United States Visitor andImmigrant StatusIndicator Technology(US-VISIT)Biometric ServicesWhat is US-VISIT?US-VISIT supports DHS’s mission of protecting theUnited States from dangerous people US-VISIT provides biometric identification andanalysis services to agencies throughout thesecommunities:Immigration and BorderManagementLaw EnforcementDefense and Intelligence Decision makers rely on US-VISIT’s services toaccurately identify people and assess their risk31

US-VISIT’s Guiding Principles Enhance the security of our citizens and visitors Facilitate legitimate travel and trade EnsureEtheth integrityi t it off our immigrationii ti systemt Protect the privacy of our visitors4US-VISIT within the Department of HomelandSecurity has developed a capability whichsupports and assists state and local lawenforcement agencies in identifying crimesuspects, victims and unknown deceased.5Through this capability, state and local lawenforcement agencies can submit latent androlled fingerprints related to major crimes to theDHS Biometric Support Center (BSC) foridentification.62

The DHS Biometric Support Center has the abilityto search millions of fingerprint records related toforeign visitors, immigration benefit applicantsand violators that are only available through DHS.7Why Biometrics? Increased accuracy and speedfor screeningIncreased detection offraudulent or stolendocumentationDecreased false hitsVerification throughoutvarious DHS processesEnhanced Officer safetyIncreased privacyDecreased mistaken identitiesIncreased convenienceReduced paper workConvenientReliableUniqueAlmost ImpossibleTo Forge8Users of US-VISIT’s BiometricIdentification and Analysis ServicesDepartment of JusticeDepartment of StateU.S Customs and BorderProtectionU.S. Coast GuardIntelligence CommunityU.S Citizenship andImmigration ServicesU.S Immigration andCustoms EnforcementDepartment of DefenseTransportation SecurityAdministrationState and Local Law Enforcement93

Border Management¾¾¾Entry and exit processPre-entry visa processStay managementEnforcementImmigration ServicesBorder PatrolInvestigations¾ Detention & Removal¾ Coast GuardBiometrics- at-Sea¾¾ Asylum¾¾¾RefugeeBenefitsDHSCurrent DHS BiometricBiometric gistered Traveler¾ Employment Screening¾ Employee ID¾¾Unknown deceasedUnsolved crime scenelatent printsSecurity¾¾Physical access controlLogical/system access control10How Does DHS Process Fingerprints?Rapid Processing of Fingerprints through DHS’ Automated Biometric IdentificationSystem (IDENT)IDENT Highlights World’s Largest: 90 Million IndividualsWorld’s Fastest: 120,000 Transactions/Day200 Million Transactions ProcessedOver 18 Million IdentificationsOver 75,000 Wanted Criminals IdentifiedNIST Certified AccuracyMatcher Power of over 160 Million Matches/SecInputs From Over:- 15,000 Users- 5,000 Work Stations- 210 Overseas Consular Posts Automated Synchronization with FBI IAFIS11For Official Use OnlyDHS/IDENT Data CategoriesIDENTWatchlist(4.7M People) Known and SuspectedpTerrorists DoD Military Operations Wanted Persons Deported Felons International Criminals (INTERPOL) Sexual Registrants Aliens with a Criminal History Selected State and Local Criminals Gangs Expedited Removals DOS Visa Denials Recidivists with Alerts (officer safety) Adverse Actions from Ports of EntryIDENTDatabase(90 M People) US-VISIT - Entry DOS – Visa Applications DOS – Border CrossingCard Applications CIS – Asylum CIS – Refugee CIS – Benefits CBPCBP – NSEERS CBP – Registered Traveler Recidivists124

A Day in the Life of US-VISIT86,400International visitors’ identities enrolled or verified at ports ofentry for U.S. Customs and Border Protection22,800Visa applicants’ identities enrolled or verified for U.S.Department of State11,000,Benefit applicants’ identities enrolled or verified for U.S.CitiCitizenshiphi andd ImmigrationIiti ServicesS i7,0005Immigration and enforcement actions.Illegal migrants’ identities enrolled or verified forU.S. Coast Guard at sea13US-VISIT Biometric Support CenterThe Biometric Support Center (BSC) Provides Human VerificationServices to DHS Customers Nationally and Internationally Fingerprint Verifications 10 Minute Response on Urgent Verifications 24 Hour Response on non-Urgent RequestsLatent Print Verifications Latent Encoding and Searching Against DHS Databases Latent Verifications Against Candidates14US-VISIT Biometric Support Center2 Locations Virginia CaliforniaHighlights 24x7 Operations ExperiencedEid 1010-printi t andd llatentt t examinersi 600,000 fingerprint verifications annually 2.4M latent comparisons annually 9,100 YTD fugitive Identifications 174 YTD unknown deceased identifications 5,300 special services for other agencies155

2 and 10 Print Verification Services16For Official Use OnlyDHS/IDENT Latent ServicesTwo Modes for Latent Searches¾ ExternalLatent Search Capability Allows examiners to carefullymark latent features and searchcrime scene latents from local orstate agencies against all IDENTrecords including US-VISIT¾ Terrorist and Unsolved Crime SceneLatent File Search Capability Allows examiners to submitsubject fingerprints for searchagainst over 23K terrorists andunsolved crime scene latentfingerprints17For Official Use OnlyUnknown Deceased Case HighlightsUS-VISIT has assisted in more than 453 unknown deceased casessince March, 2006. UNKNOWN SUICIDE VICTIM - Massachusetts State Police requested BSC assistance with anunidentified body, an apparent suicide victim, found in a river near Boston. The State Police hada tentative identification based on documents found in an abandoned car located near the river afew days earlier. They had been unable to identify the body through their fingerprint files or in theFBI’s IAFIS. The BSC identified the prints from a US-VISIT record reflecting the subject, aGerman citizen, had entered the country about two weeks before. UNKNOWN HOMICIDE VICTIM IDENTIFIED - New Jersey State Police and ICE agentsrequested BSC assistance in identifying fingerprints of an unknown homicide victim found alonga roadside. Searches of other databases had produced no results. The prints were identifiedwith an individual who had attempted four previous illegal entries. The IDENT record providedcontact information for the victim’s family. Interviews of family members subsequently producedthe name of a boyfriend who later was charged with the victim’s murder. PLANE CRASH VICTIM IDENTIFIED – A foreign exchange student was the victim of a smallplane crash in Texas. The local medical examiner contacted the BSC to request a search of USVISIT databases. The BSC was able to identify the victim through a visa application andconnect the medical examiner with the Department of State to facilitate notification of the victim’sfamily.186

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Citi hi d I i ti S i 86,400 22,800 11,000 A Day in the Life of US-VISIT 13 Citizenship and Immigration Services Immigration and enforcement actions. Illegal migrants' identities enrolled or verified for U.S. Coast Guard at sea 7,000 5 US-VISIT Biometric Support Center The Biometric Support Center (B SC) Provides Human Verification