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BY THENUMBERSOUR MISSIONSINCE1893INDUSTRYthe state's leading business advocate and“Asresource, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce17% MANUFACTURINGaggressively champions free enterprise,economic competitiveness and growth forthe benefit of all Ohioans.”RENEWALLOCATION93%19% 29%we conduct business and support“Whilestore operators around the globe, some of24%the most important relationships are theones in our own backyard. Being a memberof the Ohio Chamber of Commerce providesus with the opportunity to share with fellowbusinesses, chamber staff, lobbyists andlegislators what’s important to our business,our employees and our customers.JOE WATSONHEALTH CARE9%NONPROFITS & OTHER SONAL SERVICES31% ALL OTHERSCOMMITTEE PARTICIPATION19%ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT35%17%PUBLIC AFFAIRS30%16%TAXATION & PUBLIC EXPENDITURES36%PERCENTAGE OF MEMBERSHIP5%5%PRESIDENT & CEO OF PETLAND, INC.COMPANY SIZERETAIL10% CONSTRUCTION21% 7%”8%HEALTH CARE25%25%EMPLOYMENT LAW20%16%15%8%10%5%5%1-1011-2526-5051-1004%101-200 201-5002%501-1K3%1-10K1%7%WORKERS' COMPENSATION6%EDUCATION & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT6%OHIO SMALL BUSINESS COUNCIL2%INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY10K NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM3

wing on the vast experienceof the largest business advocacygroup in Ohio, our multifacetedgovernment affairs experts providedirect opportunities to shape policyat the state level.Our events keep you informed andconnected, giving you the opportunityto meet and network with fellowmembers, elected officials andother members of Ohio’s businesscommunity.Membership grants you theopportunity for visibility by presentingfeatured content directly to fellowmember businesses on our diversechannels. Committees Annual Meeting Subject matter specialists Policy Conference at Salt Fork Legislative expertise Educational seminars Access to elected officials Webinars and Lunch & LearnsInformationExclusivesStaying informed is vital toyour business. Our diversecommunication platforms keepyou up-to-date with firsthandinformation that affects yourbusiness in real time.One of the most common issues wehear from our members is shrinkingprofit margins. We constantly look fornew ways to help our members savethousands of dollars annually. Ohio Matters Legislative Update Ohio Chamber Business Academy Email alerts Chamber Update All for Ohio Blog Social media Branding options Articles in OhioMatters Blogs on All for Ohio Educational Webinars Event sponsorshipStaffFor a listing of our staff members,click here Discounted Credit Card Processing/Corporate Card Programs Workers’ Compensation GroupSavings Cost Saving Medical Benefits– Health– Dental– Vision– Group Life34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM4

PUBLIC POLICYPRIORITIESCIVIL JUSTICEEDUCATION & WORKFORCEENERGY & ENVIRONMENTThe Ohio Chamber supports effortsto improve the legal climate in Ohioby promoting fairness and reducingliability and incentives for litigation.The Ohio Chamber urges policies thatmeet the demands of today’s workplaceand respond to the needsof Ohio employers for qualified,well-trained employees.The Ohio Chamber encourages energypolicies that protect businesses’ accessto affordable, dependable energy andseeks environmental regulations basedon sound science and comprehensiveinformation.Our priorities are to: Reduce Ohio’s statute of limitationfor written contracts. Ban the practice of third-partylitigation financing for casesinvolving class actions. Defend against efforts to expandcivil liability for employers andoverturn monetary limits fordamages in tort actions.HEALTH CAREThe Ohio Chamber seeks to lower theoverall cost of health care so it is moreaffordable for employers.Our priorities are to: Advocate for greater health carecost and quality transparencyto effectively empower employersand consumers to be betterpurchasers. Oppose health insurancemandates. Codify ACA requirement that thestate must defray actuarial cost ofany new state-mandated benefits. Encourage utilization oftechnological advancements inhealth care delivery. Identify an appropriate role thatemployers can play in helpingreduce health care disparities.Our priorities are to:Our priorities are to: Advocate for a financialliteracy high school graduationrequirement. Support increased efforts towardsFAFSA completion for Ohioans. Strengthen school districtBusiness Advisory Councilsto assist in building a strongerrelationship with local employers. Ensure the continuationof the TechCred Program. Remove barriers to entry and pushback against new barriers to entryfor all energy sources. Support comprehensive reformsto Ohio’s energy policy that bothbalances a diverse portfolio ofenergy sources and providesfor reliable, affordable sourcesof energy. Continue to oppose all effortsthat grant nature or specificecosystems with judiciallyenforceable legal rights. Continue efforts to alleviate the“benefits cliff.” Explore opportunities to expandthe workforce to help meetexisting employer needs. Address the unintendedconsequences of newly-enactedwater withdrawal requirements.PUBLIC AFFAIRSThe Ohio Chamber seeks to preserveemployers’ ability to effectivelyadvocate for policy solutions andengage in political activity.Our priorities are to: Battle ballot initiativesproposed by anti-businessspecial interest groups. Support remediation of brownfieldproperties and redevelopmentof those properties to supporteconomic development. Protect against costly federalenvironmental regulations andmake sure state regulations areno more stringent than theirfederal counterparts. Safeguard the Ohio Constitutionby requiring broader publicsupport for proposed amendments. Clarify and reinforce lawsgoverning the ballot issuepetition process. Preserve the First Amendmentright of businesses to unrestrictedpolitical advocacy.34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM5

LABOR & EMPLOYMENTWORKERS’ COMPENSATIONThe Ohio Chamber supports protectingemployers from unfair and harmfulworkplace rules and mandates.The Ohio Chamber supports a workers’compensation system that runsefficiently and effectively and keepspremium costs competitive with otherstates’ systems.Our priorities are to: Address the long-term solvencyof the UnemploymentCompensation Trust Fund. Reduce the complexity andadministrative burden ofOhio’s unemploymentcompensation system. Defend against onerousgovernment mandates thatdrive up labor costs. Continue to stress the needto ultimately make Ohioa right-to-work state. Reinforce employers’ abilityto make employment decisionsbased upon an individual’smedical marijuana use.TAXESThe Ohio Chamber encourages afair and equitable tax system thatstimulates growth, innovation, and jobcreation.Our priorities are to: Ensure that non-medicalbenefits are only payable for lossof earning capacity. Establish performance, outcome,and cost metrics by whichproviders can be measuredand ranked. Clarify when claimants receivingwage continuation may apply forpermanent partial disability. Ensure employers are notunreasonably penalized foran employee’s failure to attendmedical or other appointments. Make claimants more responsiblefor their care. Guard against expansion ofworkers’ compensation coverageto psychological-only claims.Our priorities are to: Work to keep and improve theBusiness Income Deduction (BID). Reform the withholdingrequirements for pass-throughentities. Repeal equity claw-back andclarify business income definition. Repeal the existing sales taxon employment services. Modernize and clarify therules regarding what constituteselectronic information servicesand their sales and use taxtreatment. Simplify municipal incometax compliance. Improve Ohio’s grade on theCouncil on State Taxation(COST) Property TaxAdministration Scorecard.34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM6

OHIO SMALLBUSINESS COUNCILIN PURSUIT OF THEEQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITYThe Ohio Chamber knows that smallbusinesses are powerful economicgrowth drivers and employ nearlyhalf of the state’s private sectorworkforce. While their concerns arethe same as larger employers inmany instances, some small businessproblems and priorities are unique.To help address inequality and injusticein America, in June 2020 the U.S.Chamber of Commerce announcedits Equality of Opportunity Agendacomprised of substantive policyrecommendations and private sectorsolutions. The Ohio Chamber intends tobe a leader by doing our part to drivepolicy action at the state level.OUR PRIORITIES ARE TO: Retain the Business IncomeDeduction (BID). Provide fairness to businessesas it relates to property taxes. Advocate for responsible,increased price transparencyfor health care services. Oppose policies such as healthcare mandates that contributeto the rising costs of health care. Support legislation thatstrengthens small business optionswhen faced with unknown and/oruncertain regulations. Recognize that racism is a publichealth crisis and support a unifiedeffort to addressing inequities. Support the continuation of theDiversity & Inclusion TechnologyInternship Program. Improve educational opportunitiesfor the incarcerated. Develop entrepreneurial programsfor reformed citizens. Support the Common SenseInitiative (CSI) office andpursue attempts to expandtheir responsibilities. Reform occupational licensingrestrictions and eliminateunnecessary occupational licenses. Support a fair and equitableplan for the UnemploymentCompensation Trust Fundto achieve solvency.34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100There are many barriers that hold backpeople of color in their efforts to obtainan education, secure a job, or start abusiness. Systemic inequalities hurtindividuals, communities, our economy,and our society. Addressing them is thesmart thing to do for our economy: Encourage “Fair Chance” hiringand “Clean Slate” reforms.COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM7

HELPING BUSINESSESRECOVER FROM THE PANDEMICBefore the arrival of the coronavirus, Ohio’s economy was growingand business leader optimism was high. However, the suddenness ofits emergence and the subsequent steps taken by Ohio to contain itupended our economy. The virus threatened both lives and livelihoods,and the economic fallout has been substantial for both Ohio workers andbusinesses.Fortunately, Ohio’s economy is showing signs of recovery. Accordingto the Moody’s/CNN “Back-to-Normal Index,” at the end of 2020 Ohio’seconomy was operating at 79% of where it was in early March 2020 –making us the 22nd best state for economic recovery.However, our members continue to face significant challenges, and agreat deal of uncertainty remains. Because it’s still not business-as-usualfor our members, it can’t be business-as-usual for the Ohio Chamber,either. Therefore, we will continue to prioritize a public policy response tothe pandemic that seeks to assist employers in overcoming the economicdisruptions caused by the virus and ensure the survival of as manybusinesses as possible. Align existing workforce training programs with new and differentworkforce challenges caused by COVID-19. Ease municipal tax withholding compliance burden for employerswhose employees continue to work at various locations and notin the company office. Amend state wage and hour laws to clarify that de minimis amountsof time spent on electronic devices are not used when calculatingovertime pay. Codify when work from home injuries are compensable. Support effective and timely administration of COVID-19 vaccine. Advocate that Ohio direct some of Ohio’s federal coronavirusrelief dollars towards shoring up the state’s UnemploymentCompensation Fund. Prevent employers from facing unreasonable civil liabilityin claims arising from COVID-19.34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM8

PUBLIC POLICYCOMMITTEESThe Ohio Chamber of Commerce is a champion for Ohio businessesso that our state enjoys economic growth and prosperity.The Public Policy Committees are the lifeblood of the Ohio Chamber. They study the needs of Ohio’sbusiness community and establish the Ohio Chamber’s position on key legislative issues and makepolicy recommendations to the board of directors.Public Policy Committee participation and committee specific emails keep you well-informed of issuesand events at the Statehouse.EDUCATION & WORKFORCEDEVELOPMENTMission: To respond to the needs of Ohioemployers for qualified, well-trainedemployees by promoting policies thatmeet the demands of today’s workplaceby pursuing strategies that linkeducation and workforce developmentin a seamless system and embedskills-based learning into academicinstruction.ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTMission: To advocate for energypolicies that promote Ohio’s economiccompetitiveness and protectbusinesses’ access to affordable,dependable energy and ensureenvironmental policies and regulationsare not overly burdensome and arebased on sound science.HEALTH CAREMission: To advocate for an affordableand sustainable market-based healthcare system that provides access toquality, affordable health care for allOhioans.INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGYPUBLIC AFFAIRSMission: To foster a next-generationMission: To monitor and evaluate publicLABOR & EMPLOYMENTTAXATION & PUBLICEXPENDITURESenvironment that will accelerate Ohio’seconomy through a focus on drivinginnovation into the state’s industrialbase, both existing and emerging. Thiswill help to ensure Ohio’s future globalcompetitiveness and lead to highquality jobs.Mission: To protect employers’ rightsto manage their workplace withlimited governmental involvementand regulation and to simplify Ohio’saffairs issues and activities includingelections, campaign finance, ethics andlobbyist regulations, when of interestto the business community; and toexamine proposed state constitutionalamendments or initiative petitionefforts that affect the electoral process.Mission: To foster a fair and equitableemployment law statutes in a way that’sfair to both employers and employees.OHIO SMALL BUSINESSCOUNCILtax system that stimulates growth,innovation and job creation andminimizes compliance costs andadministrative burdens.WORKERS’ COMPENSATIONMission: To ensure Ohio’s workers’Mission: To promote and protect thecompensation system runs efficientlyand effectively for both state-fundedand self-insured employers, is effectivein providing proper medical treatmentfor injured employees, and keeps itscost for employers competitive withother states’ systems.Participation in OSBC is limitedto individuals in executive leadership roles for afor-profit business that employs fewer than 400directly supervised persons. Small businessowners and presidents are especially encouragedto join this committee.For Committee Information Contact:establishment, growth and vitality ofsmall business in Ohio. Members of theOhio Small Business Council (OSBC)learn how to be an advocate for theirbusiness and voice their concernsdirectly to Ohio’s decision makers.34 S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201Sherry HeffnerGovernmental Affairs OM9

INTEGRITYIntegrity is the Coin of our RealmFor those of us who have worked for decades to be responsible championsfor Ohio’s business community, we are frustrated by events in our statethat have tarnished the image of the political process. The vast majority ofour elected officials are honorable, well-meaning, public servants.However, we have seen bad actors – and bad actions – result from aprocess that can be driven by self-interest, sometimes lacks transparencyand is often overshadowed by negativity.If you’ve visited the Ohio Chamber offices, you may have seen the sayingon our wall: Integrity is the coin of our realm. That’s not just for show - it’sour way of doing business, and a reminder of the role integrity plays in howwe have been advocating for Ohio’s business community and representingour members for more than 127 years.Earning respect within the business community and at the Statehousetakes deliberate consideration of the issues, listening to multiple voices,and a commitment to openness, accountability and action. It’s the OhioChamber way.As we advocate for making Ohio a strong place for job creation andeconomic growth, we are talking more publicly about our role inadvocating for our members on critical free enterprise, regulatory andlegislative issues with elected leaders and policy makers and why integrityhas to be at the center of those conversations.We believe ethical actions, combined with sound decision-making basedon facts and data, still matter in government, and we want to step out asa model of integrity for others, with membership in the Chamber as thatdriver of change.I invite you to join us on this journey toward greater integrity.Visit our website S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM10

OHIO CHAMBERB U S I N ES S ACA D E MYThe world of business is always expanding; so, we are too. The OhioChamber Business Academy, once the Ohio Chamber HR Academy, isa member resource created to offer Ohio businesses the chance to gainand maintain comprehensive understanding of a variety of key topics, laws and issues withinbusiness. The webinar-based program will continue to offer information essential for humanresources and employment law matters, but also expands to include sessions on other areaspertinent to business such as marketing, technology, best industry practices and more.If you have questions about sponsorship opportunities or generalquestions about the program, please contact Lillian van Wyngaardenat [email protected] S. THIRD ST., SUITE 100COLUMBUS, OH 43215614 -228-4201WWW.OHIOCHAMBER.COM11

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@2 s. third st., suite 311 columbus, oh [email protected]% 632 577452713 3 1893 since our mission industry 17% manufacturing 6% industrial 5% heal th care 4% insurance 5% personal services 8% retail 5% transportation 9% nonprofits & other chambers 10% construction 31% all others location 29% 21% 7%