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HHowmuchhddoes collegellcost?

RegistrationFees OnlyygUniversity of California 13,200 3,California CommunityCollege 1,104California StateUniversity 7,025 7 025Private Universities 32,100

Fees//Tuition 13,200MiscellaneousBooks andsupplies 3,550 1,550Universityof CaliforniaTotal 33,000Transportation 1,300Room andboard 13,400

Fees/Tuition 7,025Books andsuppliesMiscellaneous 3,829 1,666Cal StateTotal 24,394Transportation 950Room andboard 10,924

Fees//Tuition 1,104Books andsuppliesMiscellaneous 3,250 1,675CommunityCiCollegeTotal 15,129Transportation 1,200Room andboard 7,900

How do I pay for college?

Paying for Your EducationPersonalSavingsScholarshipsGrants &Loans

Federal AidPellGrantWorkStudyLoansUp to 5,500Awarded byindividualcollegeSubsidizedDeterminedby EFCWork on/offcampusUnsubsidizedAmountreceived onlyif you workPrivate

What is FAFSA?Free Application for FederalSt d t AidStudent

yGrantsFAFSAFinancialAid PackageFederalWorkStudyLoans

HHowththe FAFSA ddeterminestiyour FiFinanciali l Aid The amount of money you receive is based on yourExpected Family Contribution (EFC) EFC The amount your family is expected to pay foryour college based on family incomeTotal CostofAttendanceEFCFinancialii lNeed

For Exampley You have 3 colleges in mindUCSD[living on campus]Cost ofAttendanceEFCFinancialNeed 31,000 1,000 30,000SDSU[living on campus] 24,000 1,000Mesa College[living at home] 15,000 1,000 23,000 14,000

What should I do next?

FAFSA Process: Getting StartedStep 1Step 2Both Students and Parents must applyfor a PINwww pin ed the FAFSA online beforeMarch 2www fafsa ed

Step 3: What You Need to Complete the FAFSASociall Security #Financial Records/ Tax Return FormsEmail AddressDriver’s License Number(if you have one)

FAFSA Process: Follow UpStep 4Step 5Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)and California Aid Report (CAR)Receive financial aid packages fromeach of your colleges of interest

State AidCal Grants: A, B, CInstitutional Grant

Cal Grant AIndependentCSUUC 5,472/yr 12,192/yr 8,056/yrFor Profit 4,000/yrLowo to middledd e incomeco e studestudentsts who:o: Meet the income and asset ceilings Have financial need3.00 High School GPA minimumAssociates or Bachelors programs onlyMaximum annual award amounts Used foro tuitionu o aand/ord/o feesees oonlyy Held in reserve while attending community college

Cal Grant BLow income students who: Meet the income and asset ceilings2.00 GPA minimumi iAssociates Bachelors,Associates,Bachelors and Certificate programsAnnual Awards 1,473 stipend first year Fees/Tuition plus 1,473 in 2nd, 3rd, 4th yr AvailableA il bl as EEntitlementtitlt&CCompetitivetiti AAwardsd

Cal Grant CTechnical and career studentsFinancial Need determined byFAFSACal Grant C Supplement Form

Cal Grant GPA Verification RequirementUploadedl d dbby hihighhschoolDeadline Marchnd2

Dream Act

DREAM ACT STUDENTS(no social security #)Submit Application OnlineBeginning January 1stDue March***DO NOT USE FAFSA APPLICATION

Dream Act Eligibility Requirements1Attend a CA High School for 3 ormore years2Graduate from a CA Highg School3File an affidavit with college oruniversity stating that you intend tofile and applicationppto legalizegyyourimmigration status

Middle Class Scholarshipp

Middle Class Scholarshipy Will Provide fundingg to cover upp to 440% of in-statetuition for UC and CSU undergrad studentsy Funding provided for students from households withincomes between 100,000 to 150,000y Students rewarded on a sliding scale from 39%-10%off tuitiont itiy Program begins in 2014-2015 on a limited basis{F ll implementationFulli lt ti scheduledh d l d ffor 20172017-1818

Middle Class Scholarship Requirements1How to apply:Submit FAFSAor Dream actand a Cal GrantGPA verificationform byMustt bMbe a CCalifornialifi residentid t orexempt from nonresidentialtuition under AB5402MARCH 2ndMust Maintain a 2.0 grade pointaverage3Does NOT have any combinationof Cal Grant, Pell Grant and/or UCGrant that already covers 40% ormore of tuition


California Chafee Grant for Foster YouthHavefinancialneedcertified byschoolMaintaini i2.0 GPAEligibilitygyBeganFoster carebetween16-22Can use attCa collegeoutsideCalifornia

How to apply for Chafee Grant1 Obtain PIN www.PIN.ed.gov2 Complete FAFSA application www.fafsa.ed.gov3 CompleteCl t ChChafeef AApplicationli ti

FAFSA Workshopsp

Attend a Cash For College Workshop!y January 25: 9am-12pm9am 12pm{ Montgomery High School{ Lincoln High Schooly February 1: 9am-12pm{ El Cajon High School{ Kearny High School{ El Camino High Schooly February 8: 9am-12pm{ Sweetwater High Schoold Floor{ FIDM 3rdy February 22: 9am-12pm9am 12pm{ Southwest High School{ Hoover High School{ CSU SanS MMarcos{ Monte Vista High Schooly MMarchh 1: 9am-12pm{ San Ysidro High School

Contacting Cal-SOAP Meet with your College Peer Advisor (CPA)Call the CalCal-SOAPSOAP office at 858.569.1866Visit the Cal-SOAP website for informationand current events for highg school students!Remember, we are here for YOU!

Attend a Cash For College Workshop! yJanuary 25: 9am-12pm yFebruary 22: 9am12pm {Montgomery High School{Lincoln High School {Southwest High School{Hoover High School{CSU S MyFebruary 1: 9am-12pm {El Cajon High SchoolCSU San Marcos {Monte Vista High School{Kearny High School Mh {El Camino High SchoolyMarch 1: 9am-12pm {San Ysidro High SchoolyFebruary 8: 9am-12pm