Running WebFOCUS ReportsIntroduction: This tutorial will show you how to run WebFOCUS reports. Tobegin, double-click the Internet Explorer Icon on your Computer Desktop:DoubleClick Here1. From the MCC Home page, Select Employees1

Running WebFOCUS Reports2. From the MCC Employees Page, Select Banner Access Menu. You willbe prompted for your network User ID and password. Provide it and clickOK.2

Running WebFOCUS Reports3. From the Banner Access Menu, Choose Web Focus3

Running WebFOCUS Reports4. You are now ready to log in and run WebFOCUS reports. For ease ofuse, you may want to click the Favorites button on the Internet ExplorerTool Bar and add this URL to your Internet Favorites List. From that point,you can get directly to the WebFOCUS Login through your Internetfavorites.Provide your network User ID and Password on this screen and click theLogon button. Note: You may only have one session of WebFOCUSsession running at one time. Your network ID and Password will governwhat WebFOCUS reports you will have access to.4

Running WebFOCUS Reports5. Once you provide your User ID and Password and click the Logon buttonyou will see a screen similar to the one below. Reports are stored within“domains”. You will see a list of the domains you have access to byclicking the down arrow on the upper left side of the screen. Most userswill only have access to one domain.If you have access to more than one domain and the domain you want toaccess is not selected, select the domain from the list. Once the domainname is in the list box, select Submit to see the Domain Tree of reportsavailable for that domain.Reports written by ETS Computing will appear under the StandardReports menu item. However, other WebFOCUS users who have accessto this domain may have written reports to be shared. These will be underthe Shared Reports menu item.5

Running WebFOCUS Reports6. Reports can be organized by folders within a domain. Click the next to afolder name to see a listing of reports in the folder. Some folders mayhave subfolders of reports. Keep clicking the next to the folder to openthe folder and see the list of reports. The plus will become a – symbolwhen the folder is open. Click the – symbol to close the folder andcollapse the menu.6

Running WebFOCUS Reports7. If you would like to make the Domain Tree area wider so you can read thefull name of the listed reports, put the tip of your mouse pointer on the linedividing the white and blue area where it says Domains For . . . Drag tothe right with your LEFT mouse button and the area should get wider.Release your left mouse button when the list is wide enough to display thereport names.7

Running WebFOCUS Reports8. Select the report you wish to run by pointing to it and clicking the leftmouse button. A menu will appear. Select Run.9. Depending on the report, you may need to provide additional fields ofinformation. Provide the requested information and click Submit.8

Running WebFOCUS Reports10. The selected report should appear in a separate window. The report canbe written to produce a number of different report output types but AdobeReader and Excel are the two most common.If Adobe Reader (.pdf) is the output format you can then print the report bychoosing File and Print.9

Running WebFOCUS Reports11. If the output produced is Excel, you will see the following box appear. Ifyou want to save the file, you should click the Open button to open theExcel spreadsheet and then save the spreadsheet. The Save button willwork, but it is very slow.10

Running WebFOCUS ReportsWorking With the WebFOCUS Favorites MenuA report can be added to a WebFOCUS favorites menu for easier access. Leftclick on the report name and choose Add to Favorites. You will receive a dialogbox that the report has been added. Access the reports you have added toFavorites by clicking Favorites at the top of the WebFOCUS screen.11

Running WebFOCUS ReportsWhen you click Favorites from the top of the screen a dialog box will appearlisting your Favorites reports. To run the report from here, select it with your leftmouse button and choose Run. If you wish to remove a report from the Favoriteslist, select the report with your left mouse button and choose Remove. Toremove all reports in your Favorites menu, select Remove All button. To stopworking with the Favorite Menu choose Close.12

Running WebFOCUS Reports12. When you are finished using WebFOCUS you should log off the systemby clicking Logoff at the top of the screenWhen you log off you should see a screen similar to the one below:13

Running WebFOCUS ReportsIf you do not log off from WebFOCUS after you have finished your session youwill receive an error message the next time you access WebFOCUS. Click theCancel Session and Login menu item to log in.14

Running WebFOCUS Reports 1 Introduction: This tutorial will show you how to run WebFOCUS reports. To begin, double-click the Internet Explorer Icon on your Computer Desktop: 1. From the MCC Home page, Select Employees