CAMBRIDGE PUBLIC SCHOOLSNOVAtime Employee Time and Attendance SystemHOURLY EMPLOYEESTable of ContentsLogging into NOVAtime2A. Completing and submitting your Timesheet3! Reporting an absence from work, such as a personal, sick or vacation day5! Sample List of Pay Codes7! Adding a note to your Timesheet8! Revising your Timesheet9! Submitting your Timesheet10B. Reporting Overtime12C. Reviewing Accrual Balances12111/9/2017

Logging into NOVAtime: Navigate to http://novatime.cpsd.us1. Enter your CPS network login in the boxlabeled ‘ID’ .2. Enter your CPS network password you usewhen starting your computer in themorning.3. Click “EMPLOYEE WEB SERVICES”.12321This is ultimately what your dashboard default page will look like.1. Click on the arrow after the word “timesheet”. Your timesheet will open and a timesheettab will appear.2. Click on the star next to word “timesheet” on the tab. This is what your dashboard willlook like each time you log in.*Click either on the arrow or star going forward to open your timesheet.*211/9/2017

A. Completing your TimesheetIn order to take full advantage of the system and its “real-time” benefits, we encourage you torecord your time on a daily basis.Once logged-in, you will see your timesheet. Your Timesheet Status will be OPENATo view your current timesheet, be sure the ‘Date Selection’ is set to the ‘Current Pay Period’BYou can also choose to view a prior pay period or complete a future pay period by changing the‘Date Selection’.ABTo complete your timesheet:1. Click on the “Date” field, and select the date worked.To navigate through the fields in your timesheet, use the tab key.12. Tab to the “PayCode” field, and select the “01-Regular” Pay Code.3. Enter your ‘In’ and ‘Out’ times.311/9/2017

When entering your ‘In’ and ‘Out’ times in NOVAtime:" For morning hours, enter the hour and minutes followed by “a” or “am”. If youarrived at work at 8:00 a.m., you can enter it as “8a”, “8am”, “8:00a”, or “8:00am”." For afternoon and evening hours, enter the hour and minutes followed by “p” or“pm”. If you are to leave work at 4:15 p.m., you can enter it as “415p”, “415pm”,“4:15p”, or “4:15pm”4. Finally, be sure to ‘SAVE’ your entry. Once you have saved your entry, your hours workedautomatically will be calculated. Please note that after you save an entry, you may revise itif necessary.5. After entering your third working day for a pay period, you will need to ‘ADD A RECORD’ orline, so you can enter your additional work or leave time. Click on the ‘Add Record’ buttonor the “Add” menu item.4523411/9/2017

! Reporting an absence from work, such as a personal, sick or vacation dayTo record a full-day absence on your timesheet:1. Enter the date you were absent.2. Next, you will need to select the Pay Code.A Pay Code is used to describe your regular time worked or your leave (or absence) time(sickness, personal day, vacation). The NOVAtime system is set-up so that you only seePay Codes that you are eligible to use. A sample list of Pay Codes follows this section.3. Enter your total leave hours used in the ‘REG’ field. You do not need to enter an ‘In’ and‘Out’ time when recording leave hours.4. After reporting your time, please be sure to ‘SAVE’ the entry. Saving the entry will saveyour record and recalculate your time.4123511/9/2017

To report, a partial day absence (e.g. you had a doctor’s appointment in the morning andarrived to work three hours late), you will need to enter two records or lines on your timesheetfor the one work day.1. Enter the date you were partially absent.2. Select the “Pay Code”. In this instance, choose Pay Code “20-Sick”.3. Enter the total amount of time you were absent from work in the “REG” field.4. You will need to enter another record or line in your timesheet to reflect the hours youwere present at work. Remember to enter:# the date,# select the proper “Pay Code” [In this instance, choose Pay Code “0-Regular”],# enter the time you arrived at work (‘In’) and the time you will be leavingwork (‘Out’).5. Again, please be sure to “Save” your entry. When combining the two records, the totalhours reflected should equal a complete working day.51234611/9/2017

PAY CODESIn any given week, you must account for your time each day, even those days on which you arenot at work. Pay codes describe the type of time that you are reporting. For instance “Regular”indicates that you were in attendance at work, while “holiday” indicates that you were not inattendance at work because of an official work holiday such as Thanksgiving. There are manydifferent pay codes; however, you will see only those that apply to your particular job category.Sample List of Pay CodePay CodesDescripton01-RegularRegular Work Time02-Additional HoursAdditional straight time hours worked12-Paraprof SubbingParaprofessional Substitutes for Teacher18-Staff on AssignStaff on AssignmentLeaves20-SickSick/Illness22-School VacSchool vacation weeks21-VacationVacation23-HolidayLegal Holidays per school calendar or contracts24-Floating HolFloating Holiday per contract27-Snow DaySchool cancellations because of snow29-PersonalPersonal Time30-Personal/SickPersonal Time charged to Sick32-Prof'l DayProfessional Day34-Comp TimeCompensatory Time711/9/2017

! Adding a note to your TimesheetWhen reporting your time, you can leave a note for your supervisor. This feature will beparticularly helpful when explaining or providing detail about an absence from work.To add a note:1. Select and click on the “Notes” field at the end of your time sheet record.2. A pop-up field will appear. Type your note to your supervisor in this field.3. When complete, choose “Ok”.4. Be sure to “Save”.5. After saving your entry and note, a small envelope icon will now appear in the “Note”field at the end of your record. You can view or edit your note by clicking on the“envelope” icon.41235811/9/2017

! Revising your TimesheetTo REVISE your timesheet:1. You can update an existing entry. Click on the information you would like to update.For example, if you would like to update your ‘In’ time, with your mouse, double-click onthe ‘In’ field. Once the field is highlighted in blue, you can manually revise your ‘In’time. Once you have entered your revised time, using the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard,you can exit the field.2. You can also delete an existing entry, and manually enter the correct data. Select theentry you would like to delete, and choose the ‘DELETE’ option. Re-enter the timerecord.3. Remember to ‘SAVE’ your change. By saving your change, your working hour total willbe updated. Please note that once your timesheet is ‘SUBMITTED’ to your supervisorfor approval, you will be unable to revise it.231911/9/2017

! Submitting your TimesheetAt the end of the weekly pay period, you MUST remember to ‘SUBMIT’ your correct andcomplete timesheet. For employees who receive a weekly paycheck, your pay period beginsFriday of each week and ends the following Thursday. All timesheets MUST be submitted bythe end of the working day on Thursday. When entering your time at the end of your work dayon Thursday, you will also have to ‘Submit’ your timesheet.Before submitting your timesheet, please REVIEW for accuracy.a. Be sure that it reflects the total days and working hours for the week. If you work fivedays a week, at least five entries should appear on your timesheet.b. In the Weekly Summary section of your timesheet, your total number of reported hourswill appear. This total should equal your total number of required hours for a payperiod.Once you have reviewed your timesheet and you are certain that it is accurate, select ‘SUBMIT’ca12345b1011/9/2017c

The following notice will appear. Choose to “Submit Timesheet”.Should you have any missing items or a day where your time was not reported on yourtimesheet, you will receive a notice. Select ‘Ok’, and update your timesheet.After making any further revisions, you will need to ‘Submit’ your timesheet again.Once your timesheet has been successfully submitted, your Timesheet Status will change to‘SUBMIT’ aPlease note that once you ‘Submit’ your timesheet, you cannot make any further revisions toit. You will need to speak to your direct supervisor to make any further edits.a1111/9/2017

B. Reporting OvertimeIf you are eligible for overtime pay, when you have exceeded your regular working hours duringa work week, NOVAtime will automatically calculate your overtime hours. All hours, includingovertime, will be submitted to your supervisor for approval.C. Reviewing Accrual BalancesNavigating to Accruals14321. Click on Hamburger Icon.2. Click on Attendance.3. Click on Accrual.4. Click on star on accrual tab.*Click either on the star or use the hamburger icon going forward to view your accruals.*1211/9/2017

In addition to electronically submitting your timesheet, NOVAtime allows you to view yourleave balances, including your sick, personal and vacation time. Navigate to ‘Accruals’.a. By Pay Code, you will be able to view your leave balances. See the “Sample List of PayCodes” on page 7 of this booklet.b. The Post Date signifies the date you took leave or when an adjustment or entry wasmade to your time.c. The Post Type reflects the type of transaction:Post TypeI/ ImportRollover of your accrued balances to the system as of June30th.The Payroll Department made an adjustment to yourtimesheet. After submitting your timesheet and yoursupervisor has approved it, you discovered that anadjustment or correction needed to be made to yourtimesheet. For example, you reported your absence as sickleave rather than bereavement leave. You and/or yoursupervisor contacted the Payroll Department, who manuallyadjusted your timesheet.UUser PostingPlease note NOVAtime will reflect your annual accrued sicktime as well as three personal days. If personal days aretaken, the Payroll Department will manually adjust your sickleave balance accordingly.SSystem PostingUpload of new annual balances to the system in July.TTimesheet EditPostingTime taken as you reported on your timesheet and asapproved by your supervisor.d. Accrued/Used reflects the time you used or the time you accrued during a particularperiod.e. Available or Carry Hours is the number of hours that are available to you or your leavebalance.1311/9/2017

If you would like to viewyour leave balanceactivity for a particularperiod, you can chooseto filter your selection byentering a date range.Clicking on the “ ” symbol will expand theselection, letting you view your leave history.abcde1411/9/2017

To add a note: 1. Select and click on the "Notes" field at the end of your time sheet record. 2. A pop-up field will appear. Type your note to your supervisor in this field. 3. When complete, choose "Ok". 4. Be sure to "Save". 5. After saving your entry and note, a small envelope icon will now appear in the "Note" field at the end of your record.