CAR PARK MANAGEMENT WITH IFMS ANDSAPiFMS is a graphical complementary system for SAP RE-FX and SAP PM/CS. iFMS optimizesthe execution of SAP-based business processes in infrastructural, technical and commercialFacility Management and expands the range of functions of SAP through complementary iFMSsoftware modules. Together, iFMS and SAP form a holistic CAFM with a high level of systemintegration. The car park management module offers companies support for optimising andmanaging car parks and parking authorisations for employees and third parties.THE CHALLENGEOptimum utilisation, management and cost allocation and/or letting of available carparks comes with a range of different challenges. Business processes, e.g. requests,issuing and revoking parking authorisations, are usually manually processed withoutany integrated system support. Utilisation statistics or capacity evidence needed dueto statutory provisions or company agreements can often only be created throughtime-consuming research efforts. Various process steps must be documented withforms and CAD plans are generally required for establishing car park plans. Graphicand alphanumeric master data for individual parking spaces and car parks are often inmanaged several different times in various departments.THE SOLUTIONThe modular SAP complementary system iFMS helps companies master the numerouschallenges arising in Real Estate and Facility Management. The car park managementmodule optimises business process for the management of car parks, parking rightsand access authorisations for employees and third parties. The integration of graphicand alphanumeric parking space data, vehicle data, carpooling communities as well asindividuals and business partners from SAP enables efficient control of all car parkmanagement business processes. Automatic form management offers support forissuing and revoking parking and access authorisations. The integrated CAD graphicsimplifies location assignments for assigning parking spaces on the property. Theapplication enables cost allocation in SAP FI-CO, charging in SAP HCM, invoicing in SAPSD as well as integration in SAP RE-FX. iFMS is certified by SAP AG.Reply

2CAR PARK MANAGEMENT WITH IFMS AND SAPOUR SERVICE RANGEOur goal is to achieve long-term success for car park management. We examine thespecific circumstances in detail from the very start and provide testing systems asearly as the concept phase. This allows users to become familiar with the possibilitiesof car park management module very early on, thereby enabling direct, unambiguouscustomer influence on system specifications. In addition to optimum know-howtransfer, the approach ensures practical application and CAFM solution realisationintegrated into the business processes. Our services at a glance:Specialised concept and prototypeConfiguration of needed functionalities and form management,Integration with SAP HCM, SAP FI-CO, SAP SD and/or SAP RE-FX,Integration of CAD data,Application training,Data migration support,Solution rollout,Maintenance.YOUR BENEFITSThe integrated solution offers comprehensive support for master data management aswell as for the handling of all business processes within car park management. Youbenefit in many ways:Cost savings and quality improvements in master data management thanks to theintegration of the car park management in SAP and CAD.Space savings thanks to optimised car park assignment and targeted allocation ofcar parks.Time savings thanks to optimum process support and automated formmanagement.Optimum management of various access authorisations, e.g. chip card, parking IDor transponder.For employees and third parties on the property, orientation through notificationsand/or printouts of assigned parking spaces and access in the CAD plan.iFMS generates automatic assignment IDs for individual parking spaces and carparks as well as comprehensive reporting.iFMS enables complete, revision-proof documentation of car park assignments, bothalphanumerically as well as in the CAD plan.It offers an easy, convenient way to establish parking space numbers, e.g. foridentifying parking violators.Cost allocation in SAP is thus automatic.

3CAR PARK MANAGEMENT WITH IFMS AND SAPDetailed overview of functionalitiesMaster dataComfortable recording or import of existing parking spaces, car parks and parkingdecks.Acquisition of the actual number of parking spaces as well as a consideration ofsimultaneity usage factors. Calculation of total number of potential parkingauthorisations.Parking space number maintenance in iFMS or integration with SAP.Master datamaintenanceIntegrationIntegration of parking space management with CAD data management processes.Integration of individuals and business partners from SAP for use as car park usersin iFMS.Integration with SAP FI-CO for cost allocation, with SAP SD for invoicing thirdparties and/or with SAP HCM for charging employees. Integration into rental withSAP RE-FX.CAD / graphicIllustration of the geographic location of parking spaces on the property and/oroutdoor facility plansVisualisation of available, taken or reserved parking spaces in the overview plans.Creation of PDF plans with automatic header and key.Layout planwith parkingspacesParking spacetypesManagement of various types of parking spaces, e.g. individual spaces and carparks, reserved parking spaces, parking spaces under construction, etc. The parkingspaces will appear as available parking spaces during assignment depending onwhetheruseispossible.

4CAR PARK MANAGEMENT WITH IFMS AND SAPStatusmonitoringProcess support through status displays as well as automatic form creation forparking space allocation or reclamation.SearchfeatureAlphanumeric search for available and taken parking spaces, parking space users,licence plates, individuals or companies.Parking spaceallocationAssignment of parking spaces to individuals or companies. Filter by available parkingspaces.Parking IDnumberAutomatic creation of parking ID number with printout of parking authorisationand/or Assignment of chip cards or transponders to usersCarpoolingcommunitiesIllustration of carpools for several individuals and vehicles. Individually-configurablecost allocation.Main driverwith allocatedparking spotTemplatemanagementStandardised template management. Adaptation of individual requirements viareport generator.Form creation depending on processing status. E.g. for forwarding to the applicantor creation of parking ID with permissible licence plate number and allocatedparking space.ReportingCreation of capacity and capacity statistics, wait lists, proof of use.InfringementsCompilation of infringements. Driver search via licence plate number.HistoryEvery parking space allocation or retraction will be automatically recorded in theiFMS object history. That allows all assignments to be analysed, including for allhistorical periods in time.Changes to parking areas in the CAD plans are also available.User rolesSeparation of authorisations by the business process need for program functions andview of parking space and personal data as well as CAD data through various userroles and user interfaces.

5CAR PARK MANAGEMENT WITH IFMS AND SAPSyskoplan Reply is a leading IT services provider in the SAP environment and developsinnovative, flexible and reliable IT solutions, particularly in the areas of CustomerRelationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Facility Management(FM). We implement innovative IT solutions, using adaptable and agile IT platformsextended with customer-specific components. This enables our customers todifferentiate in the market and create sustainable competitive advantages. In addition,our customers benefit from our close partnership with SAP, strong industry knowledgeand our partnership based collaboration. The inclusion in the network of the EuropeanIT service provider Reply opens up access to the knowledge of over 3,000 IT experts.In 2010, the Reply network of companies had a turnover of approx. 384 million eurosin the main offices in Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. For further informationvisit www.reply.deSyskoplan

SD as well as integration in SAP RE-FX. iFMS is certified by SAP AG. 2 CAR PARK MANAGEMENT WITH IFMS AND SAP OUR SERVICE RANGE Our goal is to achieve long-term success for car park management. We examine the . Integration of individuals and business partners from SAP for use as car park users in iFMS. Integration with SAP FI-CO for cost .