Belmont Village of Rancho Palos Verdes5701 Crestridge Road Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 Phone 310-377-9977 Fax 310-377-4499November 2014Our TeamJudith Uy-VillaruzExecutive Director(310) 377-9977 x 102Rene NavarretteHuman Resource Coord.(310) 377-9977 x 103Tess BerryActivity Program Coord.(310) 377-9977 x 104David AlvarezBuilding Engineer(310) 377-9977 x 105Anthony RodriguezChef Manager(310) 377-9977 x 106Terese CampbellCommunity Relations(310) 377-9977 x 108Jacqueline MarquezCommunity Relations(310) 377-9977 x 107Nerissa Lagmay, R.N.Dir. of Resident Care(310) 377-9977 x 109Melissa LusbyMemory Program Coord.(310) 377-9977 x 121The management Team!Judi’s Notes:On Veterans Day, we pay tributeto the men and women who haveserved and who continue to serveour country in the armed forces.Take a moment on Nov. 11 tohonor those heroes whosededication has kept our libertiesintact. Also, join us for a VeteransDay lunch at 11:30 a.m. onNov. 11. If you are a veteran, we’dlike to thank you for your courageand service.I would again like to thank allwho completed the satisfactionsurveys. Your input helps shapethe programs and activities wehave for our residents. Thedeadline is Nov.6, so if youhaven’t filled one out, there is stillsome time. We would love to hearfrom you.Also, in the next few weeks youwill be receiving a letter from ourResident Council President LouSutherland regarding theEmployee Appreciation Fund.Because we ask that you do not tipstaff throughout the year, this isan effort to make it fair and alsoshow your appreciation for thework the team does. So keep aneye out for his letter.This year, Thanksgiving isThursday, Nov. 27. The word“thank” is defined as “to show orexpress appreciation or gratitudeto, as by saying ‘thank you’.”“Thankfulness,” then, is thefeeling or expression of suchthanks. But that description trulydoesn’t give justice to theemotions that swell up from ourhearts when we truly feel thankfulfor the people in our lives who welove, cherish and appreciate.During this month ofThanksgiving, give some thoughtto the people for whom you aremost thankful, both now and inthe past.The entire team would like towish our residents a very happyThanksgiving. We hope all of youenjoy good food and the companyof friends and family thisThanksgiving.Sincerely,Judith Uy-VillaruzExecutive Director

Resident NovemberBirthdaysSue MakitaLaurine VarrialFred SchorrMarilyn CampbellElizabeth HillBabara DeCurtisJean FriedmanAlice BerkGeneva CooneyDonald DavisAndre MartinLily MincNovember Outings:44781720212424272727Wednesday, Nov. 5Peninsula Drop-offsThankful for Everythingin NOVEMBER!We have a lot to be thankful forand are ready to show ourappreciation in a GRAND way! Besure to join us for the followingevents taking place this month:Tuesday, Nov. 11,from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (JK)“A Thankful Veterans Day BBQ”Thursday, Nov. 20,from 2 to 3 p.m. (GR)“Belmont’s Annual Auction”Thursday, Nov. 13Shopping Trip to South BayGalleriaWednesday, Nov. 19Peninsula Drop-offsTuesday, Nov. 18Autry National CenterMonday, Nov. 24Movie Outing!Thursday, Nov. 27,from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (JK)“A Thanksgiving Feast”Happy Birthday, Andre!November’s BirthdayLunch!Avenue Italy Lunch Outing!November’s Birthday Lunchwill be on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at11:30 a.m. JK!Employee of the Month!Employee NovemberBirthdaysMyla LedesmaGrace FabiaDaniela VeraAnna Liza VanderhoofDiana RamosGracia BarovElizabeth AnchetaJudith Uy-VillaruzThursday, Nov. 6Ports O’Call Waterfront13151516192328Julius E. CastilloJulius E. Castillo Guzman is beingacknowledged for his hard work, loyalty,enthusiasm, teamwork skills, and for hanging inthere and helping assist all the residents withtheir transportation needs. This is not an easyjob. Being a driver takes a lot of energy andpatience and Julius has what it takes to get thejob done. Julius has been in the role ofcommunity driver since July 2011. Please joinus in thanking Julius for doing such awonderful job!

New Activities!CommunityNewsAs always, I strive to make ouractivity program new, exciting andchallenging all at the same time.In doing this, I have added thefollowing new activities starting inNovember:Every other month on SaturdayTBA at 1:15 p.m. in the TownHall:Rubber Block PrintingOn the 1st and 3rd Saturdays at2:30 p.m. in the Town Hall:Wii ExerciseBelmont Buck Auction!Are you ready to spend yourBelmont Bucks?!! Well, now isyour chance! We will have a real,live Belmont Buck Auction onThursday, Nov. 20, at 1 p.m. inthe GR. Right before the holidays. perfect time to purchase greatgifts for your family and friends.UCLA Lecture:A Thanksgiving Feast!Join us on Thursday, Nov. 27,from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for ayummy-filled Thanksgiving Feastwith entertainment! Family andfriends welcome!Join us on Thursday, Nov. 13,at 5:30 to 7 p.m.for a discussion about “Tips forHealthier Skin.”In order to accommodateeveryone, we ask that youplease call and make areservation at (310) 377-9977.Also, be sure to join us for thefollowing “Thanksgiving”activities on ThanksgivingDay:8 a.m. (TH)Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade11 a.m. (TH)Turkey Trot Exercise2 p.m. (TH)BingoGoing, going . SOLD!!!Since your skin plays such animportant role in protectingyour body, you should keep it ashealthy as you can.3:30 p.m. (TH)Documentary: “Dive! Living offAmerica’s Waste!”Welcome UCLA!SAVE THE DATEA Winter Wonderland Night atBelmont Village on Thursday,Dec. 11, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.Mark your calendars for ourannual Casino Night themedaround the holidays. Join us fora fun-filled evening and achance to try your hand at anassortment of casino games,including poker, blackjack,roulette and more!

SundayMondayTuesdayWeekly EventsMondaysTai ChiBoot CampPokerWhat’s Cooking?Trivia w/ Fritz9:3010:1511:002:456:15TuesdaysSit & Be FitFrench ClassThink TankCurrent Short Story TimeThe Word Game9:302:003:00ThursdaysStand & Be FitBoot CampCrossword9:3010:001:30FridaysBalls & BandsTexas Hold ‘EmBible StudyHappy Hour9:3011:001:303:30SaturdaysExercise w/VyrelCVS drop offMusical TriviaHigh Tea9:3010:001:153:30SundaysWorshipCommunionHistory Class10:0010:301:00Evening Movie ORNews Nightly210:00 Worship (3rd Back Parlor)10:30 Communion (TH)* 1:00 There & Back HistoryClass (TH)* 2:30 Think Tank (TH)3:30 Champagne &Entertainment: “Jusstuss” (GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)910:00 Worship (3rd Back Parlor)10:30 Communion (TH)* 1:00 There & Back History(TH)* 2:30 Think Tank (TH)3:00 Bingo (TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)1610:00 Worship (3rd Back Parlor)10:30 Communion (TH)* 1:00 There & Back HistoryClass (TH)* 2:30 Think Tank (TH)3:30 Champagne &Entertainment (GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)23/3010:00 Worship (3rd Back Parlor)10:30 Communion (TH)* 1:00 There & Back HistoryClass (TH) 23rd* 1:00 Technology Class (TH)30th* 2:30 Think Tank (TH) 23/30th3:00 Bingo (TH) 23rd/30th6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)* 9:30 Sit & Be Fit (TH)34* 9:30 Thai Chi (TH)* 10:00 FAB Fitness (TH)* 10:15 Boot Camp (TH)10:45 Computer Assist (CFL)11:00 Poker W/ Siam (TH)* 11:00 French Class (TH)* 1:30 Table Tennis (TH)11:30 October Birthday Lunch* 2:45 Sharpen Your Senses(JK)(TH)* 1:00 Think Tank (TH)* 3:30 MBA Meeting (TH)* 1:30 Activity Chat (TH)* 6:15 Trivia W/ Fritz (GR)2:00 Marketplace (JK)7:30 Evening Movie OR News* 2:30 Current Events(TH)3:30 Bingo (TH)* 9:30 Sit & Be Fit (TH) 1110* 10:00 FAB Fitness (TH)* 9:30 Dancercise (TH)10:45 Computer Assist (CFL)* 10:00 Boot Camp (TH)* 11:00 French Class (TH)11:00 Poker W/ Siam (TH)11:30 Veterans Day BBQ (JK)* 1:15 Categories (TH)* 1:00 Think Tank (TH)* 2:45 What’s Cooking?! (TH)2:00 Marketplace (JK)* 6:15 Trivia W/ Fritz (GR)* 2:30 Resident Council (TH)7:30 Evening Movie OR News3:30 Bingo (TH)(TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)* 9:30 Sit & Be Fit (TH) 1817* 9:30 Thai Chi (TH)* 10:00 FAB Fitness (TH)* 10:15 Boot Camp (TH)10:45 Computer Assist (CFL)11:00 Poker W/ Siam (TH)* 11:00 French Class (TH)* 1:30 Table Tennis (TH)1:00 Autry Museum Outing!* 2:45 Sharpen Your Senses* 1:00 Think Tank (TH)(TH)2:00 Marketplace (JK)* 6:15 Trivia W/ Fritz (GR)* 2:30 Current Events7:30 Evening Movie OR News3:30 Bingo (TH)(TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)24* 9:30 Dancercise (TH)* 10:00 Boot Camp (TH)11:00 Poker W/ Siam (TH)1:00 Movie Outing TBD* 1:15 Categories (TH)* 2:45 What’s Cooking?! (TH)* 6:15 Trivia W/ Fritz (GR)7:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)25* 9:30 Sit & Be Fit (TH)* 10:00 FAB Fitness (TH)10:45 Computer Assist (CFL)* 11:00 French Class (TH)* 1:00 Think Tank (TH)2:00 Marketplace (JK)3:30 Bingo (TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)

November 2014WednesdayThursdayFriday5 * 9:30 Shimmy Shape Up (TH)6Saturday7* 10:00 Bootcamp (TH)* 9:30 Balls & Bands (TH)* 9:30 Rhythmic Exercise (TH)* 11:00 Foreign Language* 11:00 Texas Hold Em’ (TH)* 10:00 Yoga (TH)Academy: Italian (TH)* 1:30 Bible Study (TH)11:00 Peninsula Drop-offs!11:30 Ports O’Call Lunch* 2:45 BAM (TH)* 1:00 Paint Class (TH)Outing!3:30 Happy Hour W/* 3:00 Word Game W/ Wine &* 1:30 Large Crossword (GR)Entertainment by “MarlaCheese! (GR)* 2:30 Strength, Balance andJones!”6:30 Evening Movie (TH)Flexibility (TH)6:30 Evening Movie Netflix (TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)* 9:30 Stand & Be Fit (TH) 131214* 10:00 Bootcamp (TH)* 9:30 Rhythmic Exercise (TH)* 9:30 Balls & Bands (TH)* 11:00 Foreign Language* 10:00 Yoga (TH)* 11:00 Texas Hold Em’ (TH)Academy: Italian (TH)* 1:15 Beading Class (TH)* 1:30 Bible Study (TH)1:00 Shopping Outing: South* 2:00 Afternoon Poker Delight* 2:45 BAM (TH)Bay Galleria!(2nd Back Parlor)3:30 Happy Hour W/* 1:30 Large Crossword (GR)* 3:00 Word Game W/ Wine &Entertainment by “Tony2:45 Documentary (TH)Cheese! (GR)Detorre!”* 5:30-7:30 UCLA Lecture (TH)6:30 Evening Movie (TH)6:30 Evening Movie Netflix (TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)19* 9:30 Rhythmic Exercise (TH)* 10:00 Yoga (TH)11:00 Peninsula Drop-Offs!* 1:00 Paint Class (TH)* 3:00 Word Game W/ Wine &Cheese! (GR)6:30 Evening Movie (TH)20* 9:30 Shimmy Shape Up (TH)* 10:00 Bootcamp (TH)* 11:00 Foreign LanguageAcademy: Italian (TH)1:30 Belmont Auction (GR)* 2:30 Strength, Balance andFlexibility (TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)26 Happy Thanksgiving!* 9:30 Rhythmic Exercise (TH)* 10:00 Yoga (TH)11:00 Peninsula Drop-Offs!* 1:15 Beading Class (TH)* 2:00 Afternoon Poker Delight(2nd Back Parlor)* 3:00 Word Game W/ Wine &Cheese! (GR)6:30 Evening Movie (TH)27* 10:30 Turkey Trot Exercise(TH)* 11:00 Foreign LanguageAcademy: Italian Class (TH)11:30 Thanksgiving FeastW/Entertainment! (JK)2:00 Bingo (TH)3:00 Documentary (TH)6:30 Evening Movie OR News21* 9:30 Balls & Bands (TH)* 11:00 Texas Hold Em’ (TH)* 1:30 Coping W/Change (TH)* 2:45 BAM (TH)3:30 Happy Hour W/Entertainment by “MikeChamberlin!”6:30 Evening Movie Netflix (TH)28* 9:30 Balls & Bands (TH)* 11:00 Texas Hold Em’ (TH)* 1:30 Bible Study (TH)* 2:45 BAM (TH)3:30 Happy Hour W/Entertainment Cancelled!6:30 Evening Movie Netflix (TH)* 9:30 Movement Exercise W/1Vyrel (TH)10:00 CVS Drop-Off* 10:30 Blackjack W/ Siam (TH)* 1:15 Sensory & Stimulus (TH)* 2:30 Dominoes (2nd Floor BkParlor)3:30 High Tea W/ “Rose Marie!”(GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)* 9:30 Movement Exercise W/8Vyrel (TH)10:00 CVS Drop-Off* 10:30 Blackjack W/ Siam (TH)* 1:15 Musical Trivia W/Ronnie(TH)* 2:30 Dominoes (2nd Floor BkParlor)3:30 High Tea W/ “JoyceGarro!” (GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News* 9:30 Movement Exercise W/15Vyrel (TH)10:00 CVS Drop-Off* 10:30 Blackjack (TH)* 1:15 Rubber Block Printing(GR)* 2:30 Dominoes (2nd BackParlor)3:30 High Tea W/ “RonnieJayne” (GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News* 9:30 Movement Exercise W/22Vyrel (TH)10:00 CVS Drop-Off* 10:30 Blackjack W/ Siam (TH)* 1:15 Sensory & Stimulus (TH)* 2:30 Dominoes (2nd Floor BkParlor)3:30 High Tea W/ “ClarenceUlrich!” (GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)* 9:30 Movement Exercise 29W/Jessica (TH)10:00 CVS Drop-Off* 10:30 Blackjack W/ Siam (TH)* 1:15 Sensory & Stimulus (TH)* 2:30 Dominoes (2nd Floor BkParlor)3:30 High Tea W/ “JimmyBrewster!” (GR)6:30 Evening Movie OR News(TH)

Poetic NonsenseThere was an old lady whomoved to the zoo.She had scads of money andnothing to do.She lavished prime rib on thelions and bears.Bought slacks for the monkeyslayettes for their heirs.Neighborhood News:For a change of scenery, we joined theAlzheimer’s Walk in Long Beach. On Saturday,Oct. 18, several Belmont Village employees andfriends joined with other families and friendsassociated with the Alzheimer’s Association. Itwas an incredible demonstration of howAlzheimer’s has affected our community.Thank you for supporting Through our Casual for a Cause and Let’s Tablethe Alzheimer’s Walk,Alzheimer’s fundraisers, we were able to donateRoberta!a sizable amount toward Alzheimer’s research.She set up a shop for fast cutsand blow drys; shave and ahaircut two bits for the guys.She established a contest tochoose a Miss Zoo.It was won by a ganglingglamorous GNU.She left her vast fortune tomaintain their care and theysmile from inside at the “Jungleout there.”By: Resident, Barbara BerryThank you!MealtimesBreakfast: 7–9 a.m.Lunch: 11 a.m.–1 p.m.Dinner: 4:30–7 p.m.Due to limited space in Josephine’sKitchen, we request parties of fiveor more to please inform amanager.Circle of FriendsOur Circle of Friends always has afun time for Halloween. Two yearsago, we dressed up as hippies. Lastyear, we were pirates. This year, wewere all Waldo- from the popularbooks “Where’s Waldo.” Ourgroup really gets into the spirit ofholidays and seems to always behaving a fun time. We had a greattime painting our shirts with redstripes. Look for our Waldopictures in next month’snewsletter! Who knew that ourgroup would look so dashing inblack glasses and stripedbeanies?As always, our outings wereamazing as well. We visited thepumpkin patch and carved ourown pumpkins. Afterwards, wesaved the seeds to roast them!Family, feel free to join an outingwith your loved one!Fumi, taking a break to smile!Grace, keeping our Circle of Friendsfit!

Nerissa’s Corner:Tips for a Thinner ThanksgivingDid you know that most peoplegain at least a pound during theholiday, some even gain more.The good news is with a littleknowledge, you can indulgeyourself in traditional holiday fareand still enjoy a guilt-freeThanksgiving feast.Get Active: Boost the frequencyof your fitness routine the weeksahead of the feast. Take a walkearly Thanksgiving day and thenagain after dinner if youare up to it.Eat Breakfast: Start your day witha healthy breakfast, preferably onewith protein and fiber. This willallow you to be more sensiblelater in the day during the “bigfeast.”Best Bets on the Table: Whiteturkey meat, plain vegetables,roasted sweet potatoes, mashedpotatoes and non-fat gravy tend tobe the best bets because they arelower in fat and calories.Welc meNew ResidentsVeterans Day!November is the month when wetake the time to remember thosewho have served our country andsacrificed so much in order tokeep us safe and free.The eleventh hour of the eleventhday of the eleventh month is thetime set aside by many countriesto commemorate and honorveterans.In the United States, it is a federalholiday celebrated with paradesand other activities. Once knownas Armistice Day, it was officiallyproclaimed Veterans Day in 1954by President Dwight Eisenhower.George HughesHelen HoganWe would like to invite you tojoin us for our New ResidentSubway Social on Monday,Nov. 17, at 11:30 a.m. in theTown Hall.This will be a great way for us tointroduce ourselves and get toknow you better.Sincerely,The Welcome CommitteeJoin us for a Veterans Day Lunchon Tuesday, Nov. 11, from11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the JK.Skip the Seconds and Leftovers:Try to resist the temptation to goback for second helpings orleftovers.Sincerely,Nerissa Lagmay, Director ofResident CareAs you encounter unfamiliarfaces in the coming weeks, we’dlike to ask your help inwelcoming them to ourcommunity.Drusilla enjoying our ice creamsocial!Thank you for serving our country,Hayward!

Showing Our Support on “Pay for Pink” Wednesdays!Fighting for the Cure!Helping raise awareness!Keep the Faith!Supporting National Breast CancerAwareness Month!Peggy, a breast cancer survivor!5701 Crestridge RoadRancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275RCFE Lic.

Welcome UCLA! SAVE THE DATE A Winter Wonderland Night at Belmont Village on Thursday, Dec. 11, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Mark your calendars for our annual Casino Night themed around the holidays. Join us for a fun-filled evening and a chance to try your hand at an assortment of casino games, including poker, blackjack, roulette and more!