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SALESIAN HIGH SCHOOLMISSION STATEMENTSteeped in the Catholic faith and educational tradition of St. John Bosco, Salesian HighSchool is a home, a school, a parish and a playground. Our diverse community of youngmen preparing for college and meaningful careers are encouraged to become men ofcharacter, leadership and service in a global society. We foster lifelong friendships in awelcoming family environment that stresses a rigorous curriculum, creative arts, strongathletics and service to others.Revised by the Middle States Planning Team, March 11, 2017PHILOSOPHYSALESIAN HIGH SCHOOL is a private Catholic secondary school for boys (grades 9 through 12). Foundedin 1920, the school is owned and operated by the Salesian Society of St. John Bosco. The Salesians are aninternational religious community of brothers and priests dedicated to the spiritual and cultural education ofyoung people through schools, youth centers, the media, and other forms of ministry. Salesian High Schoolis one of 1000 schools operated by the Salesian Society around the world, and one of 5 found in the easternUnited States.Salesian High School is governed by the Provincial Council of the Salesians, the local Salesian Council, andby a local Board of Trustees. The administration of the school is composed of a President - Responsible for the overall operation of the school, its Catholic and Salesianatmosphere, its relation with the public, and its relationships with the Salesian province; Principal - Responsible for the academic curriculum and co-curricular program; Business Manager - Responsible for the finances, property and auxiliary services of the school; Director of Admissions - Oversees the school's recruitment program, Director of Advancement - Oversees the means and ways to forward the mission of the schoolIn addition, an Assistant Principal for Student Life, an Assistant Principal for Academics, a Dean of Students,an Athletic Director, a Youth Ministry Coordinator, and a Coordinator of Guidance work with the Principal andother members of the administration in the development and delivery of the school program.The foremost purpose of the education program at Salesian is to educate the total person through a Catholicphilosophy of life. This philosophy endorses the person's origin from God and his/her return to God througha sincere endeavor to cooperate with God's divine plan of salvation. To guide him in the fulfillment of thisplan, the student is directed in his actions through his naturally endowed intellect and free will.Every student at Salesian is encouraged to pursue a program of studies that substantively considers both hisinterests and his abilities. Keeping in mind the principles set forth by the Second Vatican Council, Salesianopens its doors -- without discrimination as to race, color, or national origin -- to young men to be "trained toPage 2

take their part in social life, so that by proper instruction in necessary and useful skills they can become activelyinvolved in various community organizations, be ready for dialogue with others, and be willing to actenergetically on behalf of the common good.” (Vatican Council II, DECLARATION ON CHRISTIANEDUCATION, #1) Salesian fosters proper understanding, attitudes, and habits in essential areas in which lifeis and will be spent, namely, the home, the Church, and the community. The school endeavors to accomplishthis by providing a wholesome environment and an appropriate educational program that fosters the spiritual,moral, intellectual, emotional, cultural, social, and physical growth of the students.From its inception, Salesian High School has been profoundly influenced by the system of education proposedand developed by the renowned 19th century educator, Saint John Bosco. This Salesian educational systememphasizes REASON, RELIGION, and KINDNESS as the fundamental elements essential to the process ofeducating youth. The faculty of Salesian is committed to the implementation of this approach to education.Moreover, each educator, acting as one dedicated to the welfare, both present and future, of the student triesto assist him in every possible way and encourage him to persevere in his efforts.Thus, it is the intention of Salesian High School to provide the students with an education which promotescontinual interest in and an understanding of the Catholic Church and their role therein, which ignites a lifelongcommitment to intellectual pursuits, and which acknowledges and understands the concept of individualdifferences. It is within this framework that the goals and objectives of Salesian High School are evaluated.OBJECTIVES OF SALESIAN HIGH SCHOOLTO ASSIST IN THE SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT OF ITS STUDENTSSalesian High School places the faith life of the student as a primary concern. Thus, each student is affordedthe chance to share in the religious life of the school community. The Coordinator of Youth Ministry has theresponsibility to oversee instruction in the content of the Catholic Faith, which is our precious heritage. It alsocoordinates those experiences that seek to provide a context for that same faith. Included in this would besacramental celebrations, liturgical services, and retreats. Mindful that the context of the spiritual life of thestudents is not merely the school setting, students are encouraged to participate in the activities of their homeparishes, to realize the prophetic role of the Gospel through investigation of social justice issues and, finally,grow in Christian experience through service to others within the local Church community.TO ASSIST STUDENTS IN THE REALIZATION OF THEIRFULL INTELLECTUAL POTENTIALAt Salesian we acknowledge that the total development of our students must provide them with instructionand objectives in all areas of human activities including the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, andspiritual endeavors. Upon acceptance of the student, the faculty commits itself to the fostering and developingof the intellectual excellence demanded by a quality education. Since a majority of our students intend tofurther their education in the various institutions of higher learning, Salesian provides a program of studiesthat will enable them to pursue these endeavors. Those who wish to complete their formal education at theend of high school will be provided with an impetus toward self-improvement and self-development that willbe invaluable to them, as they become informed and contributory members of our society. As the studentsneeds change along with the times, Salesian will always encourage the search for better approaches tocontinue to improve and re-evaluate its standards of Catholic education.Page 3

TO PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH BASIC CULTURAL ANDSOCIAL KNOWLEDGE AND AN AWARENESS OF PEOPLE AND THE ARTSSalesian High School places a special emphasis on the education of the whole person. While there is a stresson the academic, Salesian believes also that there is a need for extra and co curricular activities which help ayoung man develop into a person with respect for himself as well as for others. With this in mind, Salesianoffers a wide variety of activities that meet the individual needs of all students. As part of its activities programSalesian offers students the opportunity to participate in interscholastic and intramural sports, National HonorSociety, Student Council, and a wide variety of special interest activities and clubs. In addition, Salesianencourages students to join in the many field trips that are sponsored by the various departments.TO PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH WHOLESOME PHYSICAL ACTIVITIESWHICH TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION STUDENT INTERESTAND LEVEL OF PERFORMANCESalesian also accepts the responsibility of providing the opportunity for the physical development of thestudents ("A sound mind in a sound body"). To this end the school is a member of the Catholic High SchoolAthletic Association. Salesian actively competes in soccer, volleyball, wrestling, cross-country, basketball,Fall, and Spring baseball, and such lifetime sports such as golf and tennis. Some of these sports are offeredon three levels -- varsity, junior varsity, and freshman. In addition, students have the opportunity ofparticipating in the following intramural sports: football, basketball, softball, and field hockey. The PhysicalEducation Department, in an attempt to promote good health and safety practices, offers instruction in therudiments of these sports during the physical education classes.TO TRAIN THE STUDENTS IN THE ELEMENTS AND PRACTICESOF GOOD CITIZENSHIP AND CIVIC RESPONSIBILITIESAside from providing a Social Studies curriculum which in part describes the nature and working of thedemocratic process, Salesian offers students the opportunity to become active participants in this type ofprocess through involvement in Student Council elections and through membership in various schoolorganizations, both interscholastic and intramural, e.g. National Honor Society, Peer Leadership. Suchopportunities allow the students to develop their leadership potential as well as deepen their awareness ofbeing a responsible member of a group. The students learn to develop a tolerance for different points of viewand a practical understanding of parliamentary procedure, the consensus model, and fair compromise.Further, in accordance with the Salesian educational system Salesian High School espouses, the studentsare given to understand the rationale for the various regulations relating to personal and group conduct. Thebasis for every regulation is respect for oneself and the rights of all others.TO ASSIST THE STUDENTS IN DEVELOPING EMOTIONAL EQUILIBRIUMAND MATURITY BY MORE FULLY REALIZING WHAT IT MEANSTO BE A TOTAL CHRISTIAN HUMAN BEING IN TODAY'S WORLDFundamental to Salesian High School is that the guidance program exists to serve the students. The individualis of central importance as he strives to fulfill his obligations to society. Salesian's guidance program strivesto assist each student to participate in his own development toward becoming purposefully self-directed in achanging society, having full respect for the worth and dignity of self and others, and becoming the personwho he desires to be. These choices are facilitated through individual counseling and teaching the necessaryskills to exert his own efforts toward achieving his goals and solving his problems. Salesian's thrust is towardprevention rather than intervention by aiding the students in the development of the affective, cognitive, andbehavioral tools to respond to the developmental and individual issues of their lives.Page 4

TO ASSIST PARENTS IN THEIR EFFORTS TO ENCOURAGE THEIR SONSTO SUCCEED AND EXCELEvery parent receives an individual ParentPlus Portal account. It matches their son’s StudentPlus Portalaccount. The ParentPlus Portal allows parents to access real time information about their sons, including allgrades in all subjects, attendance data, their son’s class schedule, report cards and progress reports, as wellas the school calendar, important files to download, announcements and alerts. All report cards and progressreports will be available online only. For assistance with a ParentPlus Portal account, contact the President’sAdministrative Assistant at Extension 218.Page 5

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTSStudents attending Salesian High School, a private Catholic school, give up certain legal rights they wouldotherwise be entitled to, if they were attending a public school. For example, Freedom of Speech, aconstitutional right of all citizens outside the private Catholic school environment, is limited in many importantrespects here at our school. Speech, either written or oral, contrary to the Roman Catholic faith, the teachingsof the church or the directives of the local Bishop or Ordinary is absolutely prohibited, as is any other speechwhich, in the sole opinion of the school administration, is contrary or disruptive to the philosophy and purposesof this educational institution.Another important right all students at Salesian High School give up has to do with searches and seizures.School administrators may search a student's person and belongings if there is reasonable belief, in the soleopinion of the school administrator, that contraband, illegal substances or objects, or stolen property is beingconcealed, or that a violation of a school rule relating to the maintenance of discipline and safety in the schoolhas been committed. Any such items found may be seized. Moreover, student lockers, which are at all timesunder the joint control of the school and the student to whom the locker has been assigned, may be searchedby school administrators at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all. All technical communicatingdevices that include but are not limited to lap top computers, iPads, Tablets, iPhones, iWatches, etc. aresubject to search by school administrators at any time, for any reason. Students should have absolutely noexpectation of privacy with regard to any technical device, object or item (in their lockers) that he or they bringon to the Salesian campus.Students and parents are advised that any conduct in violation of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Churchis strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate expulsion. There are other grounds for expulsion ordisciplinary action that are set forth in the Disciplinary section of this parent/student handbook. Any listing ofprohibited conduct is set forth by way of example and to provide guidance to the student and his parents andis not meant to be an all-inclusive or exhaustive listing of improper conduct or disciplinary action to be expectedfrom such conduct. The school, through its administrators, reserves the right to take disciplinary action basedon its sole discretion, including any subject standards of conduct it may wish to establish.Another, and perhaps the most important example of rights which a student and his parents give up when theydecide to have him attend Salesian High School is the right to sue the school, the Salesian Society, Inc., theoperator of the school, and / or any individuals acting on behalf of the school, such as the schooladministrators, teachers, staff or any of their agents for any civil matter.EVERY STUDENT AND HIS PARENTS, BY THEIR ACCEPTANCE OF ENROLLMENT AT THIS SCHOOL,GIVE UP AND WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHTS THEY MAY OTHERWISE HAVE TO BRING ANY CIVILLITIGATION IN ANY LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL COURT, AGAINST THIS SCHOOL, THE SALESIANSOCIETY, INC., OPERATORS OF THE SCHOOL, AND ANY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS, TEACHERSAND THEIR AGENTS FOR ANY AND ALL WRONGS OR PERCEIVED WRONGS ALLEGED TO HAVEBEEN COMMITTED AGAINST THE STUDENT OR HIS PARENTS ARISING OUT OF THE STUDENT'SENROLLMENT IN THIS SCHOOL OR THE SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF THAT ENROLLMENT.The student and his parents accept as their sole remedy for any such perceived wrongs the right to appealthe disputed decisions or actions of the school administration solely within the Salesian High School hierarchy.The student and his parents must make any such appeal to the President of the School in writing within five(5) days of the decision or action. This written appeal should include all evidence or statements the studentor his parents wish to present in his behalf and should be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, tothe President of Salesian High School, 148 Main St., New Rochelle, NY, 10801. Upon receipt of the student'sappeal papers, the President of Salesian High School will review those papers and will also review thestudent's school file, including his disciplinary file. He will then rule on the merits of the student’s appeal, withPage 6

full authority and broad discretion to reject the appeal or to modify, change or reject the decision or actions ofthe school administrator. His decision is final. The President will notify the parents, in writing, of this decisionwithin five days of his receipt of all of the materials that he deems necessary to his consideration of the appeal.While any student and his parents are free to consult with legal counsel regarding the waiver of rightscontained in this parent / student handbook and regarding any disciplinary action taken by the school againstthe student, it must be emphasized that students are not permitted to have any legal counsel present duringany meetings with school administrators pertaining to disciplinary matters.Finally, students and parents must know attendance at Salesian High School is school is a privilege, not aright. In order to protect its standards of scholarship, discipline and character, this school reserves the right,and the student / parents concede to the school right, to deny admission to and to require thewithdrawal of any student at any time, for any reason deemed sufficient in the sole discretion of theschool and its administrators. Admission to and enrollment in this school include obligations in regard toconduct, both inside and outside the classroom and school, and students are expected to conduct themselvesin such a manner as to be a credit both to themselves and to their school. By the enrollment, the studentand his parents acknowledge the important limitations on civil rights contained in this handbook andagree to be bound by the restrictions placed upon them.A. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT POLICIES1.Coordinator of Youth Ministry: The Coordinator of Youth Ministry is responsible for the school’spastoral plan and its general religious tone. He is available for spiritual counseling and, together withthe Youth Ministry Team, he coordinates various religious activities and experiences, including theacademic religious curriculum, retreats, peer leadership, service program, liturgies, etc.2.Retreats: All students are required to participate in the annual retreat program as designed for theiracademic year. All students will be expected to make a retreat on the scheduled date. Any studentthat is absent for his class retreat will have to make it up on a Saturday or holiday designated by theCoordinator of Youth Ministry. This requirement must be fulfilled in order to receive a passing gradefor Religious Studies. Seniors that fail to complete their retreat requirement will not be allowedto participate in graduation exercises.3.Liturgies: Salesian High School, as a community, gathers at significant times of the year for thecelebration of the Eucharist, most notably at the start of the school year, Holy Days of Obligation,Mass of Thanksgiving, the Feast of Saint John Bosco, The Feast of Mary Help of Christians and theGraduation Baccalaureate. Mass is also celebrated daily. At other times of the year, students andfaculty collaborate in the preparation and celebration of prayer services.4.Community Service Program: (Graduation Requirement): Christian service is an essentialcomponent of the educational program of Salesian High School. It is important for our students tonot only have different experiences of service throughout their four years, but also in the process ofhelping others, especially those who are less fortunate, that service will become part of everySalesian graduate’s daily life. Our society is in need of servant leaders, and therefore, our servicelearning program is designed to form our young men into future leaders who are willing to serveothers with joy.The following are the minimum requirements expected from each Salesian student in order to be eligible forGraduation.Page 7

Requirements:A.) Register with one of the APPROVED non-profit organizations or participate in the school-organizedevents. If the organization is not on the list of community resources then it MUST be approved bythe Coordinator of Youth Ministry.B.) There is a requirement for EACH grade level. (Four Year Total: 70 hours)a.b.c.d.Freshmen - 10 hours and completion of a Service Reflection PaperSophomores - 15 hours and completion of a Service Reflection PaperJuniors - 20 hours and completion of a Service Reflection PaperSeniors - 25 hours and completion of a Service Experience PresentationC.) Completed hours with timesheet and Supervisor approval/evaluation are due by May 31 st toassigned GUIDANCE COUNSELORD.) Students are allowed to complete all their community hours of the academic year in the firstsemester of that same year or the summer prior to the start of that year.E.) Community service hours done in excess of the required hours (whether in the same year or not)CANNOT be credited towards subsequent years. Students MUST perform some type of serviceEACH year that they are enrolled at Salesian High School***All Service hours must be done in a non-profit organization or school-organized event***Type of service:A.) School service (e.g. Salesian Gives Program, Camp Echo Bay, cleaning school property, etc.)B.) Non-profit organization (e.g. soup kitchen, homeless shelter, nursing homes, local Parishes)C.) School-wide Awareness Events (Canned Food Drive, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, PolarPlunge, Blood Drive, etc.) - In order to receive credit for these events, the student must help withthe planning, attend the event AND write a short reflection paper on the experience and purpose ofeach event)Assignments:A.) Freshmen: Reflection Paper Write a reflection paper to be handed in to your Theology teacher during the secondsemester. Answer the following questions: What have you learned and what impact hasthe service made on you and the people whom you served?B.) Sophomores: Reflection Paper Write a reflection paper to be handed in to your Theology Teachers during the secondsemester. Answer the following questions: Why is service essential for a fulfilled life? andHow does it relate to the Gospel passage: “Whatever you did to the least of my brothers,you did it to me.” Matthew 25:45C.) Juniors: Reflection Paper Write a paper on all the service you have done throughout your three years. This will behanded into your Theology teacher during the second semester. Answer the followingquestion: “Over the past 3 years, you have had many opportunities to serve. What does itPage 8

mean to be a servant leader and what have you learned through your service experiencesover these past three years?”D.) Seniors: In-Class Presentation Prepare a presentation on the significance of your service experiences over the past fouryears. The rubric and expectations will be provided by the Theology teacher.B. ACADEMIC POLICIESThe Principal, in coordination with the Assistant Principal of Academics, is responsible for the academiccurriculum as regards to scheduling of classes, development of courses, and establishing an environment andattitude of scholastic activity. Any questions concerning schedules, classes, and transfers should be referredto the Principal.Academic Eligibility Requirements: (Athletic, Extra and Co-curricular Activities)1.Credits: To remain eligible for athletic teams, extra and co-curricular activities (i.e. trips and clubs,Student Council, Youth Ministry, National Honor Society, etc.) a student must remain in goodacademic standing in regards to Salesian High School’s academic policies and code of conduct. Inthe case of Drama, all student actors must be in good academic standing in order to tryout for theplay. Academic standings will be checked in each of the four (4) marking periods of the schoolyear.a. A student that fails .5 to 1.5 credits in a marking period will be placed on academic probationas it pertains to a team or club. Probation is defined as a student that is able to participatein the activity, but must attend any assigned academic intervention until the next ReportCard. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be considered immediately ineligibleto participate until the next Report Card. Students placed on academic probation must passall courses in order to be reinstated.b. A student that fails 2 credits on any Report Card will be suspended from participation untilthe next report card. Suspension with regards to Athletics shall be defined as NOT beingable to participate in scheduled team practices or games. Students failing 2 credits mustadhere to the Administrative Policies including the assigned academic intervention sessionsas required. Students not in compliance will be suspended from activities and sports untilthe next Marking Period. Students that are in compliance will be re-evaluated at the time ofProgress Reports. If there is a unanimous faculty (teacher) agreement that the student isno longer in danger of failing he may be reinstated. If not than the student must wait untilthe next Marking Period to see if he qualifies for reinstatement.c. Students that fail more than 2 credits in any Marking Period are ineligible to participate inactivities. Ineligible shall be defined as a student who may not participate in practices andgames for the entire Marking Period. Students must be passing ALL courses in the nextMarking Period to be reinstated.d. Students that receive a detention during the school day must serve their detention. Theymay participate in playing, practice, meetings, or performances after the detention is served.They will have to provide their own transportation to games or practices.e. Students that are suspended from school for disciplinary reasons may not participate in anyschool related activity until they have been officially readmitted to school.f. Students that show by their bad behavior and negative disciplinary actions, that they shouldPage 9

g.not be participating in after school activities will be banned from such activities by the Deanof Students or the Principal.Final decisions regarding eligibility will be at the discretion of the principal.2.Homework: by definition includes all school related work that is done out of the normal class time.This work includes reading, studying, Cornell notes, and doing written assignments, working onlonger-term projects. Homework serves the purpose of either practice or enrichment or remediation.The completion of homework is vital for retention of knowledge and skills.a. Each teacher will announce homework assignments in class and post all assignments onthe Salesan Portals. Students are expected to record the assignments in their AgendaBooks. Student should use the class pages on the school web site to verify that they havecorrectly copied their homework assignments and have recorded the correct due dates.b. Parents are expected to supervise their son’s homework assignments. They are asked totake an active role in ensuring that their son has a quiet place to do homework, the time todo it in, and that it is being done. PARENTS SHOULD REGISTER TO USE THE PARENT PORTAL TOMONITOR THEIR SON’S WORK AND EFFORTS.3.Progress Reports: During the 1st and 3rd marking periods, parents will receive a Progress Reporton their son’s progress. A PROGRESS REPORT is not a report card, but it will give an indication as towhere a student stands in a particular subject. All Progress Reports will be uploaded to the eLocker.Parents will also receive four Report Cards during the school year. It is the responsibility ofparents/guardians to check on these reports. Dates for the distribution of Progress Reports are foundin the school monthly calendars as well as the Principal’s Newsletter. Please feel free to call yourson’s Counselor and / or teacher (s).4.Report Cards: Report cards are issued at the end of every quarter (1st and 2nd quarter Reports givenat Parent/Teacher conferences, and the 3rd and 4th will be uploaded to the eLocker.) Students andparents will receive email notification when report cards are available on the portal shortly after themarking period ends. If a parent has ABSOLUTELY NO internet access the school must receivewritten notification to this fact before alternative arrangements can be made.5.Marking System: Students will receive 4 marking period grades in each subject area, plus a gradefor a midterm exam and final exam assessment. In their final average, calculated on the final reportcard in June, the value of each grade will be as follows:a. 1st Q, 2nd Q, 3rd Q and 4th Q – 20% of the final gradeb. Midterm Exam – 10% of the final gradec. Final Exam – 10% of the final gradeSubject marks: In accordance with school policy each teacher will hand out course syllabus whichwill include the grading policy.Conduct and effort mark reflects behavior, study habits, and personal appearance. Each teacher foreach student per class will give the marks. Parents are encouraged to discuss these comments withtheir son should they not be satisfactory. Unsatisfactory Conduct or Effort marks will make a studentineligible for HONORS and Testimonials of Excellence.6.Examinations: All students are required to take semester examinations. Any student failing to takePage 10

a semester examination will receive a zero (0) for the exam grade. Students that miss final examscannot be given credit for the subject and will be required to go to Summer School.No counseling appointments are to be scheduled with the Guidance Office on testing days. A teacherreserves the right to fail a student who misses an announced test without a sufficient reason orexcuse.Students absent on the day of a semester examination will be permitted to take a late examination,only if the Principal approved the absence or the student has a doc

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