Agilent OpenLABChromatography DataSystem (CDS) A.02.02Supported Instruments andFirmware GuideforChemStation Edition C.01.07, orEZChrom Edition A.04.07

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ContentsContentsOpenLAB CDS Driver Information6OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition C.01.07 6OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition A.04.076Minimum required Firmware 7Operating Systems 7Driver types7Instrument Communication Information - OpenLAB CDS EZChrom and ChemStation Editions 8Instrument LAN Interface Card 8GPIB Compatibility 8Agilent HPLC/LC Firmware Information 9Introduction9Supported HPLC / LC Modules and minimum required Firmware for OpenLAB CDSChemStation and EZChrom Editions 10Agilent LC Sampling Systems 10CTC PAL Autosamplers (Agilent and CTC) with LC 10Agilent LC – Pumps 11Agilent LC – Column Compartments 11Agilent LC – Detectors 12Agilent LC – Quick Change Valves 13Agilent LC – Other Module types 13Agilent 1120 Compact LC Systems 14Agilent 1220 Infinity LC Systems 14Agilent 218/SD1 PrepLC Driver 15Agilent Driver for LC/MS16Agilent CE Firmware Information17Agilent Capillary Electrophoresis DriverAgilent Analog-Digital Converter InformationAgilent A/D Converter171818CDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide3

ContentsAgilent GC Firmware Information – OpenLAB CDSAgilent GC1919ALS Summary (auto injector, tray and associated controller) 207650 ALS hardware: 207693 ALS hardware 207683B ALS hardware 207683A ALS hardware: 20Headspace support with GC 21Control of PAL sampler with GC21Non-Agilent LC Devices supported by OpenLAB CDS 22Alltech Associates 22Hitachi22PerkinElmer25Shimadzu26Waters27Waters – Drivers supported by ChemStation Edition and EZChrom Edition 27Non-Agilent GC Devices supported by OpenLAB CDS EZChrom EditionPerkinElmer28Varian28Valco2928OpenLAB CDS Compact and VL 30OpenLAB CDS VL30OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition VL rev. C.01.07 30OpenLAB CDS EZChrom VL Edition rev. A.04.07 30OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition Compact 30Supported modules for OpenLAB CDS VL Systems431Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

ContentsAgilent OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Compact Support Information37EZChrom Edition Compact Compatibility with GC Hardware 37EZChrom Edition Compact with Agilent 1120 Compact LC 37EZChrom Compact Edition with Agilent 1220 Infinity LC System 38Classic Driver Support Information – OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition 39Agilent HPLC – Sampling Systems 39Agilent HPLC – Pumps 39Agilent HPLC – Detectors 40Agilent HPLC – Column Compartments 40Agilent HPLC – Quick Change Valves 40Agilent 1200 Infinity Series LC – Other Module types 41Agilent A/D Converter 41Agilent 35900E A/D Converter support with Agilent Instruments 41In This Book42CDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide5

OpenLAB CDS Driver InformationOpenLAB CDS Driver InformationThe table below shows an overview of the Agilent driver packages that are deliveredwith OpenLAB CDS A.02.02.OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition C.01.07RC.NET Driver PackageLC and CE DriversA.02.10218/SD1 Prep LC DriverA.01.02ELSD driver1.2GC DriversA.02.0578xx Driver ver. 5.0568xx Driver ver. 6.25490 µGC driver1.9.0LC/MS DriverBuilt into softwareWaters LC4.2.0.0OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition A.04.07Driver Package6OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Agilent LCA.02.10OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Agilent ELSD1.2OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Agilent Classic GC1.081.0OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Agilent GCA.02.05OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Agilent 490 Micro GC1.9.0OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Agilent A/D4.7.1.0OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Alltech LC Detectors4.2.0.1OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Hitachi ChromasterUltra RS3.05OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Hitachi CM5.65OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Hitachi LaChrom1.02OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Hitachi LC4.69OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Hitachi Primaide1.64OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - PE Nelson A/D4.6.0.1OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Perkin Elmer GC4.2.0.1OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Perkin Elmer LC4.2.0.1OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Shimadzu LC RCNet1.1.0.16552OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Varian GC4.6.0.1OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - VICI Valve4.6.0.1OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition - Waters LC4.2.0.1OpenLAB CDS Print Server1.4.4.0Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

OpenLAB CDS Driver InformationMinimum required FirmwareAgilent recommends always using the most recent firmware revisions which includelatest firmware features and improvements. Drivers are forward compatible withrespect to firmware, i.e. the firmware can be updated without the need of updatingthe driver or CDS.In the following sections this guide summarizes the instruments and modules forwhich drivers compatible with OpenLAB CDS A.02.02 are available from Agilent,and list the minimum required firmware.The instrument driver and firmware versions listed have been verified to work withOpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition version C.01.07 and EZChrom Edition versionA.04.07. This guide should only be used for these CDS versions.Operating SystemsUnless otherwise noted all instrument drivers are supported on Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise and Professional (32-bit / 64-bit ) Windows 8. 1 Enterprise and Professional (32-bit / 64-bit )For support information on server operating systems please see the HW/SWrequirment guide.Driver typesAgilent OpenLAB CDS drivers are based on the RC.NET architecture. Informationin this guide refers to this driver type, unless otherwise noted.Native “classic” drivers for legacy modules of the 1100 and 1200 HPLC series arestill provided with OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition. These classic driverscannot be run in the same instrument with RC.NET drivers. Combinations ofmodules in one instrument stack need to have one common driver class. Classicdrivers compatible with OpenLAB CDS A.02.02 are listed at the end of this guide.In addition for some instrument classes “Classic Plus” drivers are available withOpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition (ELSD, CTC and Single Quad MS). The ClassicPlus driver types can be combined with RC.NET drivers via their CIC ports.CDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide7

Instrument Communication Information - OpenLAB CDSEZChrom and ChemStation EditionsNOTEOn Agilent Instrument Controllers (AICs), OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition exclusivelysupports instruments and modules connected via LAN. GPIB, RS232, USB or any converterare not supported on AICs.Instrument LAN Interface CardProductHardwareMinimum requiredFirmware RevisionNotesG1369CLAN InterfacecardB.06.40CAN support for hosted modules/CAN slave (e.g. G1170AUniversal Valve Drive)SW 7 and SW 8 must be in the OFF position10/100BaseTG1369BLAN InterfacecardA.01.01G1369ALAN InterfacecardA.01.10J4100AJet Direct CardK.08.32SW 7 and SW 8 must be in the OFF position10/100BaseT1st version – firmware A.01.05 - Not Supported with GC and35900E2nd version – Board revision C.03.00 – firmware A.01.10 –Supported with 35900E and GC10/100BaseTSupported with ChemStation onlyGPIB CompatibilityProductMinimum requiredFirmware RevisionSupport Statement / Comments82350BI IO Library Suite 16.2Update 3ChemStation Only, not supported for GC instruments82357B(USB / GPIB interface)IO Library Suite 16.2Update 3Out of supportNational Instruments IEEE488 card8EZChrom OnlySupported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent HPLC/LC Firmware InformationIntroductionFor Agilent LC instruments the following RC.NET firmware revisions arerecommended with Agilent OpenLAB CDS A.02.02 ChemStation Edition orEZChrom Edition:DeviceFirmwareAgilent 1100 Series, 1200 Series and 1200 InfinityA.06.60Agilent 1200 Series, 1200 Infinity and 1120 Compact LCB.06.60Agilent 1200 Infinity Hosted ModulesC.06.60Agilent 1290 Infinity (some modules)D.06.60Agilent 1200 Series ELSD (G4218A)1.4For Details on the firmware revisions please refer to the Release Note for AgilentLC and CE drivers Revision A.02.10.Please Note that OpenLAB CDS A.02.02 also supports independent LC Driverreleases later than A.02.10. If you want to use more recent driver revisions thanA.02.10, please refer to the respecitive Release Note for Agilent LC and CE driversdelivered with the drivers.For more information on downloading the latest Firmware, please refer to theAgilent website LC Firmware News and Downloads and Firmware Update Tools &Procedures.Some of the modules are supported with Firmware revisions lower than the oneslisted in the table above. Please check the following pages for the minimum requiredfirmware revision.LC and CE Firmware revisions are grouped into sets for each module or system.Firmware sets include just the latest firmware of each module. The latest sets are6.50, 6.30 and 6.10. Every firmware of one set is fully compatible with your CDS thatsupports this firmware set. Modules combined into one LC instrument always needto have firmware from the same set.Firmware revisions within one set are compatible in all cases, even if lower than theminimum required firmware provided in the tables of this section. However, if onemodule uses a firmware revision lower that the specified Minimum FirmwareRevision some functionality might not be supported.NOTEDo not mix firmware revisions from one set with older or newer sets. Firmware is not testedacross set borders.CDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide9

HPLC/LC driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSSupported HPLC / LC Modules and minimum required Firmware for OpenLAB CDSChemStation and EZChrom EditionsAgilent LC Sampling SystemsProductNumberModule NameSupported by OpenLABCDS Edition:CS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG1313A1100 Series Standard AutosamplerYYA.06.10G1329A1100 Series Standard AutosamplerYYA.06.10G1329B1260 Infinity Standard AutosamplerYYA.06.10G1367A1100 Series Well-plate SamplerYYA.06.32G1367B1200 Series High Performance AutosamplerYYA.06.32G1367C1200 Series High Performance Autosampler SLYYA.06.32G1367D1200 Series High Performance Autosampler SL YYA.06.32G1367E1260 Infinity High Performance AutosamplerYYA.06.32G1377A1260 Infinity High Performance Micro AutosamplerYYA.06.12G1389A1100 Series Micro Thermostatted AutosamplerYYA.06.10G2256A1260 Infinity Sample Capacity ExtensionYYn/aG2258A1260 Infinity Dual-Loop AutosamplerYYA.06.50G2260A1260 Infinity Preparative Autosampler (High flow)YYA.06.50G2261A1100 Series Preparative Autosampler (Thermostatted )YYA.06.32G4226A1290 Infinity AutosamplerYYA.06.32G4303A1260 Infinity SFC standard autosamplerYYA.06.54G5667A1260 Infinity Bio-inert AutosamplerYYA.06.32G7167A/B1260 Infinity MultisamplerYYD.06.60*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ: OpenLAB CDS EZChrom EditionCTC PAL Autosamplers (Agilent and CTC) with LCProductNumberModule NameSupported byOpenLAB CDSMinimum required FirmwareRevisionCS*EZ**CTC FirmwareRC.NETG4277AAgilent 1290 Infinity LC Injector HTSYY4.x.xB.01.04/B.01.05G4278AAgilent 1290 Infinity LC Injector HTCYY4.x.xB.01.04/B.01.05G4270-CTCCTC Analytics HTC PAL InjectionSystem1YY2-5-2B.01.04/B.01.05G4271-CTCCTC Analytics HTS PAL Injection System1YY2-5-2B.01.04/B.01.05*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ: OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition1RS-232 communication only10Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent HPLC/LC driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent LC – PumpsProductNumberModule NameSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG1310A1100 Series Isocratic PumpYYA.06.10G1310B1260 Infinity Isocratic PumpYYA.06.32G1311A1100 Series Quaternary PumpYYA.06.10G1311B1260 Infinity Quaternary PumpYYA.06.32G1311C1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump VL 1YYA.06.32G1312A1260 Infinity Binary Pump 111YYA.06.10G1312B1260 Infinity Binary PumpSL1YYA.06.10G1312C1260 Infinity Binary Pump VL1YYA.06.32G1361A1260 Infinity Preparative PumpCluster with up to 4x G1361AYYA.06.50G1376A1260 Infinity Capillary PumpYYA.06.10G2225AG2226A1260 Infinity Nanoflow PumpYYA.06.10G4204A1290 Quaternary Pump 1YYB.06.50G4220A1290 Infinity Binary PumpYYB.06.23G4220B1290 Infinity Binary Pump VLYYB.06.43G4302A1260 Infinity SFC Binary PumpYYA.06.32G5611A1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary PumpYYA.06.3211111Pump valve clusters are possible for marked pumps with up to 2 valves of type G1160A and/or G1170A*CS:OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ:OpenLAB CDS EZChrom EditionAgilent LC – Column CompartmentsProductNumberModule NameSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG1316A1260 Infinity Column Compartment (Thermostatted)YY1A.06.10G1316B1200 Series Column Compartment SLYY1A.06.10YYA.06.14G1316C1290 Infinity Column Compartment(Thermostatted) 2Cluster with up to three G1316C with integrated 8pos/9port valves (products G4230A/B).Minimum two G1316C TCCs. The third TCC can be a G1316A, B or C.New 2/10 and 2/6 valves are not supported by EZChrom Edition2*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ: OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition1Except G1316A#56 (or G1316B#56) micro valve controlCDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide11

HPLC/LC driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent LC – DetectorsProductNumberModule NameSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG1314A1100 Series Variable Wavelength DetectorYYA.06.10G1314B1200 Series Variable Wavelength DetectorYYA.06.10G1314C1200 Series Variable Wavelength DetectorYYA.06.10G1314D1200 Series Variable Wavelength DetectorYYB.06.32B.06.32G1314E1290 Infinity Variable wavelength DetectorYYG1314F1260 Infinity Variable wavelength DetectorYYB.06.32G1315A1100 Series Diode Array DetectorYYA.06.10A.06.10G1315B1200 Series Diode Array DetectorYYG1315C1200 Series Diode Array Detector VL YYB.06.30G1315D1200 Series Diode Array Detector VLYYB.06.30A.06.10G1365A1100 Series Multiple Wavelength DetectorYYG1365B1100 Series Multiple Wavelength DetectorYYA.06.10G1365C1260 Infinity Multiple Wavelength DetectorYYB.06.30G1365D1260 Infinity Multiple Wavelength Detector VLYYB.06.30G1321A1100 Series Fluorescence Detector (FLD)YYA.06.10G1321B1260 Infinity Fluorescence DetectorYYA.06.32G1321C1260 Infinity Fluorescence DetectorYYA.06.54G1362A1260 Infinity Refractive Index DetectorYYA.06.10G4212A1290 Infinity Diode Array DetectorYYB.06.30G4212B1260 Infinity Diode Array DetectorYYB.06.30HDR-DAD Cluster2x G4212A or 2x G4212B, or a combination of 1xG4212A and 1x G4212BYYB.06.57G4218A1260 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorY1Y11.4 Classic Plus(English Driver only)G4260A1260 Infinity 380 Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorY1Y125.0G4261A1290 Infinity 385 Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorY1Y125.0G4260B1260 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorY1Y130.381290 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorY1Y130.38G4261B*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ: OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition1NOT localized for Japanese and Chinese, not supported on AIC12Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent HPLC/LC driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent LC – Quick Change ValvesProductNumberModule NameSupported by OpenLABCDSMinimum requiredFirmware RevisionCS*EZ**G1157A1200 Series 2 Position / 10 Port ValveYYA.06.02G1158A1200 Series 2 Position / 6 Port ValveYYA.06.02G1158B1200 Series 2 Position / 6 Port Valve (600bar)YYA.06.02G1159A1200 Series 6 Position Selection ValveYYA.06.02G1160AYYA.06.02G1162A1100 Series Multiple Purpose Switching Valve(12Position / 13 Port)1200 Series 2 Position/ 6 Port Micro ValveYNoA.06.02G1163A1200 Series 2 Position/ 10 Port Micro ValveYNoA.06.02G1170A1290 Infinity Valve DriveYYMaster/SlaveB.06.40/C.06.40*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ: OpenLAB CDS EZChrom EditionAgilent LC – Other Module typesProductNumberModule NameSupported by OpenLABCDSCS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG1390A1100 Series Universal Interface Box (UIB)YYA.06.02G1390B1200 Infinity Series Universal Interface Box IIYYMaster/SlaveB.06.53/C.06.53G4227A1290 Infinity Flexible CubeYYMaster/SlaveB.06.52/C.06.52G2229A1260 Infinity Nanoflow LC SystemYYG1323B1100 Series Handheld Control ModuleYn/aG4208A1200 Infinity Series Instant PilotYn/aG1364A1100 Series Automatic Fraction Collector 1YYA.06.53G1364B1260 Infinity Fraction Collector (preparative-scale)YYA.06.53G1364C1260 Infinity Fraction Collector (analytical-scale)YYA.06.53G1364D1100 Series Micro Fraction CollectorYYA.06.53G5664A1260 Infinity Bio-inert fraction collector ASYYA.06.53G4301A1260 Infinity Analytical SFC SystemYYA.03.071111Any combination of up to three G1364A/B/C or G5664A plus a fourth G1364A/B/C or G5664A for recovery can beclustered. Multiple single Fraction Collectors are not supported.CDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide13

HPLC/LC driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent 1120 Compact LC SystemsProductNumberModule NameCommunicationsSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionEZ compactG4286A1120 Compact LC, Isocratic pumpTCP/IPYYB.06.50G4287A1120 compact LC. Isocratic with Oven and ALSTCP/IPYYB.06.50G4288A1120 Compact LC, GradientTCP/IPYYB.06.50G4289A1120 Compact LC, Gradient with ovenTCP/IPYYB.06.50G4290A1120 Compact LC, Gradient with oven and ALSTCP/IPYYB.06.50*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ compact : OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition CompactAgilent 1220 Infinity LC SystemsNOTEProductNumberFor OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition these instruments are only configurable under theinstrument type “Agilent Compact LC”. They can be combined with modules that are availableunder the instrument type “Agilent Compact LC” only. Please see Page 38 for more detail.Module NameSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZcompact**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG4286B1220 Infinity LC System Isocratic, Man. Inj., VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4287B1220 Infinity LC Isocratic, ALS, TCC, VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4288B1220 Infinity LC Gradient, Man. Inj., VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4289B1220 Infinity LC Gradient, ALS, TCC, VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4290B1220 Infinity LC Gradient, ALS, Man. Inj., TCC, VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4291B1220 Infinity LC Isocratic, Man. Inj., TCC, VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4292B1220 Infinity LC Isocratic, ALS, VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4293B1220 Infinity LC Gradient, ALS, VWD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4294B1220 Infinity LC Gradient, ALS, TCC, DAD, 600 barYYB.06.50G4288C1220 Infinity LC System VL, Gradient, Man. Inj. VWD, 400 barYYB.06.50G4289C1220 Infinity LC System VL, Gradient, Man. Inj. VWD, 400 barYYB.06.50G4290C1220 Infinity LC System VL, Gradient, ALS, TCC, VWD, 400 barYYB.06.50G4293C1220 Infinity LC System VL, Gradient, ALS, VWD, 400 barYYB.06.50*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ compact : OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition Compact14Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent HPLC/LC driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent 218/SD1 PrepLC DriverProductNumberModule NameCommunicationsSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionAgilent 210PumpRS232YNo1.73 rev CAgilent 218PumpRS232YNo1.1 rev BNo2.2Agilent SD1PumpRS232YAgilent 325UV/VIS DetectorLANYNo2.07Agilent 410AutosamplerRS232YNo2.07Agilent 440Fraction CollectorRS232YNo1.31*CS: OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition**EZ: OpenLAB CDS EZChrom EditionCDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide15

Agilent LC/MS driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDS ChemStationAgilent Driver for LC/MSSupported for OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition only.G6110A, G6120A, G6130A, G6140A, G6120B, G6130B, and G6150B are not supported onRussian ChemStationNOTEModelModule TypeSupported FirmwareSupported Driver TypeCommunicationsG6110A6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG6120A6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG6130A6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG6140A6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG6120B6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG6130B6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG6150B6100 Series Single QuadrupoleLC/MS System3.02.42Classic PlusLANG1956AMS Detector for 1100/1200 LCNot SupportedNot Supportedn/aG1956BMS Detector for 1100/1200 LCNot SupportedNot Supportedn/aG7100CE/MS1B.06.26Only when configured as CE-MS system,workstation and networked workstation only.When OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition is used to control the Agilent LC/MS, in conjunction with the Agilent 3DCapillary Electrophoresis system, no additional instrument is supported on the PC system (the one PC controls only theCE and MS system).116Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent CE driver information for Agilent OpenLAB CDS ChemStation EditionAgilent CE Firmware InformationSupported for OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition only.Agilent Capillary Electrophoresis DriverProductNumberModule NameSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**Minimum requiredFirmware RevisionG1600ACapillary Electrophoresis I (Mainframe)NoNoG7150AG7100 Capillary Electrophoresis II 1YNoB.06.26Agilent G7100 CE/MS2YNoB.06.25Diode Array Detector for CE IIYNoB.06.25G7151A12When OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition is used to control an Agilent 3D Capillary Electrophoresis system, noadditional instruments are supported on the PC system.When OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition is used to control the Agilent LC/MS, in conjunction with the Agilent3D Capillary Electrophoresis system, no additional instruments is supported on the PC system (the one PC controlsonly the CE and MS system).CDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide17

Agilent A/D Converter information for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent Analog-Digital Converter InformationAgilent A/D ConverterInstrumentSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**Agilent 35900E Dual Channel InterfaceYYAgilent SS420XNoY35900E Series IIYY18Supported FirmwareVersion (minimum)CommunicationsE.01.02TCP/IP , LAN onlyRS-232E.02.04Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent GC drivers for Agilent OpenLAB CDSAgilent GC Firmware Information – OpenLAB CDSAgilent GCProductNumberInstrument nameSupported byOpenLAB CDSCS*EZ**SupportedFirmware TL, CFT, and methodtransfer are not supportedG1530NG1540N6890NY2Y3N.06.07RC.Net driver support only.G1530AG1540A6890AY2Y3A.03.08RC.NET driver support only.G2630A6850 Serial # US10243001Y2Y3A.06.02RC.NET driver support only.G2630A6850 Serial # US00003200Y2Y3A.03.07RC.NET driver support only.G2629A6850 Handheld ControllerY2Y3A.05.06For 7683A/B5890 Series IINoNoA.03.02Out of Support.4G3581A490 Micro GCYY2.20 build 19606TCP-IPG3582A490 Micro GC AnalyzersYY2.20 build 19606TCP-IPVarianCP-4900 Micro-GCNoY1.40 build 45TCP-IPVarian490-GC Micro-GCNoY1.40 build 45TCP-IP6890Plus2ChemStation: The GC classic driver is not supported. It is no longer possible to configure a 68xx GC withthe classic driver.After an upgrade, the 68xx series GC must be re-configured to use the RC.NET driver in AgilentOpenLAB Control Panel. GCs using GPIB must update to LAN. There will be no new updates orhotfixes for the 68xx GC Classic driver.3EZChrom: The Classic Agilent 6890 GC driver is no longer supported and cannot be used to acquire data.The Classic Agilent 6890 GC driver is only available to reprocess data previously created with a 6890 GC.There will be no new updates or hotfixes for the Classic Agilent 6890 GC driver.45890 GC not supported in OpenLAB CDS ChemStation and EZChrom EditionsThe 5890 driver is not tested and no longer supported. There will be no new updates or hotfixes for the5890 GC driver.In OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition, the 5890 driver is only available to reprocess data previously createdwith a 5890 GCCDS Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide19

Agilent GC drivers for Agilent OpenLAB CDSALS Summary (auto injector, tray and associated controller)7650 ALS hardware:InstrumentModelSupported Firmware ntModelSupported Firmware Version(minimum)7693 InjectorG4513AA.10.097693 ting/Mixing OnlyExternal ControllerG4516AA.01.066890 only6890Plus ALScard upgradeG4517AA.01.066890 onlyLVI Syringe CarriageG4521An/aCooling AccessoryG4522An/aTray with BCR/MixerG4520AA.10.16InstrumentModelSupported Firmware Version(minimum)7683B InjectorG2913AA.11.037683B TrayG2614AA.02.01BCR/MixerG2615An/a7693 ALS hardwareNotesEZChrom:Heating/Mixing Only7683B ALS hardwareNotesEZChrom: Mixing Only7683A ALS hardware:InstrumentModelSupported Firmware Version(minimum)7683A InjectorG2613AA.10.077683A TrayG2614AA.02.01BCR/MixerG2615An/a20NotesEZChrom: Mixing OnlySupported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Agilent GC drivers for Agilent OpenLAB CDSHeadspace support with GCInstrumentModelSupportedFirmware Version(minimum)7697A Headspace7697AA.01.06B.01.06G1888 Headspace7694B B (7694B)SoftwareRevision(minimum)1.05G1883A (7694E)1.12ModelSupportedFirmware Version(minimum)NotesOut of Support--Not SupportedControl of PAL sampler with GCInstrumentCTC Combi-Pal for Liquid and Headspace Injection(SPME Optional)CTC Combi-Pal 80 cm for Liquid Injection(SPME, Headspace Optional)CTC Combi-Pal120 cm for Liquid Injection(SPME, Headspace Optional)CTC GC-Pal for Liquid Injection(SPME Optional)Agilent GC Sampler 80 cm for Liquid Injection(SPME, Headspace Optional)Agilent GC Injector 80 cm for Liquid Injection(SPME Optional)Agilent GC Sampler 120 cm for Liquid Injection(SPME, Headspace NotesB. or 4.3.0AgilentB. or 4.3.0G6509-CTCG6502-CTCG6501BG6502BG6509BCDS Supported Instruments and Firmware GuideAgilentB. or 4.3.0AgilentB. or B.01.04B.

Non-Agilent LC DevicesSupported by EZChrom EditionNon-Agilent LC Devices supported by OpenLAB CDSNOTEThe drivers listed in this section are supported by OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition only,unless stated otherwise.Alltech AssociatesLC DetectorsModule TypeModule NamesCommunicationsSupported FirmwareVersions D-650RS-232C-No longer supportedwith OpenLAB CDSHitachiLaChrom LCModule TypeModule NamesCommunicationSupported FirmwareVersions (minimum)SystemD-7000 InterfaceModule (IFM)GPIBN/AAIDD7000(through IFM)810-7014-00PumpL7100(through IFM)810-7810-00AutosamplerL7200(through IFM)810-8300-04AutosamplerL7250(through IFM)810-8350-05OvenL7300(through IFM)810-7760-03IE 8,Win 7 32-bit onlyDetectorL7400(through IFM)810-8200-04DEP Off, UAC OffDetectorL7420(through IB810-4853-01DetectorL7480(through IFM)810-8100-02DetectorL7485(through IFM)810-7064-0122NotesSupported Instruments and Firmware Guide

Non-Agilent LC DevicesSupported by EZChrom EditionLaChrom Elite LCModuleTypeModule NamesCommunicationsSupported FirmwareVersions (minimum)SystemUSB Interface Board (IFB)USB890-8190-01 or891-8190-00PumpL-2100. L-2130(through IFB)890-8110-02AutosamplerL-2200(through IFB)890-8121-00 or890-8120-03OvenL-2300(through IFB)890-8130-02OvenL-2350(through IFB)890-8150-00DetectorL-2400(through IFB)890-8140-02DetectorL-2420(through IFB)890-8142-00DetectorL2450(through IFB)890-8145-00DetectorL-2455(through IFB)890-8146-00DetectorL2480(through IFB)890-8148-00DetectorL

Agilent OpenLAB Chromatography Data System (CDS) A.02.02 Supported Instruments and Firmware Guide for ChemStation Edition C.01.07, or EZChrom Edition A.04.07