Conversations shinewith Lumity.Introducing Phonak Audéo Lumityso you can hear the quiet-talking barista.TM1


For over 75 years, Phonak has continued to createinnovative hearing solutions that positively impactmillions of people. We believe that hearing well isessential to your overall well-being. For this reason,we create solutions that are designed to keep youengaged socially, thriving mentally and feel goodphysically.Being able to fully participate in conversations is likea spark of light in the dark. When you can hear andunderstand conversations around you, it can illuminateyour entire world.This is where Phonak Audéo Lumity really shines. Itfocuses on giving you improved speech understanding1with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech Technology.Now you can enjoy conversations in many challenginglistening situations – like hearing the quiet talkingbarista in your favourite coffee shop. Get ready foran enlightening listening experience and shine withLumity.Conversations shine with Lumity.3


Fully immerse inconversationsHearing can be challenging in different situations. Inorder to truly keep up and participate in conversationsaround you, it’s important to understand well.Phonak Lumity with unique SmartSpeech Technologyimproves speech understanding1 and increases focuson what you want to hear.Hearing well also allows us to be more socially activeand connect with others. Using hearing aids canimprove your quality of life, social interactions, andrelationship satisfaction for you and your loved ones2.With Lumity, fully immerse in conversations aroundyou and enjoy easier hearing in many situations.1Having more access to sound not onlyprovides clarity, but reduces listeningeffort.35

Intelligently boostspeech understandingin noise4When you’re in a group, in loud noise or when there’sa distance to overcome, you might need a littleextra help to hear well. This is where Phonak Lumity,combined with other unique Phonak innovations,truly shines.ActiveVent ReceiverThe world’s first intelligent hearing aid speakerIt is capable of combining both comfort and hearingperformance. Intelligently controlled by theproprietary Phonak automatic operation system,AutoSense OS , it balances between comfort andperformance in challenging social situation, inaddition to better rated streamed sound quality inquiet3. This speaker provides on average 10% betterspeech understanding in noise* and natural soundquality in everyday listening situations.4*Roger TechnologyBoosting speech understanding in noise and overdistanceWhen combined with Phonak hearing aids, Rogerimproves speech understanding allowing you to fullyparticipate in conversations in many challengingsituations such as restaurants, meetings at work orcollege lectures.5* Compared to conventional acoustic coupling.6


Connect with theworld around youUniversal connectivityPhonak Lumity provides direct connectivity to iOS andAndroid smartphones, TVs, Roger devices and wirelessaccessories. Make true hands-free calls and pair up toeight Bluetooth enabled devices , while two can besimultaneously connected. We live in a world whereeverything’s connected. With Lumity, connect with theworld around you.Tap ControlControl at your finger tipThanks to lithium-ion technology and an integratedmotion sensor, Lumity makes it possible to steerBluetooth features via a double tap on your ear. Thisfunction allows you to accept/end calls from yourconnected iOS or Android smartphone. You can alsopause/resume streaming from connected Bluetoothdevices and access Bluetooth based voice assistantapps.8

myPhonak appMonitor your well-beingWith the myPhonak app you can take control of yourhearing aids. Use the Remote Control functionality orpersonalise your features whenever or wherever youlike. New health data tracking functionality even allowsyou to track your physical activities and provide youwith helpful insights like step count and activity levels.Also, through the app you can directly connect withyour clinic for a truly personalised hearing experience.Get more health insights and monitor your well-beingwith myPhonak app.Hearing care professionals rate Phonakas #1 for connectivity solutions.69

Let conversation shineFeaturing our most innovative hearingtechnology, all Phonak Audéo Lumitymodels enable you to enjoy conversationswhile taking control of your hearing.Whether it’s monitoring your physicalactivities or connecting to your favouriteBluetooth devices or wireless microphones,Lumity will keep your conversations shining!10

The second generation of theworld’s first waterproof*rechargeable hearing aidPhonak Audéo Life LumityLight up your hearing confidence withPhonak Audéo Life. It can be submergedin up to ½ a metre of fresh or salt water.If you’re sweating at the gym during anintense workout, relaxing by the pool or getcaught in a rain shower, Audéo Life is theideal solution for anyone who puts theirhearing aids to the test.*up to 50cm11

Choose your shineChoose a model that suits you and shine brightwith Lumity. All models are rechargeable and availablein various colour options with or without telecoil andas waterproof option. Your hearing care professionalcan help you find the right model to keep yourconversations shining.Velvet BlackGraphite GraySilver GrayChampagne12Sand BeigeBeigeSandalwoodChestnut

Phonak Charger EaseIn a new small and compact design,charge Audéo L-R and RT hearingaids in just three hours to offer afull day*7 of hearing.Phonak Charger Case Go An inductive, easy to use charger withan internal battery, exclusivelydesigned for charging Audéo Lifeon-the-go, up to 3 times on asingle charge. Also available is aPhonak Life Charger utlisinginductive charging technology aswell but excluding a built-in battery.* 16 hours of battery on a single charge, including 8hrs of everyday listening,4 hours of Bluetooth streaming and 4 hours of TV streaming.Battery life may be minimally reduced when using ActiveVent Receiver.13

Stay in chargeThe first fully rechargeable productrange from Phonak – the future is on.Stay in charge of your hearing with the fullyrechargeable range from Phonak. This proventechnology is the preferred choice for hearing aidwearers and hearing care professionals. In fact, threeout of four previous generation Phonak devicessold are rechargeable. Enjoy the benefits that thistechnology brings to you and your loved ones.Better for you Access additional hearing performance features –only available because of rechargeable technology Easy to use No battery hasslesBetter for your loved ones Safer use - no batteries for small children or pets toaccidently get hold ofBetter for the environment Save on average 800 disposable batteries duringthe lifetime of a pair of hearing aids14

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life is onSince 1947, Phonak is dedicated to preservingsocial, emotional and physical life qualityby opening new acoustic worlds. We believethat well-hearing equates to well-being andthus is essential for living life to the fullest.Today we offer the broadest portfolio ofinnovative hearing solutions. And, togetherwith our hearing care professionals, we keepon focusing on what matters most: improvingspeech understanding, changing people’s livesand having a positive effect on society as awhole.028-2419-02/V1.00/2022-06/Australia 2022 Sonova AG All rights AG · Laubisrütistrasse 28CH-8712 Stäfa · Switzerland

31(6), 404-411. Woodward,J and Latzel, M (2022) New implementation of directional beamforming configurations show improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort. Phonak Field Study News in preparation. Expected end of 2022. 2 Kamil R.J., Lin F.R. The Effects of Hearing Impairment in Older Adults on