Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045IRA ApplicationThank you for your interest in Self-Directing your IRA through Advanta IRA Services, LLC. Please complete the sections below, sign and return withphysical signatures to our office.Please send documents to:Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 9Largo, FL 33773To initiate the account, we will need these completed forms:IRA Account ApplicationFee DisclosureAdvanta Account NumberIRA Transfer or Direct Rollover Form (if transferring funds)Photocopy of your driver's license (Patriot Act requirement)Check, Credit Card, or payment for application setup fee of 50 per account - See Fee Schedule1PERSONAL INFORMATIONLegal Name (Required)Mr.Ms.Mrs.Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)Legal/Street Address (Required)City, State, ZipMailing Address (Optional)City, State, ZipPrimary PhoneFaxMobileEmail AddressMarital StatusSingle2OccupationMarried (see Consent of Spouse)TitleWidowed or DivorcedNOTIFICATIONSWould you like to review yourstatements online?Yes3Social Security NumberDr.Would you like to receive emailnotifications of changes to your account?NoYesHow did you hear about red byACCOUNT TYPEPlease select one:Traditional IRASEP IRA (please attach employer plan documents)SIMPLE IRA (please attach employer plan documents)Employer Name:Employer Name:Roth IRABeneficiary Inherited IRACheck one:TradRothSEPSIMPLEOriginal IRA Holder Name:4Health Savings AccountCheck one:Self-only coverageFamily coverageACCOUNT FUNDINGAnnual ContributionYear contribution for:Transfer ContributionRollover ContributionDirect Rollover ContributionTransfer from existing IRA orEmployer Sponsored Plan.Take receipt of the assets for upto 60 days before reinvesting ina new retirement plan.Rollover from EmployerSponsored Plan.Office Use Only: Additional forms receivedApplication Fee checkContribution checkDeposit CouponRoth ConversionTransfer FormPurchase Documents:Advanta IRAwww.AdvantaIRA.comRCFRollover checkSelf-Directed Retirement Planspage 1 of 3

Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045IRA Application5BENEFICIARIES (If Trust, please provide first and last pages of Trust)Select Beneficiary Type:PrimaryContingentSocial Security NumberNameAddressSelect Beneficiary Type:PrimaryAddressSelect Beneficiary Type:PrimaryAddressSelect Beneficiary Type:PrimaryAddressCityStateZipRelationshipDate of BirthShare %CityStateZipRelationshipDate of BirthShare %CityStateZipRelationshipDate of BirthShare %CityStateZipContingentSocial Security NumberNameShare %ContingentSocial Security NumberNameDate of BirthContingentSocial Security NumberNameRelationshipAccount Owner SignatureIn the event of my death, the balance in the account shall be paid to the Primary Beneficiaries who survive me in equal shares (or in the specified shares, ifindicated). If the Primary or Contingent Beneficiary box is not checked for a beneficiary, the beneficiary will be deemed to be a Primary Beneficiary. If none of thePrimary Beneficiaries survive me, the balance in the account shall be paid to the Contingent Beneficiaries who survive me in equal shares (or in the specifiedshares, if indicated). If I named a beneficiary which is a Trust, I understand I must provide certain information concerning such Trust to the Custodian.I understand that I may change or add beneficiaries at any time by completing and delivering the proper form to the Administrator.Signature of Account Owner:Date:Spousal Consent (only required if your spouse is not the primary beneficiary - see note below).The consent of spouse must be signed only if all of the following conditions are present:a. Your spouse is living;b. Your spouse is not the sole primary beneficiary name and;c. You and your spouse are residents of a community property state (such as AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA or WI).I am the spouse of the account holder listed above. I hereby certify that I have reviewed the Designation of Beneficiary form and I understand that I have a propertyinterest in the account. I herby acknowledge and consent to the above Designation of beneficiary other than or in addition to, myself as primary beneficiary. I furtheracknowledge that I am waiving part or all of my rights to receive benefits under this plan when my spouse dies.I,hereby consent to the above Beneficiary designation.Spouse Signature:Advanta IRAwww.AdvantaIRA.comDate:Self-Directed Retirement Planspage 2 of 3

IRA Application6Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045SIGNATURE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTCustodian and Administrator: The Custodian for my account will be Mainstar Trustand the Administrator for my account will be Advanta IRA Services, LLC. Iunderstand that the Custodian and the Administrator may resign by giving me writtennotice at least 30 days prior to the effective date of such resignation. I understand that if Ifail to notify the Administrator of the appointment of a successor trustee or custodianwithin such 30 day period, then the assets held by the Custodian in my account (whetherin cash or personal or real property, wherever located, and regardless of value) will bedistributed to me, outright and free of trust, and I will be wholly responsible for the taxconsequences of such distribution.No Tax, Legal or Investment Advice: I acknowledge and agree that the Custodian andthe Administrator do not provide or assume responsibility for any tax, legal or investmentadvice with respect to the investments and assets in my account, and will not be liablefor any loss which results from my exercise of control over my account. I understand thatmy account is self-directed, and I take complete responsibility for any investments Ichoose for my account. I further understand and agree that neither the Custodian northe Administrator sells or endorses any investment products. If the services of theCustodian and the Administrator were marketed, suggested or otherwise recommendedby any person or entity, such as a financial representative or investment promoter, Iunderstand that such persons are not in any way agents, employees, representatives,affiliates, partners, independent contractors, consultants, or subsidiaries of the Custodianor the Administrator, and that the Custodian and Administrator are not responsible forand are not bound by any statements, representations, warranties or agreements madeby any such person or entity. I agree to consult with my own CPA, attorney, financialplanner, or other professional prior to directing the Administrator to make any investmentin my account.Prohibited Transactions: I understand that my account is subject to the provisions ofInternal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 4975, which defines certain prohibitedtransactions. I acknowledge and agree that neither the Custodian nor the Administratorwill make any determination as to whether any transaction or investment in my account isprohibited under sections 4975, 408(e) or 408A, or under any other state or federal law.I accept full responsibility to ensure that none of the investments in my account willconstitute a prohibited transaction and that the investments in my account comply with allapplicable federal and state laws, regulations and requirements.Unrelated Business Income Tax: I understand that my account is subject to theprovisions of IRC Sections 511-514 relating to Unrelated Business Taxable Income(UBTI) of tax-exempt organizations. I agree that if I direct the Administrator to make aninvestment in my account which generates UBTI, I will be responsible for preparing orhaving prepared the required IRS Form 990-T tax return, an application for an EmployerIdentification Number (EIN) for my account, and any other documents that may berequired, and to submit them to the Administrator for filing with the Internal RevenueService at least ten (10) days prior to the date on which the return is due, along with anappropriate directive authorizing the Administrator to execute the forms on behalf of myaccount and to pay the applicable tax from the assets in my account. I understand thatthe Custodian and the Administrator do not make any determination of whether or notinvestments in my account generate UBTI; have no duty to and do not monitor whetheror not my account has incurred UBTI; and do not prepare Form 990-T on behalf of myaccount.Valuations: I understand that the assets in my account are required to be valuedannually at the end of each calendar year in accordance with IRC Section 408(i) or 223(h) and other guidance provided by the IRS, and that the total value of my account will bereported to the IRS on Form 5498 each year. I agree to provide the year end value ofany illiquid and/or non-publicly traded investments, which may include without limitationlimited partnerships, limited liability companies, privately held stock, real estateinvestment trusts, hedge funds, real estate, secured and unsecured promissory notes,and any other investments as the Custodian shall designate, by no later than January10th of each year, with substantiation attached to support the value provided. I agree toindemnify and hold harmless the Custodian and the Administrator from any and alllosses, expenses, settlements, or claims with regard to investment decisions, distributionvalues, tax reporting or any other financial impact or consequence relating to or arisingfrom the valuation of assets in my account.Indemnification: I agree that the Custodian and the Administrator have no duty otherthan to follow my written instructions, and will be under no duty to question myinstructions and will not be liable for any investment losses sustained by me or myaccount under any circumstances. I understand that the Custodian and the Administratorare acting only as my agent, and nothing will be construed as conferring fiduciary statuson the Custodian or the Administrator.I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Custodian and the Administrator from anyand all claims, damages, liability, actions, costs, expenses (including reasonableattorneys' fees) and any loss to my account as a result of any action taken (or omitted tobe taken) pursuant to and/or in connection with any investment transaction directed byme or my investment advisor or resulting from serving as the Custodian or theAdministrator, including, without limitation, claims, damages, liability, actions and lossesasserted by me.Advanta IRADate:www.AdvantaIRA.comResponsibility for determining eligibility and tax consequences: I assume completeresponsibility for 1) determining that I am eligible to make a contribution to my account;2) ensuring that all contributions I make are within the limits set forth by the relevantsections of the Internal Revenue Code; and 3) the tax consequences of any contribution(including a rollover contribution) and distributions.No FDIC Insurance for Investments: I recognize that investments purchased and/orheld within my account: 1) are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC); 2) are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, either the Custodianor the Administrator; and 3) are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of theprincipal amount invested.Our Privacy Policy: You have chosen to do business with the Custodian and theAdministrator. As our client, the privacy of your personal non-public information is veryimportant. We value our customer relationships and we want you to understand theprotections we provide in regard to your accounts with us.Information We May Collect: We collect non-public personal information about youfrom the following sources to conduct business with you: Information we receive from you on applications or other forms; Information about your transactions with us, or others;Non-public personal information is non-public information about you that we may obtainin connection with providing financial products or services to you. This could includeinformation you give us from account applications, account balances, and accounthistory.Information We May Share: We do not sell or disclose any non-public information aboutyou to anyone, except as permitted by law or as specifically authorized by you. We donot share non-public personal information with our affiliates or other providers withoutprior approval by you. Federal law allows us to share information with providers thatprocess and service your accounts. All providers of services in connection with theCustodian and Administrator have agreed to the Custodian's and the Administrator'sconfidentiality and security policies. If you decide to close your account or become aninactive customer, we will adhere to the privacy policies and practices as described inthis notice.Confidentiality and Security: We restrict access to non-public personal information tothose employees who need to know that information to provide products and services toyou. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural guidelines that comply with federalstandards to guard your non-public personal information. The Custodian and theAdministrator reserve the right to revise this notice and will notify you of any changes inadvance.If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at the address and ortelephone number listed on this Adoption Agreement.This Agreement and the exhibits and disclosures referenced herein contains the entireagreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement, andsupersedes all prior negotiations, agreements and understandings between the parties,whether written or oral, with respect thereto. I hereby acknowledge and agree that I havenot relied on any representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, other contract or otherassurance, except as set forth herein, made by or on behalf of any other party or anyother person or entity whatsoever, prior to the execution of this Agreement. ThisAgreement may only be amended by a written document duly executed by all parties.By executing this document, I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the PlanAgreement, Disclosure statement (5305) and appropriate Financial/FeeDisclosures. I understand that the terms and conditions, which apply to thisAccount, and are contained in these documents. I agree to be bound by thoseterms and conditions.Custodian (or AuthorizedRepresentative) Signature:Account Owner Signature:Print Name:Electronic Communications, Signatures, and Records: I acknowledge and agreethat my account will be subject to the provisions of the Uniform Electronic TransactionsAct, as passed in the state where the Custodian is organized (Kansas StatutesAnnotated (KSA) Sections 16-601 et seq.), and the federal Electronic Signature in Globaland National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act, as contained in 15 U.S.C. 7001), as those lawspertain to electronic communication, electronic signatures, and electronic storage ofCustodial Account records. I understand that, in lieu of the retention of the originalrecords, the Administrator and Custodian may cause any, or all, of their records, andrecords at any time in their custody, to be photographed or otherwise reproduced topermanent form, and any such photograph or reproduction shall have the same forceand effect as the original thereof and may be admitted in evidence equally with theoriginal if permitted by law.Print Name:Date:Self-Directed Retirement Planspage 3 of 3

FEE SCHEDULETraditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, ESA, HSA and QP Record Keeping AccountsAdvanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045ANNUAL RECORDKEEPING (Please choose an option)Option One: Fee Based on Number of Assets: 295 Per Asset/Liability Including Real Estate, Notes,Mortgages, LLCs, Private Placements, Futures/Forex (per FCM). See explanations below. 100 Precious Metals Holdings, per DepositoryStorage Fee: 10 basis points (.001) of accountvalue or minimum of 125 per year.( 25 per Quarter for Cash Only Accounts)Option Two: Fee Based on Total Account ValuePortfolio Value: 0 15,000 30,000 45,000 60,000 90,000 125,000 250,000 500,000 750,000 and upAnnual Asset Fee: 14,999.99 29,999.99 44,999.99 59,999.99 89,999.99 124,999.99 249,999.99 499,999.99 749,999.99 195 260 325 390 450 525 650 775 1,500 1,850ALL ACCOUNTS INCLUDE AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGEOnline Account AccessAnnual Tax ReportingRequired minimum distributions by checkAccess to regular Educational/Networking EventsTRANSACTION & OTHER MISC FEESAccount establishment: 50 (Paid upon initial application)Purchase, Sale, Exchange or Re-Registration of any Asset: 95 per transaction ( 145 for Real Estate transactions). 35 for Precious Metal Transactions.Outgoing Wire Transfer: 30Incoming Wire Transfer: 15Cashiers or other official bank check: 10Individual (k) Plan Document Fee: 300 per yearExpress Delivery: 30Returned Items or Stop Payment Request: 30Special services, such as research of closed accounts, legal research, expedited investment review or additional processing required for certain complextransactions: 150/hour, a minimum 50 research charge (i.e. real estate fair market value)Partial or Full Account Termination - Includes transfer of assets from your account and lump-sum distributions:.005 of the termination value: maximum fee of 250 plus transaction & re-registration charges for each asset salePAY FEES BY:VISAMCAMEXDISCOVERDeduct from IRA ACCOUNTIf you would like to enjoy the convenience of automatic billing, simply complete the Credit Card Information section below and sign theform. All requested information is required. Upon approval, we will automatically bill your credit card for the amount indicated and yourtotal charges will appear on your monthly credit card statement. You cancel this automatic billing authorization at any time bycontacting us.CARD NUMBER:EXP DATE:NAME ON CARD:BILLING ZIP CODE:Annual Record keeping fees are withdrawn from your un-directed funds on the date of account establishment and subsequent asset purchases unless you submit paymentdirectly by check, credit or debit card. Fees may be collected quarterly and those Fees paid from your account will be reflected on your statement. You may also prepay fees bycheck, credit or debit card or charge to your account. If there are insufficient un-directed funds in your account, we may liquidate other assets in your account to pay for suchfees after a 30 day notification, in accordance with your Plan and Trust Disclosure. Late Payment, Fees: The lesser of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) or the maximumallowable under applicable state law. Late Payment of Fees: The lesser of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) or the maximum allowable under applicable state law may becharged and collected. In accordance with your Account Application, this Fee Disclosure is part of your Agreement with the Administrator and must accompany yourApplication. If a signed Fee Disclosure is not received with your Application, fees will be based on “Option 2 --Account Value”. Custodian's Fees: The Custodian shall beentitled to receive, from the assets held in your account, a fee equal in amount to all income that is generated from any Undirected Cash (defined as any cash in your accountnot invested pursuant to a specific investment direction by you) which has been deposited by the Custodian into FDIC or other United States government insured financialinstitutions, United States government securities, or securities that are insured or guaranteed by the United States government. The Custodian retains the right, but does nothave the obligation, to reduce this fee by rebating a portion of the fee into your account. You agree that this fee may be retained by the Custodian as compensation for theservices provided by the Custodian in relation to your account. The Custodian may pay all or an agreed portion of this fee to the Administrator as agreed between theCustodian and the Administrator. The Custodian reserves the right to change all or part of the Custodial Fee Schedule at its discretion with 30 days advance notice. Youacknowledge and agree that the Custodian may transfer any Undirected Cash in your account into any FDIC insured financial institution or in United States governmentsecurities or in securities that are insured or guaranteed by the United States government without any further approval or direction by you.PLEASE PRINT, SIGN AND MAIL THIS FORM TO YOUR ADVANTA IRA OFFICE.Printed Name:Signature:Advanta IRADate:www.AdvantaIRA.comSelf-Directed Retirement Planspage 1 of 1

Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045Transfer FormUse this form to transfer funds directly from your existing IRA to your Advanta IRA.1PERSONAL INFORMATIONName (Your name as it appears in your plan)Mr.Ms.Mrs.Advanta IRA Account NumberDr.Legal AddressCity, State, ZipPhoneSocial Security Number2CURRENT IRA CUSTODIAN/TRUSTEE (Please attach a copy of a current statement for this account)Name of Custodian/TrusteeAccount Number*Transfer Department AddressCity, State, ZipContact Name (optional)Type of AccountPhone NumberTraditionalRothBeneficiary IRASEPSIMPLEHSAESA401(k)Have you confirmed the Non ACAT transfer department address with your custodian?No - Leave blank and we will use our custodial transfer address list3Yes - Please send Transfer request to above listed addressTRANSFER DETAILSOption One: Cash TransferOption 2: In-Kind Transfer(Advanta IRA will not accept in-kind transfers of publicly traded securities)Complete (liquidate and send all proceeds)Complete (Send all assets listed below and cash)Partial - Send ONLY Partial - Send ONLY the assets listed belowAsset Description4TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONSPlease send cash via:5AmountCheckWire ( 15)Please send request via:MailExpedited 2nd Day Delivery ( 30)*Default to mail, if uncheckedSIGNATURE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT1. I hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Account Asset Transfer Authorization and acknowledge having established a self directedaccount through execution of the account application.2. I understand the rules and conditions applicable to an Account Transfer3. I qualify for the account transfer of assets listed in the Asset Liquidation above and authorizesuch transactions.Your Signature:(Medallion Guarantee Stamp)Date:ACCEPTANCE OF RECEIVING CUSTODIANPursuant to a limited written delegation First Trust Company of Onaga, as Custodian (“Custodian”), has authorized Advanta IRA to sign this form on theCustodian’s behalf to verify the Custodian’s acceptance of the transfer, rollover or direct rollover described above and agreement to apply the proceeds upontheir receipt, to the Account established by Advanta IRA on your behalf. First Trust Company of Onaga ASSUMES NO TRUST OR FIDUCIARYOBLIGATIONS TO YOU AS IT HAS NO INVESTMENT CONTROL OVER YOUR FUNDS AND ACTS ONLY AS A CUSTODIAN OF YOUR ACCOUNT.Advanta IRA on behalf of Custodian, First Trust Company of OnagaBy:Date:Type of Account:Advanta nt #:HSAESA401(k)Beneficiary IRASelf-Directed Retirement Planspage 1 of 1

Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045Rollover/Direct RolloverCertification FormThis form documents the rollover of your account to Advanta IRA. Advanta IRA will not initiate the rollover. Contact your current custodian to rollover your assets to Advanta IRA. For multiple transactions, please use a separate form for each. Use this form to: Document your direct rollover contribution from an employer-sponsored plan (move assets directly from your qualified retirement plan to a newretirement plan). Document your indirect rollover contribution to Advanta IRA (take receipt of the assets for up to 60 days before reinvesting in a new retirement plan).1PERSONAL INFORMATIONName (Your name as it appears in your plan)Mr.Ms.Mrs.Advanta IRA Account NumberDr.Legal AddressCity, State, ZipPhoneSocial Security Number2CURRENT CUSTODIAN/TRUSTEEName of Custodian/TrusteePhone NumberAccount Number (if applicable)Contact Name (optional)Type of Plan you are rolling over from:TraditionalRothSEPSIMPLEESAHSAEmployer Plan3ROLLOVER DETAILSI am an eligible person to perform this transaction: (Select one)Plan ParticipantSpouse beneficiary of accountNon-spouse beneficiary of accountResponsible IndividualEx-spouse of account due to divorce/legal separationROLLOVER INSTRUCTIONS TO RESIGNING CUSTODIANTo roll over CASH, please follow the instruction below. Contact our office for wire instructions.Cash: Please make check payable to: Advanta IRA FBO(your name)To roll over INVESTMENTS (Private Stock, Real Estate, LLCs, Notes, etc.), please complete the asset description below and contact us regarding there-registration of your investment.Asset Description4Amount/ValueSIGNATURE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Rollover form and acknowledge having established a Self-Directed Account through executionof an account application. I understand the rules and conditions applicable to a (check one)RolloverDirect Rollover. I qualify for the Rollover orDirect Rollover of assets listed in the Asset Liquidation above and authorize such transactions. If this is a Rollover or Direct Rollover, I have beenadvised to see a tax advisor due to the important tax consequences of rolling assets into an self-direct account. If this is a Rollover or Direct Rollover, Iassume full responsibility for this Rollover or Direct Rollover transaction and will not hold the Plan Administrator, Custodian or Issuer of either thedistributing or receiving plan liable for any adverse consequences that may result. I understand that no one at Advanta IRA or any of its licensees hasauthority to agree to anything different than my foregoing understandings of Advanta IRA policy. If this is a Rollover or Direct Rollover, I irrevocablydesignate this contribution of assets with a value of as a rollover contribution. By signing this form, I certify that I amcompleting this rollover within:A. 60 calendar days following the day I received the assets, I have not performed a rollover of these assets from an IRA within the last 12 monthsand the rollover DOES NOT contain my Required Minimum DistributionB. If I am a non-spouse beneficiary, this is a direct roll over from an employer plan and the rollover contribution DOES NOT contain my RequiredMinimum Distribution.Your Signature:Advanta IRAwww.AdvantaIRA.comDate:Self-Directed Retirement Planspage 1 of 1

Interested Party Designation1GENERAL INFORMATIONAccount Holder's NameMr.2Advanta IRA13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2Largo, FL 33773P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045Ms.Mrs.Advanta IRA Account NumberDr.INTERESTED PARTY DESIGNATIONPlease complete the information below to authorize your spouse, financial advisor (broker, financial planner, accountant, attorney, or other personetc.) to receive information about your account. Please note that this individual will have unlimited access to your account information, but they willnot be able to make changes to your account.Name of Interested PartyInterested Party Street AddressPhone NumberCity, State, ZipFax NumberCheck here to allow Online Access to Your AccountEmail AddressCheck here to allow your IPD to Receive Statements for Your AccountThis Designation will remain in effect until the Administrator has received written notice of revocation from the Account Holder. Account Holder agrees toindemnify and hold harmless Administrator, its affiliates, officers, employees and/or Custodian, against all claims, actions, costs and liabilities, includingattorneys’ fees, arising out of their reliance on this Designation. This indemnity and hold harmless provision shall survive any Termination of this Designation.3SIGNATURE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTPLEASE MAIL THIS FORM TO YOUR Advanta IRA OFFICE.Account Holder Signature:Advanta IRAwww.AdvantaIRA.comDate:Self-Directed Retirement Planspage 1 of 1

IRA Application. Advanta IRA 13191 Starkey Rd., Suite 2 Largo, FL 33773 P: (800) 425-0653 F: (866) 385-6045. Advanta IRA. Self-Directed Retirement Plans. page 1 of 3. Thank you for your interest in Self-Directing your IRA through Advanta IRA Services, LLC. Please complete the sections below, sign and return with . physical