Whova User Tutorial for ExhibitorsThe 2020 Purdue Veterinary Conference will be using the Whova app to take the conference virtual. A quick tutorialfor Whova app users is included below.How to Download the Whova AppThe Whova event app is for free for event attendees. To download the app, open the Apple Store orGoogle Play on your mobile device, and search for 'Whova' (see icon to the right). Follow theinstructions to download the app.How to Get Started1. Sign in - Enter the email address you used for event registration, or use your social media account. Create apassword and type in your name.2. Edit your profile – Other attendees will your profile and be able to network with you. You can edit it later byclicking the letter icon on the top left.

3. Access the conference page. The app should take you to the Purdue Veterinary Conference automatically as longas the email account you used to sign in matches the email account used for conference registration.If for some reason your event doesn't show up automatically, search for it (see example below). Then, click the join buttonon the bottom of the event description page, and enter the event invitation code the organizers sent you. Or, request anew code and wait until the organizers approve your request.

4. Go to your account settings to edit your notifications and privacy. Click on the letter at the top left to accessthe account settings. You can also edit your profile in this area.

5. Create your company’s Virtual Booth. The “Exhibitor Hub” is the section where you can make edits to yourbooth profile, manage booth staff, collect leads, and create promotional offers.The next steps will walk you through the additional sections available within the Exhibitor Hub.To get started, click on “Exhibiting Booth Profile to edit the details of your booth. You can change your booth coverphoto, share additional photos, add live stream connection info, upload promotional videos, and see who is interactingwith your page. You can also edit your contact information and company description.

Within the “Promotional Offers” section, you can create a raffle, giveaway, or coupon for conference attendees. Clickon “edit” to edit the details of your promotion. On the next screen you will see the different options for promotions.You can edit or remove the promotion at any time.The view below shows what the coupon looks like when attendees view your exhibitor booth. Exhibitor promotionaloffers also show up automatically as posts in the Community Boards where attendees can access the!

Click on the “Manage Booth Staff” to invite booth staff to “work” your virtual booth. Enter their email address and thenchoose their permissions for collecting leads. An invitation will be sent to them to access the app.Click on Collect Leads/Contacts to see the lead retrieval features. Since this conference is virtual, you can use the“Add Lead Manually” section to record leads manually to keep track of them in the app.

Popular Whova FeaturesConference AgendaClick on the Agenda icon to access the conference agenda. Whova lists all the sessions on each event day. Youcan search an individual session by keywords (session title, speaker name, etc.). The session includes all of thesession details and provides attendees with an opportunity to ask questions or leave comments, and rate the session. Ifproceedings are available, they will be included in the handouts section. You can take down your personal notes too.You can add the session into your own personal agenda and set a reminder. You can also personalize your scheduleby using the “My Agenda” feature. Simply click on a session and select “Add to my Agenda.” This also allows you toset a reminder so you receive a push notification prior to the session. You can add your own activities to yourschedule in the “My Agenda” section as well.

Visit the Virtual Exhibit HallConnect with exhibitors and sponsors in the virtual exhibit hall using Whova. Like or comment on their page, andchat directly with company representatives. Take advantage of conference specials, giveaways, and coupons byclicking “sign up for deals and offerings.” Exhibitors can post pictures, videos, and other information on their page.

Network with AttendeesUse the app to explore the attendee list for the event and connect with other conference participants. You cansearch by keywords including company name or title. Simply click on attendees in the list to see their professionalprofiles. You can message them privately or group message within the app, as well as request their contact info.The meeting scheduling feature allows you to suggest a time and a place to virtually meet someone. Whenaccepted, you'll see a notification and it'll also show up in your agenda.

Interact using the Conference Community BoardYou can introduce yourself, ask questions, post jobs, share photos, and interact with fellow attendees on theCommunity Board. You can search and follow posts, post in existing topics or add a new topic. Scroll down to seeall of the different topics. Use the “Job Openings” section to post available jobs or search job openings.

Whova Web AppWhen you download Whova, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access Whova from your laptop ordesktop computer. Simply click the button to go to the web version on your computer or go to 202009/sign in. You will use the same login username and password asthe mobile app. The desktop version is provided for attendees so they can more easily view virtual sessions. Notall of the mobile app features are available on the web app.Use the navigation on the right to access the event agenda, sessions, exhibit hall, and community boards.NOTE: You must use the mobile app to edit your user profile. Also, the Exhibitor Hub is unavailable inthe web app. All changes to Exhibit Booths must be done using the mobile app.

Whova User Tutorial for Exhibitors The 2020 Purdue Veterinary Conference will be using the Whova app to take the conference virtual. A quick tutorial for Whova app users is included below. How to Download the Whova App The Whova event app is for free for event attendees. To download the app, open the Apple Store or