Nicholas E. Stratas, MD, President of the Board of Medical Examiners of NorthCarolina called the regularly scheduled meeting to order Wednesday, January27, 1993 at 7:30 PM at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Raleigh, NC.present follow: Mrs. Kathryn H. Willis; Nicholas E. Stratas, MD; JohnNance, MD, President-Elect; Ernest B. Spangler, MD, Secretary-Treasurer;Jr. , MD andMD; George Johnson,M. Roufail,MD; George C. Barrett,, , alterMembersHarold Godwin,MD.present follow: Bryant D. Paris, Executive Secretary, HelenDiane Meelheim, Assistant Executive Secretary, William H. Breeze, Jr. , StaffCounsel, Donald R. Pittman, Kathy Burke, Joy Cooke, Leslie Newton, Robert J.Broyles, LaDovia Beaver, Edmund Kirby-Smith, Dale E. Lear, Wanda Long, JulieSuggs, Jenny Olmstead, Melissa Hawkins, Janice Fowler, Lisa Richardson andMichelle Lee.StaffmembersNovember1992 Minutesof the last scheduled meeting,accepted without of New Board A ointeesSwearinThe minutes's Harold Godwin, Georgeoffice January 27, 1993 forDr.Executive SecretarReNovember1992, were approvedandJohnson and George C. Barrett took the oath ofnew terms on the NC Board of Medical Examiners.ortParis reported that the new computer system was now installed andStaff meetings areof the new data system is on schedule.implementationheld monthly and directors' meetings are held weekly. Board members wereasked to use the Boards' 800 telephone number in order to help control costs.Mr.Aproblempresentedof excessiveandAdministrativeistelephonebeing implemented.calls regardingapplicationstatuswasCommitteeCommittee chaired by Dr. Spangler met on JanuaryAdministrative/Financial 0, 1993 and again on January 27, 1993 at 6 PM. All members were present onanuary 27, John Nance, Kathy Willis, Walter Roufail, Bryant Paris and DianeBusiness discussed and presented to the Board for considerationMeelheim.and approval follows.TheAn increase in memberBoard Member reimbursement was presented as a problem.per diem to 200 per day was recommended in order to partially compensate forlost income while attending to official Board business. The Board adoptedthis motion. The Legislature will be asked to consider this recommendation.

audit and management letter from Bobbi Furr from Hill, Maddison andStaff was instructed to copy the Board withBoyce, CPA and were approved.the Board's response to the management letter.The committee recommended and moved that the Fund Equity Balance be carriedover from year to year for the Litigation Reserve Fund, Restricted EquitableSharing Fund and the Capital Purchase Funds. The Board adopted thisThe 1992solution.The InvestmentEmployee1.plan proposed by A. G. Edwards and Sons, Inc was recommendedthe plan.was instructed to implementStaffapproved.andrecommended for approval and included the following:of supplemental payment of 129. 00 cap per month forall staff with Board sponsored family health insurance coverage.Adoption of an IRS 5 125 Flex Spending Account was recommended andThis fund will be administered by the CPA firm of Hill,approved.Benefits wereContinuation2.Maddisonand Boyce.the Staff to allow accrual of more than 30 daysThedid not recommend that this policy be altered.special permission will remain atmaximum vacation that can accrued without30 days, any amount accrued beyond this will be lost at calendar year's end.Arequestwas made byThe committeevacation.Mileagereimbursementfor StaffandBoard Memberswillbeincreasedtoreflect the IRS current rate and will be automatically adjusted to remaincurrent with the IRS rates without review by the Board. Rate will rise from . 25/mile to . 28/mile now.Arecommendationconsultantswas madeand approvedat 125. 00/hour.that the Board hire needed physicianStaff requested that payment to the Board be required as certified checksbecause of added expense of bad checks. The committee did not approve thisrequirement but did recommend a 20. 00 returned check fee. The Board acceptedthis proposal.Staff requested Board approval of a policy change concerning licensure statusrequests. Staff proposed informing all licensure applicants that no telephonerequests for status will be honored and that applicants be notified by mailafter the application is complete. Staff will also notify the applicant byThe Boardpostcard if the application is not complete within 45 theapprovedDr. Spangler recommended that staff research the possibility of visits toother Boards by board Members in order to exchange information.Ph sician Assistant CommitteeChaired by Dr. Roufail,January 29, 1993 andadoption by the Board:themadePAthecommittee, Dr. Nance and Dr. Johnson, met onand motions forfollowing recommendations

Registration Fees to Support PHEP- Dr. Roufail moved that PA registrationfees be increased by 15. 00 in order to fund PA participation in PHEP inanticipation of legislative facilitation during the current term.The following PA's were approved for practice:PAPAApplications- 25ApprovedWHITE, Douglas R. , M. D.WILLIAMS, Ronald Lynn, M. D.TUCKER, Beverly, M. D.GIOFFRE, Ronald Anthony, M. D.S. , M. D.GARM, KennethHAMILTON, Michael Amin, M. D.Katherine Ohmi, PABUTLER, David Wayne, PACORRAO, Cheryl Ann, PAADA,FARRIS, James Keene,Rona Marie, PAGARM,GOWEN,PAJean Elizabeth,J. ,RAGAN,RAND,Janice,Jane,Steven,Ted William, M. D.John Mark, M. D.CARLTON, Richard A. , M. D.COBB, Frederick R. , M. D.BAREFOOT, Karen, M. D.MULHOLLAND,James, M. D.M. D.GRANGER, Christopher,Matthew, M. D.HAHNER,CHEREN, Isa, M. D.WILSON, Joanne A. P. , M. D.WILLIAMS,PAPeggy Riley, PARUDICIL, Harold Scott, PASELLERS, Mare T. , PAROBINSON,Charles Earl,Eleanor M. , PAWHITE, Dale E. , PAPAWILLIAMS, Stephanie,Michael Eusterman, M. D.David C. , M. D.FAULKENBERRY, Russell, M. D.WORD-SIMS, Margaret,M. D.WALTER, Gregory W. , M. EY,AYCOCK,PAApplicationsfor AdditionalCOPPER, Joseph, PAEGERER, James Patrick, PAFITZWATER, Patrick Michael,Charles Landis,HACKNEY,HARKNESS,HOPPING,Gale Lynn,Charles,MITCHELL,SCOTT, Mark Thomas,VAUGHN,PAApplicationsBHIRO,BHIRO,Dixie L. ,Thakurdeo,BROADWATER,GaryPAPAPAfor JobChangePAPARussell,BUELL, Ronald Wayne, PAPAFOX, Elaine Alspaugh,Nathaniel,G.M. D., M. D.PrimaryApproved—M. D.Victor,M. D.Robert L. , M. D.TOPE, John Jeffrey, M. D.RAU, Bruce, M. D.MATTOX, James, M. D.LOWNES,COLE, Thomas, M. D.DIGEL, Mary, M. D.KLEIN, George, M. D.PAPAJames itionalRAU,PAJerry Lee,M. D.M. D.WESTOVER,PAPAPAEric,Keith,MCMANUS,HERVIG, David Allan, PAHICKOK, Douglas L. , PAKECK, Martin Douglas, PAKEY, Carmela Plato, PAMORIARITY, Douglas, rison,HALL, CherylHALPIN, John,ApprovedFred, M. D.NASCIMENTO,Luiz, M. D.M. D.WELSHER, Wayne Harrison,WELLS, Ora John, M. D.M. D.ANDERSON, Theodore Starbuck,MCQUEEN,PA- 169

Arthur, PAKatherine Thrift,Wallace, M. D.GERHARDT, Edward B. , M. D.MAUTERER, David, M. D.CHALFA, Nicolai, M. D.MORRIS, Peter, M. D.BERRY, Jonathan, M. D.PAVELOCK, Richard Michael,CLARK, Robert E. , M. D.EPES, C. Richard, M. D.EdwardHEDRICK,JACKSON,ANDREW,PAJ.Mary, PAKREITZ, Michael,, PAAlan Mason, PALANGDON,KANCEVITCH,Jr.Sheryl Stevens,MCNALLY,J.PAPAHenry,OSTERER, RaymondRIGGS, Ernest Leland, III, PASCARLETT, Marisa Louise, PATAMBERELLI, Wayne Paul,WILD, Ronald Emery, PAIV.PA ChangeDOERMAN,LAWRENCE,of Primary ApplicationsRuth Ann,Gregory Vincent,Richard Paul,PATE, Monica, PATRENT, Margie Helen, om NovemberKurt,LISBOA,ROGERS,Veronica,Back-Up PAKUHNE,PA2M. D.M. , M. D.M. D.M. D.Albert,John,John,Bruce,Bruce,Bruce,Bruce,M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.Robert,Robert,M. D.M. D.M. D.12, 1992—January6, 1993BACK-UP MMERMAN,Griffin,Robert Edwin,from NovemberApprovalsMCBRIDE,MCBRIDE,—- 7ApprovalsBURKE, Anthony,FINCH,PAGAUL,GAUL,M. D.1992 Meeting Per Dr. RoufailJOHNSON, AlanWHITNEY, Roy,BRADY, Peter,CARNEY, RodericPRIMARYBAKER, David, PABAKER, David, PABLACKWELL, Susan, PABLACKWELL, Susan, PAPABOYD, Timothy,PABOYD, Timothy,BRADSHAW,BRADSHAW,PAPAPAWilliam Arthur,VALENCOURT,PASamuel,Gloria Jane,- 1Steven Edward,as AdministrativeApprovedApprovedM. D.M. D.SMITH, Christopher,A. , M. D.MarieMARGIOTTI,PAALEXANDER, Robert Lipscomb,BALLARD, Paul Dean, PAPAGOODRICH, Harriet,GROSSINGER,5Eve, M. D.Ted, M. D.SIEGEL, David Ben, M. D.WELLS, Wendell D'Alton,STOVALL, Thomas G. M. D.LANDAU,ApprovedApplications—M. D.NIFONG,PAPAPALABONTE, Edwina, PAStevenNEUNKIRCHNER,ApprovedSites to Present JobAddingBINDE, SandraRichard William,John, M. D.NORTON,PALATON,V.CROSKERY,PAM. D.Michael,Esperanza,KLINKNER, Michael,ORDONEZ, Esperanza,KLINKNER,ORDONEZ,JOYCE, Donald,David,JOYCE, Donald,DUPUY, David,DUPUY,M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.

BURKE, Gail,BURKE, Gail,BURKEY, Beth,JRKEY, Beth,EVASCO, Michael,CEVASCO, Michael,CEVASCO, Michael,CEVASCO, Michael,CEVASCO, Michael,CEVASCO, Michael,CONNER, Julienne,CONNER, Julienne,PACRUMP, Kathy,PACRUMP, Kathy,PADALY,DOERMAN,Ruth, PARuth, PADOERMAN,Ruth, PADOERMAN,DOERMAN,Ruth, PAPADONALD, Karen,PADONALD, Karen,NPEDWARDS, Beth,EDWARDS, Beth, NPELLIOTT, Evely, PAFARMER, Vicky, PAFARMER, Vicky, PAPAFENN,PAFENN,FIELD, Ronald, PAFIELD, Ronald, PAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPALelia,Peter,Peter,FITZWATER, Patrick, PAFITZWATER, Patrick, PAFITZWATER, Patrick, PAFITZWATER, Patrick, PAFRIEDMAN, Erica, PAGAINES, Jeremy, PAGAINES, Jeremy, PAPAGORST, Geraldine, REGG, P. Michael, PADona,RZYWACZ,HARRISON,HARRISON,HENDERSON,JEZSIK, ,LARGAY,PAJohn, PAJohn, PADavid, PAJoseph,Rhonda,Rhonda,PAPAPAPAPAHALL, Lorne, M. D.HALL, Lorne, M. D.HALL, Lorne, M. D.ANIKWUE, Charles,M. D.ANIKWUE, Charles,M. D.M. D.VUKOSON, Matthew,M. D.VUKOSON, Matthew,M. D.FERGUSON, Stephen,M. D.FERGUSON, Stephen,M. D.FERGUSON, Stephen,M. D.FERGUSON, Stephen,M. D.FERGUSON, Stephen,M. D.FERGUSON, Stephen,DUNAWAY,Yates, M. D.DUNAWAY,Yates, M. D.GRIFFIN, William, M. D.GRIFFIN, William, M. D.BAST, Robert, M. D.CLAYTON, Eric, M. D.CLAYTON, Eric, M. D.CLAYTON, Eric, M. D.CLAYTON, Eric, M. D.M. D.BEAMON, Ronnie,BEAMON, Ronnie,M. D.GOMEZ, Raul, M. D.GOMEZ, Raul, M. D.COLLINS, Warren, M. D.M. D.ROYAL, Stephen,M. D.ROYAL, Stephen,STANSBERRY, Howard, M. D.STANSBERRY, Howar, M. D.LOVEJOY, Ronald, M. D.LOVEJOY, Ronald, M. D.LOWNES, Robert, M. D.LOWNES, Robert, M. D.LOWNES, Robert, M. D.PERRYMAN,Peter, M. D.M. D.WU, Lawrence,BUTER, Jeremy, M. D.BUTER, Jeremy, M. D.WHITE, Terry E. , M. D.SINGH, Anant, M. D.M. RD, Brenna, M. D.WILLIAMS, Janet, M. D.M. D.LUYANDO, Yvonne,HAMAD,Mazen, M. D.MORIARTY, Joseph, M. D.O'CONNER,C. M. , M. D.O'CONNER, C. M. , M. D.Eliot,J.CARR.Stewart, M. D.M. D.DRAKE, Carolyn,LORENSEN, Gilda, M. D.LINDO, Hersell, M. D.GREGORY, Miles, M. D.TUTTLE, Gregory, M. D.KARVAZY, Eszter, M. D.BLACKBURN, Brian, M. D.BURSON, Jana, M. D.CALHOUN,Aubrey, M. D.MOSLETH, Michael, M. D.M. D.STOWE, Stephen,WYNN,Ossian, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.M. D.HAVLIN, Kathleen,M. D.SUMMERS, Andrew,GARCES, David, M. D.BARTLEY, John, M. D.ELLS, Sandra, M. D.LICAUSE, Gina, M. D.BRIGGS, Douglas, M. D.MORROW,Jerry, M. D.CUSI, Antonio, M. D.BERGMAN, James, M. D.TCHENG, James, M. D.KRUCOFF, Mitchel, M. D.KLINKNER, Michael, M. D.ORDONEZ, Esperanza, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.EAVES, Robby, M. D.GARCES, David, M. D.M. D.SUH, Kendall,BUONOMANO,Joann, M. D.M. D.BONIN, Andrew,JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.DIEZ, Edgardo, M. D.WILLIAMSON, C. , M. D.WILLIAMSON, C. , M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.M. D.FONTAINE,M. D.SHELINE, Jonathan,M. D.BONIN, Andrew,M. D.BONIN, Andrew,M. D.BONIN, Andrew,M. D.FETTERS,CULP, Stephen, M. D.Juliette,Julia,

LARSEN,LARSEN,LARSEN,Rhonda,Rhonda,Rhonda,LEVIS, John,LIST, Sandra,I. IST, Sandra,ST, Sandra,QHNES, John,LONG, Michael,LONG, Michael,LYONS-CLARKE,LYONS-CLARKE,O' CONNER,O' CONNER,O' CONNER,C.C.C.FOSTER, Bob,PAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAAmie,Amie,PAPAPAMCCARTHY, Laurie,MCLAUGHLIN,Gene, PAGene, PAMCLAUGHLIN,Gene, PAMCLAUGHLIN,Thomas, PAMCLAUGHLIN,MITCHEL, Roger, PAMITCHEL, Roger, PAMURPHY, John, PAMURPHY, John, PADavid, PANEWBROUGH,PATE, Monica, PAPEARZ, Cathy, PAPARATHEY, Kenneth,PARATHEY, Kenneth,PARATHEY, Kenneth,PARATHEY, Kenneth,PARATHEY, Kenneth,REID, Alan, PAREID, Alan, PARICARD, Denis, PARICARD, Denis, PARICARD, Denis, PARICARD, Denis, PAPARICHARDSON, Richard,RIGGS, Allan, PAPAROBERTSON, Desmond,PAROBERTSON, Desmond,ROYSTER, Susan, PAROYSTER, Susan, PAThomas, PARCHYMANSKI,"HYMANSKI, Thomas, PASCHYMANSKI, Thomas, PAPASCHYMANSKI, Thomas,SHIREY, Marie, PASMITH, Angela, PASMITH, Angela, PAPASMITH, William,PASMITH, William,PASMITH, William,PASMITH, William,M. , M. D.M. , M. D.M. , M. D.M. D.JONES, Frielden, M. D.JONES, Frielden, M. D.JONES, Frielden, M. D.GARRETT, William,M. D.DARDEN, Bruce, M. D.DARDEN, Bruce, M. D.ROGERS,Otto, M. D.ROGERS,Otto, M. D.ADAMS, Beverly, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.WATSON,, M. D.FLEURY, Robert, M. D.FLEURY, Robert, M. D.DICKERSON, Leon, M. D.DICKERSON, Leon, M. D.STUART, Dennis, M. D.M. D.ROMMEL, Victoria,M.D.HAbGC), Mazen,BEHAR, Victor, M. D.BEHAR, Victor, M. D.BEHAR, Victor, M. D.BEHAR, Victor, M. D.BEHAR, Victor, M. D.BARKLEY, Karl, M. D.BARKLEY, Karl, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.BROOKS, Michael, M. D.MCJILTON, Roy, M. D.JEWELL, Kathleen, M. D.MCBRIDE, Robert, M. D.MCBRIDE, Robert, M. D.PRIDGEN, James, M. D.PRIDGEN, James, M. D.HUTCHINS, Richard, M. D.HUTCHINS, Richard, M. D.HUTCHINS, Richard, M. D.HUTCHINS, Richard, M. D.Mazan, M. D.HAMAD,PLETCHER, David, M. D.PLETCHER, David, M. D.PHILLIPS, Harry, M. D.PHILLIPS, Harry, M. D.PHILLIPS, Harry, M. D.PHILLIPS, Harry, M. D.III,III,J.S.-James,M. D.M. D.OHMAN,Erik, M. D.GONZALEZ,Jesus, M. D.BARNHARDT, V., M. D.SCHLEDER,M. D.M. D.DALY, Marianna,SPEER, Kevin, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.GESZLER, Gerianne, M. D.TEEL, Gregory, M. D.ROSS, James, M. D.M. D.SUMMERS, Andrew,GARCES, David, M. D.BARTLEY, John, M. D.WILLIAMSON, Charles, M. D.CLARK, Theodore, M. D.BULLEN, Doris, M. D.FINCH, James, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.BUONOMANO,Joann, M. D.WELLS, Wendell, M. D.M. D.BONIN, Andrew,FETTERS, Julia, M. D.CULP, Stephen, M. D.GRANGER, ChristopherOHMAN,Erik, M. D.ZIDAR, James, M. D.BRIGGS, Douglas, M. D.LICAUSE, Gina, M. D.M. D.SUMMERS, Andrew,GARCES, David, M. D.BARTLEY, John, M. D.ELLS, Sandra, M. D.ELLEDGE, Emmett, M. D.TAYLOR, Britton, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.DUPUY, David, M. D.HUNTER, Thomas, M. D.KING, Lisa, M. D.NIFONG, Ted, M. D.KLINKNER, Michael, M. D.ORDONEZ, Esperanza, M. D.POWELL, Ronald, M. D.M. D.BONIN, Andrew,RABON, F. Scott, M. D.M. D.BONIN, Andrew,FETTERS, Julia, M. D.CULP, Stephen, M. D.GRANGER, ChristopherOHMAN,Erik, M. D.ZIDAR,GRANGER,Chris,J.Kristi,

William,Elmer,Elmer,TALBERT, Karen,STAMPER,STAMPER,Rhett,Rhett,'.EMBLY-BELL, Beth,HLER, Teresa, PATYLER, Teresa, PATYLER, Teresa, PAVALENTINE, ePHILLIPS, Harry,PAPAPAPAPAPASMITH,DICKERSON, Leon,DICKERSON, Leon,BURKE, ADale, PADale, PADale, PADale, PADale, PAMary, PAMazy, PAMary, PAMary, PAMary, PAMazy, PAPractitionerDavid,David,Holly, M. ert,David,M. D.M. D.DUNMIRE, Carole, M. D.DAVIDSON, Jonathan, M. D.BUONOMANO,Joann, M. D.MEYERS, Cary, M. D.GOUGH, John, M. D.KINNEY, Kazen, M. D.BONIN, Andrew,M. D.HESTER, Joseph, M. D.FISHER, Earl, M. D.PROANO, Maritza,M. D.BUONOMANO,Joann, M. D.DUPUY,DIEZ, Edgardo,M. D.M. D.M. D.Yvonne, M. D.LUYANDO,M. D.HEAD, Charles,M. D.HEAD, Chazles,M. D.HEAD, Charles,PAPAPAPAShannon,J.J.JONES,JONES,ZIDAR, James, M. D.JOYCE, Donald, M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.WILLIAMSON, Charles, M. D.HUGHES, James, M. D.MUNTHALI,M. D.Eliot,JENSEN, Kirk, M. D.ROBBINS, Mark, M. D.NIFONG, Ned, M. D.HUTCHINS, Richard,LOWDERICKS, Susan,KLINKNER, Michael,M. D.M. D.M. D.M. D.Esperanza,Ronald, M. D.ORDONEZ,POWELL,CommitteeChaired by Dr. Godwin, the Nurse Practitioner committee, Dr. Spangler and Dr.andrecommendationsmet January 29, 1993 and made the followingmotions for approval by the Board. From the November meeting, the committeerecommended that the Board appoint Dr. 's Nance and Godwin as representativesto the Task force formed by the Joint Subcommittee in order to study andDr. Godwin willFormulary.recommendchanges to the Nurse Practitionerto Cheryl Rachels, Chair of the Jointthis informationcommunicateSubcommittee. The Board adopted the motions.BarrettThe ELL, Lynda Lee, NPCANEL, Mary Casebourn,GOOD, Ann Louise,GORDON, Michelle—were approved16NP, NPZ.LOWERY, Bobby D. , NPMAHAFFEY, Wendy Jo, NPM. D.M. D.DILLARD, Robert G. , M. D.ROSSI, Joseph, M. D.BRADNER, Richard,M. D.KOMIVES, Eugenic, M. D.FOY, Jane Meschan, M. D.ZIEMER, Carey M. , M. D.BUONOMANO,Joann, M. D.MORRIS, Peter, M. D.BALOCH,TAYLOR,NPNPHELMS, Irene Waterman,HODGES, Theodore Rosemond,KIRKMAN, Kelly Anne, NPNPLANEY, Cathy Hulbert,to practice:NPMohammed,Britton E. ,J.

Richard Dale, M. D.Robert Propst, M. D.KOPELMAN, Arthur,M. D.NPRASCH, Randolph,PamelaRAYBURN,Geyer, NPPatriciaHuff, NPSHELTON,WILSON,LINEBERGER,BENTLEY, Ralph L. , M. D.LAKIN, Christopher,M. D.KEHRL, Howard Richard, M. D.Maryan, NPSTILES, Suzanne Miller, NPWISE, Barbara Wright, NPSMITH-GANGI,I.NPAdditionalTonya Fender,Tonya Fender,Tonya Job/AdditionalBarbara Ann,Kay Sluder,Winnifred,M. D.M. D.COX, Russell Jackson, M. D.ALVA, Juan, M. D.LAWRENCE, Hal C. , M. , Josephine S. , NPCLEARY, Sandra, NPNPDARR, Linda Clodfelter,DAVES, Melinda White, NPTruitt,NPEDWARDS, BethMCMILLAN, Nancy Shields, NPMCNICHOLAS-RUTLAND,Nancy, NPPARKER,Debra McMehan,REED, CindyRHODES-RYAN,Lea, NPGinger,NPNPSharon Lynn, NPSILVERS-MANGUM,Kathy,WADSWORTH,Cynthia, NPRUPP,VII.NPApplicationsNPApprovedCUTHBERTSON, Beverly, NPKIMREY, Frances Snead, NPLACKEY, Mary, NPOLIVER,Tonya Von,George, NPBethany,WILKIE, Karen, NPNPOWENSBY,STEPHENSON,Tyler, M. D.John A. , M. D.John, M. D.DEES, JohnNPof Primary ApplicationsBeth Ann,Ellis,3WHALEY,IV.- 5M. Wade,FISHER, CarlNPNPJimmy, NPWILLIAMS, Jean Boyd,ApprovedSTALLINGS,NPNPNPJob Change - 14BERKOWITZ, Gerald P. , M. D.STOVALL, Thomas Grant, M. D.STOVALL, Thomas Grant, M. D.STOVALL, Thomas Grant, M. D.CHATHAM,Scott, M. D.Kisook, M. D.CHANG,HALL, Lorne, M. D.BERKOWITZ, Gerald P.BERKOWITZ, Gerald P. , M. D.BERKOWITZ, Gerald P. , M. D.BERKOWITZ, Gerald P. , M. D.ADDISON, Winnifred Allen, M. D.BERKOWITZ, Gerald P. , M. D.BERKOWITZ, Gerald P. , M. AdministrativeApprovals- 7MARTIN, Wayne Robert, M. D.LAUENSTEIN, Kurt, M. D.SEGAL, Lydia, M. D.DILLARD, Robert G. , M. D.CRANE, Steven, M. D.FAJARDO, Agapito Lacson, M. D.F. ,MURRAY, Charles, M. D.S.Jr.

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10EMSCommitteeChaired by Dr. Nance, the EMS committee moved and the Board adopted thecertifications for the period October 27, 1992 to January 12, 1993.Tevels of rmediateEMT-Advanced IntermediateEMT-ParamedicMobile IntensiveEpinephrineCare 981960The committee moved that the rules heard at public hearingThe Board adopted this adopted as proposed.PHEPEMSJanuary19, 1993CommitteeChaired by Mrs. Willis, the PHEP committee, comprised of Dr. Godwin, proposedthe following motions for adoption by the Board. The committee endorsed thework of Dr. Vanderberry and his staff and urged that the Ad Hoc committee andan assistant Medical director.PHEP Board of Directors expedite appointingThe Board approved this motion.laintCommitteecommittee comprised of Dr. Henryby Dr. Stratas, the complaintreport was presented and theThe writtenreported on 54 of complaints.The Boardcommittee moved after discussion that the Board adopt the report.ComChairedadoptedMalthe writtenracticeChairedreport.Committeeby Dr.Barrett,the malpracticeWillis reported on 45 malpractice reports.After review and discussionthe Board.accept the written report.committee,LicensinLicensed by Endorsementbadier, Wahid AbdallaAitken, Mary ElizabethAlbazzaz, Sabah JaberAlmouna j ed, GhanemAlzamora, Fabian EduardoAmazan, Jean L. A.Katherine JaneAmundson,Anderson, Jr. , Carleton ThomasAylward,GillianBarnes, NathanielAnnDr. SpanglerandMrs.written report. was presentedthe Board adopted the 1236313toto

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13Rosero, Hugo OlmedoRost, James RobertRupe, Carol AnneSaikevych, Irene AnnSavin, Robert MichaelScarlett,.Susan Mariehaeffer, Stanley Deanhultz, Kathryn AnnScott, Howard Carlisle.Semelka, Richard CharlesShah, Jagdish VallabhdasJyotsanaSharma,Shen, JohnSilber, RobertSkarda, Karen RuthSmith, David LawrenceSmith, Walter EarlSmith, Jude ThomasSpeight, Otis DonnellStannard, James PatrickStarling, Paul BrittSteckl, Peter DanielSukkasem,YuthapongThakkar, Pradip ChimanlalTice, IV, Frank DavidTsai,Fong YongTucker, Meredith Aline MoanaTurk, Peter SmithVan Oosten, Peter GeraldVogel, Nancy LouiseVu,KhanhTuanWalker, Michael WilliamWallach, Tom HarlanWebster, Bruce StuartWelsher, Wayne HarrisonWhitaker, Miles WarrenWilliams, Mark AlanWilliams, Randall PaulWinn,Charles Edwin,IIWorkman, Raymond WayneWortmann,Dorothy WoodwardZilavy, Dennis Leearwal, Sanjay Kumar.«aya, Michel le Irene.Benj amin,MignonFroomBotwright, Jr. , Gene RobertDeese, Myra JaneEhrmann,Jordan,Khoury,MarthaLeeLaurie O'DanielAntoine BoutrousKilby, John MichaelKingsmore, Stephen 65364663646736468

nnot,Larson, Jean Michelle CherryLittmann, LaszloLondon, Deborah Louise BlakeLorenzani, Linda Diane': cIntosh, Mark Stephencca, Joseph LouisMolter, David WayneMoore, Angelia LynnMurrell, George Anthony CalvertPratt, Rebecca AnnPrice, Jerry LeeJesusReyes, AntonioRomeu,HugoScott, Vicky MarieStowe, Arthur ChesterTriplett, Patricia FowlerIncompleteApplicationsfollowing licensees' applicationswill be issued a license.TheCromey,Jyung,werenot complete.UponcompletionMichael GranvilleJinBumSenior Medical Facultya motion made by Dr. Roufail and seconded by Dr. Spanglerfor Senior Medical Faculty withto approve the special proposed licensurerestrictthis license in terms of. 0802 to allow the Board toamendmentThe Board adoptedarea.geographicalLocum TenensStaffwasphysiciansNewinstructedto researchand make recommendationshowotherat thestatesclasslocumtenensMarch 1993 meeting.BusinessMedical Practice28, 1993, the Board adopted a motion made by Dr. Godwinan Januaryseconded by Dr. Roufail to go on record as being in favor of new therapiescurrentby conventionalhave been studiedlong as the be safe andscientific investigative methods and provenhave not stood this test.whichpracticesandtherapiesBoard is againstAlternativePsychotherapy- Advanced NursingThe Board reviewed informationthat itThe Board instructedmedicine.CliniciansandasandTheregarding nurses practicing only against the unlicensed practice of

15ArticlesFederationa motion made by Dr. Godwin and seconded by Dr. Godwin toto the bylaws of the Federation of Stateapprove the proposed amendmentMedical Boards:Fellows- Each member medical board may5 1 Section C- AdministrativeThe Board adopteddesignate one currently employed staff member to serve as Administrativeadministrativefellow shall have the same rights,AnFellow.obligations and duties as a fellow, except that no Administrative Fellowshall continue in that capacity upon termination of employment or upondesignation of a new Administrative Fellow by

Nicholas E. Stratas, MD, President of the Board of Medical Examiners of North Carolina called the regularly scheduled meeting to order Wednesday, January 27, 1993 at 7:30 PM at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Raleigh, NC. Members present follow: Mrs. Kathryn H. Willis; Nicholas E. Stratas, MD; John Nance, MD, President-Elect; Ernest B. Spangler, MD .