GF Piping SystemsExpanding thePro-RangeBall Valve 546 Pro and 543 Pro

The Pro lineupDriven to maximumperformanceBall valves are an indispensable part of everypiping system. They come in a variety of differentsizes, materials, and actuation possibilities to regulate and control processes in the most diversefields of application. To ensure the failsafe operation of the whole system, it is essential to trust inthe highest quality components with embeddedsafety measures to avoid unexpected downtimesand repairs.2This is why ball valves from GF Piping Systemsare always the ideal solution. Whether in thechemical process industry, microelectronics, orwater treatment: GF Piping Systems reliably coversa variety of applications with its broad productrange. From a basic, manually operated shut-offvalve to a fully automated ball valve, our solutionsoffer genuine added value and meet the highestperformance and quality requirements withoutcompromise.

Main applications 3Water TreatmentChemical Process IndustryMicroelectronicsMarineFood & Beverage

The Pro lineupModularand flexibledesignOur comprehensive portfolio of highest qualityball valves and decades of experience enable us toensure state-of-the-art technology andcustomizable solutions for every application. Theversatile, modular design and the wide range ofavailable materials make the Ball Valve Pro lineup byGF Piping Systems the perfect solution forevery need.When optimizing a piping system, the Ball Valve 546 Pro andthe Ball Valve 543 Pro are decisive components in increasingoverall efficiency. They help cut service and retrofitting costswhile reducing the risk of operating errors. The Pro lineupmeets today's demands for valve technology with the usualhigh-quality standards of GF Piping Systems. Thanks toconsistent installation length with previous models, optionalaccessories can quickly and easily be adapted to meetnew requirements.100 % reliableRegarding reliability, the next generation of 2-way and 3-way Ball Valvesmatch the originals high standards andeven improve upon them thanks tobeing low in maintenance, availableworldwide in a wide variety of materials,and having received the most certification approvals.4100 % flexibleThanks to their modular design, the BallValve 546 Pro and 543 Pro can always beadapted to your requirements. Theirflexibility meets all-electric, pneumatic,or manual operation requirements,including optional accessories.Contribution to digitalizationThe 546 Pro and the 543 Pro can easily beretrofitted with electrical position feedback and provide relevant component information via the individual Data-MatrixCode on each valve.

Two-level safetyTo protect sensitive processes againstthe risks of errors, the Ball Valve Pro lineup comes as standard with a locking element and the possibility of using a locking device.5Complete compatibilityDue to the same installation length andthread as the predecessor valves, nocomplicated and expensive assemblywork is necessary. The 546 Pro and the543 Pro can be retrofitted with an actuatorand accessories during operation and at alow cost.Replacement within minutesThe newly designed security breakpoint inthe interface allows the user toreplace the coupling piece within a fewminutes and without interruption if an automated valve is subject to wear.

Ball Valve 546 ProSwiss qualityfor highestreliabilityLike their predecessors, the Ball Valve 546 Pro and 543 Proare produced by GF Piping Systems in Seewis(Grisons), Switzerland. High-quality manual and automaticvalves have been produced here for over half a century. Theycombine technological innovation with the highest materialselection standards, manufacturing, and quality testing forsafety, durability, and reliability.21546786

3Product features9101171Ergonomic lever, lockable as standard2Quick label on request3Integrated tool for the union bush4Interface for flexible automation and accessories5Reinforced security break point in the stem interface6Double stem seals7Dynamic backing seal8Smooth spherical surface9Sawtooth thread suitable for plastics10Fastening system with integrated threaded bushes11Data-Matrix-Code

Ball Valve 543 ProInteroperableprecisionThe Ball Valve 543 Pro is the ideal valve for all mixing and distribution processes, includingredirecting, mixing, distributing, or even shutting off a medium in areas of application within thechemical process industry, or water treatment applications.L-PortDistribution function in thestarting positionMixing function withreduced flowDistribution functionOutlet closed, passageopen with reduced flowShut-off functionkv (%)kv (%)Flow diagramsa( )8a (%)

T-PortDistribution function inthe starting positionDistribution functionOutlet closed,passage openDistribution functionShut-off functionkv (%)kv (%)Flow diagramsa( )9a( )

The Pro lineupThe proven originalsimproved once againAs the successors of proven originals, the Ball Valve 546 Pro and the Ball Valve 543 Pro have beenimproved in many ways. A reinforced security break point in the stem interface prevents leaks due to wear orexcessive force. Two integrated sealing rings in the stem interface provide double safety. Therefore, the546 Pro and the 543 Pro offer uncompromising reliability and can be flexibly expanded with optional accessories. All previous quality features of the ball valves have been migrated to the new generations.User-friendly operationThe ergonomically designed lever allows easy, precise operation. Toprotect against unintentional or unauthorized actuation, it is lockableas standard and functions with all-new accessory options. Even atool for removing the union bush is integrated.Safety through dead man's leverThe 546 Pro and 543 Pro are there for you in case you forget: A manual spring return unit ("dead man's lever") ensures that the valvecloses automatically when released. This reliable, compact, cost-effective solution ensures end-to-end process safety andeasily eliminates potentially far-reaching risks.10

Monitoring by the double sensorThe optional LED position feedback allows the current position of thevalve to be centrally recorded and checked at any time – for manually operated and automated valves. The compact dualsensor fits even in the tightest areas and is protected against the ingress of water and dust (protection class IP67).Information via Data-Matrix-CodeThe Data-Matrix-Code on the 543 Pro and 546 Pro simplifies the storage of all technical information for each valve and thus enables individual traceability. The faultless identification of each valvefacilitates easy installation, service, and repair.Driven to maximum performancePneumatic and electric actuators from GF Piping Systems help tomake processes more efficient and reduce maintenance costs.Where appropriate, they also contribute to digitization by making iteasier to access process and component data and use it tooptimize the system.11

Pneumatic Actuator & PositionerAll in onesolutionPrecise controlThe Electro-pneumatic Positioner was tuned and testedwith the Pneumatic Actuator and the Ball Valve 546 Pro/ 543 Pro. Thanks to the perfect alignment, precise flowcontrol becomes simple. Additionally, an auto-tunefunction ensures quick commissioning. The PneumaticActuator and the Electro-pneumatic Positioner are alsoavailable for diaphragm valves type DIASTAR.Pneumatic ActuatorThe pneumatic actuators are considerably morecompact than earlier models and therefore supportcompact installation with tighter spacing of PP-GFpipes, leaving more space in order to install allnecessary components more easily.AutomationEven though valves are pre-assembled, standard interfaces allow easy modification if required.The connection kit is compact and also holds anadditional inductive limit switch.Connected valvesFlexible sizing to find the right fit - The new design of theinterface between the Ball Valve 546 Pro / 543 Pro and thePneumatic Actuator range enable users to find the right fitin terms of torque and size even in low-pressureapplications. Choose from standard configurations orcontact GF Piping Systems for customized assemblies.12

100%system flexibility27%more compact*Gateway to digitalization100%recyclable composite material* maximum difference compared to previous models13

Together as oneWe make ProcessAutomation easyGF Piping Systems is your experienced partner with a full portfolio of measurement, control,actuation components, and valves, which are easy to install and use, and have local support throughall project phases. We offer the full package with our products and solutions, providing top-qualityinstallation, a highly skilled team of experts standing by our customers‘ side every step of the wayworldwide, and digitalized services ensuring a project is at the forefront of the market.One user experience acrossthe whole control loopAccurate measurement is the basisfor reliable process control Physical parameters as well as analytics,including installation fittings, for aneffortless combination.Precise control throughoutyour automation loop Single or dual channel with additional control capabilities.Reliable actuationwith configuration flexibility Electric and pneumatic actuators for highflexibility on standardized valve interfaces.A wide range of accessories complete ouractuation portfolio.The right valve for your applicationBall Valves, Butterfly Valves, DiaphragmValves, and various process valves including pipe connections that make installation a

Specialized SolutionsReady whenyou areWith Specialized Solutions, the global leaderGF Piping Systems provides project support everystep of the way to achieve construction excellencewithout interrupting daily business.Custom product design and prefabricationHaving your individual needs and application in focus, our customizing teams forge the solution that fits you best,developing custom-made parts to complete systems or specialsolutions produced in small series, individual consulting andoff-site prefabrication.Next stepsDigital librariesThe libraries cover three key areas for the design, creation, andmaintenance of a project: Building Information Modeling, the PlantDesign Software, and the CAD Library, helping you reduce costs andconstruction times.EngineeringIncrease the efficiency of your project with the tailor-madeanalysis packages from GF Piping Systems and decide whichoffer is right for you according to your needs. You have the choicebetween Project Analysis and Advanced Engineering, thus alwaysreceiving the appropriate support in every phase of your project. Established knowledge, guiding you this brochure, you have received the most important information and technical details. But nothingreplaces a personal conversation with an expertfrom GF Piping Systems. It is all about your needsand how we can support you in your daily businesschallenges. If you have not already done so, makean appointment today.Find your local contact on the back cover of thisbrochure or visit our GF Piping Systems website,where you will find specialized contact persons inyour area. You will also find additional informationon our products, including technical datasheets,operating instructions, and relevant certificatesand approvals.More information

GF Piping SystemsLocal support around the worldVisit our webpage to get in touch with your local information and technical data (altogether “Data”) herein are not binding, unless explicitly confirmed in writing.The Data neither constitutes any expressed, implied or warranted characteristics, nor guaranteed properties or a guaranteeddurability. All Data is subject to modification. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Georg Fischer Piping Systems apply.M1022 546/543 Pro EN (7.22) Georg Fischer Piping LLCPrinted in USA

versatile, modular design and the wide range of available materials make the Ball Valve Pro lineup by GF Piping Systems the perfect solution for every need. When optimizing a piping system, the Ball Valve 546 Pro and the Ball Valve 543 Pro are decisive components in increasing overall efficiency. They help cut service and retrofitting costs