Agilent U1610A/U1620A HandheldDigital OscilloscopeData SheetFeatures 100/200 MHz bandwidth withtwo isolated channels 5.7-inch VGA TFT LCD displaywith 3 selectable viewingmodes (indoor, outdoor andnight vision) 2 Mpts memory depth and2 GSa/s sampling rate allowsdetailed analysis of capturedglitches 10,000-count resolution onDMM display Channel-to-channel isolationwith CAT III 600 V safetyratings Data logging capability to PC 10 selectable languages onthe User Interface (UI) systemIndoor viewing modeNight vision viewing modeRetool your expectations in the world’s first VGAdisplay handheld oscilloscope with two isolatedchannelsThe U1610A/U1620A is the world’s first handheld oscilloscope with a VGAdisplay. This 100/200 MHz handheld oscilloscope offers a floating measurementcapability with two CAT III 600 V isolated channels. With up to 2 GSa/s sampling rate and 2 Mpts memory depth, it captures more waveforms from signalssuch as pulse width modulated circuit, in rush, transient, and motor start upsequences. The benchtop-like display and dual window zoom allow you to easilyidentify problem areas and zoom in for more detailed analysis. Now, you canview signals in detail and detect glitches easily.

5.7-inch VGA display with 3 selectable viewing modesVisualizing electrical waveforms has never been in such clarity. Our U1610A/U1620A oscilloscope comes with a 5.7-inchVGA TFT LCD display that enables clear viewing of measurements on-site and on the field. With the option of up to threeviewing modes, users can now view waveforms under all lighting conditions, including in indoor, outdoor or dark environments. All three viewing modes have predefined contrast levels for customized lighting conditions and optimized batterylife.Indoor modeOutdoor modeNight vision modeThe indoor mode has high contrastand brightness levels to clearlydistinguish waveforms under anindoor light environment. Engineeredwith a VGA TFT LCD screen, userscan now view the display across wideviewing angles for more efficienttroubleshooting task.When performing field work in anoutdoor environment, users can easilyswitch to this viewing mode via a setof accessible soft keys. This modeworks in an anti-glare mechanism; itfilters out excessive sunlight, hencereducing the risk of misreading ormisinterpreting measurements.The night vision mode is tailored tobe viewable under subdued lightingby enabling high contrast levelsbetween the screen background andwaveforms. With a single press ofbutton, this mode is activated andthe screen automatically adjusts withproper colour correction-creatingclear contrasts between the waveforms against the dark environment.This mode is useful when measuringhigh speed signals, particularly innon-repetitive signals.Figure 1. Indoor mode for cleardistinct readingsFigure 2. Outdoor mode that issunlight viewableFigure 3. Night vision mode forperforming tasks in a poorly litenvironment2 Mpts memory depth and 2 GSa/s sampling rate allows detailed analysis ofcaptured glitchesA good oscilloscope must be accompanied with even better specifications for an in-depth analysis of captured glitches.With deep memory of 2 Mpts and sampling rate of 2 GSa/s, non-repeating signals can be captured over a wider timebase. What’s more, its dual window zoom feature allows you to work more productively by simultaneously viewing signalscaptured over a period of time and zooming into the most subtle details.Channel-to-channel isolation with CAT III 600 V safety ratingsThe U1610/U1620A extends the maximum input rating to cater for high voltage measurement and transient voltages whichare recordable via a handheld oscilloscope. Equipped with the most robust isolation topology, technicians can now measure signals in the field and perform floating measurements. This type of isolation enables each channel to be individuallyisolated from one another and from other non-isolated system components.Up to 10 selectable languages programmed in the scopeThe U1610A/U1620A is programmed with up to 10 selectable languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean) on the User Interface (UI) system and help menu.The diverse range of languages offered here gives users the choice to operate the unit in the language that they are mostcomfortable in.2

Front panel description5.7- inch VGAcolor displayFunction softkeysTo performfunctions displayedabove each softkeyScope terminalsUSB interfaceconnector and DCpower inletAcquisition andfunction controlsTo access thescope, meter,logger, systemfunctionsDirectional keysHorizontalcontrolsTo control thesweep speed(sec/div) andhorizontal positionof the waveform.Use Menu/Zoomto zoom intowaveformsMeasurementsoftkeysTo make quickmeasurements andplace cursors on thewaveformVertical controlsTo set the verticalscaling (volt/div)and vertical offsetPower on/offbuttonMeter terminalsOutdoor viewing mode as illustratedFigure 4. The U1620A as shown3

SpecificationsU1610AU1620ASpecificationVertical systemBandwidth (-3 dB) 1100 MHz200 MHzDC vertical gain accuracy 1 4% of full scaleFull scale is equivalent to 8 divDual cursor accuracy1 {DC vertical gain accuracy 0.4% full scale ( 1 least significant bit (LSB)} {4% full scale 0.4% full scale ( 1 LSB)}CharacteristicAcquisitionMaximum Sampling RateSingle Chanel Operation1 GSa/s interleave2 GSa/s interleaveDual Channel Operation500 MS/s each channel1 GS/s each channelMaximum Recording LengthSingle Chanel Operation120 Kpts interleaveDual Channel Operation60 Kpts each channelVertical resolution2 Mpts interleave1Mpts each channel8 bitsPeak detection 10 nsAverageSelectable from 2 to 8192 in powers-of-2 incrementsFilter 5 ns10 kHz and 20 MHz bandwidth limitersInterpolation(Sin x)/xVertical systemAnalog channelsChannel 1 and Channel 2 simultaneous acquisitionCalculated rise time3.50 ns typicalVertical scaleMaximum input1.75 ns typical2 mV/div to 50 V/divCAT III 600 Vrms (with 10:1 probe)!CAT III 300 Vrms (direct / 1:1 probe)Offset (position) range 4 divDynamic range 8 divInput impedance1 MΩ 1% 22 pF 3 PfCouplingDC, ACBandwidth limitChannel-to-channel isolation(with channels at the same V/div)10 kHz and 20 MHz (selectable)CAT III 600 Vrms!ProbesU1560-60002 1:1 passive probeU1561-60002 10:1 passive probeU1562-60002 100:1 passive probeProbe attenuation factors1x, 10x, 100xProbe compensation output5 Vpp, 1 kHzNoise peak-to-peak (typical)3% of full scale or 5 mVpp, whichever greaterDC vertical offset (position) accuracySingle cursor accuracy 0.1 div 2 mV 1.6% offset value {DC vertical gain accuracy DC vertical offset accuracy 0.2% full scale ( ½ leastsignificant bit (LSB)} {4% full scale 0.1 div 2 mV 1.6% offset value 0.2% full scale ( ½ LSB)}4

Specifications (continued)U1610AU1620ARange5 ns/div to 50 s/div2 ns/div to 50 s/divResolution100 ps for 5 ns/div40 ps for 2 ns/divCharacteristic (continued)Horizontal systemTimebase accuracy25 ppmReference positionLeft, center, rightDelay range (pre-trigger)Delay range (post-trigger)Delay resolutionDelay time measurement accuracy1 screen width or 120 µs (whichever less)1 screen width or 1 ms (whichever less)50 ms to 500 s20 ms to 500 s100 ps for 5 ns/div40 ps for 2 ns/divSame channel: 0.0025% reading 0.17% screen width 60 psChannel-to-channel: 0.0025% reading 0.17% screen width 120 psModesMain, zoom, XY, rollHorizontal pan and zoomDual window zoomTrigger systemSourcesChannel 1, Channel 2, ExternalModesNormal, Single, AutoTypesEdge, Glitch, TV, Nth Edge, CAN, LINAutoscaleFinds or displays active channels, sets the edge trigger type on the highest numberedchannel, and sets the vertical sensitivity on the scope channel timebase to display 2 periodsRequires 10 mVpp minimum voltage, 0.5% duty cycle, and 50 Hz minimum frequencyHoldoff time60 ns to 10 sRange 6 div from center of screenSensitivity 10 mV/div: 0.5 div 10 mV/div: greater of 1 div or 5 mVTrigger level accuracyCoupling modes 0.6 divAC ( 10 Hz), DC, LF-Reject ( 35 kHz), HF-Reject ( 35 kHz)External trigger Input impedance Maximum input1 MΩ 10 pFCAT III 300 Vrms! RangeDC coupling: trigger level 5 V Bandwidth100 kHzMeasurementAutomatic measurementsDelay, duty cycle ( /–), fall/rise time, frequency, period, phase shift, T-max, T-min, width( /–), amplitude, average, base, crest, cycle mean, maximum, minimum, overshoot,peak-to-peak, preshoot, standard deviation, top, Vrms (AC/DC), active/apparent/reactivepower, power factorWaveform math functionsCH1 CH2, CH1 – CH2, CH2 – CH1, CH1 CH2, CH1/CH2, CH2/CH1, d/dt (CH1), d/dt(CH2), (CH1)dt, (CH2)dt, FFTCursorsDelta V: Voltage difference between cursorsDelta T: Time difference between cursorsFFT pointsFFT windows1024Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman-Harris, Flattop5

Specifications (continued)U1610AU1620ACharacteristic (continued)Display systemDisplayResolutionControl5.7" TFT LCD VGA Color (outdoor readable)VGA (screen area): 640 vertical by 480 horizontalVectors on/off, sin x/x interpolation on/off, infinite persistence on/off, backlightintensity, color scheme, clear displayReal-time clockDate and time (adjustable)LanguageBuilt-in help system10 languages (selectable)Functional quick help displayed by pressing the [Help] buttonStorage systemSave/recall (non-volatile)Storage mode10 setups and waveforms can be saved and recalled internallyUSB 2.0 full speed host port (Support up to 4GB USB drive)Image formats: .bmp (8-bit, 24-bit) and .png (24-bit)Data format: .csvI/OUSB 2.0 full-speed host, USB 2.0 full-speed clientPrinter compatibilityPCL Inkjet, PCL Laser1. Denotes warranted specifications, all others are typical. Specifications are valid after a 30-minute warm-up period and within 23 10 C of lastcalibration temperature.6

Maximum input voltages and channel isolationU1610A and U1620AMaximum input voltagesInput CH1 and CH2 direct (1:1 probe)300 Vrms CAT III1Input CH1 and CH2 (1:10 probe)600 Vrms CAT III, 1000 Vrms1 CAT IIInput CH1 and CH2 (1:100 probe)600 Vrms1 CAT II, 1000 Vrms1 CAT II, 3540 Vrms1 CAT IMeter input600 Vrms CAT III, 1000 Vrms CAT IIScope input300 Vrms CAT IIIVoltage ratingsVrms 50–60 Hz (AC sine wave), VDC (DC applications)Channel isolationFrom any terminal to earth ground600 Vrms CAT III1. Refer to the respective probe's manual for more information on the specification1000100CAT lll 600CAT ll 10001010.010.1110100Figure 5. Maximum safety voltage for scope reference to earth1000100Max input voltage1010.00010.0010.010.11101001000Figure 6. Maximum input voltage7

Digital multimeter specifications Accuracy is given as (% of reading counts of least significant digit) at 23 C 5 C, with relative humidity 80 RH. AC V specifications are AC coupled, true RMS and are valid from 5% to 100% of range.Maximum readingVoltageFunctionDCVACV10,000 counts with automatic polarity indicationCAT II 1000 V or CAT III 600 VRangeResolutionAccuracy1000.0 mV0.1 mV0.09% 510.000 V0.001 V100.00 V0.01 V1000.0 V 20.1 V1000.0 mV0.1 mV10.000 V100.00 V0.001 V0.01VInput impedance Test current(nominal)0.09% 20.15% 511.11 MΩ10.10 MΩ10.01 MΩ1% 5 (40 to 500 Hz)2% 5 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)1% 5 (40 to 500 Hz)1% 5 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)10.00 MΩ2% 5 (1 to 2 kHz)ACV DCV1% 5 (40 to 500 Hz)1000.0 V 20.1 V1000.0 mV0.1 mV10.000 V100.00 V0.001 V0.01 V1% 5 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)1.1% 10 (40 to 500 Hz)2.1% 10 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)1.1% 7 (40 to 500 Hz)1.1% 7 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)10.00 MΩ2% 5 (1 to 2 kHz)Diode 31.2% 10 (40 to 500 Hz)1000.00 V 20.1 V1V0.001 V1.2% 10 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)0.3% 2 0.5 mABeeper 50 mV, Single tone for normal forward-biased diode or semiconductor junction of0.3 V reading 0.8 V 8Instant continuity 3ResistanceCapacitanceContinuous beep when resistance 10 Ω 81000.00 Ω 40.1 Ω10.000 kΩ 40.001 kΩ100.00 kΩ0.01 kΩ1000.0 kΩ0.1 kΩ0.5 mA0.3% 350 µA4.91 µA447 nA10.000 MΩ0.001 MΩ0.8% 3112 nA100.00 MΩ 50.01 MΩ1.5% 3112 nA1000.0 nF0.1 nF10.000 μF0.001 μF100.00 μF0.01 μF1000.0 μF0.1 μF10.000 mF0.001 mF1.2% 4 62% 4 68

Digital multimeter specifications (continued)MaximumreadingVoltage 110,000 counts with automatic polarity indicationCAT II 1000 V or CAT III 600 VFunctionRangeResolutionAccuracyTemperature 3-50 to 1000 C-58 to 1832 FFrequency3100.00 Hz1 mV/ C1 mV/ FInput impedance(nominal)-50 to -21 C2.5% 2 C 7-20 to 350 C0.5% 2 C 7351 to 500 C1.75% 2 C 7501 to 1000 C2% 2 C 7-58 to -5.8 F2.5% 3.6 F 7-4 to 662 F0.5% 3.6 F 7664 to 932 F1.75% 3.6 F 7933 to 1832 F2% 3.6 F 7Test current0.01 Hz1000.0 Hz0.1 Hz10.000 kHz0.001 kHz100.00 kHz0.01 kHz1000.0 kHz0.1 kHz0.03% 31. Only allowed to measure up to CAT III 600 V if referring to GND.2. Only allowed for floating voltage.3. Denotes typical specifications, all others are warranted.4. The accuracy is specified after the Null function is used to subtract the test lead resistance and thermal effect.5. RH is specified for 60%. The temperature coefficient is 0.15 specified accuracy as 50 MΩ.6. The accuracy is based on film capacitors or better and uses the Relative mode for residual values.7. The accuracy is based on using the Null function to reduce the thermal effect.8. Denotes characteristics.Data logger specificationsScope and meter loggerRange1 s/div – 86400 s/div (1 day/div)Recording time span8 daysMemory depthRecording mode691200 pointsContinuous (Range will change according to the time elapsed)Sampling rate1 sample/s9

General specificationsPower supplyPower adapterLine voltage range: 50/60 Hz, 100 to 240 VAC, 1.6 AOutput voltage: 15 VDC, 4 AInstallation Category IIBatteryLi-Ion rechargeable battery pack, 10.8 VOperating time: Up to 3 hoursOperating environmentTemperature0 to 50 C (with battery only)0 to 40 C (with power adapter)Humidity0 to 80% RH (0 to 35 C)0 to 50% RH (35 to 40/50 C)Altitude up to 2000 mPollution degree 2Storage complianceTemperature-20 to 70 CHumidity0 to 80% RHAltitude up to 15000 mShockTested to IEC 60068-2-27VibrationTested to IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-64Safety complianceIEC 61010-1:2001/EN 61010-1:2001Canada: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04USA: ANSI/UL 61010-1:2004EMC complianceIEC 61326-1:2005/EN 61326-1:2006Australia/New Zealand: AS/NZS CISPR 11:2004Canada: ICES/NMB-001:ISSUE 4, June 2006IP ratingIP 41 ingress protection according to IEC 60529Dimensions (W H D)183 x 270 x 65 mmWeight 2.5 kgWarranty3 years for main unit3 months for standard shipped accessories unless otherwise stated10

Ordering informationStandard shipped items Quick start guide, power adapter, Li-Ion battery pack, USB cable, test lead, 10:1 probe (2 sets), Certificate of Calibration (CoC).Recommended accessoriesItemDescriptionU1560AScope probe x1 CAT III 300 V Include ground alligator clip and hook clip, rated CAT III 300 VU1562AScope probe x100 CAT III 600 V Include ground alligator clip and hook clip, rated CAT III 600 VU1572ALi Polymer battery pack 4,800 mAh, 10.8 Compatible with U1610A/20A handheld oscilloscopeU1573ADesktop charger & Li Polymer battery pack 4,800 mAh, 10.8 V Compatible with U1610A/20A handheld oscilloscopeU1575ADesktop charger 2-output 3 A battery charger Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.89 x 2.30 x 6.89 inchesU1591ASoft carrying case Soft carrying case with backpack and shoulder strap Dimension (W x H x D): 15.7 x 12.6 x 3.9 inches11 more information on AgilentTechnologies’ products, applications orservices, please contact your local Agilentoffice. The complete list is available personalized view into the informationmost relevant to you.www.axiestandard.orgAdvancedTCA Extensions forInstrumentation and Test (AXIe) isan open standard that extends theAdvancedTCA for general purposeand semiconductor test. Agilentis a founding member of the AXIeconsortium.www.lxistandard.orgLAN eXtensions for Instruments putsthe power of Ethernet and the Webinside your test systems. Agilentis a founding member of the LXIconsortium.www.pxisa.orgPCI eXtensions for Instrumentation(PXI) modular instrumentationdelivers a rugged, PC-based highperformance measurement andautomation system.Agilent Channel the best of both worlds: Agilent’smeasurement expertise and productbreadth, combined with channelpartner convenience.Agilent Advantage Services is committedto your success throughout your equipment’s lifetime. To keep you competitive,we continually invest in tools andprocesses that speed up calibration andrepair and reduce your cost of ownership.You can also use Infoline Web Servicesto manage equipment and services moreeffectively. By sharing our measurementand service expertise, we help you createthe products that change our t Electronic Measurement GroupDEKRA CertifiedISO 9001:2008Quality Management adaBrazilMexicoUnited States(877) 894 4414(11) 4197 360001800 5064 800(800) 829 4444Asia PacificAustraliaChinaHong KongIndiaJapanKoreaMalaysiaSingaporeTaiwanOther AP Countries1 800 629 485800 810 0189800 938 6931 800 112 9290120 (421) 345080 769 08001 800 888 8481 800 375 81000800 047 866(65) 375 & Middle EastBelgium32 (0) 2 404 93 40Denmark45 45 80 12 15Finland358 (0) 10 855 2100France0825 010 700**0.125 edenUnited Kingdom49 (0) 7031 464 63331890 924 204972-3-9288-504/54439 02 92 60 848431 (0) 20 547 211134 (91) 631 33000200-88 22 5544 (0) 118 927 6201For other unlisted October 11, 2012Product specifications and descriptionsin this document subject to changewithout notice. Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2013Published in USA, February 6, 20135990-9523EN

Data logging capability to PC 10 selectable languages on the User Interface (UI) system Indoor viewing mode Night vision viewing mode. 2 Figure 1. Indoor mode for clear . Our U1610A/U1620A oscilloscope comes with a 5.7-inch VGA TFT LCD display that enables clear viewing of measurements on-site and on the field. With the option of up .