List of 616 English Irregular VerbsFrom UsingEnglish.comA comprehensive list of 616 English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple,past participle and definitions. Click on Show Forms to see the 3rd person singular and thepresent participle instead of the definitions. If you click on Show Groups, you will see theverbs in groups that change in the same way.ABase FormPast SimplePast AbiddenTo continueTo reside\liveAby/AbeyAboughtAboughtTo make amends for something wrongAlightAlit/AlightedAlit/AlightedTo get off a bus, train, etc.AriseAroseArisenTo originateTo get up from horizontal position, out of bedTo come into existenceAwakeAwokeAwokenTo stop sleeping and become consciousBBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionBackbiteBackbitBackbittenTo speak badly about someoneBackfitBackfitBackfitTo fit new parts into an older machine thatweren't available when the machine wasmadeBacklightBacklitBacklitTo illuminate from behind To stop making progress and start regressingBeWas/WereBeenTo exist, live or occur.To have as a quality or a stateAn auxiliary verbBearBoreBorn/BorneTo carryTo tolerateTo give birth toBeatBeatBeatenTo hit repeatedlyBecomeBecameBecomeTo come into To adorn, decorateBefallBefellBefallenTo happenTo happen to somebody or somethingBegetBegot/BegatBegottenTo cause something to happenTo procreateBeginBeganBegunTo start somethingBegirdBegirt/BegirdedBegirtTo encircleBehightBehightBehight/BehotenTo promise or vowTo orderBeholdBeheldBeheldTo become conscious of by seeingBelayBelaid/BelayedBelaid/BelayedTo secure a boat with a ropeTo tie upBendBentBentTo curve something by distorting its shapeIrregular Verbs1 of

BereaveBereftBereft/BereavedTo lose a relative through their deathTo To ask someone very insistently to dosomethingBesetBesetBesetTo be restricted and occupied by difficultiesTo be a signal or symbol of somethingBespeakBespokeBespokenTo set aside or reserve somethingTo ask forBestrewBestrewedBestrewed/BestrewnTo cover a surface by throwing things aboutrandomlyBestrideBestrodeBestriddenTo sit or stand with one leg on either side ofsomethingBetBetBetTo risk money against the result of a futureeventBetakeBetookBetakenTo go to a placeBethinkBethoughtBethoughtTo think about somethingTo remind yourselfBeweepBeweptBeweptTo cry for or over someone or somethingBidBidBidTo make an offer of money or servicesBidBadeBiddenTo command or urge someone to dosomethingBideBided/BodeBidedTo wait forTo tolerateTo withstandBindBoundBoundTo tie something with string, or similar, tohold itBiteBitBittenTo cut or hold with teethBlawBlawedBlawnTo blowBleedBledBledTo lose blood through a cut in the skinBlendBlended/BlentBlended/BlentTo mix togetherBlessBlessed/BlestBlessed/BlestTo wish or confer happinessTo make holyBlowBlewBlownTo move air, wind and gasesBottle-feedBottle-fedBottle-fedTo feed a baby with a bottleBowstringBowstrung/BowstringeBowstrungdTo strangle with the string from a bowBreakBrokeBrokenTo cause something to separate into at leasttwo piecesBreast-feedBreast-fedBreast-fedTo feed a baby with breast milkBreedBredBredTo produce animals or plants by controllingtheir reproductionBringBroughtBroughtTo carry or convey something to the placewhere you are goingBroadcastBroadcast/Broadcasted Broadcast/BroadcastedTo transmit radio or TV signalsBrowbeatBrowbeatBrowbeat/BrowbeatenTo put pressure on someone or bully them todo somethingBuildBuiltBuiltTo constructBurnBurnt/BurnedBurnt/BurnedTo consume or be consumed by fireBurstBurstBurstTo break something open, usually by internalpressure, such as a balloon with too much airin itBustBustBustTo breakIrregular Verbs2 of

BuyBoughtBoughtTo acquire something in exchange for moneyCBase FormCastPast SimpleCastPast ParticipleDefinitionCastTo throw or project somethingCatchCaughtCaughtTo receiveTo stop and hold a moving object, usuallywith your handsTo make something unable to escapeCheerleadCheerledCheerledTo cheer and support a team in an organisedgroupChideChidChid/ChiddenTo tell somebody off when they have donesomething wrongChooseChoseChosenTo selectClapClapped/ClaptClapped/ClaptTo hit your hands together to make a soundto show approvalTo make a loud noise, like thunderClear-cutClear-cutClear-cutTo cut down all trees in an o separate or divide something, often withforceTo stick or hold togetherCleekClaught/Claucht/CleekCleekededTo grasp or take hold ofClepeClepedCleped/Ycleped/YcleptTo call or nameClingClungClungTo hold on to or to stick toClotheClad/ClothedClad/ClothedTo dress someone or provide them withclothesColorbreedColorbredColorbredTo breed an animal to be of a particular colorColorcastColorcastColorcastTo broadcast in colorComeCameComeTo move towards or to arrive at a specifiedplace, time or situationCostCostCostThe amount of money required to buysomething; it costs five dollars.Cost-cutCost-cutCost-cutTo redcuce costs or expenditureCounterdrawCounterdrewCounterdrawnTo copy by tracingCounterlightCounterlitCounterlitTo light something directly from oppositesidesCowriteCowroteCowrittenTo write with o go down very quicklyCreepCreptCreptTo move along the ground lying downCreep-feedCreep-fedCreep-fedTo feed young animals in a special area thatadult animals can't get inCrib-biteCrib-bitCrib-bittenTo bite its manger and swallow air (of ahorse)Cross-biteCross-bitCross-bittenTo thwart or stop something happening bydeceptionCross-stringCross-strungCross-strungTo place bass strings on a piano across thetreble stringsCrossbreedCrossbredCrossbredTo breed animals or plants of differentspecies, like a mule, which is a crossbreed ofa donkey and a horseIrregular Verbs3 of

CrosscutCrosscutCrosscutTo move between scenes or stories in a filmor narrativeCrosslightCrosslitCrosslitTo illuminate from different sides, but notdirectly oppositeCrowCrowed/CrewCrowedTo boastTo utter a sound indicating pleasureCutCutCutTo break the surface of something with aknife or similar toolDBase FormPast SimplePast ydreamt/DaydreamDaydreamt/DaydreamttTo have dream-like thoughts when a wakeTo have a fantasyDealDealtDealtTo distribute, especially playing cards ingamesDeep-freezeDeep-frozeDeep-frozenTo freeze or store frozenTo suspend progress or activityDigDugDugTo make a hole in the groundDightDight/DightedDight/DightedTo dictate ordersDispreadDispreadDispreadTo spread outDisproveDisprovedDisproven/DisprovedTo prove that something is fale or wrongDiveDived/DoveDivedTo jump head first into waterTo fall quicklyDoDidDoneTo perform or carry outDogfightDogfoughtDogfoughtTo fight in aeroplanesTo arrange a fight between dogs for sportDowDought/DowedDought/DowedTo have the ability to do somethingTo do wellDrawDrewDrawnTo make a picture using a pen or pencilDreamDreamt/DreamedDreamt/DreamedTo see visual images while sleepingDrinkDrankDrunkTo consume liquidsDrip-feedDrip-fedDrip-fedTo feed someone with fluids going into theveinTo release information very slowly, bit by bitDriveDroveDrivenTo operate and control a car or other vehicleDwellDweltDweltTo reside or live somewhereTo have sufficient courageEBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionEatAteEatenTo consume solid foodEnd-runEnd-ranEnd-runTo avoid doing something by cheating ordeceitEngirdEngirtEngirtTo encircle, encompassEngraveEngravedEngraved/EngravenTo carve letters or a pattern into the surfaceof somethingEnwindEnwoundEnwoundTo make into a coilTo wrap around somethingIrregular Verbs4 of

FBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionFallFellFallenTo move downwards or to the groundFarebeatFarebeatFarebeatenTo avoid paying fares when using publictransportFast-cutFast-cutFast-cutTo cut quickly from one scene to another in afilmFeedFedFedTo give or supply foodFeelFeltFeltTo sense by touchTo experience an emotion, or sensationFightFoughtFoughtTo try to hurt or kill someone in combat orwarFindFoundFoundTo discover something either by chance orwhen looking for itFitFit/FittedFit/FittedTo be the correct size, for clothes, etc.(fit/fit/fit)To measure someone for size (fit -frozenTo freeze food very rapidly to preserve tasteand nutrientsFleeFledFledTo run away in order to find safetyFlingFlungFlungTo throw or move something suddenlyFloodlightFloodlitFloodlitTo use powerful lights to illuminate somethingoutside at nightFlyFlewFlownTo move through the airTo travel by aeroplaneFlyblowFlyblewFlyblownTo contaminate by laying eggs, the way a flydoesForbearForboreForborne/ForbornNot to use or talk about somethingForbidForbade/ForbadForbiddenTo prohibitForce-feedForce-fedForce-fedTo feed someone who refuses or doesn't wantto eatFordo/ForedoFordidFordoneTo ruin or tedTo predict the futureForefeelForefeltForefeltTo have a feeling before something happensTo have a premonitionForegoForewentForegoneTo preceed somethingTo go without somethingForeknowForeknewForeknownTo know something beforehandForerunForeranForerunTo go before somethingTo show that something is going to happenForeseeForesawForeseenTo predict or see the futureForeshowForeshowedForshowed/ForeshownTo show something or make it knownbeforehandTo foretellForespeakForespokeForespokenTo predictTo speak of something beforehandForetellForetoldForetoldTo predict the futureForgetForgotForgottenTo be unable to remember somethingForgiveForgaveForgivenTo pardon or stop being angry with someonewho has offended youForleseForloreForlornTo lose completelyIrregular Verbs5 of

ForsakeForsookForsakenTo give something upTo abandonForswearForsworeForswornTo make a false promise or oathFraughtFraught/FraughtedFraught/FraughtedTo stockTo load a ship, etcTo hire a ship, etcFree-fallFree-fellFree-fallenTo drop or fall suddenlyTo fall through the air without opening aparachuteFreezeFrozeFrozenTo make liquids into solids by coldtemperaturesTo store food below zero degrees centigradeFrostbiteFrostbitFrostbittenTo injure or damage part of the body throughextreme coldGBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionGainsayGainsaidGainsaidTo contradict or denyGeldGelded/GeltGelded/GeltTo castrate an animalGetGotGot/GottenTo obtain, catch or receiveGhostwriteGhostwroteGhostwrittenTo write for someone else, who will put theirname as the authorGildGilt/GildedGilt/GildedTo cover something with a thin layer of goldGinGanGanTo begin somethingGirdGirded/GirtGirded/GirtTo secure or encirle something with a belt orbendGiveGaveGivenTo offer something as a presentGnawGnawedGnawed/GnawnGoWentGone/BeenTo travel to a placeGraveGravedGraven/GravedTo digTo carveTo fix in the memoryGrindGroundGroundTo break something into a powderGrowGrewGrownTo increase in sizeTo bite or chewTo cause worryHBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionHagrideHagrodeHagriddenTo torment or cause nightmaresHalterbreakHalterbrokeHalterbrokenTo break a horse in, to get it used to wearinga halterHamstringHamstrung/HamstringTo make things difficult for someone doingHamstrung/Hamstringed somethingedHand-feedHand-fedHand-fedTo give food by handHand-rideHand-rodeHand-riddenTo control an animal by handHandsewHandsewedHandsewn/HandsewedTo sew by handHandwriteHandwroteHandwrittenTo write with a pen or pencil rather than aword processorHangHung/HangedHung/HangedTo suspend from a supportIrregular Verbs6 of

To execute someone by supending them bythe neckHaveHadHadTo possessTo doAn auxiliary verbHearHeardHeardTo detect or perceive soundHeaveHeaved/HoveHeaved/HoveTo lift something heavyTo throw something heavyHewHewedHewnTo cut things into piecesHideHidHiddenTo conceal or put something where it cannotbe seenHightHote/HightHotenTo nameTo promiseTo commandHitHitHitTo touch somebody or something with forceHoiseHoised/HoistHoised/HoistTo hoist or liftHoistHoist/HoistedHoist/HoistedTo raise or lift using ropes, etcHoldHeldHeldTo secure something in your handTo containHouse-sitHouse-satHouse-satTo stay in someone's house to look after itwhile they are awayHousebreakHousebrokeHousebrokenTo train an animal to live in a houseHurtHurtHurtTo cause pain, injury or stressTo experience pain, injury or stressIBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionInbreedInbredInbredTo produce babies with health problems bysexual relations between close relativesIndwellIndweltIndweltTo inhabitTo exist as a guiding principleInholdInheldInheldTo have as an inherent characteristicInlayInlaidInlaidTo put a different material inside another fordecoration, with a flat surfaceInputInput/InputtedInput/InputtedTo enter data into a computerInsetInsetInsetTo put a picture or graphic inside a lerger terblenttTo blend things togetherInterbreedInterbredInterbredTo mix species or groups sexuallyIntercutIntercutIntercutTo move between different scenes or storiesin a film or ven To carve or engrave in alternate sectionsInterlayInterlaidInterlaidTo place among or between thingsIntersetIntersetIntersetTo set among or between thingsInterweaveInterwoveInterwovenTo join or mix togetherInterwindInterwoundInterwoundTo wind together or intertwineInweaveInwove/InweavedInwoven/InweavedTo weave things togetherInwindInwoundInwoundTo wrap or coil aroundJIrregular Verbs7 of

Base FormJerry-buildPast SimpleJerry-builtPast ParticipleJerry-builtDefinitionTo build something cheaply and badlyKBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionKeepKeptKeptTo have possessionTo make somebody or something stay in aparticular placeKenKent/KennedKent/KennedTo knowKneelKnelt/KneeledKnelt/KneeledTo support yourself on your kneesKnitKnit/KnittedKnit/KnittedTo make clothes such as pullovers out of woolKnowKnewKnownTo be acquainted withTo have correctly in your memoryLBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionLadeLadedLaden/LadedTo load (put goods onto) a dTo win a convincing and easy victory in anelectionLayLaidLaidTo put something in a horizontal positionLeadLedLedTo take someone somewhere or guide themTo be in commandLeanLeant/LeanedLeant/LeanedTo place something at an incline for supportagainst somethingLeapLeapt/LeapedLeapt/LeapedTo jumpLearnLearnt/LearnedLearnt/LearnedTo acquire knowledgeLeaveLeftLeftTo go out of a placeLendLentLentTo give somebody money that must bereturnedLepLeptLeptTo leapLetLetLetTo allow something to happenTo allow someone to do somethingLieLayLainTo get into or be in a horizontal positionLightLitLitTo make something burnLinebreedLinebredLinebredBreed animals from a particular familyLip-ReadLip-ReadLip-ReadTo work out what someone is saying from themovements of their mouthLoseLostLostNot to have something because you do notknow where it isMBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionMakeMadeMadeTo create or construct somethingTo cause somebody to do somethingTo perform an actionMeanMeantMeantTo signifyTo intendMeetMetMetTo make somebody's acquaintanceIrregular Verbs8 of

To be in the same place as somebodyMeltMeltedMolten/MeltedTo change from solid into a liquid as thetemperature goes upMisbecomeMisbecameMisbecomeNot to suitMiscastMiscastMiscastTo choose the wrong actor for a roleMischooseMischoseMischosenTo choose wronglyMiscutMiscutMiscutTo cut something wrongly or badlyMisdealMisdealtMisdealtTo distribute playing cards wrongly in a gameMisdoMisdidMisdoneTo harm or injureMisfallMisfellMisfallenTo happen unluckilyMisfeedMisfedMisfedTo feed incorrectlyTo jam printers, photocpiers, etc, by feedingthe paper incorrectlyMisgiveMisgaveMisgivenTo become suspicious or worriedMishearMisheardMisheardTo hear something incorrectlyMishitMishitMishitTo hit a ball badly or inaccuratelyMisknowMisknewMisknownTo have the wrong idea about somethingMislayMislaidMislaidTo lose or put something where you cannotfind itMisleadMisledMisledTo make someone behave wronglyTo arnedTo learn wronglyMisreadMisreadMisreadTo read something incorrectlyMissayMissaidMissaidTo say something incorrectlyTo talk badly about someoneMissendMissentMissentTo send to the wrong place or personMissetMissetMissetTo set or place wrongly or lt/MisspelledMisspelt/MisspelledTo write a word without using the correctlettersMisspendMisspentMisspentTo waste time or moneyMisswearMissworeMisswornTo swear or make an oath falselyMistakeMistookMistakenNot to understandTo confuse somebody with someone elseMisteachMistaughtMistaughtTo teach wrongly or incorrectlyMistellMistoldMistoldTo tell something wronglyMisthinkMisthoughtTo say or pronounce something wronglyTo say something that is incorrect orinaccurateMisthoughtTo have mistaken thoughts or ideasMisunderstand MisunderstoodMisunderstoodNot to understandMiswearMissworeMiswornTo wear badlyMiswedMiswed/MisweddedMiswed/MisweddedTo marry wronglyMiswriteMiswroteMiswrittenTo write something incorrectlyMowMowedMownTo cut grass or cerealsNIrregular Verbs9 of

Base FormPast SimplePast ve Nose-dived/Nose-doveNaysaidDefinitionTo oppose or criticiseTo dive or plunge nose first (aircraft)OBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionOffsetOffsetOffsetTo compenaste or counterbalanceOutbidOutbidOutbidTo offer more money than someone in anauction or saleOutbreedOutbredOutbredTo breed faster than othersOutdoOutdidOutdoneTo do better than someoneOutdrawOutdrewOutdrawnTo pull outTo pull a gun faster than an opponentOutdrinkOutdrankOutdrunkTo drink more than someone else, usuallyalcoholOutdriveOutdroveOutdrivenTo drive faster or betterOutfightOutfoughtOutfoughtTo fight better than someoneOutflyOutflewOutflownTo fly faster or furtherOutgrowOutgrewOutgrownTo grow faster than something or someoneTo become too big or mature for somethingOutlayOutlaidOutlaidTo spend money for a particular To jump or leap further or higherOutputOutput/OutputtedOutput/OutputtedTo put out or produceOutrideOutrodeOutriddenTo ride faster than someoneOutrunOutranOutrunTo run or go faster than someoneOutseeOutsawOutseenTo see furtherTo have greater foresightOutsellOutsoldOutsoldTo sell more than something or someoneOutshineOutshoneOutshoneTo be better than someoneOutshootOutshotOutshotTo shoot faster or betterOutsingOutsangOutsungTo sing better or louder than someoneOutsitOutsatOutsatTo sit for longer than someoneOutsleepOutsleptOutsleptTo sleep for longer than ledTo have a better sense of smellOutspeakOutspokeOutspokenTo speak better or more than someoneOutspeedOutspedOutspedTo go faster than someone or somethingOutspendOutspentOutspentTo spend more than someoneOutspinOutspunOutspunTo finish or dieOutspringOutsprangOutsprungTo spring or jump outOutstandOutstoodOutstoodTo be clearly different or betterOutswearOutsworeOutswornTo exceed someone in swearing- oaths or badlanguageOutswimOutswamOutswumTo swim faster or further than someoneOuttellOuttoldOuttoldTo be better or exceed in telling or calculatingOutthinkOutthoughtOutthoughtTo think better ideas than someoneOutthrowOutthrewOutthrownTo throw further or more accuratelyIrregular Verbs10 of

OutwearOutworeOutwornTo last longer (of materials, clothes, etc)OutwindOutwoundOutwoundTo ughTo work harder or bettertOutwriteOutwroteOutwrittenTo be better at writingOverbearOverboreOverborneTo use force or authority to controlOverbidOverbidOverbidTo bid more something is worthTo bid more than you can win in a card gameOverblowOverblewOverblownTo become subduedTo blow awayTo force too muchOverbreedOverbredOverbredTo breed too much so that features becomeexcessiveOverbuildOverbuiltOverbuiltTo build too much, castOvercastTo become cloudyTo sew with overcast stitiches (long slantingstitches)OvercomeOvercameOvercomeTo master a problem or difficult situationTo become helpless because of excessiveemotions or physical difficultiesOvercutOvercutOvercutTo cut down more trees than permittedOverdoOverdidOverdoneTo do something to excessTo cook something too muchOverdrawOverdrewOverdrawnTo take money out of an account so that anegative balance resultsOverdrinkOverdrankOverdrunkTo drink too muchOverdriveOverdroveOverdrivenTo drive or work something too hardOvereatOverateOvereatenTo eat too muchOverfeedOverfedOverfedTo give too much foodOverflyOverflewOverflownTo fly over a placeOvergrowOvergrewOvergrownTo grow too big or beyond a limit or boundaryOverhangOverhungOverhungTo be above somethingOverhearOverheardOverheardTo hear something accidently that was notsaid to youOverlayOverlaidOverlaidTo cover something with a ped To jump passedOverpast/OverpassedTo cross, pass overOverpayOverpaidOverpaidTo pay too muchOverrideOverrodeOverriddenTo ride through an enemy's countryOverrunOverranOverrunTo floodTo invade and take controlOverseeOversawOverseenTo observe people's work to make sure that itis done properlyOversellOversoldOversoldTo sell too muchTo publicise too muchIrregular Verbs11 of 21To buy too muchTo pay too muchTo continue learning afer having reached abasic proficiencyTo lie on top ofTo kill by lying on top

OversetOversetOversetTo overpowerOversewOversewedOversewn/OversewedTo sew two edges together with stitchesoverlapping bothOvershootOvershotOvershotTo go past a limitOversleepOversleptOversleptTo sleep too lateOversowOversowedOversown/OversowedTo sow on land that has already be sownOverspeakOverspokeOverspokenTo speak too long or use too many wordsOverspendOverspentOverspentTo spend more than allowed or erspilledTo spill overTo have a population that exceeds the spaceavailableOverspinOverspunOverspunTo make something last too longOverspreadOverspreadOverspreadTo cover somethingOverspringOversprangOversprungTo jump overOverstandOverstoodOverstoodLose a sale of deal by sticking to a price orconditions unacceptable to the other partyOverstrewOverstrewedOverstrewed/OverstrewnTo sprinkle or strew something onto anotherthingOverstrideOverstrodeOverstriddenTo walk across or overTo walk faster than someoneTo dominateOverstrikeOverstruckOverstruckTo stamp a new value or inscription on a oldcoinOverstringOverstrungOverstrungTo tie a string too tightlyTo string piano bass strings across treblestringsOvertakeOvertookOvertakenTo pass a vehicle that is going more slowlyOverthinkOverthoughtOverthoughtTo think or plan too muchOverthrowOverthrewOverthrownTo remove someone forcibly from governmentor powerOverwearOverworeOverwornTo wear something too much or often, orwear it outOverwindOverwoundOverwoundTo wind a clock or something too much so itstrains the springOverwithholdOverwithheldOverwithheldTo deduct too much tax from a payment orsalaryOverwriteOverwroteOverwrittenTo record data on top of existing data, erasingthe originalPBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionPartakePartookPartakenTo take part in something or a part ofsomething, usually foodPayPaidPaidTo give somebody money in exchange forthings or servicesPenPent/PennedPent/PennedTo shut up or enclose in a cage, etcPinch-hitPinch-hitPinch-hitTo bat instead of a player in baseball,especially when a hit is neededPleadPled/PleadedPled/PleadedTo tell a court that you are guilty or innocentTo ask for special treatment by authorities,etc.PotshotPotshot/PotshottedPotshotTo shoot at randomTo criticise at randomIrregular Verbs12 of

Practice-teach Practice-taughtPractice-taughtTo teach as part of trainingPrebindPreboundPreboundTo bind ecutPrecutTo cut something before selling or assemblingitPredoPredidPredoneTo do something before a certain time ofstagePremakePremadePremadeTo make something before a time or stagePrepayPrepaidPrepaidTo pay for something using itPresellPresoldPresoldTo sell before a certain timePresetPresetPresetTo arrange something before it is neededPreshrinkPreshrankPreshrunkTo shrink a fabric before selling it so that itwill not become smaller when washedPresplitPresplitPresplitTo split or divide before a certain timePrice-cutPrice-cutPrice-cutTo cut or reduce pricesProofreadProofreadProofreadTo read something checking carefully formistakesProveProvedProven/ProvedTo demonstrate that something is truePutPutPutTo place something in a specific positionQBase FormPast SimplePast rozenTo freeze something rapidlyQuitQuitQuitTo stop doing somethingTo resign from a jobRBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionRapRapped/RaptRapped/RaptTo be very affected by strong emotionRe-proveRe-provedRe-proven/Re-provedTo prove againReadReadReadTo look at written words and understand ken/ReawakenTo wake up againRebidRebidRebidTo bid againRebindReboundReboundTo cover a book againRebroadcastRebroadcastRebroadcastTo transmit something on televison or theradio againRebuildRebuiltRebuiltTo build something againRecastRecastRecastTo replace an actor or actressRecutRecutRecutTo cut again or differentlyReddRedd/ReddedRedd/ReddedTo save or rescueRedealRedealtRedealtTo deal playing cards againRedoRedidRedoneTo do something againRedrawRedrewRedrawnTo draw againIrregular Verbs13 of 21To depriveTo take by

To change boundaries, frontiers, etcTo gather togetherTo thread something through a indRegroundRegroundTo grind againTo smooth worn engine partsRegrowRegrewRegrownTo grow againRehangRehungRehungTo hang again or in a different positionRehearReheardReheardTo hear something againReknitReknit/ReknittedReknit/ReknittedTo knit againTo join back togetherRelayRelaidRelaidTo operate a system where things arereplaced as they become used or tiredRelearnRelearnt/RelearnedRelearnt/RelearnedTo learn againRelightRelit/RelightedRelit/RelightedTo light or start something burning againRemakeRemadeRemadeTo make something again, such as a newversion of a filmRendRentRentTo tear or ripRepayRepaidRepaidTo pay somebody money owedRereadRereadRereadTo read againRerunReranRerunTo show a film againResellResoldResoldTo sell something againResendResentResentTo send something againResetResetResetTo put something back to the original way itwas organisedResewResewedResewn/ReswedTo sew againReshootReshotReshotTo shoot a film scene againResitResatResatTo take an exam or test againResowResowedResown/ResowedTo sow againRespellRespelled/RespeltRespelled/RespeltTo spell againRestringRestrungRestrungTo fit new strings on a musical instrument ora bowRetakeRetookRetakenTake again, especially exams and testsReteachRetaughtRetaughtTo teach againRetearRetoreRetornTo tear again, usually of injuriesRetellRetoldRetoldTo tell something againRethinkRethoughtRethoughtTo think againRetreadRetrodRetroddenTo tread againTo cut new tread in a edTo fit new parts into an older machine thatweren't available when the machine wasmadeRewakeRewoke/RewakedRewoken/RewakedTo wake againRewearReworeRewornTo wear againReweaveRewove/ReweavedRewoven/ReweavedTo weave againRewedRewed/ReweddedRewed/ReweddedTo marry againRewetRewet/RewettedRewet/RewettedTo wet againRewinRewonRewonTo win againIrregular Verbs14 of 21To repair a ship, plane or vehicleTo fit something

RewindRewoundRewoundTo put a cassette or video back to thebeginningRewriteRewroteRewrittenTo write something again, usually withimprovementsRidRid/RiddedRid/RiddedTo dispose ofRideRodeRiddenTo travel by horse, bike or motorbikeRingRangRungTo telephoneTo make sounds with a bellRiseRoseRisenTo move upwardsRiveRivedRiven/RivedTo break apart ot splitRough-hewRough-hewedRough-hewnTo make a rough version of somethingRoughcastRoughcastRoughcastTo prepare a rough form of somethingRunRanRunTo move quickly, so that both legs leave thegroundSBase FormPast SimplePast ParticipleDefinitionSand-castSand-castSand-castTo make a cast by pouring metal into a moldmade of sand.SawSawedSawn/SawedTo cut wood, etc, with a toolSaySaidSaidTo speak wordsSeeSawSeenTo notice with your eyesSeekSoughtSoughtTo try to find somethingSelf-feedSelf-fedSelf-fedTo feed itself without assistanceSelf-sowSelf-sowedSelf-sown/Self-sowedTo sow itself without assistanceSellSoldSoldTo receive money in exchange for goodsSendSentSentTo cause something to be taken to a specificdestination, especially letters, message, etc.SetSetSetTo place something somewhereTo fix something in a particular positionSewSewedSewn/SewedTo join pieces of material together usingthreadShakeShookShakenTo vibrateTo make something vibrateShaveShavedShaven/ShavedTo remove body hairShearShore/ShearedShorn/ShearedTo cut with scissors, especially wool fromsheepShedShedShedTo fall off or let something fall off; snakesshed their skinShendShentShentTo shame or o give off or reflect bright lightShitShat/ShitShat/ShitTo get rid of solid body wasteShoeShodShodTo provide with shoes, especially horsesShootShotShotTo fire a bullet from a gunTo kill or hurt somebody with a gunShortcutShortcutShortcutTo use a shorter or quicker way of goingsomehere or doing somethingShowShowedShownTo allow

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