2022 Fees and Charges(Domestic)Fee Schedule and Business Regulations Notice

2022 ANNUAL TUITION FEESThe following scale of fees will operate from Term 1, 2022 and is in respect of students who qualify to receive boththe Australian Federal and Victorian Government subsidies.Primary & SecondaryYear LevelNet Annual Fee 2022Net Fee Payable per TermFull Year Fee Paid in AdvancePreparatory 24,556 6,139 24,064Years 1, 2, 3 28,024 7,006 27,464Years 4, 5, 6 31,696 7,924 31,060Years 7, 8 34,396 8,599 33,708Years 9, 10 35,496 8,874 34,784Years 11, 12 35,972 8,993 35,252Net Fee Payable per TermFull Year Fee Paid in AdvanceEarly Learning CentreYear LevelNet Annual Fee 20225 Days 23,376 5,844 22,9083 Days 14,320 3,580 14,0322 Days 9,548 2,387 9,356Net Fee Payable per TermFull Year Fee Paid in AdvanceBoardingYear LevelNet Annual Fee 2022All year levels 29,952 7,488 29,352INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC LESSONSInstrumental music lessons are optional and can be arranged through the School’s Music Department.Applicable fees for 2022 are:LessonFeePer 30 minute lesson 48.00Per 45 minute lesson 72.00Per 60 minute lesson 96.00Instrument hire (per term)1 of 5 Fee Schedule and Business Regulations Notice 125.00* Exam costs and accompaniment fees for rehearsals andexams, and attendances on Music Camps are billed inaddition, if incurred. All costs are processed to tuition feestatements.

CAMP FEESAll students in Years 3 to 10 attend compulsory School camps, and the cost for these are processed to tuition feestatements. Destinations and approximate fees for 2022 are as follows:Year LevelDestination (subject to change)Total feeCharged on statement(s)Year 3Emerald 210.00OctoberYear 4 (1st)Foster 360.00AprilYear 4 (2nd)Warrnambool 330.00OctoberYear 5 (1st)Portsea 330.00AprilYear 5 (2nd)Sovereign Hill 580.00OctoberYear 6 (1st)Foster and Waratah Bay 700.00AprilYear 6 (2nd)Canberra 1,400.00April and July*Year 7Lake Nillahcootie 1,210.00April and July*Year 8Gippsland Lakes 1,430.00February and April*Year 9Licola 1,700.00April and July*Experiences, one of:Year 10 (1st)- Tasmania Freycinet National ParkFrom 1,730.00- Northern Territory Larapinta Trail(Further amountpayable for certainexperiences)February, April and July** 500.00December- New South Wales Murray River- Gippsland Lakes SailingYear 10 (2nd)* Two instalmentsLeaders or Lord Somers** Three instalmentsCamp fees will be charged to all students unless authorised absence is granted by the PrincipalOTHER COSTSFlexischoolsThe School uses Flexischools which is an online and cashless cafeteria operating system. Flexischools allowsparents to top up their Senior School son’s cafeteria account or place a lunch order for their Junior School son.Parents can access their son’s account via the Flexischools tab on Trinity Connect.After School Care (ELC and Junior School)External provider, Camp Australia, provides onsite After Care for students in the Early Learning Centre for ELCand Junior School Students from 3.10pm to 6.00pm. Programs and fee details are available from the Junior SchoolOffice or at There is no Before Care facility available to Junior School students.2 of 5 Fee Schedule and Business Regulations Notice

TERMS OF PAYMENTTermTerm datesStatement issuedPayment dueTerm 1, 202228 January - 1 April 202211 October 202129 October 2021Term 2, 202226 April - 24 June 202228 January 202218 February 2022Term 3, 202211 July - 9 September 202219 April 202210 May 2022Term 4, 20223 October - 9 December 202212 July 20222 August 2022Term 1, 202327 January - 6 April 2023 (TBC)3 October 202224 October 2022A further statement may be issued at the end of Term 4 should there have been charges incurred during that term.Payment of multiple years’ fees in advanceDiscounts are offered to parents wishing to remit payments for multiple future years’ tuition fees, providing theirchild(ren) is/are already confirmed or enrolled at the School.The payment in advance must be for a minimum of six years and the student cannot be receiving a scholarship,discount or bursary. Please contact the School’s Finance Department should you wish to enquire about this option.Payment of one full year’s fees in advanceYou may elect to pay the 2022 (ie. four terms’) tuition fees in full at the discounted rate (tabled on Page 1), providedthe School receives the payment no later than 29 October 2021.REBATES AND SUBSIDIESChild Care Subsidy – ELC onlyAs the ELC is certified with the Family Assistance Office (FAO) as a provider of registered child care and not ofapproved child care there is no entitlement available for parents to access the Child Care Subsidy.Kindergarten Fee Subsidy – ELC 4-year old level onlyParents of children attending the ELC at the 4-year old level, providing they are holders of an eligible concessioncard, may be entitled to the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy administered by the Department of Education and Training.Parents should visit to determine eligibility prior to contacting the School’sFinance Department.Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)This fund helps with paying for eligible students to attend school camps, sports and excursions. Parents shouldvisit ns-fund to determine eligibility prior to contacting theSchool’s Finance Department.3 of 5 Fee Schedule and Business Regulations Notice

TERMS OF PAYMENT (ELC TO YEAR 12)Tuition fees are invoiced in advance in October in the year prior to thenew school year. Families are required to select one of the three (3)payment options:The Principal reserves the right to refuse to allow a student to eithercommence a new term, or to remain at the School while any fees orcharges remain unpaid.1.Annual Payment – in full by 29 October 2021 (attracts a 2% discounton 2022 Net Tuition Fee, excluding International Students).Annual Giving Program2.Term Payment – in four (4) equal payments are due by 29 October2021, 18 February 2022, 10 May 2022 and 2 August 2022.The School conducts an Annual Giving Program each year with theproceeds directed to a specific cause. Further information as to thedesignated 2022 cause will be communicated to parents in the new year.3.Monthly Payment – in twelve (12) equal payments due on the 28thday of each month from October 2021 to September 2022.DonationsThe Fees and Levies referred to in this notice are applicable for the 2022school year and are subject to annual review. The administration of allfees and levies accord with these Terms and Conditions, the BusinessRegulations Notice and Enrolment Agreement.Non-payment of any accounts rendered within the required timeframemay result in the charging of a late fee. The amount of the late fee, whichis subject to change, is currently 150. If the account remains unpaidafter a further 14 days and no contact has been made with the School,the School will issue a letter advising that the student(s) may be askednot to attend School, and that his (their) ongoing enrolment at the Schoolcannot be guaranteed. No student may commence a new term unless theprevious term’s fee commitment has been settled. In the event that anaccount is referred to legal collection, the costs of such will be added tothe account with responsibility for settlement borne by the account holder.Where tuition fees are outstanding, it is the School’s policy that thosestudents are not permitted to attend extracurricular sporting, culturaland other School tours.Fees and LeviesThe Tuition Fee covers all curriculum related costs, unless otherwisestated. Students admitted to the School during the year will be chargedfees on a pro‐rata basis and other levies and charges as appropriate.Some additional charges do apply in respect of curriculum andtechnological resources including camps, booklist levies, class groupsoftware license subscriptions, etc.Members of the Trinity community who are interested in makingdonations, bequests, etc. to the School are encouraged to contact theSchool’s Community Engagement Office on 03 9854 3600. Dependingon the purpose of your donation, access to a tax deductible receipt maybe possible.Annual Booklist/Other leviesAll students in Prep to Year 12 are issued with an annual booklist inTerm 4 each year. The booklist details all resources and stationeryrequirements for the new school year.In some year level instances, subject or resource levies exist where theSchool has been able to administer or negotiate a better prices outcome.Miscellaneous subject charges, such as distance education, art,photography, graphics, VET, or Learning Support may be levied duringthe year and processed to tuition fee statements. School photos (approx. 50) are processed on the April tuition fee statement.Expenses specific to Year 12 students including Colloquium, Formal,Valedictory Dinner, Leadership Dinner and School jumpers will eitherbe charged to parents separately or will be processed via tuition feestatements.Uniform / Second Hand Uniform ShopAll students are required to wear the prescribed School uniform that isavailable for purchase at:Any additional activities or electives voluntarily undertaken will besubject to separate fees including: Private Music Tuition, Duke ofEdinburgh’s Award, Skiing, Hiking, etc.Bob Stewart of Kew, 205 High Street, Kew. Tel: 61 3 9853 8429. Openbusiness hours from Monday to Saturday.If a family has three or more students in the Junior and/or Senior Schoolat any one time, a discount in tuition fees of 25% for the third child andsubsequent children will apply.Dobsons, 667 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. Tel: 61 3 9819 1122.The School receives Commonwealth and State Government RecurrentGrants for Students enrolled in Prep to Year 12. State Governmentfunding is also attracted for the 4-year-old kindergarten program. Aproportion of funds raised, or fees collected by the school, may be usedto support the operation of the Early Learning Centre.orDobsons 274 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn. Tel: 61 3 9816 3366.The Parents’ Association operates the Trinity Shop which stocks secondhand uniforms and is located at the Cotham Road Centre. It is open everysecond Thursday from 2pm to 4pm during term time. The shop is alsoopen some Saturdays (please refer to the School Calendar for dates).Methods of PaymentTechnologyFees and charges can be paid via the School’s online payment portal. Theportal can be accessed via Trinity Connect using the login credentialsprovided. The payment portal provides families with the ability to makepayment using their credit card.For students in Years 5 to 12, the School organises a computer packagewhich includes a notebook computer and peripherals, school licensedsoftware, insurance and technical support. Instalment amounts ofapproximately 600 (Junior School) and 800- 1,000 (Senior School,depending on machine specification chosen) per annum are chargedon the February tuition fee statement for this package. In the event thatan insurance claim for a repair is required, the excess (approx. 100)incurred will also be processed to tuition fee statements.Instructions on how to use the payment portal can be found on theFees and Prices page at Trinity Connect. The portal ensures the Schooladministers all transactions in accordance with privacy and bankinglegislation.Fees and charges can also be paid by the following methods:Enquiries1.BPAY – using a Net Bank facility to transfer the funds using theBiller Code of 16287 and the Reference Number as detailed on yourTuition Fee Statement.All general fee and payment enquiries should be directed to the FinanceDepartment. Specific fee or business-related matters (including adviceof changes in enrolment and/or family circumstances) are to be directedto the Director of Business.2.Cheque – made payable to Trinity Grammar School and returned tothe Finance Department attached to the Tuition Fee Statement.Finance Department3.EFTPOS/Cash – the School provides debit and credit card paymentfacilities in the Finance Department.T: 61 3 9854 3600A: 40 Charles Street, KewE: [email protected] of Business OfficeTuition fees and charges are strictly due and payable by the listeddates. Where fee accounts are in arrears (or where an approvedpayment plan is not adhered to), a student will not be permitted toundertake extracurricular sporting, cultural and other School tours.4 of 5 Fee Schedule and Business Regulations NoticeT: 61 3 9854 3640E: [email protected]

2022 FEES POLICY & BUSINESS REGULATIONS NOTICEA. ApplicationApplications for entry to Trinity Grammar School, Kew, from the EarlyLearning Centre (ELC) to Year 12, must be submitted on the School’sApplication for Enrolment Form. The form is to be accompanied by anon‐refundable Application Fee. The following Application Fee applies:ELC ‐Year 12 ( 110 for non-Old Trinity Grammarian parents and 55 forOld Trinity Grammarian parents).While application is a pre‐requisite for enrolment, it is not a guaranteeof admission and the School at its discretion reserves the right to rejectany application and offer a place to any student irrespective of date ofapplication.B. Confirmation of EnrolmentFollowing the application and interview process, and subject to theSchool Enrolment Policy and position availability, a formal offer may bemade. The offer process for intake years Prep, Year 5 and Year 7, beginstwo years prior to the year of commencement with applicants invited forinterview. Places are provided in order of the following priorities: siblingsof current students, siblings of former students (at the discretion of thePrincipal), alumnae children, sons of staff members, sons of AnglicanClergy, Choristers off St Paul’s Cathedral, students re-entering and thendate of application. With all other year levels, the offer process beginsapproximately one year prior to commencement.Parents/Guardians are required to sign and return the Confirmation ofEnrolment form for their child with an enrolment fee payment of 2,000per child (ELC‐Year 12, including International Students), of which 500is refundable at the completion of the child’s time at the School. ForPrep‐Year 12 entry a further 2,500 is also required to be paid at the timethe offered place is accepted, with this amount credited to the student’ssecond tuition fee statement (February statement). Should the studentnot commence at the School as previously confirmed, this amount issurrendered. Please note that this contribution fee is non-transferable.The person/s signing the Confirmation of Enrolment form is/arecompleting an agreement to abide by the Terms and Conditions andBusiness Regulations, as well as the Enrolment Terms and Conditionsand Parent Code of Conduct.A place is confirmed for a student only after an offer has been made andall enrolment fees have been paid. An enrolment fee payment receivedafter the due date may result in the place being no longer available.ELC enrolment interviews are conducted by the Director of ELC in theyear prior to entry. Entry to the School for ELC students is subject to thesame conditions as detailed for Prep to Year 12 applicants.The School’s enrolment offer includes an agreement on payment of feesand acceptance of School policies. If a place is not immediately offered,the family will be advised of their addition to the waiting list.Acceptance of an enrolment is acknowledgement that each signatoryon the Confirmation of Enrolment Form is jointly and severally liable tothe School for payment of all accounts. This applies even if the accountsare usually paid by one parent or guardian, and regardless of whetherthe accounts are addressed only to one parent or guardian. A parent orguardian of a child may not delay or refuse to pay an account on the basisthat another parent or guardian of the child is responsible for payment ofall or part of any account.C. Cancellation of EnrolmentOne full term’s notice is required, in writing to the Principal, before thecancellation of enrolment or withdrawal of a student from the Schooloccurs. If the required notice is not given, a fee of half the full term’stuition fees may be charged.D. Tuition Fees and Accounts1.Tuition fees are billed in advance in October for all studentsenrolled in the following year.2.Accounts are payable by the listed instalment due dates. A late feeof 150 will be charged if payment is not received by the due date.3.The School may choose to not permit a student to re‐enter classesin a new term when fees remain outstanding.4.Boarding Fees for domestic students are billed on a term inadvance basis.5.If a student is absent through illness, there will be no reduction infees. Every effort will be made to remain in close contact with thefamily and arrange home study for the student where possible.6.Students that undertake vocational subjects or subjects bydistance education may be charged an additional levy by theSchool or external provider.5 of 5 Fee Schedule and Business Regulations Notice7.Parents are responsible for payment for breakage or damage toSchool property caused by the student.8.Fees are subject to annual review. Parents will be notified of thenew School Year fees in October.9.Attendance at year level camps is compulsory and the relevantcamp fees will be charged, unless authorised absence is grantedby the Principal.E. Early Payment DiscountPayment of the annual tuition fees in full by the advertised due date willreceive a 2% discount.F. Non-payment of AccountsNon-payment of any accounts rendered within the required timeframemay result in the charging of a late fee. The amount of the late fee, whichis subject to change, is currently 150. If the account remains unpaidafter a further 14 days and no contact has been made with the School,the School will issue a letter advising that the student(s) may be askednot to attend School, and that his (their) ongoing enrolment at the Schoolcannot be guaranteed. No student may commence a new term unlessthe previous term’s fee commitment has been settled. In the event thatan account is referred to legal collection, the costs of such will be addedto the account with responsibility for settlement borne by the accountholder.G. Extended Approved AbsencesWhere a student is absent from the School for one term or more (to amaximum of one year) and a place is to be kept pending their return,a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal is required and a holdingfee will be charged. The holding fee charged for a year’s absence willbe the equivalent of one term’s tuition fee for the level the student wasto have entered, pro-rated should the student’s absence be of less thanone year. The holding fee is non-refundable and is not credited againstfuture tuition fees.H. Deferred EnrolmentAn enrolment may be deferred to another year level and/or year ofentry by providing notice in writing to the Principal after a place hasbeen confirmed and the enrolment fee has been paid. Confirmation ofa place in a year level other than that originally noted, will be subjectto availability. Where a student formally withdraws from the School, butreturns to Trinity at a later date, a new Application for Enrolment formmust be lodged, and the refundable deposit repaid.I. International Tours/Co‐curricular ProgramsA student will not be permitted to participate in overseas tours or feebased co-curricular activities where tuition fees or miscellaneouscharges are outstanding, or previously accepted monthly payment planis not being adhered to by the family.J. Goods and Services Tax (GST)GST is not charged on tuition fees. Other costs and charges, includingco‐curricular and miscellaneous, have been calculated on the basis thatthey are GST free. Other activities, however, may attract GST.K. Change of Family DetailsIt is a requirement that families advise the School of any change totheir contact details, family circumstances or other relevant particulars.Personal details can be updated via Trinity Connect (which each familyhas secure access to). A change in family circumstances shouldbe reported to the Head of School or Director of Business (eg: familyseparation).L. Boarding Students (Domestic/Local Residents)All boarding students are required to comply with the School policiesand the Boarding House rules as stipulated in the Boarding Handbook.The full annual fee applies to all Year Levels irrespective of departuredate. Withdrawal from the boarding house requires a minimum of one (1)term’s notice to the Principal in order to avoid a penalty of half a term’sboarding fee in lieu.M. International StudentsThe School is registered to accept International Students, subject toCRICOS and ESOS regulations. Additional conditions of enrolment andbusiness regulations apply. Please refer to the Enrolment confirmationoffer for more details.Personal details can be updated via TrinityConnect (which each family has secure access to). A change in familycircumstances should be reported to the Head of School or Director ofBusiness (eg: family separation).

Tuition fees are invoiced in advance in October in the year prior to the new school year. Families are required to select one of the three (3) payment options: 1. Annual Payment - in full by 29 October 2021 (attracts a 2% discount on 2022 Net Tuition Fee, excluding International Students). 2.