SEP-IRA and SIMPLE IRA Distribution Use this form to: Request a distribution from a SEP-IRA or SIMPLE IRA, includingdirect rollover and required minimum distribution (RMD). Claim an inheritance from a SEP-IRA or SIMPLE IRA. Do not use this form to: Withdraw an excess contribution before your tax filing deadline.Use the SEP-IRA and SIMPLE IRA Excess Contribution WithdrawalAuthorization form. Request any IRA to IRA transfer. Contact the receiving institutionfor transfer instructions. Transfer IRA due to divorce complete the IRA Divorce Transfer form. Request a Qualified Charitable Distribution. Use the QualifiedCharitable Distribution—IRA form.1Name2B FrequencySocial Security Number (SSN)PhoneDate of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)Distribution InformationCheck one reason for distribution: Age 59½ or over at the time of the distribution. Under age 59½.Additional tax for early withdrawal may apply.The IRS has created several exceptions to the additional tax (e.g. distributions upon the accountholder’s disability). See IRS Publication 590and Instructions for Form 5329 and speak with your tax professional forfurther details regarding the exceptions that may be available to you. Direct rollover to an eligible employer-sponsored retirement plan.Verify rollover acceptance with the receiving plan administrator. Notfor proceeds directed to an IRA held with another institution.N OTE: SIMPLE IRAs can only roll over to another type of employer-sponsored plan iftwo years have passed since the first contribution was credited. R equired Minimum Distribution calculated by T. Rowe Price. Go toSection 3. NOTE: This calculation does not include assets at other institutions. Beneficiary. Go to Section 4. Each beneficiary completes a separateform. Review the IRA Inheritance Facts. Correction of IRA excess contribution (after tax filing deadline, includingextension). A 6% penalty on the excess amount may apply.2AAmountThe distribution will be one payment unless you complete Section 2B. If“Specified years” is the systematic calculation method, leave the amountblank as the amount will vary. If only a plan ID is provided, distribution ismade from all funds pro rata.Fund NamePlan IDExpress delivery only:T. Rowe Price Mail Code 173504515 Painters Mill RoadOwings Mills, MD 21117-4903This stamp indicates that a signature guarantee is required.This paper clip indicates that you may need to attach documentation.This monitor indicates this can be done online.Owner InformationComplete a separate form for each employer plan.Check plan type: SEP-IRA SIMPLE IRACheck if assets are held in a brokerage account: Brokerage. It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient fundsare available in your sweep account to cover the amount of therequested distribution.2Mail to:T. Rowe PriceP.O. Box 17350Baltimore, MD 21297-1350Check one: Monthly Quarterly Semiannually AnnuallyStart Month and Year (mm/yyyy)Day of Month† (defaults to 20th if blank) 10 15 20† NOTE: If a weekend or holiday, processed on the next business day.Systematic Calculation Method (Not for RMDs) Check one: F ixed Amount provided in Section 2A. S pecified years: Not to exceed IRS life expectancy.3RMDs can be requested by phone or on the Web.RMD Mostvisit RMD calculation includes all assets within the same employer andplan type held at T. Rowe Price. Distributions will be taken proportionately from your applicable IRA accounts. For brokerage accounts, ifsecurities must be sold in order to accommodate a cash distribution,ensure your trades are placed in time for settlement to take place beforethe RMD date.Check one: Distribute only current-year RMD now. Systematic RMD program (the RMD program will remain on fileunless canceled or deferred).Check a Frequency: Monthly Quarterly Semiannually AnnuallyStart Month and Year (mm/yyyy)Day of Month† (defaults to 20th if blank) 10 15 20† NOTE: If a weekend or holiday, processed on the next business day.Spouse Information. If your spouse is on file as the sole primarybeneficiary, confirm his or her date of birth. To add or changebeneficiaries, attach the IRA Beneficiary form.Spouse’s NameDate of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)Transfer or Rollover Assets. If assets were moved from another financial institution to this IRA during the current year, check one: RMD satisfied prior to the transfer or rollover or from other IRA assets. R MD not satisfied prior to transfer or rollover. Calculate the RMDfor the assets on the attached another financial institution priorand distribute based on the instructionsyear-end statementprovided above.Amount All * % All * % For more funds, check this box and attach a separate page.* NOTE: Dollar balances may fluctuate daily with the market. If the dollar amount is close tothe total balance, provide percent instead.FRP4SRAD 8/21 wQuestions? 800-492-7670Page 1 of 5

4Beneficiary of Decedent’s IRAReview the IRA Inheritance Facts for general information about inheritingand to determine what additional documents are required with this form.For more detailed information regarding your personal situation, pleaseconsult a tax or legal professional for advice.4ABeneficiary InformationBy completing this section, you are claiming an inheritance from aSEP-IRA or SIMPLE IRA and will have an Inherited SEP-IRA or SIMPLEIRA established. Existing investments will be transferred into the sameinvestments unless different instructions are provided. Assets will remainin the Inherited IRA and no distribution will occur unless you completeSection 4B or 4C. To add beneficiaries, attach the IRA BeneficiaryIf assets are held in a brokerage account, also attach aform.Brokerage IRA New Account form.Relationship to IRA Owner: Spouse OtherCitizenship* U.S. Citizen Resident Alien OtherDate of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)*Name of Executor, Trustee, or Authorized Signer (if estate, trust, or entity beneficiary)*Executor/Trustee/Authorized Signer SSN*Date of Birth ed Signer Residential Address*City*State*ZIP Code*Mailing Address (if different from residential address)City*State*Original Owner Date of DeathPhoneZIP Code** We are required to have this information in order to open your accountand verify your identity pursuant to the USA PATRIOT Act. For more executors or trustees, check this box and attach aseparate page.4B RMD for Deceased OwnerIf the IRA owner died on or after reaching the required beginning date,complete this section to distribute currently the year of death RMD.(Distributed proportionately from each mutual fund unless you instructotherwise.) Check one: Calculate and distribute remaining RMD. Distribute RMD has been satisfied.FRP4SRAD 8/21 wBeneficiary’s Distribution Options (Optional)Spousal Options Only. Assets will be transferred to an Inherited IRA and noother distribution will be made at this time unless you check a box below (Ifyou need to set up systematic RMDs, see Section 3): Total transfer to your T. Rowe Price Traditional or Roth IRA. Total direct rollover to your eligible employer-sponsored plan.Complete section 6.Spousal and Other Options. If you would like to complete a transactionafter your transfer to the Inherited IRA, check one of the following:(Distributed proportionately from each mutual fund unless you instructotherwise.) Total Distribution. Your Inherited IRA will be closed. OnceInherited IRA assets are distributed, non-spousal beneficiariesmay not rollover the funds into another Inherited IRA. Cash Distribution. (one payment)Amount: or% OTE: This is the percentNyou want to distribute fromyour Inherited IRA, not thepercent of assets you areinheriting.You should confirm that this number S pecified years:does not exceed the time limits prescribed by law.Name (estate, trust, or entity, if applicable)*SSN/Tax ID Number*4CCheck a Frequency: Monthly Quarterly Semiannually AnnuallyStart Month and Year (mm/yyyy)Day of Month† (defaults to 20th if blank) 10 15 20† NOTE: If a weekend or holiday, processed on the next business day.4D Trusted ContactBy my signature on this form, I authorize T. Rowe Price to sharemy account information with the named Trusted Contact person(s)identified below.I authorize T. Rowe Price, at its discretion, to share information with and/or seek information from the Trusted Contact person(s). This informationmay include, but is not limited to, any of my information regarding my/ouraccount(s) including contact information for account owners, beneficiariesor persons authorized to act on the account, securities held, conducted orproposed transactions, deposits, disbursements, or other financial productsor services offered by or through T. Rowe Price.I understand that T. Rowe Price may contact the Trusted Contact person(s)if there are questions or concerns about any of the account activity or inactivity, any account owner’s whereabouts or health status, (e.g., if T. RowePrice becomes concerned that I might no longer be able to handle myfinancial affairs) or in the event that T. Rowe Price becomes concernedthat I may be or become a victim of fraud or exploitation.A Trusted Contact person(s) must be 18 years of age. T. Rowe Pricesuggests that the Trusted Contact be someone not already authorizedto transact business on the account. In addition, T. Rowe Pricesuggests that I advise the Trusted Contact person(s) that I providedthe below information to T. Rowe Price and asks that I keep TrustedContact person(s) updated.I understand that there is no requirement that T. Rowe Price contact myTrusted Contact person(s) and that I may withdraw a Trusted Contact atany time online through Account Access, by telephone or in writing. Bysigning below, I hold T. Rowe Price harmless if T. Rowe Price either acts,or fails to act, based upon T. Rowe Price’s best judgment.Questions? 800-492-7670Page 2 of 5

NOTE: IRS forms are available at or by calling 800-TAX-FORMS.6Trusted Contact InformationTrusted Contact Name*A check will be mailed to the address on file unless you check a box below. Invest in a T. Rowe Price taxable account. New account. Complete the Mutual Fund New Account form. Existing account.Physical Address (cannot be a P.O. box)CityStatePhone*Relationship to OwnerAccount NumberZIP CodeE-mail Address T o list one additional Trusted Contact, check this box and attach aseparate page.*Required fieldsThe Trusted Contact person will apply to all new and existing T. RowePrice accounts. If you wish that the Trusted Contact person(s) be onlyapplied to the accounts being opened please call T. Rowe Price.5Income Tax WithholdingDistributions are subject to federal income tax withholding unless you electnot to have withholding apply. If your address of record is within a mandatory withholding state, state taxes will be withheld from your distribution inaccordance with the respective state rules. If you elect a direct rollover to aneligible employer-sponsored retirement plan, you understand that incometaxes will not be withheld. If you do not check a box, we will withhold10% federal income tax. I do not want federal income taxes withheld from my distribution.I understand that I am responsible for payment of federal incometax on the taxable portion of the distribution and that I may incurpenalties under the estimated tax payment rules if the withholdingand estimated tax payments are not sufficient. I want federal income tax withheld and understand that thewithholding will be done at a rate of 10% unless a withholdingpercentage greater than 10% is specified to the right.%Special Rule for Foreign Address. If your address on record is outside theUnited States or its possessions, we must withhold federal income tax asdescribed below: If you are a U.S. citizen or other U.S. Person as described on IRS FormW-9, we must withhold federal income tax at a rate of 10%. You may notelect out of this withholding requirement. For nonresident aliens, federal income tax withholding, at a rate of 30%, isrequired; however, you may be able to elect a reduced rate of withholding,if your country has a treaty with the U.S., if you complete and attach IRSForm W-8BEN. NOTE: IRS forms are available at or by calling 800-TAX-FORM.FRP4SRAD 8/21 wPayment OptionsFund Name F or more accounts, check this box and attach aseparate page. Electronic funds transfer (EFT). Money will be sent via AutomatedClearing House (ACH) unless you check wire. If over 250,000, itwill be sent via wire. Your bank may also charge a wire fee. Wire. Not for systematic distributions.Distributions are sent to the bank on file unless you check below. New bank account. Signature guarantee may be required. Enclose a voided check or a letter signed by the bankon bank letterhead, which provides the account number,registration, and ACH instructions. Checking account or Savings account Add this bank to my account for future transactions. If abank is on file, replace it. I ssue a check to your employer sponsored retirement plan, analternate address and/or payee. This form will not facilitate an IRAto IRA transfer. Contact the receiving institution to initiate an IRAto IRA transfer. Signature guarantee is required unless you arerequesting a direct rollover. (Indirect rollovers to another IRA requirea signature guarantee.)Payee NameAccount Number (cannot be SSN)Account/Plan Type*AddressCityStateZIP Code* Provide your most recent statement from other financial institution toexpedite a direct rollover to an eligible employer-sponsored plan.7SignaturesIf requesting a distribution, by signing this form, I certify the following: T he information and elections made above are true and accurate.I authorize T. Rowe Price to act upon my instructions provided on the form. I f I am requesting a direct rollover to an eligible employer-sponsored retirement plan, I certify that the amount being distributed is eligible to be rolledover, and understand that federal or state income taxes will not be withheldfrom my distribution. I understand that I am responsible for calculating and withdrawing myRMD amounts under Internal Revenue Code Section 401(a)(9). I herebyindemnify and hold T. Rowe Price Trust Company, its parent and affiliates,successors, and employees harmless from any and all liability should I failto receive the correct RMD amount in any calendar year.If a beneficiary claiming an inheritance, by signing this form, I certify thefollowing: I agree to be bound by the terms of the prospectus for eachT. Rowe Price fund (Fund) in which I am investing. I have the authority andlegal capacity to purchase mutual funds, and am of legal age in my state. I received and read the T. Rowe Price Traditional and Roth IRA DisclosureStatement and Custodial Agreement (or, if applicable, the T. Rowe PriceQuestions? 800-492-7670Page 3 of 5

SIMPLE IRA Disclosure Statement and Custodial Agreement) at leastseven days prior to the date I signed this form, and I agree to the termsand conditions contained within those documents. I understand that thesedocuments may be amended from time to time. I authorize T. Rowe Price Services, Inc. (TRPS), the Fund, and theiragents to act on any instructions believed to be genuine for any serviceauthorized on this form including computer/phone services. The Fund andTRPS use reasonable procedures to verify the identity of the shareholderand the person(s) granted trading privileges, if applicable, when servicing an account by computer/phone. I understand that it is TRPS’ policyto accept transaction instructions from and provide account informationto the registered account owner(s) only, unless the account owner(s) hasprovided authorization to TRPS, in a form acceptable to TRPS, to granttrading privileges or to provide (or permit access to) account information toanother person. I further understand that it is my responsibility to monitorthe activity in my account and not to provide account information, includingmy online user name and password, to anyone. TRPS, the Fund, and theiragents are not liable for any losses that may occur from acting on unauthorized instructions. All services are subject to conditions set forth in eachfund’s prospectus. I agree that computer/phone exchange and redemption services will beactivated when my account is opened. If I do not want these services, I willcontact TRPS to terminate service. By adding a bank account, I authorize TRPS to initiate debit entries tomy account at the financial institution indicated and for the financialinstitution to debit the same to such account through the ACH network,subject to the rules of the financial institution, ACH, and the Fund.TRPS may correct any transaction error with a credit or debit to myfinancial institution account and/or Fund account. This authorization,including any credit or debit entries initiated thereunder, is in full forceand effect until I notify TRPS of its revocation by phone or in writingand TRPS has had sufficient time to act on it. I understand that, to minimize Fund expenses, it is TRPS’ policy to sendonly one copy of the prospectuses, shareholder reports, and other docu-7AAccount Owner or BeneficiarySign Below Signature guarantee is required if: C laiming an inheritance as a non-spouse beneficiary Distribution sent to a bank where the IRA owner is not one of thebank owners Payable to someone other than the owner or beneficiary Requesting an indirect rollover to another IRA (not required fordirect rollovers to a qualified plan) Mailed to an address other than the address on file Invested in an account not owned by the owner or beneficiary ments (except account confirmations and statements) to all Fund shareholders residing at the same address. I also understand that this appliesto all existing Fund accounts and any accounts I may open in the future. Iconsent to this policy and understand that I do not need to take action. If Ido not consent, I will call TRPS after my account is opened. The account I am opening may be a qualifying account under theT. Rowe Price Summit Program as available from time to time, withbenefits determined based on asset levels in qualifying accounts, pluscertain types of other accounts maintained by T. Rowe Price that I andmembers of my household have (as applicable). I understand I can go to learn more about the Program, including qualifying and other account types, benefits, how households are determined,information that may be disclosed to members of the household andtheir agents, and how I can opt out of certain householding features. I authorize TRPS to obtain consumer credit reports (which contain information, including my creditworthiness, credit standing, and credit capacity)and other information to help verify my identity and to determine whetherto establish my account(s) or, after my account(s) is opened, whether tomaintain my account(s) or restrict certain services. If, after making reasonable efforts, TRPS is unable to verify my identity, I understand that TRPSis authorized to take any action permitted by law, including closing myaccount(s) and redeeming my account(s) at the net asset value the day theaccount is closed. The Fund can redeem shares from my account(s) to reimburse a Fund forany loss due to nonpayment or other indebtedness. I understand that if my account has no activity in it for a period of time,TRPS may be required to transfer it to the appropriate state under abandoned property laws. If spouse is checked in section 4A, I certify I am the surviving spouseunder federal law. I certify that the Social Security/Tax Identification number provided onthis form is accurate. The Internal Revenue Service does not require yourconsent to any provision of this document other than the certification thatthe Social Security/Tax Identification number provided is accurate.7B Bank Account OwnerSign BelowTo add a new bank on file, owners of the bank account who are notthe IRA owner must sign here. If the IRA owner is not one of the bankowners, sign in the presence of a signature guarantor.Signature and Date RequiredBank Account OwnerDate (mm/dd/yyyy)-XSignature and Date RequiredOwner or BeneficiaryDate (mm/dd/yyyy)-XFRP4SRAD 8/21 wQuestions? 800-492-7670Page 4 of 5

7CSignature GuaranteeYou can obtain the Medallion signature guarantee from most banks,savings institutions, or broker-dealers. We cannot accept guaranteesfrom notaries public or non-Medallion guarantors. The level of coverageprovided by the guarantor’s stamp must cover the dollar amount of thetransaction or it may be rejected.T. ROWE PRICE PRIVACY POLICYIn the course of doing business with T. Rowe Price, you sharepersonal and financial information with us. We treat this informationas confidential and recognize the importance of protecting accessto it.You may provide information when communicating or transactingwith us in writing, electronically, or by phone. For instance, information may come from applications, requests for forms or literature,and your transactions and account positions with us. On occasion,such information may come from consumer reporting agencies andthose providing services to us.We do not sell information about current or former customers toany third parties, and we do not disclose it to third parties unlessnecessary to process a transaction, service an account, or asotherwise permitted by law. We may share information within theT. Rowe Price family of companies in the course of providing oroffering products and services to best meet your investing needs.We may also share that information with companies that performadministrative or marketing services for T. Rowe Price; with aFRP4SRAD 8/21 wMedallion Signature Guarantee—Place Medallion Stamp Belowresearch firm we have hired; or with a business partner, suchas a bank or insurance company, with whom we are developingor offering investment products. When we enter into such arelationship, our contracts restrict the companies’ use of ourcustomer information, prohibiting them from sharing or using it forany purposes other than those for which they were hired.We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards toprotect your personal information. Within T. Rowe Price, access tosuch information is limited to those who need it to perform theirjobs, such as servicing your accounts, resolving problems, or informing you of new products or services. Our Code of Ethics, whichapplies to all employees, restricts the use of customer informationand requires that it be held in strict confidence.The Privacy Policy applies to the following T. Rowe Price companies:T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.; T. Rowe Price Advisory Services,Inc.; T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc.; T. Rowe Price TrustCompany; and the T. Rowe Price Funds.Questions? 800-492-7670Page 5 of 5

Request a distribution from a SEP-IRA or SIMPLE IRA, including direct rollover and required minimum distribution (RMD). Claim an inheritance from a SEP-IRA or SIMPLE IRA. Do not use this form to: Withdraw an excess contribution before your tax filing deadline. Use the SEP-IRA and SIMPLE IRA Excess Contribution Withdrawal