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Open and closed laser systemsFrom competent advice in the selection of the appropriate laser system,for your business, to quick response times by our fully trained technicalsupport team.AL & ALT 500Flak mobilModifying of the contourFocusing lens 150 mmWelding in deep cavitiesFocusing lens 300 mmALW 200-300Our team of application engineers will elaborate process parametersand complete solutions for the individual problems of our customers.ALW 100-150Mobile repair weldingwww.Lawitex.deALV

Source of utilities for welding systems1HZ Tel.: 02173-3991780LAWI 62 EROD the special wirefor subsequently eroded surfaces.Our wire holder makes it possibile to workfaster and precisely, without working breaks.Manual Laser wire feeder „ManFeed“for diameter 0,3 - 0,6 mmorder no.: 1106Fast and precise positioning of workpieces withthe flexarm.Self-adhesive copper foil for protection of edgesand surfaces.Rotation deviceorder no. 1053Wire holderorder no. 1101Special alu viceorder no. 1114Natural hair refill for cleaningbrush order no. 1112Magnetic positioning bowlorder no. 1251 d 160 mmorder no. 1252 d 140 mmFibre glas brushorder no. 1102Protection glovesorder no. 1111Brass refill for cleaning brushorder no. 1113www.Lawitex.deExtension needle for manual wire holderorder no.: 1110Flexarmorder no. 1108, smallorder no. 1109, bigCeramic nozzle order no. 2182Copper nozzle order no. 2161Copper foil, self-adhessiveorder no. 1105Fibre refill for brushorder no. 1103

For tool and mould steelsWelding technologyTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Filler metalApplicationLAWI 10 MMartensitic Cr-Mn Laser welding wire withanticorrosion properties. Polishable, erodable,nitrable, etchable and heat treatable.Hardenable up to the 2. layer.For repairs of plastic, blowing- and injectionmoulds, also for compression moulding dies.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 48-56 -Ni-Mo-Mn filler metal with a loweredc-content. Including stabilizing elements tomoderate hard carbide rims. Hardable up to the2. layer, polishable, erodable, nitrable, etchableand heat treatable. For repairs of plastic andinjection moulds color synchronous for 2-5%nickeliferous tool steels. The welding deposit isresistant to alternating temperatures.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 360-420 -Mn filler metal. Cowered carbon andsilicon content. Additional elements whichreduce the development of carbides. Polishable,erodable, nitrable, etchable and heat treatable.The laser welding deposit has synchronousstructural and treatment properties as the parentsteel. Hardness 1- st layer approx. 360-400 -Mn- filler metal with a lowered c-contentand silicon content. Minimized chromiumcontent below 0,15 %, therefore nearlychromium and carbide free. Polishable,erodable, nitrable, etchable and heat treatable.Hardness 1- st layer approx. 300-360 HB.Welding deposit is softer and brighter than fillermetal Laser 14 0162600162700Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn filler metal. Heat-, rust-rg, nonhardenable welding depsit, strain-hardening bypressure and impacts. Polishable, erodable cannot be nitrided or chromium-plated. For basic,intermediate and joining layers different toolsteels. Hardness 1-st layer approx 320-370 HB.Stretching up to 33%.Tensile strength 820-880 01517001.20821.20831.23431.23441.23671.2606LAWI 12 .2767LAWI 14 M1.21621.23111.23121.2738LAWI 15 M1.21621.23111.23121.2738LAWI 16Several steelsDiameterLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldArticle 50600150700150800151000151100151200151300151400

For tool and mould steelsWelding technologyFiller metalLAWI 18Several steelsLAWI 19 Nicopper alloysseveral steelsLAWI 201.23431.23441.23601.2362LAWI 22Several steelsLAWI rLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Article no.spools151815191520152115221523rodsNi-basis laser filler metal with Cr-Mo-Mn-FeNb and elements to avoid hard carbidetransitions. Rust-, acid-, heatresisting andextremely cold resisting. Erodable andpolishable. Can not be nitrided or chromiumplated. For elastic basic, intermediate andjoining layers. Crack safe welding of differentsteels and cast iron: GS, GG-GGG 70.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 220-250 HB.Stretching up to 46%!!Tensile strength approx. 700-760 N/qmm².0,10,20,30,40,50,60,7NiTi-filler metal for applications at nickelcopper alloys as well as connections of steelswith nickel-copper alloys. Excellent anti-stresscorrosion. For applications in the field ofchemical and petrochemical Industry as wellas in nautical construction (desalination plants).Tensile strength approx. 470 RmN/mm²,dilating 30 0500170600Cr-Mo-Mn-V filler metal for hot-work steelsPolishable, erodable, nitrable, etchable and heattreatable. Hardenable till approx 58 HRC.For plastic moulds, blowing and injectionmoulds. Hardness 1-st layer approx.46-52 HRC.Unproblematic machining andresiting to thermal 52600152700152800152900Co-Cr-Mo-Mn-W-Fe filler metal forTempering-, hardening steels and hot-work withuniversal properties. For nitrided steels, hasedge stability and is resisting towards acid.Can not be chromium-plated. Polishable, delayderodability. Small thermal changeability of thestructure. Hardness 1-st layer approx.24-36 HRC. Increase of hardnes bycompression stress and dynamic compressionstress till 35% !!Stretching approx. 53000153100153200153300Cr-Mo-V-W filler metal with stabillizingelements. Air hardenable and shock hardenale.Edge stable and resistant at elevatedtemperarures. Qualificatorily chromiumplatable, it is polishable, erodable, nitrable,etchable and temperable good heat conductingproperties. For Aluminium diecasting forgingdies, slide tolls. Hardness 1-st layer approx.56-59 HRC. Hardenable up to approx. 58 00153700163400153800152000152100152200152300152400

For tool and mould steelsWelding technologyFiller metalApplicationDiameterLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Article no.spoolsLAWI 251.20801.20831.23431.2344LAWI 26STAVAX1.20831.23161.41151.4120LAWI 281.27101.27211.27431.27621.2842LAWI 30CARMOCALMAX1.23581.2363LAWI 3100163200Cr-Mo-Mn-Ti filler metal with low c-content.Because of the extreme wear resistant propertiesand also of high toughness suitable for repair orproduction of hot working steels, as plastic,pressure casting tools. High abrasive,mechanical, thermic strenght.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 42-50 ic chromium filler metal with elementsfor structure stabilization.Polishable, erodable, nitrable, etchable and heattreatable. Can not be chromium-plated.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 48-54 HRCcan differ, depending on the extent of mingling.Hardenable up to approx. 60 1541Cr-Mn-Al-Ti universal filler metal for coldcutling steels and tempering steels. Nitrable,crack resistant and abrasionproof, induction andflame gardenable. Very suitable for closingedges of plastic blowing moulds.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 56-60 HRCcan differ, depending on the extent of mingling.Hardenable up to approx. 62 -W filler metal with extremetough-hardened and wear resistant properties.For cold work steels with approx.5% chromium. Crack resistant and hardenable.Edge stable, nitrable, erodable, chromiumplatable and heat treatable.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 56-60 HRCcan differ, depending on the extent of mingling.Hardenable up to approx. 62 0155000155100155200Cr-Mn-Si-V filler metal with elements forstructure stabilization. The welding deposit issimilar to the 12% chromium-cold cuttingsteels. Can not be chromium-plated. Nitrableand erodable.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 58-60 HRC candiffer, depending on the extent of mingling.Hardenable up to approx. 62 0154100164300154500

For tool and mould steelsWelding technologyFiller metalLAWI 341.20801.23791.24361.2601LAWI 361.23431.2344LAWI 381.43011.45411.4571LAWI 501.23111.23121.23431.23441.27381.2767LAWI DiameterLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Article no.Cr-Mn-Mo-V filler metal with fait hardeningproperties. High tenacity and edge retention.For fast repairs of cutting tools. Nitrable,erodable and chromium-platable, air- and flamehardenable.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 56-59 HRCcan differ, depending on the extent of mingling.Hardenable up to approx. 60 156000156100156200156400156300Ni-Co-Mo filler metal espesially for aluminiumand zinc diecasting moulds.Martensitic welding deposit is crack resistentand very tough. Hardness increase of thewelding deposit up to 50-54 HRC after thermaltreatment. Can not be chromium-plated.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 40-46 HRC,can differ, depending an the extent of 166400156500Cr-Ni-Mo filler metal for basic and joining ondifferent Cr-Ni steels. Rust- acid resisting.Polishable and erodable. Suitable for bufferlayers on hard materials.Hardness 1-st layer 300-350 HB.Streching max. approx. 35%.Tensile strength approx. 720-760 6900157000157100157200Cr-Mo-W-Si filler metal for aluminium- andzinc diecasting moulds, especially5% chromium steels, also for plastic moulds onworn edges when hardness and tenacity shouldbe achievd. Can not be gardened andlimited chromium-platet. Resistant to effects oftemperature. Hardeness 1-st layer approx.52-58 HRC, can differ, depending on the extentof mingling. Hardenable up to approx. 60 HRC.Softened approx. 230 HB at 770 03159900160000160100160200160300Cr-Mo-Mn filler metal for 17 % martensitic Crsteel. Rust and wear resistant. Polishable,erodable, nitrable, etchable and heat treatable.Can not be chromium-plated! For fiber glassconsolidated plastics and blowing moulds.Welding deposit is crack-free and harmoniseswith basic material tn the melting zone.Hardness 1- st layer approx. 50-58 HRC, candiffer depending on the extant of 64800164900156700

For tool and mould steelsWelding technologyLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Filler metalApplicationDiameterLAWI 58Cr- Filler metal with low c-content. Free ofnickel! Rust and high wear resistant. Wellcompatible and crack resistant with12-17 % Cr. stells. Polishable, erodable,nitrable, etchable and heat treatable. Can not bechromium-plated! Ideal repair alloy for toughhardened mold steels.Hardness 1- st layer approx. 48-56 HRC, candiffer depending on the extant of 165100160900161000161100Martensitic Cr filler metal with loweredC-content and added stabilizing elements.Especially developed for repairs of GRPinjections and blow molded plastic, as wellas for their insets which are to be eroded afterwelding. Transitions and differeces in colourare no more visible if used properly. The weldis rust- and wear-resistent!Hardness 1-st layer approx. 45-55 HRC,depending on the extent of mingling anddiameter of the wire (energy). Hardenable upto approx. 60 81.40311.4037STAVAXMOLDMAXNewLAWI 62ERODSeveral steelsArticle no. 1HZ LAWI 62 EROD the special wirefor subsequently eroded surfacesThe Laser seam visibility after eroding, as well as the connection faultsof fusion in transition to the base material can be avoided, differencesin color between deposit metal and base material are also not visible.A crack free solidification is forming a homogeneous surface.The manuel Laser wire feeder,,Man Feed” allows a preciseand uninterruptible wire feedingCrack free eroded surfacewelded with LAWI 62 ERODrods

Welding technologyFiller metalFor copper/brass andaluminium and titaniumApplicationDiameterLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Article no.spoolsrodsCu-Ag-Cr-Fe, best heat and electricityconducting properties. By low cooling (-20 )The hardness of the welding deposit increase upto 30%. For joining of copper and bronzes withsteels.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 70-90 HB.Stretching approx. 25-35%.Tensile strength approx. 290-340 7600LAWI 41 LoyAmpcoloyMoldmaxand differentcopper alloysCu-Ni-Si- filler metal with good heatconducting properties. Loy spezific colorcharacteristic.By low cooling -20 the hardnessincrease up to 30%.Hardness 1-st layer approx. 60-84 HBStretching approx. 23-32%Tensile strength approx. 200-280 N/qmm0,30,40,5162016211622162000162100162200LAWI 42Al-Mn-Cu-Cr-Fe filler metal. Multi alloybronze with excellent dry running properties onsteels and good heat conductive. For crack- andpore-free weldings. Direct build-up layerswithout the junctions taking the hardening withminimum contraction. Also suitable for joiningcracks on mould cooling channels.Hardness 1-st layer on steel approx.220-280 HB. Hardness 1-st layer on 000158100158200Be-Cu filler metal with excellent electricaland thermal conductivity, high solidity andlow wearing. Deep-freezing from -20 centigrade brings up to 30% more hardness!Suitable for connecting copper/bronze withsteel. Hardness 1-st layer approx. 70-150 HBdepending on energy/curing. Dilatationsolution-annealed: approx. 35% dilatationhard: approx. 1%. Tensile strength: solutionannealed 400-550 RmMPa, hard 820-1100RmMPaFor eroding electrodes, pixel electrodes as wellas copper materials containing beryllium. Mindthe saftey data 9500Al filler metal for repairs of aluminium castingmoulds, fine flowing. For build up and joininglayers o fall aluminium 700158600LAWI 40Electrolyticalcopper anddifferentcopper alloysFor welding onsteels,cast steels,cast iron.Joining ofbronzesLAWI 43 BeCopper alloyswith higherstrengthLAWI 44 ALAl-alloystill F 30

Welding technologyFor copper/brass andaluminium and titaniumTel.: 02173 3991780Fax: 02173 3991781Filler metalApplicationLAWI 45 ALAl filler metal for aluminium alloys with up to7 % silicon, when similarity of colour isrequired.Hardness 1-st layer on steel approx. 90-140 HB.0,40,50,6161416151616161400161500161600Al special filler metal for aluminium wroughtalloys. Property of changing of state by age-,hot-, or cold compression hardening. Hardnessdepends on the degree of mingling with theparent metal.0,30,40,50,61589159016601591158900Al filler metal for pure aluminium 99,5 % orhigher.Suitable for crack free welding on Cu-, Zr-, Mnand Mg- alloyed aluminium basic material.Hardness 1-st layer on steel approx. 70-110 HB.0,40,616171619Ti –filler metal, for joining and build-up layerson titanium materials. Fe- content: 0,15%.Suitable for laboratory and medicinerequirements.0,30,515951596Cr-Co filler metal for the application in thedental and implant area. Nickel free! Very goodsuitability for the repair of hot runner nozzles,where highly abrasive plastics like PVC,Macrolon, etc. are processed. Double tool lifepossible.Hardness: approx. 190-210 HV, melting point:approx. 1400 , hardness in Rm: approx. 900Mpa. Delivery on micro spolls 2 m length.0,350,516071608AlSi 3AlSi 5AlSi 7LAWI 46 ALAl-alloysfrom F 28LAWI 47 ALAl 99,5Al 99,8LAWI 483.70253.70353.7065LAWI CoCrdental-sectionscopper alloysDiameterLawitex GmbHHitdorfer Str. 10 c40764 LangenfeldArticle no.spoolsrods166000159100Conversion tablesteel/100 gcopper/100 gDiameteraluminium/100gAL-bronze/100g0,1 mm1612 m-0,1 mm--0,2 mm400 m-0,2 mm--0,25 mm256 m-0,25 mm--0,3 mm178 m162 m0,3 mm556 m178 m0,4 mm100 m90 m0,4 mm302 m102 m0,5 mm72 m58 m0,5 mm218 m-0,6 mm45 m-0,6 mm138 m66 m

For tool and mould steels Lawitex GmbH Hitdorfer Str. 10 c 40764 Langenfeld Tel.: 02173 3991780 Fax: 02173 3991781 Filler metal Application Diameter Article no. . 1.2606 Martensitic Cr-Mn Laser welding wire with anticorrosion properties. Polishable, erodable, nitrable, etchable and heat treatable. Hardenable up to the 2. layer. For repairs of .