Transcription Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps Download101Q&AsApplication Delivery FundamentalsPass F5 101 Exam with 100% GuaranteeFree Download Real Questions & Answers PDF and VCE file from: Passing Guarantee100% Money Back AssuranceFollowing Questions and Answers are all new published by F5 OfficialExam Center101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions1/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps DownloadQUESTION 1A client sends a request to a virtual server configured on the BIG-IP ASM System. The virtual serverhas an HTTP class profile associated with Application Security enabled, all class filters set to match all, and a poolconsisting of members. The virtual server also has a default pool associated with it. When the client sends arequest for, this traffic will be forwarded to which of the following?A. The fallback hostB. The default poolC. The HTTP class profile poolD. The request will be droppedCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 2ARX will detect any modification to a file on the second tier because all clients are being by the ARX to get tothe storage.A. MovedB. CopiedC. ProxiedD. Backed upE. DeletedCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 3Which statement is correct if a TOP-based monitor is assigned to an LTM System and an HTTP-based monitor isassigned to one of that LTM System\\'s Virtual Servers?A. The Virtual Server status is based on the TCP monitor only.B. The Virtual Server status is based on the HTTP monitor only.C. GTM Systems do not allow monitors on both an LTM System and one of its Virtual Servers.D. The Virtual Server status is based on both the TOP and HTTP monitor; if either fails, the Virtual Server isunavailable.E. The Virtual Server status is based on both the TOP and HTTP monitor; if either succeeds, the Virtual Server is101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions2/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps Downloadavailable.Correct Answer: BQUESTION 4What is the purpose of the IP addresses listed in the Trusted IP section when using Policy Builder?A. Incoming requests with these IP addresses will never get blocked by BIG-IP ASM.B. Incoming requests with these IP addresses will not be taken into account as part of the learning process, they will beallowed to do anything.C. Incoming requests with these IP addresses will automatically be accepted into the security 87 F5101 Exam policy, Policy Builder will validate that future requests with this traffic will not create a violation.D. Incoming requests with these IP addresses will be used by Policy Builder to create an alternate more advancedsecurity policy, this additional policy will not be enabled unless forced by the administrator.Correct Answer: CQUESTION 5Which statement is true concerning packet filters?A. In addition to administrator-created filters, three always exists a "deny all" filter that processes traffic last.B. Filters cannot prevent access to the management port.C. The order of filters does not affect which traffic is accepted or denied.D. Filters cannot prevent the BIG IP synching process from taking place.Correct Answer: BQUESTION 6Which of the following mitigation techniques is based on anomaly detection? (Choose two)A. Brute force attack preventionB. Cross site request forgery preventionC. Web scraping attack preventionD. Parameter tampering preventionCorrect Answer: AC101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions3/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps DownloadQUESTION 7A BIG-IP has two SNATs, a pool of DNS servers and a virtual server configured to load balance UDP traffic to the DNSservers. One SNAT\\'s address is; this SNAT is defined for all addresses. The second SNAT\\'s addressis; this SNAT is defined for three specific addresses,,, and Thevirtual server\\'s destination is The SNATs and virtual server have default VLAN associations. If aclient with IP address initiates a request to the virtual server, what is the source IP address of the packet asit reaches the chosen DNS server?A. Answer: CQUESTION 8Which two of the following are costs businesses may face in dealing with unstructured data? (Choose two.)A. Lost productivity due to server downtimeB. Buying backup mediaC. Buying additional storage capacityD. Paying to convert unstructured data into structured dataCorrect Answer: BCQUESTION 9As a full TCP proxy, LTM acts as the termination point for both requests from the client and responses from the server.A. TrueB. FalseCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 10Assuming there are open connections through an active system\\'s NAT and a failover occurs, by default, what happensto those connections?101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions4/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps DownloadA. All open connections will be lost.B. All open connections will be maintained.C. The "Mirror" option must be chosen on the NAT and the setting synchronized prior to the connection establishment.D. Long-lived connections such as Telnet and FTP will be maintained while short-lived connections such as HTTP willbe lost.E. All open connections are lost, but new connections are initiated by the newly active BIG- IP, resulting in minimal clientdowntime.Correct Answer: BQUESTION 11Which statement describes advanced shell access correctly? Which statement describes advanced shell accesscorrectly?A. The context determines the values of commands that vary between client and server.B. The context has no impact on events.101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions5/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps DownloadC. The context determines which events are available for iRule processing.D. The context determines which pools are available for load balancing.Correct Answer: AQUESTION 12There are many user roles configurable on the BIG-IP ASM System. Which of the following user roles have access tomake changes to ASM policies? (Choose three.)A. GuestB. OperatorC. AdministratorD. Web Application Security EditorE. Web Application Security AdministratorCorrect Answer: CDEQUESTION 13In order to ensure that a specific file type is never moved down to a secondary file tier, the administrator should:A. Set up an automated bot that accesses that file once a week.B. This is not possible on the ARX.C. Set a policy that the file type remains on primary storage.D. Instruct the end users to put the file in a non-tiered directory.Correct Answer: CQUESTION 14An LTM object that represents a downstream server contains the IP address and no port. What is thisobject?A. Pool memberB. Virtual serverC. Pool101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions6/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps DownloadD. Self IPE. NodeCorrect Answer: EQUESTION 15What is the purpose of MAC masquerading?A. to prevent ARP cache errorsB. to minimize ARP entries on routersC. to minimize connection loss due to ARP cache refresh delaysD. to allow both BIG-IP devices to simultaneously use the same MAC addressCorrect Answer: C101 PDF Dumps101 VCE Dumps101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam Questions101 Exam Questions7/8 Latest certbus 101 PDF and VCE dumps DownloadTo Read the Whole Q&As, please purchase the Complete Version from Our website.Try our product !100% Guaranteed Success100% Money Back Guarantee365 Days Free UpdateInstant Download After Purchase24x7 Customer SupportAverage 99.9% Success RateMore than 800,000 Satisfied Customers WorldwideMulti-Platform capabilities - Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, KindleWe provide exam PDF and VCE of Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, CompTIA, Oracle and other IT Certifications.You can view Vendor list of All Certification Exams offered: HelpPlease provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you.To update a previously submitted ticket:Any charges made through this site will appear as Global Simulators Limited.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Copyright certbus, All Rights Reserved.101 PDF Dumps 101 VCE Dumps 101 Exam QuestionsPowered by TCPDF (

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