TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0INTRODUCTION . 12.0PURPOSE FOR RESOURCE FAMILY APPROVAL TRAINING . 12.1 Statement of Work . 12.2 Sample Contract: Standard County Terms and Conditions . 23.0PROPOSER’S MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS . 34.0COUNTY’S RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES . 34.1 Representations Made Prior to Contract Execution . 34.2 Final Contract Award by the Board of Supervisors . 44.3 County’s Option to Reject Proposals . 44.4 County’s Right to Amend Request for Proposals . 44.5 Background and Security Investigations . 44.6 County’s Quality Assurance Plan . 55.0PROPOSER’S REQUIREMENTS AND CERTIFICATIONS . 55.1 Notice to Proposers Concerning the Public Records Act . 55.2 Contact with County Personnel . 65.3 Mandatory Requirement to Register on County’s WebVen . 65.4 Protest Policy Review Process . 65.5 Injury and Illness Prevention Program . 75.6 Confidentiality and Independent Contractor Status . 75.7 Conflict of Interest. 75.8 Determination of Proposer Responsibility . 85.9 Proposer Debarment . 95.10 Adherence to County’s Child Support Compliance Program . 115.11 Gratuities . 115.12 Notice to Proposers Regarding the County Lobbyist Ordinance . 115.13 Federal Earned Income Credit. 125.14 Consideration of GAIN/GROW Participants for Employment . 125.15 Recycled Bond Paper . 135.16 Safely Surrendered Baby Law . 135.17 Jury Service Program . 13Page i

TABLE OF CONTENTS5.18 Intentionally Omitted . 145.19 Notification to County of Pending Acquisitions/Mergers by ProposingCompany . 145.20 Proposer’s Charitable Contributions Compliance . 155.21 Defaulted Property Tax Reduction Program . 165.22 Time Off for Voting . 165.23 Proposer’s Acknowledgement of County’s Commitment to Zero TolerancePolicy on Human Trafficking . 175.24 Protection of Electronic County Information – Data Encryption Standard. 175.25 Default Method of Payment: Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer. 185.26 Proposer’s Acknowledgement of County’s Commitment to Fair ChanceEmployment Hiring Practices . 185.27 Prohibition from Participation in Future Solicitation(s) . .196.0COUNTY’S PREFERENCE PROGRAMS . 196.1 Overview of County’s Preference Programs . 196.2 Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) Preference Program . 196.3 Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) Prompt Payment Program . 206.4 Social Enterprise (SE) Preference Program . 206.5 Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Preference Program . 217.0PROPOSAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS . 217.1 Proposal Submission Information . 217.2 Truth and Accuracy of Representations . 227.3 RFP Timetable. 227.4 Solicitation Requirements Review . 227.5 Proposers’ Questions . 237.6 Proposers Conference . 237.7 Preparation of the Proposal . 247.8 Business Proposal Format . 247.9 Cost Proposal Format. 337.10 Firm Offer/Withdrawal of Proposal. 347.11 Proposal Submission . 34Page ii

TABLE OF CONTENTS8.0SELECTION PROCESS AND EVALUATION CRITERIA . 358.1 Selection Process . 358.2 Adherence to Minimum Requirements (Pass/Fail) . 378.3 Disqualification Review . 378.4 Business Proposal Evaluation and Criteria (70%) . 388.5 Cost Proposal Evaluation Criteria (30%) . 398.6 Intentionally Omitted . 408.7 Department's Proposed Contractor Selection Review . 408.8 County Independent Review Process. 428.9 Notification of Award . 428.10 Formal Approval of Contract . 438.11 Selection Process Disclaimer . 43APPENDICES:ASample Contract: Identifies the terms and conditions in the contract.BStatement of Work: Explains in detail the required services to be performed bythe Contractor.CStatement of Work Exhibits: Attachments which accompany the Statement ofWork.DRequired Forms: Forms that must be completed and included in the proposal.ETransmittal form to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review:Transmittal sent to Department requesting a Solicitation Requirements Review.FCounty of Los Angeles Policy on Doing Business with Small Business:County PolicyGJury Service Ordinance: County CodeHListing of Contractors Debarred in Los Angeles County: Contractors whoare not allowed to contract with the County for a specific length of time.IInternal Revenue Service Notice 1015:Earned Income Credit.JSafely Surrendered Baby Law: County ProgramKBackground and Resources:California Charities Regulation:Aninformation sheet intended to assist nonprofit agencies with compliance withSB 1262 – the Nonprofit Integrity Act of 2004 and identify available resources.LDefaulted Property Tax Reduction Program: County CodePage iiiProvides information on Federal

TABLE OF CONTENTSMTransmittal to Request a Disqualification ReviewNTransmittal to Request a Proposed Contractor Selection ReviewOTransmittal to Request a County Independent ReviewPage iv

1.0INTRODUCTION1.1The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services(DCFS) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals fora Contract with an organization that can provide Resource Family ApprovalTraining (RFAT) services.DCFS recruits prospective foster and adoptive families through a variety ofmethods such as radio, television, print ads, and social media, such asFacebook, staffing community booths, partnering with the faith-basedcommunity, and using foster and adoptive parents as ambassadors for theDepartment.In order to increase the number of prospective resource families, a morecomprehensive plan to provide DCFS access to the communities where thepre-approval classes are being offered is needed. DCFS is looking toengage community partners that will provide training to the training teamsin the Resource Family Approval (RFA) curriculum by accredited trainers,and provide RFA pre-service training to prospective resource families.1.22.0Titles, captions and headings contained in this solicitation are inserted as amatter of convenience and for reference and are not intended and shall notbe deemed or construed to define, limit, extend or otherwise describe thescope or any provision of this solicitation.PURPOSE FOR RESOURCE FAMILY APPROVAL TRAINING SERVICES2.1Statement of Work2.1.1 Contractor will provide training (initial leadership and annualleadership training) to the training teams in the Resource FamilyApproval (RFA) Training curriculum by accredited trainers.2.1.2 Provide RFA Pre-Approval training to prospective resource families.2.1.3 Provide the eight-hour Pre-Placement training in community-basedsettings that provide reasonable access to potential resourcefamilies residing in Los Angeles County.2.1.4 Provide locations and venues where DCFS can recruit prospectiveresource and adoptive families.2.1.5 Assist prospective resource families with the RFA pre-approvalprocess.2.1.6 Provide Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aidcertification that meets RFA standards as prescribed in the WrittenDirectives 5.0 or the most current version, including for relative andnon-related extended family members (NREFM).Resource Family Approval RFPPage 1

2.1.7 Contractor shall be expected to implement the requirements outlinedin Appendix B (Statement of Work) of this RFP.2.2Sample Contract: County Terms and Conditions2.2.1 Contractor shall be expected to implement the requirements outlinedin Appendix A (Sample Contract) of this RFP.2.2.2 Anticipated Contract TermThe Contract term is anticipated to be for a period of one year. TheContract is anticipated to commence on April 1, 2022, or the date ofexecution by the DCFS Director, with an option to extend for up totwo additional one-year renewal periods. Contingent upon availablefunding, the term of the contract may also be extended by theDirector of DCFS or designee beyond the stated expiration date fora period not to exceed six months from the last day of the contractterm, if such additional time is necessary to complete the negotiationor solicitation of a new Contract. All terms of the contract in effect atthe time of extending the term shall remain in effect for the durationof the extension.2.2.3 Contract RatesThe Contractor’s rates shall remain firm and fixed for the term of theContract.2.2.4 Days of OperationThe Contractor shall be required to provide Resource FamilyApproval Training Services specified herein and be available toauthorized County personnel during normal work hours, whichgenerally are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, exceptCounty holidays, or as directed by the County Program Manager(CPM). The Contractor is not required to provide services on Countyrecognized holidays. The CPM will provide a list of the Countyholidays to the Contractor at the time the Contract is approved, andannually, at the beginning of the calendar year.2.2.5 Indemnification and InsuranceContractor shall be required to comply with the provisions containedin Section 8.29 (Indemnification) of Appendix A, (Sample Contract).The Contractor shall procure, maintain, and provide to the Countyproof of insurance coverage for all the programs of insurance alongwith associated amounts specified in Section 8.30 (GeneralProvisions for all Insurance Coverage) and Section 8.31 (InsuranceCoverage) of Appendix A (Sample Contract).Resource Family Approval RFPPage 2

3.0PROPOSER’S MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS3.1Interested and qualified proposers that can demonstrate their ability andqualifications to successfully provide the required services outlined inAppendix B, Statement of Work of this RFP are invited to submit aproposal(s), provided they meet the following mandatory requirements:3.1.1 Proposer must have at least three years’ full time experience withinthe last five years, developing, implementing, and providingadult/parent education and training services with a specific focus onchild care, parenting, child welfare, education, child/youthdevelopment or a related field equivalent or similar to the servicesidentified in Appendix B, Statement of Work.3.1.2 Proposer must state their willingness to establish an administrativeoffice or branch office in Los Angeles County by the effective date ofthe Contract.3.1.3 Proposer must be registered to do business with the office of theCalifornia Secretary of State. A certified original copy of theStatement of Information shall be included in the submission of theproposal.3.1.4 Proposer and its principals must not be currently debarred,suspended, proposed for debarment, or declared ineligible for theaward of the contract by any Federal, State or County agency.Proposer must be found clear from County, State and Federalcontractor’s debarred listings unless an exception has beenauthorized by State and Federal regulations.3.24.0If proposer’s compliance with a County contract has been reviewed by theDepartment of the Auditor-Controller within the last 10 years, proposer mustnot have unresolved questioned costs identified by the Auditor-Controller,in an amount over 100,000, that are confirmed to be disallowed costs bythe contracting County department, and remain unpaid for six months ormore from the date of disallowance, unless such disallowed costs are thesubject of current good faith negotiations to resolve the disallowed costs, inthe opinion of the county.COUNTY’S RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES4.1Representations Made Prior to Contract Execution4.1.1 The County is not responsible for representations made by any of itsofficers or employees prior to the execution of the Contract unlesssuch understanding or representation is included in the Contract.Resource Family Approval RFPPage 3

4.2Final Contract Award by the Board of Supervisors4.2.1 Notwithstanding a recommendation of a Department, agency,individual, or other, the Board of Supervisors retains the right toexercise its judgment concerning the selection of a proposal and theterms of any resultant agreement, and to determine which proposalbest serves the interests of the County. The Board is the ultimatedecision making body and makes the final determinations necessaryto arrive at a decision to award, or not award, a contract.4.3County Option to Reject Proposals4.3.1 Proposers are hereby advised that this RFP is a solicitation forproposals only, and is not intended, and is not to be construed as,an offer to enter into a contract or as a promise to engage in anyformal competitive bidding or negotiations pursuant to any statute,ordinance, rule, or regulation. The County may, at its sole discretion,reject any or all proposals submitted in response to this RFP or may,in its sole discretion, reject all proposals and cancel this RFP in itsentirety. The County shall not be liable for any costs incurred by theproposer in connection with the preparation and submission of anyproposal. The County reserves the right to waive inconsequentialdisparities in a submitted proposal.4.4County’s Right to Amend Request for Proposals4.4.1 The County has the right to amend the RFP by written addendum.The County is responsible only for that which is expressly stated inthe solicitation document and any authorized written addendathereto. Such addendum shall be made available to each person ororganization which County records indicate has received this RFP.Should such addendum require additional information not previouslyrequested, failure to address the requirements of such addendummay result in the proposal being found non-responsive and not beingconsidered, as determined in the sole discretion of the County. TheCounty is not responsible for and shall not be bound by anyrepresentations otherwise made by any individual acting orpurporting to act on its behalf.4.5Background and Security Investigations4.5.1 Contractor shall ensure that criminal clearances with subsequentarrest notification and background checks have been conducted forall Contractor’s staff and volunteers, prior to beginning andcontinuing work under any resulting Contract (see Appendix A,Sample Contract, Section 7.5, Background and SecurityInvestigations).The cost of such criminal clearances andbackground checks is the responsibility of the Contractor whether orResource Family Approval RFPPage 4

not the Contractor’s staff passes or fails the background and criminalclearance investigations.4.6County’s Quality Assurance Plan4.6.1 After contract award, the County or its agent will monitor theContractor’s performance under the contract on a periodic basis.Such monitoring will include assessing Contractor’s compliance withall terms and conditions in the Contract and performance standardsidentified in Appendix B (Statement of Work).Contractor’sdeficiencies which the County determines are significant orcontinuing and that may jeopardize performance of the Contract willbe reported to the County’s Board of Supervisors. The report willinclude improvement/corrective action measures taken by theCounty and Contractor. If improvement does not occur consistentwith the corrective action measures, the County may terminate theContract in whole or in part, or impose other penalties as specified inthe Contract.5.0PROPOSER’S REQUIREMENTS AND CERTIFICATIONS5.1Notice to Proposers Concerning the Public Records Act5.1.1 Responses to this solicitation shall become the exclusive property ofthe County. Absent extraordinary circumstances, the recommendedproposer's proposal will become a matter of public record when (1)contract negotiations are complete; (2) DCFS receives a letter fromthe recommended proposer's authorized officer that the negotiatedcontract is the firm offer of the recommended proposer; and (3)DCFS releases a copy of the recommended proposer's proposal inresponse to a Notice of Intent to Request a Proposed ContractorSelection Review under Board Policy No. 5.055 (Services ContractSolicitation Protest).Notwithstanding the above, absent extraordinary circumstances, allproposals will become a matter of public record when theDepartment's proposer recommendation appears on the Boardagenda.Exceptions to disclosure are those parts or portions of all proposalsthat are justifiably defined as business or trade secrets, and plainlymarked by the proposer as "Trade Secret," "Confidential," or"Proprietary."5.1.2 The County shall not, in any way, be liable or responsible for thedisclosure of any such record or any parts thereof, if disclosure isrequired or permitted under the California Public Records Act orotherwise by law. A blanket statement of confidentiality or themarking of each page of the proposal as confidential shall not beResource Family Approval RFPPage 5

deemed sufficient notice of exception.The proposers mustspecifically label only those provisions of their respective proposalwhich are "Trade Secret," "Confidential," or "Proprietary" in nature.5.1.3 In the event the County is required to defend an action on a PublicRecords Act request for any of the aforementioned documents,information, books, records, and/or contents of a proposal marked"Confidential," "Trade Secret," or "Proprietary," proposer agrees todefend and indemnify County from all costs and expenses, includingreasonable attorneys' fees, incurred in connection with any action,proceedings, or liability arising in connection with the Public RecordsAct request.5.2Contact with County Personnel5.2.1 All contact regarding this RFP or any matter relating thereto must bein writing and may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed as follows:Department of Children and Family ServicesContracts Administration Division425 Shatto Place, Room 400Los Angeles, CA 90020Attention: Thanh Nguyen, Assistant ManagerE-mail address: [email protected] #: (213) 637-2554If it is discovered that proposer contacted and received informationfrom any County personnel, other than the person specified above,regarding this solicitation, County, in its sole determination, maydisqualify their proposal from further consideration.5.3Mandatory Requirement to Register on County’s WebVen5.3.1 Prior to a contract award, all potential contractors must register in theCounty’s WebVen. The WebVen contains the Vendor’s businessprofile and identifies the goods/services the business provides.Registration can be accomplished online via the Internet Policy Review Process5.4.1 Under Board Policy No. 5.055 (Services Contract SolicitationProtest), any prospective proposer may request a review of therequirements under a solicitation for a Board-approved servicescontract, as described in Section 5.4.3 (Grounds for Review) below.Additionally, any actual proposer may request a review of adisqualification or of a proposed contract award under such asolicitation, as described respectively in the sections below. It is theResource Family Approval RFPPage 6

responsibility of the proposer challenging the decision of a CountyDepartment to demonstrate that the Department committed asufficiently material error in the solicitation process to justifyinvalidation of a proposed contract award.5.4.2 Throughout the review process, the County has no obligation todelay or otherwise postpone an award of contract based on aproposer protest. In all cases, the County reserves the right to makean award when it is determined to be in the best interest of theCounty of Los Angeles to do so.5.4.3 Grounds for ReviewUnless state or federal statutes or regulations otherwise provide, thegrounds for review of a solicitation for a Board-approved servicescontract provided for under Board Policy No. 5.055 (ServicesContract Solicitation Protest) are limited to the following: of Solicitation Requirements (reference Section7.4, Proposal Submission Requirements Section) of a Disqualified Proposal (reference Section 8.3,Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria Section) of Proposed Contractor Selection (referenceSection 8.7, Selection Process and Evaluation CriteriaSection)Injury and Illness Prevention Program5.5.1 Contractor shall be required to comply with the State of California’sCal OSHA’s regulations. California Code of Regulations Title 8,Section 3203 requires all California employers to have a written,effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) that addresseshazards pertaining to the particular workplace covered by theprogram.5.6Confidentiality and Independent Contractor Status5.6.1 As appropriate, Contractor shall be required to comply with Section7.6 (Confidentiality) and Section 8.28 (Independent ContractorStatus), contained in Appendix A (Sample Contract).5.7Conflict of Interest5.7.1 No County employee whose position in the County enables him/herto influence the selection of a Contractor for this RFP, or anycompeting RFP, nor any spouse of economic dependent of suchemployees, shall be employed in any capacity by a proposer or haveany other direct or indirect financial interest in the selection of aResource Family Approval RFPPage 7

contractor. Proposer shall certify that he/she is aware of and hasread Section 2.180.010 of the Los Angeles County Code as statedin Exhibit 5 (Certification of No Conflict of Interest) of Appendix D(Required Forms).5.8Determination of Proposer Responsibility5.8.1 A responsible proposer is a proposer who has demonstrated theattribute of trustworthiness, as well as quality, fitness, capacity andexperience to satisfactorily perform the contract. It is the County’spolicy to conduct business only with responsible proposers.5.8.2 Proposers are hereby notified that, in accordance with Chapter 2.202of the County Code, the County may determine whether the proposeris responsible based on a review of the proposer’s performance onany contracts, including but not limited to County contracts.Particular attention will be given to violations of labor laws related toemployee compensation and benefits, and evidence of false claimsmade by the proposer against public entities. Labor law violationswhich are the fault of the subcontractors and of which the proposerhad no knowledge shall not be the basis of a determination that theproposer is not responsible.5.8.3 The County may declare a proposer to be non-responsible forpurposes of this contract if the Board of Supervisors, in its discretion,finds that the proposer has done any of the following: 1) violated aterm of a contract with the County or a nonprofit corporation createdby the County; 2) committed an act or omission which negativelyreflects on the proposer’s quality, fitness or capacity to perform acontract with the County, any other public entity, or a nonprofitcorporation created by the County, or engaged in a pattern orpractice which negatively reflects on same; 3) committed an act oromission which indicates a lack of business integrity or businesshonesty; or 4) made or submitted a false claim against the County orany other public entity.5.8.4 If there is evidence that the apparent highest ranked proposer maynot be responsible, the Department shall notify the proposer inwriting of the evidence relating to the proposer’s responsibility, andits intention to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that theproposer be found not responsible. The Department shall providethe proposer and/or the proposer’s representative with anopportunity to present evidence as to why the proposer should befound to be responsible and to rebut evidence which is the basis forthe Department’s recommendation.5.8.5 If the proposer presents evidence in rebuttal to the Department, theDepartment shall evaluate the merits of such evidence, and basedResource Family Approval RFPPage 8

on that evaluation, make a recommendation to the Board ofSupervisors. The final decision concerning the responsibility of theproposer shall reside with the Board of Supervisors.5.8.6 These terms shall also apply to proposed subcontractors ofproposers on County contracts.5.9Proposer Debarment5.9.1 The proposer is hereby notified that, in accordance with Chapter2.202 of the County Code, the County may debar the proposer frombidding or proposing on, or being awarded, and/or performing workon other County contracts for a specified period of time, whichgenerally will not exceed five (5) years but may exceed five (5) yearsor be permanent if warranted by the circumstances, and the Countymay terminate any or all of the proposer’s existing contracts withCounty, if the Board of Supervisors finds, in its discretion, that theproposer has done any of the following: 1) violated a term of acontract with the County or a nonprofit corporation created by theCounty; 2) committed an act or omission which negatively reflects onthe proposer’s quality, fitness or capacity to perform a contract withthe County, any other public entity, or a nonprofit corporation createdby the County, or engaged in a pattern or practice which negativelyreflects on same; 3) committed an act or offense which indicates alack of business integrity or business honesty; or 4) made orsubmitted a false claim against the County or any other public entity.5.9.2 If there is evidence that the apparent highest ranked proposer maybe subject to debarment, the Department shall notify the proposer inwriting of the evidence which is the basis for the proposeddebarment, and shall advise the proposer of the scheduled date fora debarment hearing before the Contractor Hearing Board.5.9.3 The Contractor Hearing Board shall conduct a hearing whereevidence on the proposed debarment is presented. The proposerand/or proposer’s representative shall be given an opportunity tosubmit evidence at that hearing. After the hearing, the ContractorHearing Board shall prepare a tentative proposed decision, whichshall contain a recommendation regarding whether the proposershould be debarred, and, if so, the appropriate length of time of thedebarment. The proposer and the Department shall be provided anopportunity to object to the tentative proposed decision prior to itspresentation to the Board of Supervisors.5.9.4 After consideration of any objections, or if no objections are received,a record of the hearing, the proposed decision and any otherrecommendation of the Contractor Hearing Board shall be presentedto the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors shall haveResource Family Approval R

2.2 Sample Contract: County Terms and Conditions 2.2.1 Contractor shall be expected to implement the requirements outlined in Appendix A (Sample Contract) of this RFP. 2.2.2 Anticipated Contract Term The Contract term is anticipated to be for a period of one year. The Contract is anticipated to commence on April 1, 2022, or the date of