelsMike & Susan Martiny*Denotes Gift in Kind14GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018 500 Karen MarbenKeith and Kimberly NorbieAaron MelsnessKelly McShaneAllied Parking, Inc.*Lance WhitacreAnonymousMarcia Cozzolino

Meegan BeckmannMichael JonesMichelle JourdaMisty KhanMohit JainNate HainesNew Horizons ComputerLearning Center MinnesotaNick and Thomasine PantazisGETINVOLVEDMark RomanoPaul & Christopher Irwin-DudekPresidioRafael and Stephanie AlvarezRalph and Kathy RollingRichard Walstrom Robert KatzSantiago AbrahamSarah DaviesShelby Mathew Steven Kantowitz Sunitha ChamartiSymantec DONATEMake a contribution and change a student’sfutureThe Tech Foundation FundThrivent FinancialTracey Racette FritcherHIRE ALUMNIJoin the growing list of partners who engagecollege students to fill essential workplaceneedsSunrise BanksThe Boothtique*BECOME A SCHOOL PARTNERContact us to make the Genesys Worksprogram possible for qualified students inyour schoolSteve SidneyStuart and Michelle SternHOST A YOUNG PROFESSIONALAccess an untapped pipeline of motivated,diverse talent who bring immediate valueto your organization VOLUNTEERGive the gift of your time at one of our manyevents throughout the yearTyler BellerWalter Bering JOIN OUR TEAMBe a part of the Genesys Works movementand impact lives [email protected] WORKS IMPACT REPORT 201815

FINANCIAL REPORTNATIONAL 2018 25M 20MINCOME AND EXPENSE GROWTH 15M 10M 5M20162017EARNED INCOMEINCOME STATEMENT (UNRESTRICTED)INCOMEEarned IncomeContributed IncomeTOTAL INCOMEEXPENSESStudent WagesOther Program ExpensesGeneral & AdministrativeFundraisingTOTAL EXPENSESNET UNRESTRICTED INCOMECONTRIBUTIONS2018 *2017 12,794,5648,624,181 21,418,745 14,278,2299,603,013 23,881,242 16,639,5129,495,276 26,134,788 6,710,9299,160,1312,741,2501,691,879 20,304,189 7,320,69310,935,2533,102,4352,182,422 23,540,803 340,439 1,114,5562016LIABILITIESAccounts PayableOther LiabilitiesTOTAL LIABILITIESTOTAL EXPENSES2016BALANCE SHEETASSETSCash and Cash EquivalentsAccounts ReceivableOther Current AssetsProperty & Equipment (Net)TOTAL ASSETS20188,625,34512,866,4683,144,8852,433,821 27,070,51920172018 6,574,9881,849,7531,773,631393,673 10,592,044 8,625,6362,336,9891,011,252372,356 12,346,233 56,164657,236713,400Unrestricted Net AssetsTemporarily Restricted Net AssetsTOTAL NET ASSETS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS 10,592,044 8,159,8851,718,7599,878,644(935,731) 306,6271,275,2701,581,897 814,2761,094,0728,500,3252,264,011 10,764,336 7,564,5931,193,8308,758,423 12,346,233 9,852,495* Unaudited2018 EXPENSE %GENERAL &ADMINISTRATIVE9.0%FUNDRAISING61.5% of expenses funded by earned income16GENESYS WORKS IMPACT REPORT 2018 20.07Mtotalexpenses

GENESYS WORKS NATIONALBOARD OF DIRECTORSSTAFFDouglas Butler (Chair)Managing Partner, NextGen Strategic AdvisorsDavid WilliamsPresident & Chief Executive OfficerNancy KubeckaPayroll ManagerCrystal AshbyFormer Executive Vice President, BP AmericaMatt HeathChief Operating OfficerStephanie NoriegaMarketing Communications ManagerBarbara DuganierCorporate Board Director, Retired AccentureSenior ExecutiveTaylor RobichauxChief People OfficerRishi RavaniEnterprise Project ManagerJennie TollefsonChief Marketing OfficerAmelie SmithNational Alumni Program LeadAmir YunusChief Financial OfficerDina BarronDevelopment CoordinatorChristopher BrownVice President, Strategic Philanthropy &Community DevelopmentAisha DukeHR Business PartnerTom FryPhilanthropic Advisor, Jenesis GroupDan NottkeCIO, Kirkland & Ellis LLPRichard RawsonPresident, InsperityGary Schermerhorn(Retired) Chief Information Officer, GoldmanSachs & CoC. Park ShaperCEO, SEIS HoldingsRafael AlvarezFounder, Genesys WorksDavid WilliamsPresident & CEO, Genesys WorksEli CiprianoSenior Director of Fundraising OperationsWendy AirlieDirector of AccountingKareen EichbergerDirector of OperationsAmy (Lenz) BeanDirector of Major GiftsDavid RobertsonDirector of TechnologyBernie TrettaDirector of Measurement and EvaluationStephanie BaumgartnerProgram Strategy and Design ManagerLynn ChildsAccounting ManagerTania GutierrezOrganizational Knowledge ManagerAaron GodoyIT System AnalystAllison GrossbergGrants SpecialistJanet HeathA/R Collections AnalystHanieh JavadiData AnalystGreg MendietaPayroll CoordinatorDiana MorinAccounts Receivable AnalystKimberly OwenAccounts Payable AnalystJocelyn RiosHR Coordinator

www.genesysworks.org1880 South Dairy Ashford Road, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77077(713) 337-0522NGW–AR18YOURFUTUREWORKFORCEVi Nguyen, intern at Texas Children’s Hospital,student at East Early College High School

Since assuming the role of CEO of Genesys Works on January 1, I've had the honor and privilege of meeting and engaging with team members and key stakeholders across our network. The passion and commitment I've seen in support of our students and mission is energizing, and I feel blessed to be part of this movement.