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Nancy L. Rose – September 2022Honors and FellowshipsFellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Matina S. Horner Distinguished2021-22Visiting ProfessorCarolyn Shaw Bell Award, American Economic Association Committee on the Status2020of Women in the Economics Profession2019Wellington-Burnham Lecturer, Tufts University2018Distinguished Fellow, Industrial Organization Society2018-Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences2017Bernie Saffran Lecturer, Swarthmore College2016Bernard I. Fain Lecturer, Brown University2013American Economic Association Vice-President2012MacVicar Faculty Fellow, MIT-wide Award for Undergraduate Teaching2011MIT Undergraduate Economics Association Teaching Award2008MIT Graduate Economics “Meta Advisor” Award2004-2005John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship2004MIT Undergraduate Economics Association Teaching Award2004Visiting Scholar, Hoover Institution2000-01George & Karen McCown Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution2000MIT Undergraduate Economics Association Teaching Award1993-94Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences1991-96National Science Foundation Faculty Award for Women Scientists, SES-90-241471991-93Alfred P. Sloan Faculty Fellowship1990National Bureau of Economic Research, Research AssociateNational Science Foundation Grant, "Economic Determinants of Airline Safety," SES1988-9087-21457Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of the Economy and the State, University of1988Chicago1987-90National Bureau of Economic Research, Faculty Research Fellow1987-88John M. Olin Faculty Fellowship1984Sloan Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship1981-85National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship1980Phi Beta KappaProfessional Service20222022202120202020-20212019-Vice President, Western Economics AssociationPresident, Industrial Organization SocietyMember, CEPR Competition Policy Research and Policy NetworkSelection Committee for Distinguished Fellow, Industrial Organization SocietyVice President, Industrial Organization SocietyAdvisory Council, The Hamilton Project

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Nancy L. Rose – September 20221990-921989-921989 -- 2005Associate Editor, Journal of Industrial EconomicsAssociate Editor, Journal of Financial IntermediationCo-Editor, MIT Press Series on the Regulation of Economic ActivityResearch and Teaching InterestsIndustrial Organization, Competition Policy, Economics of Regulation, Energy Economics, TransportationMarketsDoctoral Dissertation Committees Year, Student (Department), Initial PlacementAdam Harris (Economics)InMaggie Yellen (Economics)processRebekah Dix (Economics)2020Omer Karaduman (Economics), Stanford University Post-Doc2016Gaston Illanes (Economics), Northwestern University Department of EconomicsSarah Moshary (Economics), eBay Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania2015Department of Economics2014Brad Shapiro (Economics), Chicago Booth School of Business2014Maria Polyakova [Breiter] (Economics), Stanford Medical School2011Mar Reguant (Economics), Stanford Graduate School of Business2011Claire Cizaire (Aeronautics & Astronautical Engineering)2009Tom Y. Chang (Economics), University of Southern California, Marshall School2006Antara Dutta (Economics), Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service2006David Matsa (Economics), Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management2005Lesley Chiou (Economics), Occidental College Department of Economics2004Thomas Gorin (Aeronautics and Astronautical Engineering), Continental Airlines2003Mara Berman [Lederman] (Economics), University of Toronto, Rotman School of BusinessSilke Januszewski [Forbes] (Economics), University of California, San Diego, Department of2003Economics2003Terence Fan (Transportation Systems and Policy Analysis), Singapore University2002Astrid Dick (Economics), Federal Reserve Bank of New York2002Michael Noel (Economics), University of California, San Diego2001Mark Rainey (Economics), Lexecon2001Eric Zitzewitz (Economics), Stanford University, Graduate School of Business1999Alan Sorensen (Economics), University of California, San Diego, Department of Economics1998Daniel Rodriguez (Economics), Emory University, Graduate School of Business,1997Meghan Busse (Economics), Yale University, School of Organization and Management1996Catherine Wolfram (Economics), Harvard University, Department of Economics1994Fiona Scott Morton (Economics), Stanford University, Graduate School of Business1993Gerard McCullough (Civil Engineering), Putnam Hayes Bartlett1991Patrick Little (Civil Engineering)1991Mark McCabe (Sloan)

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