INTRODUCTION Introductions Design Flexibilityof Wall Panels Benefits ofPrecast Conclusion

DESIGN FLEXIBILITYLimited Only by Your Imagination Aesthetics, cost and speed of installation – pick anytwo. That’s the usual choice owners and architectsface when considering building materials for theirconstruction projects. Precast concrete wall panels, however, make all ofthese available by offering design flexibility, timesavings and improved profitability.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITYLimited Only by Your Imagination Nearly everywhere you look, new office buildings,hospitals, schools, parking garages, shoppingcenters and apartments are taking shape as citiescontinue to expand. These and other structures look fantastic clad inprecast concrete wall panels, which offer a limitlessvariety of shapes, styles and colors.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTAesthetically Pleasing Precast panelscan be producedin virtually anycolor and a widevariety of finishesto achieve thedesiredappearance.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTAesthetically PleasingFinishes commonly available are: Smooth-as-cast Textured form liner Exposed aggregate Sand blast Acid etch

BENEFITS OF PRECASTSuperior Strength and Durability Strength gradually increases over time. Exterior cladding panels can easily be designed tohandle structural building loads, thereby reducingthe need for other structural components. Does not deteriorate, experience creep and stressrelaxation, lose strength and/or deflect over time.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTSafety and Protection Precast concrete provides excellent protectionagainst impacts from explosions, vehicles andprojectiles. Precast concrete wall panels have passedtornado/hurricane impact testing, giving owners anadded level of safety assurance in areas prone tosevere weather.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTEase of Installation Precast concrete panelshave a distinct advantageover other materials such asbrick, concrete masonry, castin-place concrete and EIFS. Because precast panels aremanufactured well in advance of installation, they areready for transportation to the job site at a moment’snotice.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTEase of Installation Most panels includeembedded connectionshardware so they can beerected onto a steel framequickly with a limitedinstallation crew. Projects utilizing precast cansave weeks or months overother materials.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTConsistent Quality Because precast concrete products are typicallyproduced in a controlled plant environment, theyexhibit high quality and uniformity. Problems affecting quality typically found on a jobsite – temperature, curing conditions,craftsmanship and material quality – are nearlyeliminated in a plant environment.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTReduced Weather Dependency Precast concrete increases operating efficiency,because weather will not delay production. Weather conditions have a reduced effect on theschedule because precast requires less time toinstall than alternative methods such as cast-in-placeand EIFS.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTEnvironmentally Friendly Besides water,concrete is the mostfrequently usedmaterial on earth. It is nontoxic,environmentally safeand composed ofnatural materials.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTWeather and UV Resistance Precast concrete is well-suited for all types ofweather conditions. In regions with regular freeze-thaw cycles, themix can be designed to withstand damage. Precast concrete does not degrade fromexposure to sunlight.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTEnergy Savings Precast concrete has excellent R-value insulationproperties, which can be enhanced withembedded Styrofoam (sandwich panels).

BENEFITS OF PRECASTModularity Because of the modularnature of precast concreteproducts, buildings of nearlyany size can beaccommodated. Precast products aredesigned snd manufacturedfor simple connection toreduce installation time.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTAvailability With hundreds of manufacturers throughout NorthAmerica, precast concrete wall panels can beordered from most cities and regions. Products are made in advance and readilyavailable when needed at the job site. Ensures a competitive market and a ready supply.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTEfficiency Precast products arrive at the job site ready to install. No waste in the time schedule for cast-in-place work,laying of masonry products or EIFS installation.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTLow Maintenance Precast concrete requires little or no maintenance,which makes it the ideal choice for nearly anydesign solution. Other products, such as EIFS, may require repairafter severe weather or impact.

BENEFITS OF PRECASTEconomical Precast concrete wall panelsoffer lower long-term costs whencompared with other materials. Ease of installation, reduction inoverall project timeline and totalflexibility in design make precastthe economical solution.

CONCLUSION Precast concrete is the material of choice for thecladding of buildings and parking structures.

Precast concrete panels have a distinct advantage over other materials such as brick, concrete masonry, cast-in-place concrete and EIFS. Because precast panels are manufactured well in advance of installation, they are ready for transportation to the job site at a moment's notice. Ease of Installation