Fast Facts About Software EngineeringGraduate DegreeTracks Capstone trackThesis trackAverage Age33Age Breakdown 30: 31%31-40: 49%41 : 20%Number of Degree Candidates189Gender 21% female79% maleWhere Students Live While Earning the Degree 33% live in Mass.54% live outside of Mass.13% live outside of U.S.Reasons for Obtaining Degree 40% Deepen expertise29% Career advancement23% Career change8% Personal enrichmentPercentage of Students with Professional Experience in Field74%Years Of Students Full-Time Work Experience 4 years and under: 22%5-10 years: 37%11-20 years: 30%More than 20 years: 11%

Percentage of Students Employed Full-Time While Earning theDegree82%Average Number of Courses Taken per Semester 1 course: 66%2 courses: 31%3 courses: 3%Average Time to Graduation5 yearsGraduation Rate80%Fields Where Graduates Have Gone on to Work in IT servicesPharmaceuticalsComputer servicesFinancial servicesComputer softwareHigher educationTelecommunicationPercentage of Grads Who Would Recommend the Program100%Related Certificates Back-End Web DevelopmentCybersecurityData ScienceBenefits of Being a Degree Candidate Personal academic advising & pre-degree advisingCareer resources and individual career counseling through Harvard's Office of CareerServicesPaid research opportunities alongside Harvard facultyThesis research opportunities with Harvard and MIT faculty members or industry expertsEarn a graduate certificate while earning the degree

Alumni SpotlightMeet ALM in Software Engineering Graduate, Angelo Kastroulis.Job title prior to HES:Founder, Principal Consultant at Carrera GroupCurrent job title:I remain the principal but have significantly grown my business and staff. The work I do is moreengaging, and many new doors have opened that would not have otherwise.How has earning a degree from HES helped you professionally?As a software consultant with 20 years in the field, I realized that Al and ML were essential partsof my future. What I did not understand clearly is that I have a love for academic writing andresearch. There is not a single day that I do not use what I learned.Did you earn a graduate certificate?I earned the Data Science certificate and was invited to join the research team at the DataSystems Lab at the Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science. I continue to researchand innovate, recently filing my first patent in Al. I also focus my work on cutting edge systemsto help bring clinical decision support from bench to bedside that will hopefully make adifference in future pandemics.Most helpful resource at HES:One of the unique opportunities is conducting software engineering thesis research under worldclass Harvard SEAS faculty. Not just experts in AI, natural language processing, data systems,and algorithms but thought leaders, chairs of conference organizations, and accomplishedresearchers. Some of my favorite courses had no textbooks; what we were learning was toonew. The student body was diverse; some were Ph.D. candidates, others cross-registered fromother Harvard schools, and some of us were graduate students from HES.Advice for prospective or current degree candidates:The thesis research lets you experience one of the most rewarding professional experiences.The realization that you have contributed a new piece of knowledge to your field isindescribable. I still remember the moment that my thesis director smiled and said,"congratulations, you now know something that no one else does." That feeling (and mydirector's help and support) will be something I will forever value. You will push yourself in newand exciting ways and become stronger, more determined, and immeasurably better.Learn more at extension.harvard.eduFor more information on career highlights, visit our Career and Academic Resource Center(CARC) at

Percentage of Grads Who Would Recommend the Program 100% Related Certificates Back-End Web Development Cybersecurity Data Science Benefits of Being a Degree Candidate Personal academic advising & pre-degree advising Career resources and individual career counseling through Harvard's Office of Career Services